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Funk's Corner - Television and Professional Wrestling

Funk's Corner - Television and Professional Wrestling

At the annual meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance in September of 1978, at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the president of the NWA, Fritz Von Erich opened the floor for general discussion.

In attendance were Eddy Graham, Lee Fields, Jim Crockett Jr., Don Owen, Stu Hart, Frank Tunney, Salvadore Lutteroth, Gene Kiniski, Bob Geigel, Giant Baba, Ed Francis, Jerry Jarrett, Nick Gulas, Mr. Shima, Vince McMahon Sr., Mike Labell, Roy Shire, Executive Secretary, Jim Barnett to name just a few of the power brokers in the wrestling business. Terry Funk and I were there representing the Amarillo Territory.

With the opportunity to speak, Terry Funk, raised his hand and was granted permission. (Meetings were conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order). Terry's talk to the members of the National Wrestling Alliance was about the increasing importance of television as it pertains to the wrestling business, the growing presence of cable television and the importance of professional wrestlers being able to use television to enhance their marketing power in the wrestling business. His opinion was that fully 50 percent of a wrestler's box-office attraction was based on how he was able to communicate with the television audience on interviews and promos. Terry said, "If you can't speak on television, you can't draw money in this business."

With that statement, The Sheik, owner of the Detroit Territory and one of the biggest box office attractions in Japan jumped right out of his seat and said, "Terry, What are you talking about. I have drawn more money than most in this business including in your own Amarillo Territory and I haven't said a word!

The NWA members enjoyed one more confrontation between The Sheik and Terry Funk.

It was true but the Sheik was a special case and had Ernie Roth (The Weasel) and/or Loudmouth Eddie Creachman as managers to do his talking for him. In the Amarillo Territory, The Sheik talked on TV. He raved on in Arabic on television. Nobody knew what he said but that got him plenty of heat to become our number one box-office attraction at the time.

The Sheik (Eddie Farhat) knew the importance of television in wrestling. His television show in Detroit had drawn him a year of sellout business in Cobo Hall. Eddie Graham was listening to the exchange. His Territory Championship Wrestling from Florida was based on his television show anchored by Gordon Sole.

Here at the Funking Conservatory we are constantly improving our program for professional wrestlers. With increased revenue coming to the wrestling business from marketing products and the gaming industry, as a professional wrestler, your presentation on television becomes even more important than ever before.

With this in mind here at the Funking Conservatory, we are increasing our emphasis on television training and are instituting additional training programs for television performance.

We have multiple interviews performed by our wrestling talent in preparation for Support the Troops 11, Cold War I on our website at

Dory Funk Jr.

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