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Brent "Gunner Scott" Albright's 1st Post-WWE Interview -- Is He TNA-Bound? (1/15 MNM)

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Former WWE superstar & OVW World Heavyweight Champion, Brent "Gunner Scott" Albright, was one of the special guests on this past week's edition (1/15/07) of Monday Night Mayhem (w/The Big Mosh & Blade), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live at 9PM ET/8PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, & -- your official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler).

Brent's first interview since being released from the WWE is now available to hear for FREE in Real Audio!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview conducted by The Big Mosh & Blade (courtesy: Mayhem listener, PWUSandman41):


Blade & Mosh welcomed Brent to the program for his first public comments since parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment. The Mayhem Crew asked Brent why he feels he was sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling, as well as being released a short time thereafter. Albright said that the office told him he was not getting over with the audience, and they wanted him to go back to OVW, change it up slightly, & to try and get himself over there. Brent strongly believes that he was over in OVW, but then he fell victim to the politics. The WWE told him he was going to be Chris Benoit's "protégé," so he wrestled like Benoit and acted just like him, & the WWE did not like it. He said the the "E didn't have a direction for him after Benoit was injured and taken out of action for a while, hence what happened in the long run.

Mosh then asked Brent about the Creative Team "not having anything for him" (the infamous expression), and having certain people who have never stepped foot in a ring trying to say that "they know Brent Albright better than Brent Albright." Brent said that you could have a lot of talent, but they legitimately might not have anything for them. He then said that creative might have the talent wait for a while, and then find something for them/turn it into a storyline, but releasing someone is frustrating. "How could they have something for you if your not with the company?"

Blade & Mosh asked Albright about CM Punk losing his undefeated streak in the WWE/ECW, with the rumors circulating about Arn Anderson's/Finlay's comments as to why he landed up losing to Hardcore Holly last week. In addition, Brent was asked about Punk, working with him in OVW, and if this is the beginning of a downward spiral (based on what CM has been going through in his first defeat). Brent said that the WWE could just be doing this to get the fans behind him even more, and "he hopes that it isn't them screwing him over and making him into something bad."

Blade talked about how wrestlers on WWE TV always have about three-minute matches and then when they are on the indies they have good half-hour matches, he then asked Brent if he ever gets fans who saw him in WWE complement him after seeing him on the indies working in a different light. Brent said that he does and that the fans think most of the guys who wrestler short matches on WWE TV are not seen as good wrestlers, but when they are seen on the indies where they are allowed to do what they want people start to get into them more.

Mosh talks about WrestleMania weekend always happening and indy feds doing shows that weekend, and Brent was asked if he would like to see interaction from WWE & ROH guys. Brent says that he would not like it because WWE/Ring Of Honor are not the same styles. He then said that the ROH fans are more hardcore & loyal to ROH than to the WWE, that they would be disappointed, and considers Ring Of Honor selling out if they had WWE guys on their ROH shows that weekend.

Mosh then moved on to the ten minutes that was wasted in everyone's life in the "Rosie vs Donald" match up on RAW and the announcers putting it over as a five-star classic. Mosh asked if he takes offense to the WWE for putting that on their programming, when they could have used that to push someone else. Brent said he was offended a little bit, but he does think the WWE took a risk, and then took a risk of legitimate heat that "Rosie & Trump" had. It then backfired, because it didn't get over. He then said that the commentators only put it over because it was their job, and they were trying to put it over as much as they could.

Mosh elaborated on the TNA chants and signs that were on RAW for the past few weeks, and then asked if Brent has any consideration of going to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. What would he say to TNA if they were interested? Brent said that he has not been approached by them, and that he has sent an e-mail to them about going to the company. He went on to say that TNA replied with saying that they are not picking anyone up until they get a two-hour timeslot. Believe it ot not, Brent is a huge fan of one of TNA's newest acquisitions, Tomko. Albright believes that Tomko was signed to TNA because he can work, is a solid big man, and that he hopes that the company uses him the right way & shows everyone his talent.

Brent was asked what he thinks the WWE could improve on if he would be called back and he said that he wanted the angle with Chris Benoit to work out, and that even though they are not big on tag teams that he would have loved to be in a tag team to help get over a little more. He also said that he would have loved to work some matches with Booker T, and says that Booker is a phenomenal wrestler, and up until a few months ago Booker was the most underrated wrestler on SmackDown. Brent also mentioned that he would have liked to work with Mr. Kennedy, because they always hung out & worked out together. Brent continued on, saying that he would have also liked to work with Rey Mysterio & a lot of the veterans that are over to get some more experience of working in front of a crowd, so that he could get the feel of what the business really is about. On RAW, he said that he would love to work with a lot of the younger talent, such as Carlito.

Final comments on his time with OVW & World Wrestling Entertainment: Even though it didn't end the way that he wanted, he does think that they dropped the ball with him. However, he cannot say anything bad about them whatsoever, because he lived his dream of working with the WWE.

More goodness is included in this 35+ minute interview with Brent including: his takes on whether or not Kenny Dykstra will succeed in hs singles run, where he sees the rest of The Spirit Squad members headed now, & the possibilities of a three-way shoot match against The Miz & Daniel Puder.

For more information & how to purchase tickets for the ROH Five-Year Anniversary Festival, where Brent will be appearing, head on over to for more details. We also encourage all fans to check out Brent's official MySpace page at

In addition (and just in case you missed it), the founder of Extreme Championship Wrestling/the man behind Pro Wrestling Unplugged, Tod Gordon, gave the interview that many in the business are still buzzing about over the past few days. Words do not do this justice, so plain & simple, head on over to,,, & for more details. You will be absolutely blown away!

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