Friday, March 16, 2007

Candice Michelle Breaks Down Women's Division, Gives WM Spoiler, & Shoots On Melina (3/15 MNM)

WWE Diva, Playboy cover model, & Go Daddy Girl, Candice Michelle, was a guest on a special mid-week edition of Monday Night Mayhem (3/15/07), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live at 9PM ET/8PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,,, & official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler).

Candice's Mayhem appearance is now available for FREE in Real Audio!

An official interview recap will be available on Friday, but here's what's included in this hot 25-minute interview!

*A shoot against current WWE Women's Champion, Melina, that would not post, because of Melina's current feud with Ashley.

*Her uncut takes on those who "hate" on the WWE Diva Search & the Women's Division since Trish Stratus & Lita have left.

*A WrestleMania 23 spoiler -- What will the rest of the WWE Divas be doing at Ford Field in front of 70,000+ screaming fans?

*What lies ahead for her WWE career, upcoming Go Daddy projects, & much more!

All Candice fans: head over to & Check out her store & also become a VIP Member, and receive hundreds of exclusive pics, candid video/pics, free gifts, & participate in live chats with Candice herself. Want to create your own website and need to reserve your favorite/prefered domain name? Its very simple. is the place to head to. The Mayhem uses it, Candice Michelle advertises for it -- You cannot go wrong!
*The Big Mosh & Blade also strongly encourage all Mayhem fans to check out what has been circulating the wrestling world over the past 24+ hours -- the highly-anticipated interview with the voice of WWE RAW, Jim Ross. A complete WrestleMania preview, his memories of the late "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, whether or not he thinks he'd headed to the WWE Hall Of Fame, his uncensored thoughts on TNA, & so much more are encompassed in this hour-long interview (co-hosted by The Mayhem's National Correspondent, Scott Hudson). That was the end of the hour-long Jim Ross interview. Make sure you check out more info about Jim Ross & his BBQ products (BBQ sauce, beef jerky, & autographed merchandise) at

*Don't forget to check out MNM's official MySpace at:

*Make sure you listen to MNM's live special from Detroit, MI (from The Hilton Garden Inn) on WrestleMania Sunday, which kicks off the 13 hours of audio coverage on &, starting at 11AM ET/10AM CT on April 1st. The program will feature legendary WWE manager, Percy "Paul Bearer" Pringle, former ECW World Tag Team Champion/WWE Intercontinental Champion, Lance Storm, former WWE Intercontinental/European Champion, D-Lo Brown,'s Michael T, The Monster Factory's Jim Molineaux/Ed Atlas, & the aforementioned Scott Hudson. A stacked lineup brought to you exclusively by "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio."

*We invite you fans to call into The Mayhem Line (presented by The Monster Factory) with your pre-recorded questions/comments for upcoming guests (including Danny Doring's first post-WWE interview, Lanny "The Genius" Poffo) at (866) Mayhem-7...that's (866) 629-4367 Option #4. E-mail the program at, take part in the interactive chat room & The Mayhem Message Board (both located at, as well as visiting The Mayhem on MySpace (at if you wish to interact with The Mayhem Crew as well.

*All new & old Mayhem listeners can still check out the archived programs/shows of "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio" (including TNA President, Dixie Carter, "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, & many others) -- available on,,, & And remember, you can feel The Mayhem (live & worldwide) each & every Monday night on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network, beginning at 9PM ET/8PM CT.

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