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NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360

Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................

2/17 NWA Anarchy Report
By: Larry Goodman

NWA Anarchy ran their usual bimonthly television taping at the NWA Arena in Cornelia last night. It was a much stronger show than the one two weeks ago, and the crowd of 175 responded accordingly.

Ring announcer “ER” Eddie Rich directed the crowd’s attention to the big screen where John Johnson was backstage with Chad Parham and Ace Rockwell. Parham and Rockwell were supposed to reveal the opponents they had chosen for each other. Parham tried to intimidate Rockwell with his smart-mouthed arrogance, but Rockwell punked him out by ending the interview.

(1) Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free with Al Getz) annihilated Andrew Pendleton III & Jeff Jameson in 2:56. Getz got the “Al’s my hero” chant from the bleachers. Justice Served beat on Pendleton and no sold his offense. Justice threw Pendleton into the tag to Jameson. Justice devastated Jameson with a sitout version of the Psycho Slam. Justice Served then finished Jameson with a double shoulder block.

Noting that Jameson had one bad hand already, Getz ordered his thugs to break the other one, so Jameson couldn’t feed himself. Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) hit the ring for the save. They were ready to put their noose around Getz’s neck, but Justice Served pulled him to safety.

(2) Austin Creed & Truitt Fields beat Adam Roberts & Brandon Phoenix via DQ at 10:30 when Hollywood Brunettes interfered. The opening segment showcased the power and agility of Fields. The babyfaces cleared the ring. There was trouble in a paradise between the heels. At 3:30, Phoenix hit a hotshot with an assist from Roberts, and the heat was on. Roberts blocked the sunset flip (for a change!) before leveling Fields with a lariat. There were mild chants for a Fields comeback. He needs to up the fire and facial expressions to connect with these fans. Phoenix damn near dropped Fields on his head with a dangerous looking high angle back suplex. Creed ran wild with the hot tag. He hit the Montefisto on Phoenix and had him locked in a submission, when the Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) hit the ring looking like they stepped out of Miami Vice. The heels swarmed all over Creed and Fields. Hayden Young gamely tried to make the save, but he was beaten down as well. Brunettes decimated Creed with a gorilla press gutbuster/top rope double stomp combo. The postmatch got Creed and Young vs. Brunettes off to a hot start.

The crowd was silent as Attorney Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring with his NWA Elite, Onyx and Jeff Lewis. ER said that after Abomination flipped out at the last show (without Bailey there to control him); he ran off into the woods and hadn’t been seen since. Bailey said he received a certified letter informing him that he and “The Reverend” Dan Wilson were banned from the previous taping, but on the television show this morning, he saw that Wilson had been there. Wilson appeared on the big screen. Wilson said the fact that Bailey received the letter but he didn’t was “one of the great mysteries of life.” Wilson said the old man was slipping. He was the young dog that outsmarted the fat cat. Wilson said the jaws of madness were clamping down upon Bailey. The vultures were circling. Wilson advised Bailey to get out while he still could.

Lewis and Onyx started asking Bailey about his whereabouts during the last taping. Bailey said Wilson was trying to get in their heads, and they had to believe in him and in themselves, because no “Harry Potter wannabe” was going to get in their way. Wilson was worried that by bringing in Abyss at Fright Night, Bailey was out to get him. Bailey said Jerry Palmer paid him well, and he didn’t care about Wilson, because Wilson was nothing to him. Bailey said the great thing about what he saw on TV this morning was the NWA Elite kicking ass on the Rejects. Bailey said while that “transtesticle” Wilson was writing his little fan letters to Charles Manson, Manson was writing fan letters to Bailey. Bailey said he wasn’t leaving and Wilson should call him father, because he was going to give him a whipping like his daddy should have. ER wanted to know about Abomination. “What are you, the National Enquirer? You’ll see Abomination when I’m ready.”

(3) Ace Rockwell beat Salvatore Rinauro to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title 13:29. Best match of the night. Super heat. Rinauro was doing a little wrist rolling as he came down the ramp. Rinauro tried a neck vise submission early. Rockwell applied a headscissors and blocked Rinauro’s a headstand escape for a one count. Rinauro ##### slapped Rockwell. Ace made him pay with a sky high backdrop. Rockwell lit him up with a chop. The crowd called for one more. Rockwell mounted the ropes, did the 10 punches, and then delivered the chop. Rockwell tried to climb to the top, but Rinauro pulled him down and took over. Rockwell rallied with a series of pinning combinations, but Rinauro cut him off with a dropkick. Rinauro followed up a pair of Muay Thai knees with a Harley Race knee for a near fall. Rockwell collapsed after taking a Japanese lariat, and Rinauro covered for a two count. Rockwell built steam with a series of big right hands. Rinauro slowed the momentum with a double thrust to the throat. Not for long, as Rockwell nailed the Double A spinebuster. Both down for a count of five. Rockwell reeled off a half dozen punches, a Stinger splash, a Wrestling II kneelift, a rolling necksnap for two and a swinging fisherman suplex for another near fall. Rinauro rolled to the apron. Rockwell gave him a crotch ride on the top rope. Rockwell hit a picture perfect flying bodypress for a near fall. Rinauro came back with an inverted backbreaker into a bridging german suplex for a near fall. Rinauro hit a top rope elbow for another near fall. Rinauro went for a bridging choke submission but couldn’t seal the deal. Rinauro did a vertical suplex while standing on the middle rope and tried to float over, but Rockwell hooked his leg. Rinauro kicked out but ref Brent Wiley’s hand hit the mat for the third time, and he had to wave off the pin. Rinauro went for the climbing bicycle kick. Rockwell barely got out from under and hit the Aces High for the 1-2-3. The finish got a huge pop. Both of these guys have a knack for laying out a match. They did some clever things, but kept it in the context of the match, so it never felt “spotty,” and built to the finish with some stellar near falls.

This should make way better television than either hour from two weeks ago. The Bailey/Wilson stuff was classic and the main event was gold.

As the second hour opened, John Johnson was backstage with Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer. Palmer said he didn’t appreciate the disparaging remarks directed at him by Al Getz. Rinauro interrupted. Said he was tired of being treated like crap. Palmer told him to take his ass outta there. Enter Jeremy Vain whining about getting a title shot at Parham. Slim J joined the discussion, saying he should get the match. Palmer put them in a tag match against Devil’s Rejects to see what they could do (that will teach ‘em). The interruptions cost Palmer his composure. JJ threw it back to ER for the introductions.

(4) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers) beat Slim J & Jeremy Vain in 10:45. Like the NWA Elite, fans mostly gave the Rejects entrance the eerie silent treatment. J and Azrael started it out. I could watch them wrestle every week. When they work together, the quality of the wrestling is elevated to a major league level. V tagged in briefly. J was having his way with Tempers until Wilson provided the necessary distraction. Azrael tried to break J’s face with the running knee from hell. Azrael made a standing one foot cover. Azrael used that wicked new choke submission of his. J broke free but Vain turned his back on the tag. Once Rejects got J under control, Vain was back in the corner yelling “I’m right here, baby.” J went for a slingshot huracanrana that Azrael turned into a killer powerbomb. Awesome spot. No water in the pool for Azrael’s frogsplash. J hit the flying reverse DDT and looked to make the tag. Vain walked away again. Like it or not, J made the tag. Vain didn’t relish facing Rejects and tried to tag out. J ran away from it. Tempers rolled Vain up for the three count. Entertaining match. The crowd was into the story.

A harrowing situation sent the show to the brink of disaster. The NWA Elite hit the ring for a beatdown on Azrael and Tempers. Tank and Iceberg came out to give Rejects the advantage. Wilson tossed Azrael a can of lighter fluid to torch Onyx with the flaming boot. Time stood still, as it took them forever to get the container open. Then Azrael doused the boot with a ton of fluid. Onyx ducked and the flames brushed Tank instead. The boot was up in flames and it wasn’t going out. Azrael flailed at it. Tempers tried to smother it with his body. Panic set in. I got this sick feeling in my gut with the realization that a foot was about to broil right before my eyes. A security guy snuffed it out with an extinguisher, and not a moment too soon. As it was, Azrael sustained burns to the tips of his fingers, but it could have been so much worse. Lewis blasted Iceberg with his cast. Abomination showed up. He destroyed Tempers and hit the tree slam on Azrael (yes, that fearless f*** finished the match like the pro that he is). Dominous was at ringside wanting to get at Abomination, but Wilson stopped him. Bailey said the Elite ruled.

(5) Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval) beat Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins in 9:20. Big pop for the always entertaining Treats. Juan danced. Treats got a chance to shine in the early part of the match and their offense was spot on. Juan got way up on a leg lariat. Juan was wise to the sneaky knee in the back spot. Moments later, Hawkins tripped Juan and Delay dropped a knee to the back of his neck. Hawkins mocked Juan’s dancing. That got heat. Juan teased going to la la land in a sleeper. Juan’s comeback spot was a lariat off the middle rope. Hot tag. Treats did a vicious double team where Marval had Delay in an inverted bow-and-arrow and Juan came off the top with a double knee to Delay’s back. Hawkins kept ref Wesley Grissom occupied so he couldn’t make the count. Hawkins was going for the Unprettier on Marval when the lights went out. Lights on, and the sight of Patrick Bentley standing on top of the announcer’s booth unraveled Delay and Hawkins. Marval pinned Hawkins. Well, at least it was better than reacting to some BS on a screen, but I hate angles where guys stop wrestling when there is no imminent threat to them. Delay was giving Hawkins an earful on the way to the back. Good match given that Hawkins isn’t on the same level as the other three.

(6) Chad Parham beat Todd Sexton to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 14:49. Good technical match. By far, this was better received then their match at Christmas Chaos. Sexton got a decent pop. He desperately needs some new gear. Sexton wasted no time going for the Sharpshooter and the Sexton Stretch. Parham bailed out on both. Sexton took an old school top rope walk into a leg drop on Parham’s arm. Sexton worked the arm. Fans were giving Parham hell for his lack of productivity. Parham turned things around with a cool hotshot hangman neckbreaker. Parham worked on Sexton’s neck. Split chants for Parham. Some called him a legend and some thought he sucked. The heat was coming mostly from the bleacher section tonight. Big high speed collision spot. Parham was up first with a stalling vertical suplex and a nip up, but Sexton no sold it. Sexton on the comeback trail. He climbed to the top rope. Parham cut him off and Sexton took the slam off the top ala Flair. But Sexton got his knees up on Parham’s signature senton backsplash. Sexton got the sharpshooter but no submission. Sexton set up for the superkick. Parham blocked it, so Sexton countered with a victory roll for a near fall. A battle of backslides ended with a piledriver attempt by Parham. No go. Sexton locked in the the Stretch. Parham was on the verge of tapping. I hope they got a close up of this. In desperation, he went to the eyes. A subtle ref bump occurred, just enough to turn Brent Wiley around so Parham could deliver a low blow. Sexton made the kill with the dreaded jumping piledriver.

Postmatch, Parham decided to piledrive Sexton onto a steel chair. Rockwell ran to the rescue before the dastardly deed was done. The odd thing was there was almost zero pop for Rockwell’s save. What darkness lurks in the hearts of the Arena fans? Parham backed his way up the ramp, locking gazes with Rockwell.

Another very strong hour. They need to consider flip flopping Rejects and the title match for television purposes. Yes, the heavyweight title has to be positioned as being important, but nothing should follow the finish of Rejects/Elite.

NOTES: Greg Hunter missed the show due to a death in the family. ER subbed on commentary with Johnson…Jason Blackman canceled…The next MAXW show is on 2/24 in Anderson, SC at the Fusion Warehouse.

NWA Anarchy TV: Episode #51 Review
By: Ca$hflow X

NWA Anarchy TV Report
Episode 51
February 19, 2007

I will me making a few correction to the Mega Rumble report after I rewatch it. It's late and I need to get the report out. Anyways, thanks for reading the report. There is an email above if you need to contact me, just don't :guns me.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- We begin this week’s episode with a replay of the NWA Elite distracting Azreal & Tempers just long enough to allow Creed & Young to pull off a major upset. The Elite kicked the Rejects carcasses until Iceberg literally destroyed them. It used be nothing like a Coke and a smile. There’s nothing like an episode of NWA Anarchy with a Ground Zero splash and a Dan Wilson interview.

- This week, Steve Prazak temporarily replaces John Johnson on color commentary. Prazak and Hunter reflect on last week’s wretched attack on the Elite by the Rejects and the 15 man gauntlet match to see who will face AJ Styles at Season Beating ’06.

- Up first we have Dan Wilson delivering another 25 star promo. He immediately starts a wildfire by accusing Jeff G Bailey of clearly painting a picture of double crossing him. He lavishes in the fact that Bailey’s undoing would be all the information that he provided Wilson while on commentary. (In case you didn’t know, Dan Wilson was an announcer for NWA Wildside.) Bailey sees Wilson as a threat. He wants what the Rejects have obtained because the NWA Elite is longer a great dynasty. Onyx & Lewis are world class athletes, but they have nothing compared to the evil in the Rejects’ hearts. Wilson promises a tidal wave of damnation to befall the Elite. (Now, that my friend, is a very powerful boast.) Wilson almost decided to quit after Fright Night, but Azreal & Shaun Tempers refused to leave his side. They helped to perpetrate a new mission, a new objective, a new jihad on Bailey’s head. The Rejects came back to the fold and are back at full strength. He grabs the Staff and wants Bailey to think about what his legacy to be: the man who managed three world champions, one of the best managers in recent wrestling history or his last image to be a pathetic nimbling excuse of a man lying in his own blood and urine kept alive by a life support machine. He warns Bailey to pick the correct decision.

- Mikki Free informs NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer that Jason Justice is nowhere to be seen and would like to speak to UAS. Palmer gives in and they offer him some popcorn. Free issues a singles match challenge after accusing UAS of using underhanded double team tactics. He refers to UAS as “how they do.” UAS laughs, offers more popcorn and accepts the challenge.

1. 15 Man Mega-Rumble
STIPULATION: Winner receives the right to wrestle AJ Styles at Fright Night 2006. Wrestlers will enter at 2 minute intervals.
ELIMINATION #1: (1) & (2) Austin Creed and Shatter. Shatter lands a pair of nice knees to Creed. Adrian Hawkins became the TV Champion after winning the last Mega Rumble. (3) Brody Ray Chase enters and helps to double team Creed. After a commercial break, they pound on Creed in the corner. He fights back with a rolling clothesline on Shatter, but the Cat numbly pays him back with a clothesline. (4) The Flying Squirrel is in next and wipes out the rudo contingent with a double clothesline. He aids his tag partner in working over Shatter & Chase. Creed tosses Shatter. SHATTER ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #2: They continue to work over the 25 year veteran Chase until (5) Adam Roberts enters the ring. Young lands the Stinger splash on Roberts. Roberts flips Creed to the apron and Chase sends him flying to the floor with the Big Boot. CREED ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #3: (6) Adrian Hawkins, the last winner of the Mega Rumble, is next. Right now, we’re back to two on two. Young wipes out Roberts with a seated dropkick. After a commercial break, (7) Jeremy Vain heads out. Hawkins unloads on Vain, but Roberts saves him. Young fights off Chase & Vain. Young charges in, but Chase ducks him. YOUNG ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #4: (8) TC Carnage cleans house until he sees Adam Roberts. Roberts is so petrified that he leaps over the top rope to eliminate himself just so that he doesn’t have to face the Wrath of Carnage. ROBERTS ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #5: I guess Roberts didn’t want to face AJ after all. Prazak wonder aloud why wrestlers have to bite in a match when they have a perfectly fine concession stand. (9) Jason Blackman attacks Carnage as Vain eliminates Hawkins. HAWKINS ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #6: Carnage tries to survive a three on one attack. Chase, Vain and Blackman try to knock him out, but Carnage fights his way out. (10) After a commercial break, TJ Mack enters to BON JOVI~! Vain eludes the 619 and sends Vain flying to the floor. Vain wasn’t eliminated because he went through the ropes. Chase attempts to eliminate Mack, but to no avail. (11) Former NWA Anarchy TV Champion Brandon Phoenix helps his mentor and tag partner Chase beat on TJ. Vain reenters the ring and saves Blackman. Roberts heads out to distract Carnage. Carnage decides to turn his back and Blackman happily eliminates him. CARNAGE ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #7: Phoenix stomps a mudhole in TJ in a four on one beatdown. (12) Krazy K makes the save. Team Macktion wastes no time using double team maneuvers on all four heels. Chase takes personal exception and double coconuts Team Macktion. He tries to impress the ladies with a magnificent feat of strength, a double suplex elimination, but Team Macktion sends him to the apron. They finish him off with a double dropkick. CHASE ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #8: (14) The “Human Action Figure” Patrick Bentley eliminates Blackman with a clothesline. I wonder how Seth Delay feels about that. BLACKMAN ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #9: Bentley lands a high knee to Phoenix and Team Macktion wipes him out with a double “inverted neckbreaker”. The fans begin to rally behind Jeremy. Vain tries to eliminate Krazy, but TJ makes the save. (15) Finally, the most egotistical self righteous bastard has entered the premises, “Technical Perfection” Chad Parham. Bentley clothesline Phoenix to the floor. PHOENIX ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #10: Parham destroys TJ with a piledriver and dumps him. TJ MACK ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #11: Vain punts and destroys Krazy with a clothesline. Bentley tries to eliminate Parham, but he slides back in underneath the bottom rope. Krazy leapfrogs when Parham charges into the turnbuckle and performs a handstand. Parham sends his carcass to the floor with a dropkick. KRAZY K ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #12: The heels work over poor old Bentley. They devise a scheme. Well, Vain does. Parham executes his patented delayed vertical suplex. After failing to eliminate Bentley, Vain gets frustrated. They both run into a knee and elbow from Bentley. Bentley kills two birds with one stone by kicking Vain in the face while delivering a tornado DDT to Parham. Bentley lands a leaping enziguri to Parham and Full Articulation to Vain. The only problem is you can only eliminate your opponent by tossing him over the top rope. Parham understand this and tosses Bentley. Bailey skins the cat.. However, Parham turns his back on Bentley and finds himself flying to the floor with a clothesline. PARHAM ELIMINATED.
ELIMINATION #13: Vain seizes the opening and sends Bentley flying to the floor. BENTLEY ELIMINATED.
WINNER: Jeremy Vain.

- Uh, oh, Chad Parham is very pissed. He wrestles in the last match and not the first match. He commands Palmer to head out to the ring and put him in the main event of Seasons Beatings. Palmer scorns Parham and asks him does he want a main event match. Parham accepts a main event offer at Season’s Beatings. He blew his opportunity with AJ, but is guaranteed a title shot with a victory. The lights go out and Todd Sexton heads out to a not so friendly reaction by the fans. Parham retreats like the egg sucking dog that he is.

- OVERALL: It was very interesting to see Jeremy Vain earning the chance of a lifetime against AJ Styles. The Dan Wilson interview was freaking incredible. He continues to amaze me with his mike work. Chad Parham is another individual who is very gifted and has recently cut some passionate promos. Unfortunately, it seemed like the crowd soured on Todd Sexton. His lack of charisma really hurt him in this situation. Parham and Sexton could have had an incredible conclusion to their feud.
- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.

PWX / AWC Results From The Jacob Woll Pavillion In Renzi Park, McKeesport, PA:

Pro Wrestling eXpress Results (February 17, 2007):

 PWX Three Rivers champion Devil Bhudakahn defeated Nick Paradise by a pinfall. Paradise traveled from New York to answer the challenge that Devil set forth upon winning the Three Rivers Championship.

 Blue Dragon & Sean Dahmer defeated Elite & Amir Al Jahari by a pinfall after Elite walked out on his partner. Blue Dragon extended his 8 month-long winning streak.

 Scottie Gash defeated Marion Fontaine by a pinfall to receive his student James Ross in a match for 5 Minutes.

 James Ross defeated Scottie Gash by pinfall after Marion Fontaine interfered on Ross' behalf with a steel chair.

 PWX Heavyweight champion Chris Taylor defeated Vincent Nothing w/ Krystal Frost by pinfall. Taylor scored a quick rollup victory over Nothing thus surviving a two-on-one situation once again. Frost promised another opponent for Taylor on the March 2nd event.

Atlas Wrestling Company Results (February 17, 2007):
 Apollyon defeated Dan Miles by a pinfall after using a handful of tights in the AWC "Young Lion's Match"

 Brandon K defeated Christian Faith by disqualification after Bigg attacked K. Faith and Bigg then teamed up to to decimate K after the match.

 Paul Atlas defeated "Brass Knuckles Champion" Dash Bennett by a pinfall. This marked the return for Atlas after having surgery on his shoulder. The match was to decide Dash Bennett's fate as if he won he would receive his unconditional release and be able to return to PWX to defend his Brass Knuckles Title. However, with the Atlas victory, Dash must remain in AWC and not be recognized as champion.

 Crusher Hansen defeated Bigg and the AWC Heavyweight champion Scott Venom by a pinfall to become the new AWC Champion. This match was an elimination match that saw Bigg become eliminated first after a beat-up Brandon K walked to ringside thus forcing Bigg to become counted out in another altercation. Scott Venom had Crusher Hansen clearly pinned, but the original referee was knocked out. Upon the entrance of a second referee, AWC announcer Benjamin C. Steele interfered on Crusher's behalf to allow Crusher to gain the pinfall. BC Steele is now the manager of AWC Champion Crusher Hansen


Next Live PWX / AWC Event: Friday, March 2, 2007 with a belltime of 7:30pm at The Jacob Woll Pavillion in Renzi Park, McKeesport, PA

More Info At: www.pwx-online.com

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