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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - Holiday Extravaganza Night #2 Recap!

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show - Holiday Extravaganza Night #2 Recap!
Excalibur! UltraMantis Black! Larry Sweeney! Nog!
By Brian Cooper, www.bigvanvader.com

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Excalibur Recap

Excalibur would consider his 2006 year a solid B, although not any higher because of certain 'troubles', Dr. Keith fears these 'troubles' could affect his Christmas party, as the last thing he wants is another Brother Love show on his hands. The conversation moves onto Confederate flag shoelaces with Excalibur telling a story of how those dastardly Briscoe Brothers once stole a pair of his shoelaces.

Dr. Keith considers his appearance as Pro Wrestling Guerilla's All Star Extravaganza IV - Night One special guest time keeper as the best special guest timekeeper since Burger King's Herb at Wrestlemania II. Excalibur offers the Doctor a full time position which Keith promises to quit his nine to five job to accept. Excalibur states the bell was stolen from the local fire brigade.

Keith recommends the three disc Battle Of Los Angeles DVD set as the greatest Lords Of The Ring available, although this recapper still prefers Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Lords Of The Ring. Keith's only concern is that with all three DVD's stacked up, a very provocative Davey Richards face appears. Excalibur recommends leaving out some popcorn as an offering and the Doctor should be okay. Apparently butter doesn't work, although Bill Barlow offered some bread which the three DVD's enjoyed considerably more.

Excalibur is excited about PWG's January 13 show as a way of making money for Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Dr. Keith suggests PWG cookies as a way of fund raising instead of buying the girl scout cookies. He and Bill Barlow would quite possibly spend their life savings on four or five PWG samosas. Excalibur tells a diarrhoea story stemming from eating samosas, with Keith suspecting that Mike Sempervive may also be suffering from similar symptoms right now.

Keith asks if Excalibur has ever been hugged by Super Dragon, which he has. Several Super Dragon stories are relayed, and Keith shoots on the Dragon as he is yet to receive his Christmas card. Dr. Keith wonders how Super Dragon can top his previous pop-up and hologram card with Excalibur reaching a debatable conclusion.

Chikara Pro is discussed, Excalibur says a certain Dragon may well be returning, but won't reveal who. Keith asks what happened between Excalibur and Beef Wellington to break up Team Masturbation, and what is it like masturbating by himself? Alone! Excalibur is looking forward to a sit-down contest with Beef Wellington, with both sets of lawyers present.

Keith thinks that Team Masturbation and Steve 'Mongo' McMichael could enter the trios tournament with Excalibur presenting the idea of Dr. Keith sponsored trio team. Keith mentions how he should get Mike Quackenbush as he sees his own sponsored team doing better then his sponsored softball team. Elephants, balloons, and David Lee Roth also feature in the conversation. Excalibur then tells of how he learnt the heart punch from Ox Baker and why he hates Ox. Checkout www.myspace.com/not_excalibur and www.prowrestlingguerilla.com

UltraMantis Recap

The interview begins with an AWESOME Christmas themed duet from messieurs Dr Keith and Excalibur with mentions of Saint Nicholas, Jay Briscoe, and of course, one Macho Man Randy Savage.

Ultramantis said working with Excalibur in commentary was like their 'dreams colliding in an orgasmic and intergalactic explosion,' although they will be on opposing teams at the King Of Trios on Feb 16-18.

Excalibur hopes to keep things professional as he has a hydra looking over him. Ultramantis replies saying he has friends in high, and low places, and will 'have' Excalibur.

On Larry Sweeney, Ultramantis describes him as a beautiful gentleman and his team as old blonde men. Excalibur calls Larry's team platinum ponies and that Ultramantis is discounting them, for this Ultramantis apologies which Excalibur says is very HUMBLE of him.

Steve Mongo McMichael calls Excalibur over, not only to discuss triple team manoeuvres but to discuss merry making. Dr Keith asks for an update on Ultramantis' Neo Solar Temple. Since his last appearance on the Dr Keith Show, Ultramantis has acquired Crossbones and Blind Rage and has many more special surprises.

Dr Keith asks for an update in his programme to DESTROY PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. Ultramantis says this is no longer viable in order to maintain his career, so now plans to telepathically wrestle in the Chikara Pro ring. Other goals is winning the King of Trios, presenting some new BELT BUCKLES, and new consumables including plushies.

Dr Keith is most concerned in what the Neo Solar Temple looks like. Ultramantis says to check out Dr Keiths favourite website, Wikipedia, for Neo Solar Temple updates. Keith is also concerned over Hydra potentially breaking away from Ultramantis iand the Neo Solar Temple becoming the Dungeon of Doom. Ultramantis says Hydra is yet to experience the fine feminine form and is OUTRAGED on hearing that Hydra is in the Dr Keith towers and not wrapping Christmas presents.

More festive talk with Ultramantis talking about how he celebrates the Winter solstice, and gives a special holiday speech to all followers of the Neo Solar Temple. Checkout www.myspace.com/ultramantis and http://ultramantis.firstpress.net/.

Larry Sweeney Recap

Dr Keith asks of Larry Sweeney's highlight of 2006: being HUMBLED by Shieky at the totally tool 3 show, playing Nick Hogan on RAW or the strap match with Eddie Kingston. Larry says he's MySpace 'friends' with Brooke Hogan but hasn't received a message from her. Dr. Keith asks if that is a little incestuous? Maybe, but that wouldn't deter Larry Sweeney with the much less manly looking fake Brooke Hogan.

Larry puts over the Heartbreak Express and their R rated parties. Dr Keith requests a camcorder filmed shopping trip to Miami. More King of Trios talk with Larry giving a quick team talk, his plans for 2007 and New Years Resolutions.

Keith asks about the feud with Eddie Kingston which resembles the classic Jerry Lawler-Eddie Gilbert feud. Larry denies his intent in running over Eddie in his car, 'It's sad, it's unfortunate, but that sometimes happens how wrestlers end up hitting other wrestlers with cars' Dr. Keith adds.

More festive talk with the good Doctor unwrapping a hangover curing Best of Larry Sweeney DVD, found at www.myspace.com/larrysweeney. Larry is looking forawrd to speaking with Koko Ware at Keith's party, but is warned about asking about Frankie.

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Plus: The Briscoe Brothers sing holiday carols, Barlow croons, Delirious delivers a major address, and SO MUCH MORE!

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Next week: PWG's Scorpio Sky, Kim Sky (writer and director of Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy)

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