Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Queens of Chaos: Official Chaos with a Revenge results

Results of Chaos With A Revenge
Paris, 21 Jan 2007
Attendance : 285 People (Sold Out)

International Contest:
Jersey beat Lacey

European Title Tournament Qualification Matches:
Minx beat Shadow
Jetta beat Jennidee

30 Minutes Iron Queen Match:
April Hunte beat Jazzy B (3 to 2) April kept her Queens of Chaos title

European Tournament Final Match:
Minx beat Jetta for becoming the first ever European Queens of Chaos champion

The DVD of the show will be realeased in 1 month.

The Queens of Chaos 2 Vol 1 has just been realeased check the website HERE.

The next show will be the 18th of March with April Hunter (Queens of Chaos champion), Minx (European Queens of Chaos), and Allison Danger (Roh, Shimmer). More details to be annonced soon.

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