Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Listen to these PODCASTS~!!!

-- We've got a few friends who have new podcasts available for your listening pleasure:

- Will and Steve Radio
I've appeared on Steve's previous wrestling-related podcast, both great guys and this should be a cool show to follow. Check out their site: www.willandsteveradio.com

- Casey and Euan Audio Assault 3/12/07
My online colleagues recorded a brief episode this time around discussing how much Dave Batista sucks and a rundown of PPV's we'll be previewing over the next few decades. Check out OC Times at oldcountrycorner.blogspot.com

- Angry Marks Podcast #15
Stevie J's a good guy and this show is good for its roundtable discussion, rants and debates on the latest in pro wrestling. Their site: www.angrymarks.com


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