Monday, January 22, 2007

The Morishima Announcement (

Monday, January 22, 2007

The partnership between Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH will continue this February for ROH's Fifth Year Festival when Takeshi Morishima makes his in ring ROH debut. Morishima has signed to wrestle at ROH's events on 2/16 in Manhattan, 2/17 in Philadelphia, 2/23 in Dayton and 2/24 in Chicago. Tickets for all four shows are now on sale at or by calling 215-781-2500.

We are also pleased to announce several of Morishima's matches for this tour. Here is the rundown:

Morishima will answer Samoa Joe's challenge for 2/16 in New York at the Manhattan Center. It will be Morishima vs. Joe for ROH's huge return to Manhattan!!! There will be much more on this match in upcoming editions of the ROH Video Wire and Newswire.

ROH World Champion Homicide has sent open contracts all over the wrestling world. The one shipped to the NOAH office has been signed by Morishima. It will be Morishima vs. ROH World Champion Homicide for the title on 2/17 in Philadelphia. If Homicide loses the belt before 2/17, Morishima will face whoever the champion is in Philadelphia. If Samoa Joe defeats Homicide on 1/27 in Edison, NJ, it will be Joe vs. Morishima non-title in Manhattan and then Joe vs. Morishima for the belt in Philadelphia.

If Morishima wins the belt on 2/17 in Philadelphia he will make his first defense on 2/23 in Dayton. BJ Whitmer is scheduled to challenge for the World Title in Dayton no matter who the champion is on that date. If Morishima is not champion he will be faced with a main event caliber ROH star. Dayton will get the best match possible.

ROH's debut at the Windy City Fieldhouse in Chicago on 2/24 will see a gigantic tag team main event. It will be Morishima & Nigel McGuinness vs. Samoa Joe & Homicide!!! Tag matches don't get any bigger than this as the NOAH vs. Samoa Joe feud reaches its peak.

Morishima is ready to make a big impact in ROH. This hard-hitter is easily the biggest and most intimidating competitor to step foot into ROH. However, Morishima will be tested as soon as he comes to Ring Of Honor. There will be lots more news of Morishima's first tour of ROH in the upcoming weeks in the Newswire and ROH Video Wire.

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