Saturday, January 27, 2007

A look back at: MTV's Wrestling Society X premiere

By Art Shimko

-- So after reading about MTV's "new rasslin' promotion" in the form of a weekly television series through taping reports and such the WSX pilot episode aired Friday night. I just have to say this has been the most televised wrestling I've watched which also included UFC, TNA, ECW and 2 WWE shows I endured this week... anyway, let's get to the meat of the matter.

Show was opened by Black Label Society (BLS to all you hip metal folk) thrashin' out a tune followed by former XPW commentator Kris Kloss and some dude who's name I didn't bother remembering opening the show. Zakk Wylde from BLS joins in to do color, first match in this staged "dingy rathole" underground setting is Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal. Sydal had a lovely young lass by his side named Lizzy Valentine, cute lil' blonde, I guess they're like the popular "Biff n' Muffy"-type high school couple. If you've seen either man work together or separately this was typical as Evans and Sydal pulled out one spot after another at quite the breakneck speed. Oh, the crowd... yeah go to a mall and/or Hot Topic and you'll see the same lame-ass crowd as the one watching this show in person. Evans won the match and gave Lizzy the "googly eyes". I liked this match, reminded me of what I've seen at indy shows, fun opening match.

Another thing, XPW's GQ Money's doing the ring announcing and boy he was way too energetic, a bit contrived for me personally.

This is only a 30-minute show (THANK GOD~!) so the only other match tonight was the WSX RUMBLE~! Basically a Royal Rumble match only with ten guys and includes tables, ladders and chairs plus explosive shit and canned crowd reaction. There are two contracts above the ring, the ones who retrieve those contracts wrestle for the WSX title next week. The participants were: Justin Credible, Teddy Hart, Kaos, Vampiro, Puma, All Katrazz, 6-Pac (the other announcer puts over DX), Chris Hamrick, New Jack and Youth Suicide (trained by "Deathmatch Legend" Supreme, who you know, ranks up there with Onita, Cactus, Funk and Kudo). Just tons of shit going on at once like usual Rumbles, Kaos bites the big one and lands in an explosive box, Youth falls onto an explosive cage on the side of the ring. Explosions come off cheesy, nothing like the old FMW matches which I don't expect WSX to replicate at all but either you have EXPLOSIONS or you don't. Pac and Vamp both get the contracts and face each other next week (not this Tuesday but the following week).

Overall thoughts, well if Monday Night Raw, better yet... if TNA Impact drank gallons of coffee, sniffed a mile-long line of coke, bumped some speed - and shaved off a half-hour... that's pretty much how WSX felt. Very fast-paced to satisfy the short attention spans which MTV thrives upon. It's funny how this just comes off as a television show with wrestling elements rather than an actual wrestling show which is what the producers and/or the network are going for. As I wrote earlier, I enjoyed the first match and the Rumble was okay, a lot happening in 13 minutes. If I remember to catch this on Tuesdays I'll watch, I stopped watching ECW on Tuesday nights so I'm still thinking there aren't any wrestling shows that night. If you missed the premiere, it's on again this Tuesday at 10:30PM.
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At January 27, 2007 at 12:47:00 PM EST , Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

Okay, thanx for letting me steal that from you for CC. Now, I have what may seem like a stupid question: Is everyone in the US playing some kind of practical joke on my roommate and me? When we turned on MTV at 11 PM ET, we saw football. You might think we had the wrong station, but when we turned on the TV at 11:30 PM ET, Jackass was on, and that's definitely an MTV show. What gives, Art? Come clean with me, man.


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