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Raven Shoots On The New ECW, The Dog Show, Serotonin, & More (2/5 MNM Five-Year Anniversary)


Former ECW/NWA World Heavyweight Champion & the leader of Serotonin, Raven, was the special guest on this past week's special five-year anniversary edition (2/5/07) of Monday Night Mayhem (w/The Big Mosh, Blade, The Angry Hero, Pharoh, & Scott Hudson), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live at 9PM ET/8PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,, & -- your official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler).

Raven's interview is now available to hear for FREE in Real Audio!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview conducted by The Big Mosh, Blade, The Angry Hero, Pharoh, & Scott Hudson (courtesy: Mayhem listener, CzWJF41!):


The Big Mosh, Blade, & The Angry Hero welcomed Raven to the show, coming off the heels of Dustin "Screech" Diamond's now infamous surprise Mayhem anniversary call-in. Raven began breaking bread w/The Mayhem Crew, making fun of Scott Hudson (the show's national correspondent/special guest co-host), because he is bald. Raven said that he was upset that "Screech" was off the air, because he did a great job on a recent episode of the hit ABC comedy, "The Knights Of Prosperity."

Raven's takes on the TNA special this Monday night/going head-to-head with WWE Monday Night RAW next Thursday night: He never liked the Westminster Dog Show to begin with. "Who did the dog ever beat?"

The rumors of the new two-hour timeslot for Impact: Raven said he is ecstatic, and that is what they have been waiting for to happen over the past four+ years. He believes that the amount of work that Jeff Jarrett & Dixie Carter have put into it that this is a testament to their hard work & character.

The current WWE product (good or bad?): Raven said that he has not watched the WWE for four years, so he has not seen anything from them. He has not seen enough of the new characters, but has seen enough of the old talent for years. That is a testament to TNA -- that the fans everywhere tell him that they sick of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Plans to expand Serotonin: Raven said that he does not know about any plans, and that certain talent out there today read rumors on the internet about what they might be doing. Half of the time it is false, and that they then go & complain to the office. Raven feels that most of his career he was lucky, simply because he got to have input on his character & storylines. He does love the input that he has had in the stables that he was a part of in his entire career.

Scott Hudson chimed in, and asked Raven about his current thoughts/takes on the ECW brand in the WWE: Raven said that Vince McMahon did not like that the fans chanted "E-C-W," and so Vince created a brand to destroy it. He does believe that ECW wasn't Vince's product. Now, he is making it "suck" so that no one will chant "E-C-W" today.

Raven then told Hudson to plug TNA, and so, Scott tells the listening audience not to turn on WWE RAW, and then he tells the Mayhem fans to watch Impact on Spike TV every Thursday night (in his trademark announcing voice). Classic funny stuff on The mayhem's five-year anniversary show fans!

More goodness is included in this 25+ minute interview with Raven, including: his thoughts on his new stable, Serotonin (and the comparisons of it to The Flock from WCW), the future of TNA Wrestling, some more WCW humor w/Scott Hudson, & plenty more goodness. The man who always leaves the fans wanting more definitely made his second-ever Mayhem appearance memorable!

For more information leading into this Sunday night's TNA Against All Odds Pay-Per-View, as well as this Monday night's special "This Is TNA" Spike TV special, log onto

The Mayhem's special five-year anniversary show also included special guest call-in's from TNA's Jerry Lynn, Matt Morgan, The Monster Factory's Jim Molineaux/Ed Atlas, VH-1/"Best Week Ever" panelist, Greg Fitzsimmons, & Dustin "Screech" Diamond, fresh off his "media blitz" over the past few months. The entire show is now available for download, and all wrestling fans need to check this out! Celebrate along with The Mayhem in style!

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Join The Mayhem this upcoming Monday night, February 12th (at its regularly-scheduled time of 9PM ET/8PM CT), as we welcome the Wrestling Society X Xtra announce team of Fabian Kaelin (also the ring announcer for WSX) & Lacey, Pro Wrestling Unplugged's/Pro Wrestling Press' Nate Stein (for a full, in-depth preview of WWE's No Way Out PPV Preview), as well as the return of WWE spokesperson/political correspondent, Chris Nowinski. "The Road To WrestleMania" goes through "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio." More goodness to come in the rest of 2k7!

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