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"Good Ol' J.R." Previews WrestleMania, Shoots On His Critics, Talks TNA, & More (3/15 MNM)

The voice of WWE's Monday Night RAW, Jim Ross, was a guest on a special mid-week edition of Monday Night Mayhem (3/15/07), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (and live at 9PM ET/8PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,,, & -- your official home of "The Spring Break Incident" Video-On-Demand, featuring former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler).

J.R.'s long-awaited Mayhem interview is now available for FREE in Real Audio!

Here are some of the highlights from the interview, provided by &

*Jim Ross talked in detail about the WrestleMania card. Ross feels like The Undertaker.Batista match should be the last match of the night, however he feels that the John Cena/Shawn Michaels match could be the show stealer.

*Jim Ross is happy with the WWE product lately, however sometimes he scratches his head when he sees bad reviews for RAW on weeks he thought the show was great, and then good reviews for the shows Ross didn't personally like as much.

*Several talent rumors were addressed, and J.R. explained his current role with the WWE is only as an announcer with less responsibility working behind the scenes with the talent than it was several years ago. J.R. says that although he is not backstage as much personally, he laughs at rumors that Melina is a problem backstage. J.R. says the rumors that are seen online normally should not be taken seriously (**On a side note, Candice Michelle was on the show right after Ross, and she said Melina is a problem backstage and that she is sick of putting up with Melina's sh*t on the road, and that refused to post her latest blog bad-mouthing Melina because didn't want it to detract from Melina's on-air feud with Ashley. Whether Candice was working an angle or not is unknown, but she sounded really upset as you can hear in the audio archive of this show.**). J.R. talked about a rumor that Michael Cole will be replacing him on RAW. He likes Cole, but no one in the WWE has ever discussed such a change with him.

*Jim Ross feels like he will eventually get to do an edition of Monday Night RAW from Russia with all of the expansions the WWE is quickly making.

*J.R. discussed several of the recent deaths in wrestling including Arnold Skaaland & "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd. J.R. says he was really good friends with Ladd and back in the day he would play dominoes with Ladd until 4AM. He said Ladd is in heaven right now playing dominoes, and that he will be missed.

*Jim Ross talked about TNA and says "he hopes they make it." He says he watches their show, but does not watch it religiously. J.R. says sometimes they have too much content in their one-hour show. J.R. says if you are a WWE wrestler & your contract is coming to an end it would not be very bright of those wrestlers to not at least see what TNA would be willing to offer for their services -- and the same being true of current TNA stars looking to take offers from the WWE. J.R. says if TNA develops their stars they could be big in several years, and he hopes it is not at the expense of his paycheck. J.R. continues to put over TNA by saying there are lots of good people working down there.

*Jim Ross said he really likes Kurt Angle and that he was the one that recruited Angle back in the WWE. J.R. thinks Angle should stay focused on TNA and not get too side tracked in the MMA world.

*J.R. puts over WWE 24/7 and says it is a very good product. He watches it at his home and looks forward to showing many features to his grandchildren.

*J.R. says he calls this the "March McMadness" period in the WWE with all the big things happening heading to WrestleMania.

*J.R. is asked about potentially making the WWE Hall Of Fame one day, and he says it would be an honor and he hopes it happens...although he will be very intimidated being included with the likes of many guys he cannot fill the shoes of.

*J.R. is opening his first BBQ restaurant in mid-May with a chance to franchise. It will be a family restaurant. J.R. also promoted his beef jerky & other business ventures he is involved with. Make sure you check out more info about Jim Ross & his BBQ products (BBQ sauce, beef jerky, & autographed merchandise) at

*J.R. puts over the Money In The Bank Ladder Match & all of the participants and said it should have a lot of spectacular moments in front of the 70,000 fans at "The Showcase Of The Immortals." To get all of the information regarding the WWE & WrestleMania 23, make sure you check out

*That was the end of the hour-long Jim Ross interview. But The Mayhem was not done yet...because as soon JR was finished up, WWE Diva/Playboy centerfold/Go Daddy Girl, Candice Michelle, called in for more WWE discussion and to do a shoot against Melina that would not post, because of Melina's feud with Ashley. That interview is also available in the archived edition of the March 15th show now playing The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network!

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