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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Missy Hyatt, Ace Steel, The Iron Sheik

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Missy Hyatt, Ace Steel, The Iron Sheik
By Brian Cooper,

Dr. Keith has moved into the loving arms of the EMPIRE~! The first series of huge shows starts with a very special introduction ( and then goes into three tremendous guests….

Missy Hyatt Recap -
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~ A spiffing introduction of the first lady of wrestling, from the first doctor of wrestling radio prompts Missy to want a tape of it to play every morning when she wakes up. After college talk, Missy talks of her contempt of the bitter ex-wrestlers, and talks of managing Larry Zybysko and being piledriven by Dory Funk Jr. in recently.
~ Missy dismisses the reports that Sean Waltman had shagged her, 'it's one of the stupidest rumours I ever heard.' She feels there is a place for her in the present product and would like to help the girls do promos, 'I don't think there's one woman that can talk.' Missy puts over Stephanie McMahon as the only good heel woman, saying she must've played herself being a 'stuck-up Daddy's girl.'
~ Dr. Keith asks if Missy got to se the Heroes of Word Class documentary? Missy says she has, and cried throughout. She has some great memories from her World Class days, and gives her honest opinions on Fritz Von Erich. On UWF/Mid-South, Missy calls Cowboy Bill an 'ASSHOLE' and 'TYRANT' but says the product was great and like a soap opera, putting over Eddie Gilbert and Hot Stuff International.
~ Missy says he one personal highlight in pro-wrestling was cleaning Jerry Lawler's house, revealing what magazines she found. She refused to work Thursday nights in Memphis because of her television viewing schedule and KNOTTS LANDING~!. She then talks about being kidnapped at the glorious yet Notorious Great American Bash 1991 PPV and that no-one ever found her.
~ ERIC BISCHOFF TALK ~ Missy says she is PISSED OFF by the comments in Eric's book, firstly implying that she and Sherri Martel aren't friends, then lying that she quit in front of his wife. 'You gonna sue Mr. Bischoff for the comments in the book?' 'YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE HE OUT-AND-OUT LIED,' also noting that in her book she didn't talk about the lawsuit with Turner for legal reasons, but Bischoff did.
And on getting the picture caption mixed up with Sheri, 'HE'S GONNA BE GETTING IT FOR THAT TO.' The good doctor then reads extracts from the book on air. Missy says the animosity happened after she broke up with Jason Hervey. 'HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT.' Missy says over Bischoff's Karate background, that private investigators found out that when he worked as an instructor for youths in Minnesota, 'HE HAD TO QUIT AMONGST ALLEGATIONS THAT HE IMPROPERLY TOUCHED THE BOYS.' Missy then talks of the allegation of Bischoff touching her breasts, she says that Eric that said 'IF YOU FUCKED ME THE WAY YOU SHOULD, YOU'D STILL HAVE A JOB HERE.' Missy says that if Bischoff had fondled her breasts then, 'I'M KNOCKING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.' Missy also tells the story of when she wanted to stick a hockey stick up Eric Bischoff's ass (no, not the Goons stick), and that Eric can see the arsenal of her weapons at her website, as well as several other assets.
~ Onto Beulah McGuillicutty, 'WHAT A DIRTY NASTY HO SHE WAS,' and she did nothing but 'whine and complain' at an ECW calendar shoot. Missy also calls Jasmine St. Clair 'DIRTY,' before more website plugs. On working for WWE, Missy talks about Vince paying 'minimum wage,' although she'd do it for Missy's Manor.
~ Back to Bischoff, the 'NOTHING HAPPENING CREEP,' Missy says that she and Jim Ross did their stuff on the first take, but Eric took twelve - twenty takes. 'The guy could never, ever on the cue get it correct.' 'THAT'S THE REASON I NEEDED VALIUM BECAUSE OF ERIC BISCHOFF.' Missy then talks how she could've got away with KILLING ERIC BISCHOFF.
~ Missy also talks about becoming a Science teacher, writing for the Declaration of Independents website and wanting to sell her artwork paintings in this recappers most shocking interview to recap since Manny Fernandez spoke of beating up Invader III following Bruiser Brody's death. Checkout

Ace Steel Recap
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~ Ace says he has been recognized several times since being Donald Trump on RAW. He 'had a clue' a few days before that he could be Donald Trump. Ace talks about the psychology playing Trump. Dr. Keith says
this could be his big break, 'you never know what's around the corner my friend.' Foreshadowing! Ace talks about Vince's involvement in arranging the match.
Ace says he expected the crowd to turn on the match but knew he had a job to do, but backstage everyone knew the crowd would 'shit on the match,' as it always was going to be a farce. 'I'VE PICKED UP HEAVY PEOPLE BEFORE BUT SHE WAS SIMPLY TOO MUCH.' Keith asks whose side Ace takes in the Donald vs. Rosie argument, 'Don's, she should've minded her own business.'
~ Keith calls Ace Steel sexy, which Ace refutes as he is over thirty. Ring of Honor talk next, Ace says the Cage of Death was awesome, but says the Dragon Gate style is the 'in-style' but isn't his gig, although he 'loves Ring of Honor, and loves working there.' Blues Brothers music and sequel known as Blues Brothers 2000 talk.
~ On training wrestlers, Ace calls Colt Cabana a natural athlete unlike CM Punk, and that Colt is coming into his own right now. Ace then talks about the day Lex Luger called him. Ace calls Lex a 'phenom.' Talking about Ace's gym in Missouri, Ace says that Mick Foley and Terry Funk have both worked out there.
~ Ace talks about working for Harley Race's WLW, and the progress made by Ted DiBiase's sons. Pro Wrestling NOAH talk with Ace hoping to work with NOAH again. Keith talks about the excellent Ace Steel match with KENTA. The doctor finishes by asking Ace Steel to bring the Donald Trump wig to the 24 February ROH card at Chicago Ridge - which Ace probably won't be at as he recentally got signed by the WWE almost 24 hours after this interview. Congrats Ace and KIS (Keep it Sexy) Checkout

Iron Sheik Recap
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~ Sheiky puts over the city of Chicago, real wrestling country, and where he worked for Mr. Gagne. He talkis about HUMBLING Larry Sweeney last time he was in Chicago. Dr. Keith asks Sheiky baby about SHEIKY'S
~ Joey Eastman says his favourite Chicago Shieky moment was in November was when he was put into the camel clutch and HUMBLED! Joey said that Sheiky 'BROKE HIS BACK, PUT ME IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH AND MADE ME HUMBLE!' but is yet to confirm that he also got his ass fucked.
~ Kramer talk ~ YAY! Joey wants Sheiky to give Kramer a RECEIPT. Keith says that Sheik has a lot of love in his heart 'EXACTLY,' and talks of the sporting greats this century; 'MUHAMMAD ALI, MICHAEL JORDAN, JOEY EASTMAN AND THE IRON SHEIK.'
~ WWE Hall of Fame talk ~ Shieky thinks that Bruno Sammartino should be in there after selling out more Madison Square Garden events than any other wrestler, somehow forgetting his own claim. Should the Von Erich's be in the Hall of Fame? 'GOD BLESS YOU.' What about the Ultimate Warrior? 'he was a great performer and a GREAT ATHLETE,' and maybe GAY. On the Original Sheik Ed Farhat, 'GOD BLESS YOU.'
~ Dr. Keith asks about the possibility of a Ric Flair - Iron Sheik match in 2007? 'I AM 3 TIME GOLD MEDAL, AAU CHAMPION ... NONE OF THEM CAN HANDLE ME ~ Ric Flair, Ken Patera, Jim Brunzell, Greg Gagne.' Only Kurt Angle and Dan Gable match Iron Sheik's class.
~ Keith asks about Samoa Joe? ' I haven't seen, but I heard that Kurt Angle he's not anymore in the WWE, THE LAST I SAW FROM HIM, HE WAS IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES IN 1996.' Back to the Hall of Fame and Big Boss Man? 'GOD BLESS HIM.'
~ But what about the Killer Bees? 'That Punk Brian Blair, he was lucky, I had him in the camel clutch, but Vince sent Hacksaw to save him,' and 'BRIAN BLAIR IS A PUNK, A JABRONI. I SUPLEXED HIM, I HAD HIM IN THE CAMEL CLUTCH TO BREAK HIS BACK AND FUCK HIS ASS, MAKE HIM HUMBLE.'
~ Keith asks with the twenty year anniversary of Wrestlemania III whether Joey Eastman could promote a rematch? 'The World needs to see Sheik HUMBLE B. Brian Blair,' replies Eastman. Sheiky says he will sign a contract anytime, and even though he is 60 he could still beat B. Brian Blair. Hey, won't he be 60-ish to?
~ The doctor asks if there's another wrestler that Shieky would like to HUMBLE? Apparently there's only Brian Blair. 'That punk is lucky I can not find him.' Keith asks if Sheiky watches Hogan Knows Best? Sheiky said he was the person who beat Bob Backlund after six years and that Hulk Hogan never turned into a Michael Jordan of the 'wrestling sport.' Oh, and apparently, Brian Blair was a 'Hogan stooge,' before asking God to bless all of his Chicago wrestling fans. Checkout ~ Sheiky's own MySpace!

Plus: "Shaved Silverback" croons on the Hemme-Kip James feud, and so much more!

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