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SHAUN TEMPERS def HAYDEN YOUNG. Post match AZREAL & TEMPERS attached YOUNG until AUSTIN CREED cleared the ring using a chair




JEREMY VAIN def SLIM J when CHAD PARHAM threw coffee in SLIM J’s face. Post match PARHAM was about to pile-drive SLIM J when ACE ROCKWELL cleared the ring of VAIN & PARHAM.

JUSTICE SERVED became the new NWA ANARCHY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS def UAS when JUSTICE pinned NEMESIS after putting him through a table. NEMESIS had been cut-off on the top rope by a returning AL GETZ who caused the pin. GETZ is now with JUSTICE SERVED.

Next TV Taping on SATURDAY 2-3-07 has:




And much more……..


SHOW #47






Here are the results from NWA Indiana on 1/14 in
Lafayette, Indiana @ Riehle Brothers Sports Complex in
front of 341 fans

Jeremy Hadley & Luis Rojas defeated Marc Houston &
Jamie Crisis in a pre show match

Dustin Lillard defeated Tiny Tim

Billy Roc defeated Shawn Cook

After the match NWA Midwest X-Division Champion Jason
Dukes attacked Billy Roc and challenged him to a match
on February 11th

Scotty Murray & Chase Richards defeated Matt Valor &
Rob Ramer to become the Indiana Heritage Tag Team

After the match Rob Ramer attacked special guest
referee Brian Roberts and challenged him to a match on
March 4th

Chad Collyer defeated Brandon Thomaselli to retain his
Indiana Heritage Title

PT Hussla defeated Kenny Courageous in a no DQ match

In the main event Guy Lombardo & Jimmy "Superfly"
Snuka defeated Devon Fury & Billy Bart

NWA Indiana returns on Sunday February 11th in
Lafayette with "Classic" Colt Cabana challenging
Indiana Heritage Champion Chad Collyer and Billy Roc
challenging NWA Midwest X-Division Champion Jason

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NWA Central States Wrestling results from St. Joesph, MO on 1/19 --

*Tyler Cook d. Nick Tyson & Domino Rivera
*Brett Young d. Darrien Sanders
*Dingo d. Jeremy Wyatt, Kraig Keesman, & NWA KS Champ Mark Sterling to win the NWA Missouri Title
*Big Daddy d. Derek Stone
*Samoa Joe d. Michael Strider

1/13/07 NWA Shockwave Results in Boonton, NJ, courtesy
of Ricky Otazu's posting at

Saturday night was a night that will long live in my
wrestling mind. For the first time since my good
friend Dennis was running, I got to share a locker
room with Fred Richards, and man the stories and good
times were flowing!

The show started with a touching moment when Daisy
Hawkins (Billy's widow) announced that Billy's young
daughter Aiyanna was in the crowd sitting in the front
row. The boys were out in full force showing their
support. Everyone from Crowbar (Devon Storm), Tammy
Sytch, Papadon, Havok, John Shane, Sinister X, Slyck
Wagner Brown and so many others that it would take
forever to mention!!!

On most shows that are benefits, the matches are
called in and everyone just wants to get over and go
home. But not last night!!! The boys worked their
behinds off paying an unforgettable tribute to a man
they all shared a true love for.

The highlight of the night for me was finally getting
to sit down and exchange stories with NWA board room
legend Howard Brody. Howard is famous for his
appearance on RAW a few years back, but he also
credited as the co-author of Dusty Rhodes' book (which
I had my Firehawk moment and had him sign my copy,

We counted 238 paid ticket stubs at the end of night.
There were probably more people in attendance since
there were people who traveled in with the wrestlers
and other talents and promoters who came to visit
throughout the night. For the first time ever, the
town of Boonton drew a wrestling crowd! So much for
the cure of Boonton!

The NWA grew in family size last night as NWA PRO (my
company) and NWA Shockwave have agreed to enter
negotiations on having a talent exchange. Our target
date for the kick off is March 3. Hopefully we'll have
more details on NWA Shockwave's involvement in the
next few days.

Billy, be proud! Your crew did a great job making sure
that your name lived on. It was fun to be a part of
it, and I give big props to the Shockwave crew for
showing wrestling can still be positive and not just
about making a buck.

Here are the official results for the show from
someone who was actually there:

"M-Tizzle" Mike Tobin won a 10 man over the top rope
battle royal that qualified him as the last
participant in the Fatal Four Way match for the vacant
Internet title later in the night.

Tobin slipped out of the ring when the match started
and hide around the ringside area. The final moments
of the match saw a great effort in newcomer Jason
Static who eliminated Ken Scampi and Erik Andretti in
what was thought to be the end of the match. While
Static was celebrating, Tobin slipped back in and
eliminated Static for the official win. Static was
furious and tried to retaliate, but the officials
escorted him back tot he locker room.

The Dead Presidents defeated Zero Gravity (Javi Air
and Bandido Jr.)

A solid tag team outing for the Zero Gravity, but
there appeared to be some serious miscommunication
issues between the members of the Dead Presidents.
During several spots, Lo Lincoln changed his
strategies in the match and began arrogantly
"show-boating". His partner Boogalou Washington did
not appear to be happy with his partners decisions,
but they were still able to maintain their composure
to secure the victory.

Cindy Rogers defeated Jana

In a preview of what is to come in the upcoming
"CyberVixens" spinoff promotion, Rogers was victorious
in her outing and declared that she would be the
future NWA SW women's champion.

Papadon defeated Josh Daniels, Grim Reefer and Mike
Tobin in a fatal four way match to win the vacant NWA
Shockwave Internet Title.

In an unbelievable match that showcased an
unbelievable effort from all parties involved, Papadon
was crowned the new Internet champion! The match also
saw Tammy Sytch ejected manager "Sure Thing" John
Shane from the ringside area due to his interference
in the match. Jason Static also became a factor when
he rushed and began brawling with Tobin in retaliation
to Tobin's actions earlier in the battle royal. The
brawl carried back to the locker room, thus forcing
Tobin to forfeit his position in the match.

After the intermission - Devon Storm came out to
address the crowd, as he denounced the Crowbar gimmick
and began to belittle the state of indy wrestling and
the talent who he believes have yet to pay their dues
in this business.

Bobby Fish defeated Rob Eckos

This match featured the much anticipated debut of
international sensation Bobby Fish, who recently
returned from a tour of Japan's NOAH organization.
Fish showcased his Japanese style of ability and
discipline for the victory. After the match, he went
on to challenge Josh Daniels for an upcoming event.

John Kermon & CJ O Doyle defeated Ken Scampi and Dan

This match saw the odd pairing of the looney Kermon
and the rugged O'Doyle. It also exposed the bitterness
between former partner Scampi and Barry, as they ended
up exchanging blows throughout the match while
refusing to work together as a unit.

Disturbed Damian Dragon defeated Erik Andretti via DQ

Throughout the night, Dragon attempted to get a word
with his wife Foxxy in the backstage area, to which
all attempts failed. Before the match started,
Andretti revealed that he had taken on Foxxy as his
new manager which left Damian in shock as their had
been suspicion of Foxxy and Andretti's intimate
involvement. The final moments of the match saw Ken
Scampi interfere in the match causing the DQ. After
the bell had rang, the trio handcuffed Damian to the
ropes and allowed Foxxy to vent her martial
frustrations on her husband by beating him with a
singapore cane!

Havok defeated Devon Storm, Sinister X, Paul E.
Normus, Boogalou Washington, Cindy Rogers and Slyck
Wagner Brown in a 7-man gauntlet to win the vacant NWA
Shockwave Heavyweight Title.

Quick Recap:

- Devon Storm and Sinister X drew the first two entry
numbers. After a vicious brawl, Storm decided to walk
out of the match allowing Sinister X to advance via

- Paul Enormous was the third entrant. Enormous and
Sinister squared off in a stiff battle of the big men.
Storm returned to ringside and knocked Sinister out
with a chair allowing Enormous to score the pin.

- As Sinister was being helped back to locker room,
Storm attacked Enormous from behind declaring him no
better than Sinister and a lousy indy talent.

- Havok was the fourth entrant and battled Enormous
who was protecting his injured shoulder. After several
minutes of brutal war, Havok secured the win.

- John Shane made his way to the ring declaring Cindy
Rogers the fifth entrant. Both Havok and the referee
tried disputed Rogers entry. During the argument,
Rogers slipped in and attacked Havok with a low blow,
allowing Rogers and Shane a brief opportunity to lay
the boot in. Havok quickly recovered and eliminated
Rogers within mere seconds.

- Boogalou Washington drew the sixth entry and battled
Havok in a very technical bout. Many of the fans were
surprised to see Washington in a singles outing. The
final moments saw Havok secure the win to compete as
one of the final two.

- Slyck Wagner Brown was the final entrant. Brown was
the odds on favorite to win due to his history as a
firmer champion and his luck of the draw of final
entry into the gauntlet over a physically fatigued
Havok. There were a few opportunities where Brown
failed to capitalize and secure the win, and instead
saw him swagger his effort in the ring as if the win
were a sure thing. In the final moments, Havok dug
deep for his last once of energy to score the upset
win and be rewarded the title as new heavyweight

Post Match:

In a show of true sportsmanship,Brown handed the title
over to Havok and the competitors embraced in the
middle of the ring. Havok's former Solution tag team
partner and new Internet Champion, Papadon, came down
to the ring to celebrate with Havok.

The celebration was interrupted by their former
manager John Shane, who tried to convince the new
champions to rejoin his stable and "bring the gold
home to daddy". Havok and Papadon "entertained" the
thought, but ultimately sent Shane packing after a
double team effort. The team of The Solution may be
history, but now Havok and Papadon will begin to write
their own history as singles with gold around their


(Chesterfield, Va) NWA Championship Wrestling from Virginia Promoter
Rick OBrien has declared that the vacancy for NWA Virginia State Tag
Team Titles will be filled on February 3. The show is a fundraiser for
the Hartfield Volunteer Fire Department and will be held at Middlesex
County HS in Saluda, Virginia.
"With the troubled history surrounding the tag division I am hoping
that the team that wins the match will be able to defend the titles in
an honorable and distinctive manner," said OBrien.
The match will be a four corners elimination match. The teams involved
are Thrills and Chills [Chris Escobar & Alexx Sage], Danger,
International [Mike Vaughn & Chris Dramin with manager Timmy Danger],
Totally Awesome [Kamikaze Kid & El Sucio] and HorrorShow & The Evil Clown.
"This match will be a very interesting match in that The Old School
Empire, Nu Egypt, The Scotty's [current North American Tag Team
Champions], Revelations, and The Hall Brothers are not involved in
this match," said NWA CWfVa Board Member Gary Lee. "This gives some
other teams a chance to shine."
Thrills and Chills are the odds on favorite to win the titles as they
are the team that has been together the longest. Totally Awesome are
another established team while Vaughn and Dramin have just begun teaming.
"You know, people have been dismissing my team since I put them
togehter. If it wasn't for [current NWA Alpha Champion] Grail getting
in the way in Chesterfield, either Dramin or Vaughn would have whipped
Brandon Day. Don't count out Danger International, especially with ME
and my book guiding them," said the apoplectic Timmy Danger.
The dark horse team in all of this is HorrorShow and Evil Clown. No
one is quite sure what to make of this pairing, and the newness of the
team could lead to an interesting result.
What is confirmed is that the titles will be filled on February 3 in
Saluda. And a fantastic organization will be able to raise funds.

NWA Wisconsin.

You gotta start from the start, so here we go!

"The High-Fivin' White Guys" Jerry Stylz & Don Gotti
Def. "Cookie Cutter" Christopher Gambino and "El Vato"
Jose Guererro
Tagging for the first time ever, the tandem of the
Cookie Cutter and El Vato could not quite come
together as a unit to over come the underhanded
tactics of the High-Fivin' White Guys. Gotti and Stylz
win by pin fall.

Justin Dredd def. Bobby V
The surprising intensity of the normally fun loving
Bobby V seemed to throw him off of his game in this
high flying match that was chocked full of innovative
offense. Dredd wins by pin fall.

After the match commentary table guest, X Division
Champion "Cadillac" Nick Colucci, stopped Dredd from
administering further beatings to a prone Bobby.
During the confrontation Dredd demanded a title match
from Dredd, but only on the condition that Dredd put
up a date with his manager, the lovely Miss Anne, as a
wager. Dredd accepted the terms and the two will
square off in the near future.

Jason Jerry came to the ring to reacquaint the NWA
Wisconsin fans with the returning Mason Quinn. As soon
as Jerry began to welcome Quinn, the Reverend Ben
Johnson came out to break up the party. Ben also
welcomed Quinn back and told him that he could give
him a non title match against the NWA Midwest X
Division champion, Jason Dukes. Jerry told him that
was all well and good, but he would sanction the match
for the title if Quinn so wished. Quinn accepted and
Jason made the match for later. Johnson stated that
Jerry had won this round, but it wasn't over.

---NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Title Number One
Contenders Match---
Adrian Lynch def. Tejas and J-Cash
This classic battle of big men brought the fans at
Baba Louie’s to their feet. But they had no idea what
was in store after Tejas was eliminated. It seemed no
matter what former ACW and NWA Wisconsin champ Adrian
Lynch did, he could not put down J-Cash. That was
until the Reverend Ben Johnson brought Tejas back out
to the ring to take out Cash while he occupied the
ref. Adrian Lynch covered the fallen Cash for the
1-2-3. Adrian Lynch goes on to face NWA Wisconsin
Champion Dinn T. Moore for the title on February 10th!


After noticing the involvement of Johnson, NWA
Wisconsin Owner Jason Jerry decided to step in and do
the right thing. He could not overturn the decision of
the match, but he gave Cash the opportunity to pick
any match he would like for Feb. 10th, excluding the
Heavyweight title match. Jerry told Cash the he needed
his decision before the main event.

---NWA Wisconsin X Division Title Match---
"Cadillac" Nick Colucci def. Xavier Mustafa
The man from Manhattan's first title defense was
definitely not a cake walk as he faced the immense 317
lb. Xavier Mustafa. Once again the good Reverend
inserted himself into the equation as he swung his
Good Book behind him at what he thought was the champ.
Instead he connected with XM and Colucci rolled him up
for the win.

Right after the intermission, Jason Jerry introduced
his special guest for the evening, future ACW Hall of
Famer, "God's Gift to Women" Kevin Krueger. Krueger
was thanking the NWA Wisconsin fans for their support
over the years when his music hit again. The
High-Fivin' White guys with Weezel and Cari Lynn came
the ring mocking the veteran Krueger with T-shirts
reading "Damn I'm Old" and hobbling to the ring with a
cane. The youngsters jumped Krueger, but the former
ACW Television champ cast them off and gave the Weezel
a sick (and well deserved) Lady Killer. Krueger told
the crowd that he had one more match left in him and
he would be making a call to an old friend, "The Love
Machine" Matt Longtine, to teach these punks a lesson
next month.

Diego Corleone def. Steve Boz
Chicago native Steve Boz and the Sicilian Strangler
put on an excellent exhibition of wrestling prowess to
the delight of the fans. Unfortunately Johnson's Good
Book hit its mark this time gaining the victory for

---Midwest X Division Number One Contenters Match---
Esteban Molina def. Silas Young This contest was a
barn burner for the ages. Molina and Young flew around
the ring like the laws of physics did not apply. In
the end, the Latin Sensation thought one move ahead of
Silas and scored the win and a shot at Midwest X
Division Champion Jason Dukes next month!

---NWA Midwest X Division Title Match---
Jason Dukes def. Mason Quinn
As a result of the bidding war to acquire the services
of Mason Quinn, Jason Dukes had to defend his newly
won X title against the Monster. Dukes ring savvy was
almost not enough to defeat Quinn. That is until a
superplex took out Referee Eric Chioda. Johnson
slipped a chair into the ring and Dukes grabbed it.
Springing from the commentary table, J-Cash slid into
the ring to take the weapon from Dukes, but upon
wresting it away from him hit Quinn in the process.
Dukes pushed Cash out of the ring and revived Chioda
to retain his belt.

Once Dukes had left, Jason Jerry got in the ring to
explain to Quinn what had happened but Ben Johnson
contradicted Jerry and stated Cash hit him on purpose.
And since Cash did not make his decision before the
main event, he will face Quinn in February to settle
the score. Quinn made his exit, seemingly fed up with
the situation. Johnson reveled in his creation of
dissention between Quinn and Jerry but backed into a
very upset J-Cash. Cash put the Portly Pastor down
with a kick to the gut and placed him in a camel
clutch. Jason then taunted Johnson, getting him to
admit to several embarrassing facts (including that
Ben's mom wants Mr. Jerry!).

Thank you to all who attended. See you in February!

Matches signed for February 10th at Baba Louies

NWA:WI Heavyweight Title - Dinn T. Moore vs. Adrian

NWA Midwest X Division Title - Jason Duke vs. Esteban

NWA:WI X Division Title - Nick Colluci vs. Justin

J-Cash vs. Mason Quinn

Dysfunction vs. Xavier Mustafa

Matt Longtime & Kevin Krueger vs. Jerry Stylz & Don

More Matches to be announced in the coming days!

Don't forget, LADIES are half-price on February 10th!
That means $4 standing, $5 sitting... and hell, we'll
give you $7 front row while they last!


Sat March 24th Streamwood, IL

Streamwood Park District Recreation Center
777 Bartlett Road
Streamwood, IL
7 pm Bell

Former partners of AMW "Wildcat" Chris Harris VS "Cowboy" James Storm

Bracket Match for the NWA MW Heavyweight title

"The Mississippi" Mad Man VS Jay Ryan

Bracket Match for the NWA MW Heavyweight title

The NWA MW Central States Champion
Michael Strider
The NWA MW Heartland Sates Champion
Karl "The Machine Gun" Anderson

Grudge Match
"The Latin Heartthrob" Estaban Molina VS Ricky Thomas

NWA MW Tag Team Title Match
The " Extreme Dream Team" "Hrdrcore" Craig & Corporal Robinson
"Blacklisted" Marco Cordova & Jason Reign with Michael Starr & Ms Eryn

For the NWA MW Women's Championship
MsChif VS Josie

More to be announced

For tickets email
or call 630-539-4541

NWA Midwest Rankings as of January 16, 2007

NWA Midwest Overall Rankings

1. Johnny Candido
NWA Midwest Champion
2. Jason Dukes
NWA Midwest X Champion
3. Karl Anderson
NWA Heartland States Champion
4. Dinty Moore
NWA Wisconsin State Champion
5. Michael Strider
NWA Central States Champion
6. Mark Sterling
NWA Kansas State Champion
7. Matt Sydal

8. Marco "Stylz" Cordova
NWA Illinois State Champion
9. Marek Brave
NWA Iowa State Champion
10. El Drunko
NWA Indiana State Champion

NWA No Limits

Join us February 2nd for our Fairfield, Iowa Debut!
Held at the Old Armory at 122 E. Burlington Ave
(Corner of B Street & Broadway) this match will not
only star TNA's Inspirational Wrestler of the Year
2006 "Showtime" Eric Young but will also feature
Fairfield's own A.J. Smooth and Montoya X! Featuring
the stars of MTV's Wrestling Society X Tyler Black and
"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon. PLUS see Mississippi
Madman, NWA Iowa Champion Marek Brave, NWA Central
States Champion Michael Strider and MANY MORE!!

Doors open at 7 p.m. and bell time starts at 8 p.m.
All seats are $15. Tickets are available at the door,
and advance tickets are available at Spud's Emporium
at 225 E. Main Street in Ottumwa by calling
641-472-3444 or by e-mailing

Come see our return to Muscatine on Saturday, February
3rd! Also featuring TNA's Intspirational Wrestler of
the Year 2006, this show will also feature Muscatine's
own Knight Wagner making his wrestling debut!
Featuring the stars of MTV's Wrestling Society X Tyler
Black and "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon. PLUS
Mississippi Madman, NWA Iowa Champion Marke Brave,
Nate Bash, Ben Sailor and MANY MORE!!

The Muscatine show on February 3rd will be held at
Central Middle School at 901 Cedar Street in
Muscatine. Doors open at 6, bell time starts at 7 p.m.
Advanced ticket sales are available at Aarons's at
1700 Park Avenue in Muscatine or by e-mailing

NWA Hawaii Rankings as of January 15, 2007.

N.W.A. Hawaii rankings

N.W.A. Hawaiian Heavyweight Title

Champion: Kapu

2-J.T. Wolfen
3-Bushido X
5-Ricky Thunder

N.W.A. Hawaiian Tag Team Title

Champions: 939 Connection (Ricky Thunder & Jody "J-Lo"

1-East Coast Connection (J.T. Wolfen & Sickdog)
2-Manu Samoa (Tui & Ativalu)
3-Kapu & Bushido X

N.W.A. Hawaiian Jr. Heavyweight Title

Champion: Title vacant

2-Super Typhoon
3-Bushido X
4-Ricky Thunder

NWA Hawaii results:

Let me just start off by saying what a way to bring
the New Year with the first big card of 2007!!! The
NWAHawaii put on Jamming January and WOW!!! What a
show!!! Here's a rundown of the match results.

Match #1: Ricky Thunder vs. Sickdog
A fast paced match in which both participants never
really took total control. Although Thunder is
classifiedas a Jr. Heavyweight, he more than held his
own against the former NWA Hawaii Heavyweight champ. A
truly back and forth contest with both wrestlers
pulling out the stops. Even Sickdog's Missle Dropkick
of the top rope wasn't enough to keep Thunder down.
The turning point came when Thunder attempted and
missed a Shooting Star Press. Sickdog took advantage
and hit the "Sickdog Drop" for the hard fought
victory. In a show of respect, Sickdog helped Thunder
up and raised up his hand. On a side note, Thunder
apparently dislocated his shoulder during the match.
We'll keep you posted on his condition.

Match #2: Super Typhoon vs. The Amazing Spiderdude
Super Typhoon continues to improve with every match.
Although Spiderdude had his moments, Super Typhoon got
the Schoolboy roll-up for the win.

Match #3: "J-lo" Jody Lopez vs. Mr. Wrestling 3
Flying in from Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Wrestling 3 went
toe to toe with one half of the NWA Hawaii tag-team
champions. Each gained control of the match at various
times, but it seemed that Lopez had the upper hand for
a better portion of the contest. The end came as Mr.
Wrestling 3 caught Lopez with a devestating knee lift
and got the 1,2,3.

Match #4: Waz vs. Tui (With Haggis)
2 more young wrestlers who continue to make strides in
the ring. Tui dominated the beginning of the match
by using his power advantage over Waz. I must say that
for a big man, Tui is exceptionally fast. It looked
like this would be an easy win for Tui, hitting Waz
with high impact blows, but Waz managed to make a bit
of a comeback. Seeing the turn in the tide, Tui's
manager Haggis began to distract referee Scott
Stryker. As Strykers attention was on Haggis, Haggis
slipped Tui's hair pin into the ring. Tui used the
hair pin to Waz's throat and got the victory. Tui
continued to attack Waz after the match until Stryker
told Haggis he would disqualify Tui if he didn't stop.

Match #5: NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship:
Kapu (c) vs. Bushido X
Title match between 2 of Hawaii's most hated wrestlers
AND tag team partners. Bushido X got the title shot
after last months controversial win over Sickdog in a
#1 contenders match.
Before the match started, GM Rich Miyamoto told Senior
Referee Scott Stryker that he would not be
officiating the contest, and that he had a Special
Guest referee. That referee was none other than
Sickdog! What amazed me as well as the fans is
that Kapu and BX went at it during the match. Both
even brought chairs into the ring at one point. The
end came when BX looked like he was going to hit Kapu
with a chair, but instead lobbed the chair to Kapu and
fell on his back. Kapu then hit Sickdog with the
chair, pinned BX and counted the 3 by himself. The tag
team partners celebrated in the ring after the match.

Match #6: #1 Contenders Match: Sickdog, Jody Lopez,
Tui, Kapu
As Kapu was celebrating in the ring, he was screaming
that he could beat 3 people at once. GM Miyamoto,
hearing this, and already not happy with the ending of
the last match, made the decision to make another
match. He called 2 other wrestlers from the back along
with Sickdog to have a #1 contenders elimination
match. If Kapu won, there would be no #1 contender for
his belt, but if one of the other 3 won the match, he
would face that person at the next show. Lopez was the
first to go out when Tui hit the Samoan Drop on him.
Kapu was next. As Kapu was holding Sickdog, Tui
attempted to hit Sickdog with a chair. Sickdog ducked
and Kapu was hit instead. With Kapu knocked out,
Sickdog hit Tui with a knee.
Tui fell on Kapu and got the pin. Sickdog and Tui went
at it for a while. As Tui attemped a bodyslam on
Sickdog, Sickdog slipped out the back and hit the
Sickdog Drop for the win. Sickdog is the new #1
contender for the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Title.

Announcers: Rich Miyamoto and Don "The Rock" Muraco
Attendence: approx. 100

The matches for the Saturday 1-20 postponed NWA Universal show have been rescheduled for Saturday, March 3rd at the Tahlequah Community Center Ag Building. Any tickets purchased for the 1/20 show will be honored on 3/3 or you can get a complete refund for your tickets. More details to be announced regarding tickets for the 3/3 event to be announced soon.

NWA Universal Championship Wrestling will return to the Tahlequah Community Center Ag Building again on Friday, March 19. More Information coming soon.


Results January 6, 2007 NWA Oregon/CPW Show in Corvallis, OR

Results from January 6, 2007
Benton County Fairgrounds, Corvallis OR

Match 1 Tommy vs. Heart Throb Eric Hanson
In one hell of an opening match, Tommy and Heart Throb
start off with a Double Criss-Cross and both men
giving all they can for the fans at Benton
Winner via pinfall: Heart Throb Eric Hanson.

After the match a challenge was issued by Tommy to
Eric for Feb. 3rd in Corvallis at the Benton
County fair to really see who the better of the two

Match 2 Reverend vs. Quiz vs. Widow in a barn burner
for the #1 contender to the hardcore title. All three
men gave it their all but in the end, after a supple
Sit-down Power Bomb, Widow Maker Rex Holiday came out
on top with a shot for the hardcore title on Jan. 20th
in McMinnville.

After the match, Quiz had a falling out with his
valet. She told him she doesn't want to be with a
loser, and on the 20th Quiz will see who her new man

Match 3 Iron Buddha vs. Washington superstar Dash
Winner via pinfall: Iron Buddha
He is a real fan pleaser; the fans stand behind him

Match 4 Exile vs. Draven in a knock down, drag out
Winner, without his manager: Exile


Match 5 Outlaw vs. Nasty Boy. In an anything goes
match, Nasty took Outlaw to the woodshed and gave him
an a$$-kicking like no one ever has and warned him
that on the 20th in McMinnville the fans bring the
weapons. This match will be bloody!
Winner via pinfall: LNB

Match 6 Tag Team title match
Dr. Kleiver & Cedric vs. The Cowboys. All I can say is
Wow!. This match had the crowd loud and worked up, but
once again winner and still NWA/CPW Tag Team champions
- Dr. Kleiver & Cedric.

Match 7 Heavyweight title match
C.W Bergstrom vs. NWA/CPW champion Colossus
Winner via pinfall and new NWA/CPW Heavyweight
Champion: C.W Bergstrom
Colossus will get his rematch at the McMinnville Elks
Lodge on the 20th via Commish Kevin demanding that the
title be put on the line.

Match 8 Main Event: Lumberjack Strap Match. Northwest
legend and king of the strap match - Billy Two Eagles
vs. Damon. In a hell of a brutal match with both men
getting strapped when outside the ring,
the Winner via pinfall: Damon

After the match a brawl ensued outside of the ring
when Nasty Boy attacked The Outlaw from behind and
left him laying out cold.


Smyrna National Guard Armory

Smyrna, TN. 1/19/07

Match 1

"American Nightmare" Johnny Demento
"Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs

Johnny locks up with Jacobs and was easily able to over power NWB twice. NWB decided that it was already time for a break and he quickly rolled to the outside. The two locked up again and NWB was able to take control by raking JD in the eyes. JD was able to get the upper hand back and delivered an arm drag followed by a dropkick and NWB was back to the outside. Upon returning to the ring, JD took back where he left off. That was until there was a double clothesline. As the two were down, Mark Anthony came into the ring and threw JD from the ring. Due to outside interference the match was declared a NO CONTEST in 4:20.

Mark Anthony then got on the microphone talking about how the young wrestlers now days does not respect the guys that have been in the business for a while. He went on to say that the young guys in NWA Main Event were no contest for him and that he could beat them all. Johnny Demento then asked Mike Porter for a match against Mark Anthony tonight to prove himself. Mark Anthony agreed to the match and told Johnny that he had just signed his death wish because we were all going to see a different side of him tonight.

Match 2

Shady Grady
"Mr. Impact" JT Quest

This match started with JT getting the upper hand. Just as he thought it was going to be a walk in the park he found out different when Grady was able to move out of the way as JT was coming in for a huge splash. JT decided to regain control by giving a low blow to Grady. JT then delivered a bodyslam on Grady. He followed that up by climbing the ropes and coming off with a flying elbow to the chest of Grady. JT thought that would be enough to get the win but Grady was able to kick out at the 2 count. Just when everyone thought Grady was done, he powered back. However, JT moved as Grady came in for a belly splash and was able to get Grady in a "Rip Van Winkle". It was not long before Grady quickly tapped out. Your winner in 8:47 was "Mr. Impact" JT Quest.

Match 3

"American Nightmare" Johnny Demento
Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony thought he was going to be able to teach JD something so they locked up and MA took him into a head lock. But JD showed that he could escape from that and reversed the hold. After MA got loose he decided to go with another approach. MA was able to get JD down into a head scissors. When JD was able to escape, JD surprised MA by giving him several arm drags. JD held MA in a headlock. MA pulled JD's hair to get him back to the ropes. JD gave MA a shoulder tackle off the ropes that sent MA out of the ring. MA was beginning to wonder if he was right. As MA re-entered the ring he was able to get control again by cheap shotting JD. He then took JD to the corner where he gave him several fists to the side of the head. Following that, MA threw JD to the outside of the ring. As JD tried to re-enter, MA was trying to keep him out but JD did a sunset flip over MA. MA kicked out at 2 and took back control of the match. MA started working over the left knee of JD hoping to be able to keep JD down on the ground. As JD tried to stand, MA kicked his leg out from under him. MA went to whip JD across the ring but JD reversed it. As MA came off the ropes, he shoulder tackled JD in the left knee. MA then put JD in a Sharp Shooter. JD held on as long as his knee would allow him. Finally in 15:57, JD had to tap out and so MA was declared the winner.

Match 4

White Trash
Mr. "Mean" Mike Woods

As this match started WT backed MW into the corner. MW complained of his hair being pulled. The two then locked up again. This time WT hip tossed MW. MW ran out of the ring quickly to regain his composer. Upon returning to the ring, WT took back over. He took MW to all four corners ramming his head into the turnbuckles. MW however raked the eyes of WT to gain control. MW then started working WT over. He gave WT a suplex. Then MW tried to follow that up with an elbow drop but WT moved twice. WT clotheslined MW twice. MW came back with a punch to the face. MW tried to roll up WT however WT kicked out at 2. MW thought he had won and rolled out of the ring. When he was told differently he got back into the ring to continue the beating on his opponent. He was on his knees asking WT to go easy on him. MW then low blowed WT and rolled him up for the 1-2-3. With having assistance from his feet being on the ropes, your winner in 5:46 "Mr. Mean" Mike Woods.

Match 5

White Trash & "Outlaw" Lee Condry
"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic, DeAngelo, LA Player, and Karnage

DeAngelo started the match out for SC against LC. LC took DA down with a clothesline and started working on DA's arm. LC then tagged in WT. The two of them doubled clotheslined DA. WT then started working the arm. When DA was able to get free, he tagged in LA. WT started punching him in the head then clotheslined him. WT then tagged LC. LC came in and was also punching and elbowing LA in the head. LA then tagged in KA. LC took control of KA right off with an arm drag. LC then took KA to the corner, lifted his shirt and delivered three big chops to his chest. LC tagged WT. WT came in and gave two chops of his own. WT then tagged LC back in the two of them gave KA a double hip toss. KA was able to make the tag to PM. As PM enters he was immediately arm dragged. PM claimed that LC pulled his du-rag. LC clothesline PM and went for the cover. DA came in to break up the count. LC tagged WT. WT tried to clothesline PM but PM reversed it and gave him a clothesline. PM then tagged in DA. DA punched WT a few times and then LA came into the ring. LA then gave WT a Samoan drop. LA tagged in KA. KA gave WT a suplex and a leg drop. KA then tried for the pin but WT was able to kick out. KA gave WT a bodyslam and then tagged in PM. WT and PM ended up giving each other a clothesline. WT tagged LC, PM tagged DA. LC was taken control on DA. WT and LC slammed PM and DA into each other. Those two went out of the ring while LA and KA came into the ring and had their heads bashed together. LA rolled out of the ring and LC and WT doubled teamed KA. The two of them delivered a 3D on KA. WT was able to get the pin on KA. Your winners in 14:28 were LC and WT. After the match, the SC jumped LC and WT. They were getting the best of LC and WT because it was 4 on 2. Then as LC and WT stood up in the middle of the ring, SC came running from all four corners. LC and WT dropped down to the mat making all 4 members of SC run into each other. The SC rolled out of the ring leaving LC and WT standing in the middle of the ring.

Match 6

ATL Match

Shane Williams & Rick Santel
Big Bully Douglas & Matt Catalano W/ "The General" Ronnie P. Gossett

The match started off fast. SW & RS hit the ring and started working on BBD & MC. BBD & MC quickly rolled out after they saw that they could not get the upper hand. BBD & MC started leaving the ring when the fans started calling BBD "Bald Headed Geek". As they left, the fans were happy. But that is not what SW & RS wanted. The two of them waited for them in the ring. The fans then started calling them "Chickens". BBD finally got in the ring to start the match out right with SW. He told SW that he was going to personally put his boot up SW butt. BBD got back out of the ring. He was standing on the apron. SW went to the apron and pulled BBD into the ring. Before SW could do anything else, BBD slid back out of the ring. BBD went to lock up with SW and kneed him in the stomach. He thought that he had SW where he wanted him so MC came into the ring. SW arm dragged MC twice and tagged in RS. RS came in and worked on the arm of MC. RS then rammed MC head into two turnbuckles and then into SW boots. RS went to run the ropes but RPG tripped him. MC then clotheslined RS. RPG took the ref’s attention while BBD hit RS with the cane in the back. Then the ref was talking to SW and RPG hit RS with the cane in head. MC got a 2 count on RS. MC was arguing with ref and RS rolled him up for 2 count. MC then started choking RS. BBD would come in and hit SW off mat when RS would be close to making the tag. BBD had ref’s attention and RS made tag. Ref made SW get out of the ring because did not see the tag. MC and BBD was taunting SW and keeping the ref attention which allowed RPG to choke RS. MC threw RS into corner, went in for splash and hit RS with an elbow. MC was able to get RS back down for the 2 count. MC called SW in which distracted the ref and BBD came in and the two switched without tagging. After BBD worked over RS and clotheslined him. He switched back out with MC. MC then rammed RS head into BBD boot and tagged BBD back in. BBD then went for pin but it was only a 2 count. BBD threw RS out of ring and started yelling at SW. Ref was with BBD and SW not seeing RPG and MC working over RS on the outside. MC threw RS back into the ring. RS got a burst of energy from somewhere and was able to reverse BBD into the corner. BBD got his boots up and caught RS in the face. BBD then came off top rope with the flying clothesline. BBD tried for pin and SW came in and stopped the count. BBD and MC continued their tagging in and out to keep the fresh man in the ring. BBD went up top for a splash off the top rope but missed it. RS began to battle back with punches to BBD mid section but that was soon stopped when BBD poked RS in the eyes. BBD then grabbed RS leg. RS rolled out and tagged SW. SW came in with fire and attacked both MC and BBD. SW gave BBD 10 punches. SW went to send BBD across the ring. BBD reversed it. SW did a sunset flip on BBD for the 1-2-3. Your winners in 26:10 were SW & RS. Following the match, BBD and MC started beating up SW & RS. They also hit the ref and threw him out. RPG threw the ref into the ring pole. When BBD and MC thought they had it their way, SW & RS retaliated on them. They got a couple of belts from RPG and one from the fans outside the ring. BBD and MC quickly rolled out of the ring so they would not get strapped.

Freddie Morton's Sportatorium

Columbia, TN 1/20/07

Match 1

"Nerdy White Boy" Jay Jacobs

As the match was beginning, NWB made the ref step back so he could stretch out. The two were then able to lock up. Antonio started out fast and took control. NWB felt the match was going to fast so after taking several arm drags, he decided to roll to the outside. Once NWB re-entered the ring he cheap shotted Antonio. After a bodyslam, he went for the pin on Antonio but only got a 2 count. NWB began to work on the arm of Antonio. NWB went for a splash in the corner and Antonio was able to move out of the way. Antonio went for the pin after a clothesline but NWB kicked out just before the 3. The two doubled clotheslined each other. NWB was able to get to his feet first and started working over Antonio. NWB threw Antonio to the floor. NWB followed him and ran him into the ring pole before throwing him back into the ring. After that NWB tried to hit Antonio with a Slap Jack but the ref was able to stop him. While the ref was giving the Slap Jack to the security, NWB took "The Wrestling Book" and hit Antonio with it. Your winner in 4:28 was NWB.

Match 2

"Prototype" Bobby Surge
Manga w/ Miss Opium

Manga started the match trying to use his nun chucks. The ref made him put them in the corner BS started the match fast giving Manga several clothesline, arm drags and finished with a body slam before Manga moved the corner for a break. Once coming out of the corner BS started where he left off until Miss Opium tripped BS. MAnga then started working on the leg of BS. Manga had him in a half Boston crab and was getting help from Miss Opium. Manga then hung BS over the middle rope choking him. The ref made him break the hold. Miss Opium then started choking BS while ref was talking to Manga. Manga continued to work on the leg of BS. BS was able to catch Manga not paying attention and gave him a suplex to take back over. BS then gave Manga a splash in the corner. As Manga came out dazed, BS delivered a face buster on Manga to get the pin in 5:16. BS had to be helped from the ring because after the match Manga jumped BS from behind and started working over his leg with the nun chucks.

Match 3

Nightmare was Locked in a Cage at Ringside

Brandon Stone & Johnny Gunnz
Cody Whitehead & The Avenger w/Nightmare

BS &JG hit the ring on fire. They had revenge on there minds. BS worked over Avenger in the ring as JG took on CW on the outside. CW took a chair to JG. CW then started hitting him with trashcan lids, crutches, and anything else in sight. Meanwhile in the ring, Avenger took a trashcan lid to BS. CW and Avenger then worked over both BS and JG in the ring with the weapons. Avenger and BS then went to the outside as CW was inside with JG. CW sent JG high int h air and slammed his face into a steel chair. BS came in to break up the count. CW and BS then exchanged blows. Avenger started working on JG on the outside. Cody then hit the ref and took the key and let Nightmare out of the cage. With the help of Nightmare, CW and Nightmare locked BS in the cage. This left JG to take on CW, Avenger and Nightmare by himself. As he three of them worked over JG with the weapons they took turns taunting BS in the cage. The ref was very confused at what was going on in the ring. Avenger tried for the pin on JG but JG was still hanging in there and kicked out. Avenger was holding JG so Nightmare could hit him but JG ducked and Nightmare hit Avenger. JG then tried to fire back on CW but that was short lived as Nightmare came in from behind with a bat. JG was able to find the key and tossed it to BS. BS came out and started cleaning house. BS was working on Avenger and Nightmare while JG was batting CW on the outside. BS did a back flip on a steel chair that was sitting on the Avenger. As BS got up CW hit him with a chair then power bombed BS. However, CW turned around and JG was there. JG hit CW a few times then did a Stunner on him for the 1-2-3. Your winners in 9:53 was the team of BS and JG.

Match 4

"HNIC" Apollo & Shady Grady
"The Syndicate Crew" LA Player, Psycho Medic, Karnage, DeAngelo w/ YT

As Apollo & SG hit the ring, they all started going at it. All members of the SC escaped but LA. Apollo was working LA over in the corner. When he sent LA to the other side of the ring, LA slid out to the floor. Apollo started the match out for his team against PM. The two of them exchanged arm bars on each other. As PM was complaining to the ref, Apollo came behind him and took him down. Apollo then tagged SG and the two double teamed PM. PM then tagged KA. SG then started to work on KA. DA broke up the pin on KA. SG then started working on the arm of KA. He tagged Apollo who continued to work on the arm. Apollo and SG were tagging in and out so they could keep a fresh man in the ring. As SG was going for the pin DA came in. Apollo came in to stop him and the ref's attention was turned to Apollo. DA and PM then gave a double backdrop to SG. DA then started working on SG without tagging. DA threw SG to the outside where all members of the SC took a cheap shot at him including YT hitting him with the briefcase. LA then came into the ring as SG was tossed back in. LA did a “Fall Away Slam” on SG but was unable to get the pin. As LA drew Apollo in PM came into the ring without a tag and took over on SG. PM then threw SG to the outside once again for the other members to all get their shot in on him. PM then tagged KA and the two of them doubled suplexed SG. KA gave SG two elbows to the chest. SG was somehow able to make the tag to Apollo who came in and started cleaning house. He was clotheslining and hitting everyone. SG and Apollo then threw DA and KA into each other. As PM, DA and LA were beating SG down on the outside. Apollo delivered a spinning sidewalk slam on KA to get the win in 12:57. SC is still the Tag Team Champs because it was a non title match. Following the match SC got into the face of Apollo and SG bragging about keeping the belts. They all started fighting again. SC thought they had things going their way when Apollo and SG fought back and left the SC lying in the ring.

Match 5

"American Nightmare" Johnny Demento w/Sexy Jessi
"Mr. Impact" JT Quest w/Xstacy

JT took JD down at the start of the match. He then quickly body slammed JD to show him what he could do. However, JD did not take that too lightly as he came back with one of his own. When the two locked up again, JD took JT back to the corner and as JD broke the hold, JT said JD hit him. After seeing that JT was lying, when JT back JD into the corner, JD decided to really punch JT. JT being upset he rushed in at JD only to be sent into the ropes and caught with big fist to the face. JT quickly rolled to the outside. As JT came back into the ring he kicked JD in the stomach and started hitting him in the face and stomach in the corner. JD reversed it and started ramming JT's head in the turnbuckle. JD sent JT into the other corner for a splash but JT moved and JD hit the corner. JT then clotheslined JD and started choking him; afterwards he was only getting a 2 count. As JD tried to come back JT cut him off with a knee to the stomach. JT then threw JD to the outside where Xstacy got a few kicks in on JD before returning him to the ring. JT gave JD a spinebuster but JD once again kicked out. JT went to the second rope and connected with an elbow from the ropes. He went for the easy pin but at 2 JD reversed it but only got the 2 count himself. JT then started kicking JD in the corner and then choking him. JT sent JD to the ropes only to miss two clotheslines. JD then did a sunset flip over JT for another two count. JT made it to his feet first and elbowed JD in the head. JT then went to the second rope once again to come off with a fist to the head of JD but JD moved and JT hit the mat hard. JD then came back with a big splash to get the three count. However, JT's foot was on the rope and the match was then continued. JT hit JD with the “Deep Impact” and got the three count with help from having his feet on the ropes. Sexy Jessi then came into the ring to check on JD. JT got "Lil' Impact" to hit JD and Sexy Jessi with it. The others referees came out to hold JT back. Your winner in 12:10: "Mr. Impact" JT Quest.

Match 6

"Headliner" Chris Michaels
Mark Anthony

When the match started Mark Anthony had to get the mic and told the fans not to tell him when to shut up. He told Chris Michaels that he was a "Head Basher" and since Michaels was the "Headliner" then he was going to bash his head in. MA took CM into a headlock from the start and as CM pushed him off, MA hit CM with a big shoulder tackle. This time when they locked up CM took the arm of MA and started working on it. MA escaped the arm bar by pulling CM to the ground by his hair. MA then got CM into a hammer lock. CM escaped that by running around the ring and dropping to the mat sending MA to the outside. MA was on the apron and CM flipped MA into the ring. Once MA stood up in the ring, CM drop kicked him and MA rolled to the outside once again. He then complained to the ref about the fans screaming and CM had something in his boots. The fans then started screaming louder at MA. As the two wrestlers went to lock up, MA raked CM in the eyes to get the upper hand. However CM came back with a hip toss and a drop kick on MA. He then clotheslined MA to the outside of the ring. The crowd then started calling MA "Crybaby". When MA returned to the ring he cheap shotted CM again. This time he was able to keep control by choking and chopping CM in the corner. MA then decided to taunt CM about the fans not cheering for him. CM did a sunset flip on MA for a two count. MA came back with a clothesline on CM and started choking CM after another two count. MA continued cheating by using the ropes to choke CM more. While CM was hanging on the second rope MA gave him a leg drop. When MA went for a second one, CM moved and MA hurt his inner thigh. MA then went for two clotheslines that CM ducked and hit MA with a flying fore-arm. CM then started punching MA all the way to the corner. MA reversed CM to the other corner. As MA came in, CM moved and rolled MA up for the win in 13:48.

Match 7

NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title Match

"Outlaw" Lee Condry w/ Pam Condry (Champion)
"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic w/YT (Challenger)

PM was upset that the fans and the announcer called him "Milk Dud". YT advised him to focus on his opponent. LC backed PM up into the corner and punched him a few times. Then LC tossed him to the other corner and caught him with an arm drag on the way out. LC worked on the arm of PM and a scoop slam. PM was slow to get up. PM forced him to let go of the arm bar when he grabbed the ropes. PM gained the advantage and twisted the arm of LC. PM missed a leg drop and LC came back with a stiff clothesline. PM rolled out for a breather. The fans called him a "chicken". LC grabbed PM and gave him several of his famous “chops”. LC then drop kicked PM but he was only able to get a 2ct. PM caught LC with a jaw breaker. PM started attacking the throat of LC. PM was only able to get a 2 count. He was mad and tossed LC to floor. YT smacked him with the briefcase and rolled him back in. PM belly splashed LC in corner and followed up with a DDT when LC came out. PM still was only able to get a 2 count. They exchanged fist and elbows to the head. PM hit the corner chest first because LC fell out of the way. LC was fighting back by slamming PM head into turnbuckles. PM low blowed LC with out the referee spotting him. YT climbed on the apron. PM grabbed the Heavyweight Title belt and swung at LC who ducked and kicked PM which made him drop the belt. LC picked it up and hit PM. The ref seen LC and called for the bell. Your winner in 5:29 by DQ was PM. After the match, LC also hit YT with the belt just like the fans asked him to do.


We are less than a week away from NWA Empire’s first
show of 2007, VIVA LA Revolution, which will be held
this Saturday (January 27, 2007) at St. Johnsburg
Firehall in North Tonawanda, NY. Here is quick info
on date, place, and time of the show. The complete
card (as of 1/22/07) can be found at the end of the
NWA Empire presents:

VIVA LA Revolution!
Date: Saturday January 27, 2007
Venue: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road - North Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open: 5:30 PM
Pre-Show Bell Time: 6:00 PM
Main-Show Bell Time: 6:30 PM
Ticket Prices: Pre-sale $10
Adults, day of the show $12
Kids (9 and under) $5
For ticket information, call 1-585-621-4293

VIVA LA Revolution has the potential, even at this
early date; to be the most anticipated NWA Empire show
of 2007. There has been a consistent buzz over the
inaugural NWA Empire appearances indy stars “Fabulous”
John McChesney and “Sterling” James Keenan, who will
be taking part in a Lord of the Dance (3-Way) title
match with the champion “The Mastiff” Will
Christianson. More about this match a bit later. The
real heavy-duty buzz about VIVA LA Revolution has been
the about the possible return of the Buffalo area’s
favorite son, Jonny Puma!

At NWA Upstate’s X-mas Chaos show last month, NWA
Empire/NWA Upstate owner, and current NWA Empire
Champion Hellcat announced that he was officially
calling out the retired Jonny Puma. Hellcat said that
if Puma has the guts to show up at VIVA LA Revolution,
he (Hellcat) would put the NWA Empire title on the
line against Puma in his first title defense. That
announcement by Hellcat stirred up a volley of
emotions among NWA Empire fans, some ecstatic over the
possibility of seeing Puma return, others bashing Puma
for what they perceive to be a pattern of
“run-and-hide when the going gets tough” from Puma,
and still others questioning if Puma even has the
intestinal fortitude to show up and accept Hellcat’s

Jonny Puma himself posted this blurb to his website:


NWA Empire
Saturday, January 27th, 2006
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road - Wheatfield, NY
Even with that being posted to Jonny Puma’s website,
some people believe that when the time comes, Puma
will pull a “no-show.” The last NWA Empire newsletter
contained excerpts from several pro and con posts on
The Official NWA Empire Fan Club Message Board
concerning Jonny Puma’s potential return. Following
are several more pro and con comments that have been
posted since the last newsletter:

“You know I'm a little disappointed with those who
have turned their back on Puma, but to each their own.
Whatever happens, I know Puma will get the job done
and over with!!”

“He (Puma) comes in only if and when he pleases. Come
the 27th, Hellcat will put a stop to that once and for
all when he ends Jonny Come-and-go's wrestling days

“(Puma) does what he does for the fans. He even made
the after show appearances for the fans.”
“How many shows have we been at hearing the "Puma,
Puma, Puma" chants at the curtain after the show, only
to find out he's slunk out the back???”

“I don't know why people don't give Puma a chance in
this match. Puma can be a crafty individual who knows
all the dirty tricks there is to know in he ring. So
don't count him out.”
“I don’t question Jonny Puma’s legacy in Buffalo. I
question the size of his heart. Prove me and everyone
wrong, Puma. Show up, be a man. I doubt we’ll see

“From what I understand he (Puma) is going to be
there. WOW, how can he be a COWARD then?”

“ ‘Puma was a great champion!’ ‘Puma did it on his
own!’ ‘Puma made WNY wrestling what it is.’ Geez, you
Puma marks really should apply for a job with the WWE
in their DVD department, because you do an even better
job than they do at re-writing history!”

Jonny Puma’s potential return to an NWA Empire ring
has stirred up a lot of debate. Will Puma show up
this Saturday night at VIVA LA Revolution to accept
Hellcat’s challenge? Be at St. Johnsburg Firehall,
7165 Ward Road in North Tonawanda, NY to find out.


As stated above, VIVA LA Revolution will see the NWA
Empire debut of Indy stars “Fabulous” John McChesney
and “Sterling” James Keenan. They will be taking part
in the 3-way Lord of the Dance Title Match with the
current champion “The Mastiff” Will Christianson.

This match will arguably be Mastiff’s toughest
challenge since winning the title last September.
Firstly, Mastiff and Keenan are no strangers to each
other. SJK defeated Mastiff in the final match of a
gauntlet challenge at last year’s NWA Upstate February
Fallout show, after Mastiff had defeated Vince Beach
and The Czar. Also, Keenan and McChesney work very
well together. They are a formidable tag team
together in NWA Upstate, where they wrestle as part of
manager Star Rider’s Star Foundation. The real
unknown “X” factor in the match is how well McChesney
and SJK will work together when singles gold is on the

Here is the complete card for NWA Empire’s VIVA LA
Revolution (as of 1/22/07):
NWA Empire presents:

VIVA LA Revolution!

Date: Saturday January 27, 2007
Venue: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road - North Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open: 5:30 PM
Pre-Show Bell Time: 6:00 PM
Main-Show Bell Time: 6:30 PM
Ticket Prices: Pre-sale $10
Adults, day of the show $12
Kids (9 and under) $5
For ticket information, call 1-585-621-4293
Pre Show 6:00 PM


Ivan Radske vs. JP Hawke

The Kovacks vs. ? ? ?


Main Show 6:30 PM


Ron Falco vs. “Party Guy” Brett Mednik
Jimmy Olsen vs. Gabe Saint

“Exceptional Icon” Eric Everlast vs. “Coverboy” Cade


Rhythm & Booze(c) vs. The Killer Steve's

“The Nemesis” Damien Alexander vs. Kevin Grace
Marc Mandrake & Troy “The Boy” Buchanan (w/ Ferrari)
vs. Tommy Mandrake & “Inferno” Johnny Adams

Mastiff (c) vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney vs.
“Sterling” James Keenan

HANDICAP MATCH (as ordered by “The Boss,” Hellcat):
Wrestling Inc. vs. “Wrestling Personified” Chris
Cooper (#1 contender to Hellcat’s NWA Empire title)


NWA Empire Heavyweight Champion Hellcat calls out
Jonny Puma for a championship match. Will Puma accept
the challenge and show up out of retirement?

Also scheduled to appear are Kevin Dunn / Ice / Johnny
Kayfabe/ Dewey, and the debut of 2 NEW Empire stars


From the South (Tonawanda, Buffalo, etc.):
Take Route NYS-62 (Niagara Falls Blvd.) north to Route
NY-429 (Ward Road). Make a left onto Route NY-429
(Ward Road) and St. Johnsburg Firehall will ½ mile on
the left side.

From the North (Niagara Falls area):

Take Route NYS-62 (Niagara Falls Blvd.) south to Route
NY-429 (Ward Road). Make a right onto Route NY-429
(Ward Road) and St. Johnsburg Firehall will ½ mile on
the left side of Ward Road.
From outside the Buffalo area:

Take I-90 (NYS Thruway) west (if coming from points
east of Buffalo) or east (if coming from points west
of Buffalo) to I-290 west. Follow I-290 west and take
exit for Route US-62 (Niagara Falls Blvd). At the
bottom of the exit ramp turn right onto US-62 north.
Follow US-62 north to Route NY-429 (Ward Road). Turn
left onto Ward Road and St. Johnsburg Firehall will be
½ mile on the left.

Hope to see everyone this Saturday evening (January
27, 2007) at St. Johnsburg Firehall for NWA Empire’s
VIVA LA Revolution!!!

For more information on NWA Empire go to

Friday, January 26, 2007
Bridgeview Hall
Surrey, BC
8 PM Belltime
Click For More Information



"Rocket" Randy Tyler (c) (pictured at left) vs Nelson Creed


"Fast" Freddy Funk (c) vs Seth Knight


Demon's Asylum (Cremator & Abbadon) (c) vs Chilltown (Scotty Mac & DK Roc)


Nikki Matthews (c) (pictured at left) vs Aurora


Gurv Sihra (c) vs Harv Sihra


Kyle O'Reilly vs Sid Sylum


Models Inc. (MR2 & Memphis Raines) vs El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo

check out this YouTube Promo


*** New General Manager Ladies Choice will

announce the stipulation before the match! ***

Aaron Idol vs Cole Bishop (pictured at left)

check out this YouTube Promo

Azeem "The Dream" Mohammed vs Volcano


2006 Wrestler of the Year: Samoa Joe
2005 Wrestler of the Year Winner: Samoa Joe
2004 Wrestler of the Year Winner: Monty Brown
2003 Wrestler of the Year Winner: AJ Styles
2002 Wrestler of the Year Winner: Spyder

2006 Tag Team of the Year: The Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Shawn Hernandez)
2005 Tag Team of the Year Winners: The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)
2004 Tag Team of the Year Winners: America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
2003 Tag Team of the Year Winners: America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)
2002 Tag Team of the Year Winners: The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd Shane)

2006 MVP of the Year: Kurt Angle
2005 MVP of the Year Winner: Christopher Daniels
2004 MVP of the Year Winner: Monty Brown
2003 MVP of the Year Winner: AJ Styles
2002 MVP of the Year Winner: Jerry Lynn

2006 Rookie of the Year: Justin White (NWA Quebec)
2005 Rookie of the Year Winner: Black Tiger IV
2004 Rookie of the Year Winner: Petey Williams
2003 Rookie of the Year Winner: Matt Bentley
2002 Rookie of the Year Winner: Slim J & Madison (Tie)

2006 Comeback of the Year: Sting
2005 Comeback of the Year Winner: Rhino & Sean Waltman (Tie)
2004 Comeback of the Year Winner: Monty Brown
2003 Comeback of the Year Winner: Sting
2002 Comeback of the Year Winner: Jeff Jarrett

2006 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year: Sting
2005 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year Winner: Chris Candido
2004 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year Winner: Monty Brown
2003 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year Winner: AJ Styles
2002 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year Winner: Spyder

2006 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: Kurt Angle
2005 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year Winner: Samoa Joe
2004 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year Winner: AJ Styles
2003 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year Winner: AJ Styles
2002 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year Winner: Spyder

2006 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: Jeff Jarrett
2005 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year Winner: Jeff Jarrett
2004 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year Winner: Jeff Jarrett
2003 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year Winner: Jeff Jarrett
2002 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year Winner: Vince Russo

2006 Most Improved Wrestler of the Year: Sean Denny
2005 Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Winner: Abyss & Bobby Roode (Tie)
2004 Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Winner: Monty Brown
2003 Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Winner: David Young
2002 Most Improved Wrestler of the Year Winner: Spyder

2006 Women's Wrestler of the Year: Christie Ricci
2005 Women's Wrestler of the Year Winner: Christie Ricci
2004 Women's Wrestler of the Year Winner: Kiley McLean & Kameo (Tie)
2003 Women's Wrestler of the Year Winner: Leilani Kai & Morgan (Tie)

2006 Referee of the Year: Jeff Capo
2005 Referee of the Year Winner: Jeff Capo
2004 Referee of the Year Winner: Jeff Capo
2003 Referee of the Year Winner: Jeff Capo

2006 Feud of the Year: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Latin American Exchange
2005 Feud of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
2004 Feud of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams
2003 Feud of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett
2002 Feud of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn

2006 Match of the Year: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX (Six Sides of Steel: 10-22-06/TNA Bound for Glory)
2005 Match of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels (09-11-05 at TNA Unbreakable)
2004 Match of the Year Winner: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X (Six Sides of Steel: 12-05-04 at TNA Turning Point)
2003 Match of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven (06-11-03)
2003 Match of the Year Winner: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X (Steel Cage Match: 06-25-03)
2002 Match of the Year Winner: AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn (X Division Best of Three Series: 08-21-02)

2006 Event of the Year: TNA Bound for Glory (10-22-06)
2005 Event of the Year Winner: TNA Wrestling's Final Resolution (01-16-05)
2004 Event of the Year Winner: TNA Wrestling's Victory Road (11-07-04)
2003 Event of the Year Winner: NWA's 55th Anniversary Show
2002 Event of the Year Winner: NWA Florida's Independent Armageddon (11-30-02)

2006 Promoter of the Year: Jerry Palmer (NWA Anarchy)
2005 Promoter of the Year Winner: Rick O'Brien (NWA Virginia)
2004 Promoter of the Year Winner: Rick O'Brien (NWA Virginia) & Bill Behrens (Tie)
2003 Promoter of the Year Winner: Rick O'Brien (NWA Virginia) & Bill Behrens (Tie)
2002 Promoter of the Year Winner: Joe Price (NWA Florida)

2006 Promotion of the Year: NWA Anarchy
2005 Promotion of the Year Winner: NWA Virginia
2004 Promotion of the Year Winner: NWA Virginia & NWA Wildside (Tie)
2003 Promotion of the Year Winner: NWA Virginia & NWA Wildside (Tie)
2002 Promotion of the Year Winner: NWA Florida

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