Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lisa "Ivory" Moretti Joins WorldWrestlingInsanity.com!

We've looked at "The Big Picture" with former Raw Co-Host Kevin Kelly. We've partied at "Club OJ" with former WWE U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan. Now, it's time for the third of our FOUR new ClubWWI.com audio shows hosted by former WWE names...

She's the hottest woman in Internet audio today. She's the one and only former WWE Women's Champion "Ivory" Lisa Moretti and you can only find her audio show "Smack Talk" on ClubWWI.com!

Lisa Moretti is a three time WWE Women's Champion and is well known for speaking her mind. Aside from her accomplished in-ring career, Lisa has also co-hosted both WWE Sunday Night Heat and the WWE Experience. Now she brings her knowledge and experience to the Club and offers her unfiltered thoughts on today's current wrestling product.

In today's MONSTER 80 MINUTE debut show, James Guttman and Lisa Moretti discuss:
The WWE Cult
Christy Hemme and the TNA Women's Division
Tough Enough Training
Getting Out of the Business
"The Business"
Victoria's Current Spot
Vince vs. Trump
Life After WWE
Greg Valentine
What Love Means To Her
Stacy Kiebler's Acting Career
The Late 90s Attitude Generation
Diva Photo Shoots
Why She'll Never Do Another Bikini Shoot Again
Why She Doesn't Watch WWE
"Ivory's Therapy Session"
Coming Up With a Name For Her Audio Show
A Hint About Next Week's Host
...and Much More!

Remember, Lisa is the third of our four new audio hosts coming to ClubWWI.com. There's still one more on the way and this person is ALSO a former titleholder in the WWF!

In the tradition of WorldWrestlingInsanity.com, we plan on bringing you some of the most diverse names available for a look at the industry from all perspectives.

Two weeks ago, Kevin Kelly debuted his new show, "The Big Picture," and Orlando Jordan debuted "Club OJ" It's all part of our continued tradition of unfiltered commentary on World Wrestling Insanity. In the next week, there's one more former WWE name...and titleholder...coming to the Club and rounding out the Four Horsemen (people?) of the Insanity!

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