Tuesday, March 20, 2007


By Art Shimko

-- My boss at work lent me a CD from a group called DragonForce who play heavy metal so friggin' ridiculously-sped-up that when I first heard their music it almost made me end up like this dude from the movie Scanners:

Take Dream Theater, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, give each band mass quantities of meth, cocaine, Jolt Cola and you pretty much have DragonForce. Also, if you had told me that the guitars tracks were sped up through a sequencer or Pro Tools I would believe it, not that I doubt the talent of these musicians but god damn, this type of metal is overwhelmingly fast... and I've listened to all sorts of thrash/speed/death/grindcore/industrial metal where guitar riffs travel at light speed for the past 20 years.
This mentality of "how many thousands of notes can we fit into a measure/bar" ironically gets old real fast, I understand there's a market for this metal but at some point, besides the core musician/hardcore fanbase, people will get tired of this shit. The thing is, music is an art form and not a competitive sport where we need to see which band can play the fastest, finesse is the key, even a band like Dream Theater understands that.
Check out their Myspace page and listen to the music for yourself... but beware, or else...

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