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1/23/07 ACW Results Bam Bam Tribute and New Champion Crowned

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On January 23, 2007 American Combat Wrestling returned as it does each and every Tuesday night to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US HWY 19 in New Port Richey, FL. Tonight was special and the show was opened with a tribute to Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow, who died last week. Bigelow had moved to Hudson and was a frequent guest of ACW. He will be missed by each and every member of the ACW staff and locker room. All proceeds from the event went to his family.

(1) Shan Hill defeated Twizted Vengeance.
Hill wasted no time in attacking Twizted with a double leg take down and throwing several shots to the face. They briefly went to the floor where they knocked over some drinks. Once back in the ring Hill nearly slammed Twizted through the mat and ended the match with a devastating brainbuster.

(2) In a #1 Contender Cruiserweight match, Jaison Moore defeated Nick Fame.
These two met last week in a tag team match and nothing was solved, so ACW let them fight it out to face the Cruiserweight champion. Moore went to work taking Fame to the mat with a waistlock into a front facelock. Moore slid out into a side headlock but Fame got to the ropes and Fame called for a “time out.” Moore let his guard down and Fame got in a knee to the gut. Fame ran into Moore’s boot and was set in the Tree of Woe, where Moore hit chest chops and a dropkick to the face for two. Fame escaped a sunset flip with a punch to the jaw and hit a modified Rude Awakening. He didn’t get all of it because Moore fired back with forearm shots. However Fame got all of a dropkick to Moore’s jaw. Fame went for a corner move but Moore got a belly to belly takeover, which Moore followed with a Rolling Thunder to the corner. Fame recovered and hit a dropkick as Moore had dropped attempting a backdrop. Fame went for a moonsault but missed the mark and that miss allowed Moore to hit an STO into a Crippler Crossface submission victory.

(3) ACW Cruiserweight champion Nooie Lee and Austin Amadeus wrestled to a 15 minute draw.
After being opposition last week in tag, tonight the belt was on the line. Amadeus escaped an armbar for a quick two count rollup. Lee got Amadeus in a headlock take over but Amadeus countered into head scissor, which Lee countered out of and he kicked Amadeus right in the spine. Lee countered a hiptoss with a head scissor but after several counters Amadeus hit what looked like a reverse catatonic into a chestbreaker. Amadeus kept on the offensive with chest chops but he walked into a leg lariat from the champion. Lee hit a straight jacket like move and went for a submission. Amadeus refused to submit and somehow got back on the offensive after a eye rake. Amadeus dumped Lee to the floor where he looked to throw Lee into several rows of chairs but he faked out the fans and tossed Lee back into the ring. Amadeus got cocky and Lee went to work on Amadeus’ left knee. Lee went for a top rope splash to the leg but Amadeus was gone when Lee hit the canvas. Amadeus placed Lee in a corner and hit a running dropkick to the face. Amadeus hit a Tilt-A-Whirl slam and followed with a gutbuster for two. Amadeus went for a Russian legsweep but slid into a submission of some kind. Lee refused to submit and Amadeus went for a corner move but Lee dumped him on the ring apron. Amadeus went to enter the ring and got kicked in the face and chest. Lee went for a cross bodyblock but Amadeus dumped him into a corner. Amadeus went for a move but Lee slapped on the Asian Cloverleaf. Amadeus fought to the ropes but Lee pulled him back to the center of the ring. But before a submission occurred the timekeeper rang the bell, ending the match as a draw.

“Rough House” Ralph Mosca came to the ring for the Open House show. His guest was the current ACW Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Mosca reminded the fans that he wrestled LaDuke Jakes last week and he suffered cuts from a fork attack and a fireball. Mosca asked Santee about his colorful purple ringtights. Santee said Mosca should talk since he didn’t wear ring tights. Santee went on to call Mosca a disgrace to the wrestling business. Mosca said in Bourbon Street we fight not wrestle and then he asked for a title shot. Santee reminded Mosca and the fans since there was no winner he didn’t win the title shot. Santee told the fans he has been undefeated in ACW for nearly a year. Just when it looked like Santee was going to grant the title match, Eddie Taurus came out and broke them out. Taurus said tonight was his shot at the title and he wanted Mosca to stay out of the match. Mosca agreed and the segment ended with Taurus saying if he won the title Mosca would be his first opponent.

(4) ACW Tag Team champions Dogmatika (Sideshow and Dany Only) defeated Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong (w/Fetish) via DQ.
This was a requested rematch after the 12/19/06 match these teams had. Only and Masters began for their respective teams and it was obvious who the fans where behind as they chanted “Canada Sucks!” Masters acted like he won the belts after he shoved Only to a neutral corner and then hit a armdrag. Only scooped up Masters in an airplane spin and then hit a clothesline followed by a dropkick. Sideshow tagged in and the double team work began. Masters backed Sideshow to a corner and hit a double thrust to the throat. Sideshow tried to fight back and tagged in Only who hit a dropkick to the face as Sideshow had Masters in a front lock. Only got too close to the wrong corner and Strong got in the match. They hit Only with a slingshot suplex and placed him on the topes where Fetish used his flogger to choke out Only. Masters and Strong continued their attack on Only’s lower back for several minutes. With the fans cheering him on Only refused to submit and kicked out of several pins. Sideshow saved Only from one submission by distracted the referee. Strong paid him back by sending sideshow off the mat and to the floor. Only avoided Masters after being hit with Snake Eyes and was able to get enough distance from him to tag out to Sideshow as Masters tagged Strong. Sideshow hit both men with right hand punches to the head and hit Strong with a TKO like move for two. All four men fought in the ring but Dogmatika dumped Masters to the floor. They hit Strong with a double team move but Masters hit Sideshow with a title belt. This made referee Billy Dalton call for the bell and a DQ. Masters and Strong kept beating Dogmatika for several minutes and shoved Dalton to the mat. Dalton had the ring announcer tell the fans that Masters just got himself suspended. Masters and Strong ran off when Mosca and Shan Hill hit the ring. Strong took the mic and said they were the force to be reckoned with in ACW. After being helped to their feet Sideshow and Only said despite the suspension Masters earned, they wanted Masters and Strong in a hardcore tag team title match!

(5) “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus (w/Damien Angel) became ACW Heavyweight champion when he defeated “the Marquee” Bruce Santee (w/Supermodel Amy Love) via pinfall.
As Taurus told the fans during the Open House this was not his first title shot at Santee. Santee tried to establish control by backing Taurus to a corner but he broke clean. Taurus went to the ropes but Santee stood tall, but he fell when Taurus hit a slingshot leg lariat. Santee went to the floor and Taurus followed with a slingshot bodyblock. Santee and Taurus fought around ringside and Taurus sent Santee back into the ring. But Santee got to his feet and decked Taurus. He followed with a corner clothesline and a suplex for two. Taurus hit some bodyshots before going to the ropes but Santee hit a sideslam for two. Santee grabbed Taurus and threw him onto the second turnbuckle but the momentum sent Taurus’ shoulder into the ring post. Santee mocked Angel and the fans as he laid into Taurus’ injury. Taurus tried to fight back but Santee sent him back to the mat. Taurus fought out of a chinlock and hit Santee with a powerslam. But he couldn’t follow with a pin attempt so he slugged it out with Santee punch for punch and hit the champ with two jawrocking clotheslines and a flying head scissor. Taurus got two with a modified Cradle Shock like move. Taurus went for a huricurana but Santee blocked it and hit a power bomb for two. Santee went for a running boot but got hit with a spinning heel kick. Taurus hit a top rope leg drop but Santee kicked out before three. Santee blocked a rope move and hit the Big Dump but Taurus kicked out before three. Frustration showed on the champions face as he ran into another boot but hit a Samoan Drop. Santee got decked by a kick and Taurus hit a top rope Dynamite Kid headbutt to get the pin and win the title. This was a complete shock as Santee hadn’t been pinned in almost a year working for ACW. After the pin the ACW locker room poured into the ring to congratulate the new champion who took the mic to thank his friend Damien Angel and the fans for their support as he fought to the title despite several losses. In tribute to Scott Bigelow a rose was laid in the ring with his favorite drink a vodka cranberry.

ACW’s website BRAND NEW will be online in the coming days. Check out for information. Remember each and every Tuesday night ACW is at Bourbon Street. Tickets are now on sale at ACW events for King of Florida 2007, to be held Saturday February 17th at the Jewish Community Center, 9847 Scenic Drive in Port Richey, FL.

To send flowers or give respects to Scott “Bam Bam Bigelow”, the funeral home address is:

Francioni Funeral Home
Taylor and Lopez
1200 10th avenue
Neptune, NJ 07753

For Church services to be held on Feb. 7th
Calvary Chapel
6825 Trouble Creek Road
New Port Richey Florida 34653

Bam Bam’s House of Pain
Pro Wrestling Camp
6111 Ridge Crest Drive, Port Richey FL

Hours of training
Mon-7:30 to 10 PM
Wed-7:30 to 10 PM
Sat 11 AM to 2 PM

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