Tuesday, February 20, 2007

D-Lo Brown Joins World Wrestling Insanity! (Plus a special offer from Club WWI & Strong Style Shimko)

We are the Nation..of INSANITY! The guessing is over! It's finally time to
unveil the complete list of our four new audio hosts at ClubWWI.com!

We've introduced the "The Big Picture" with former Raw Co-Host Kevin Kelly.

We've started the party at "Club OJ" with former WWE U.S. Champion Orlando

We've brought you "Smack Talk" with former WWE Women's Champion Lisa "Ivory"

Now, it's time for the fourth member of our Insanity Army. The newest host of
audio on ClubWWI.com is ...

D-Lo Brown with "The Lo-Down!"

That's right! You're looking at the real deal now. Get ready to bop your head
with the man who made chest protectors cool. It's the first ever WWF
Intercontinental/European Champion D-Lo Brown with his all new ClubWWI audio
show...The Lo-Down!

D-Lo has wrestled all over the world from Japan to TNA to WWF and now he come
to the Club to share his in-depth views on the wrestling industry with no topic
off limits. Analyze today's shows and storylines with a guy who has been a part
of the business through the good times and the bad. Log in to ClubWWI.com right
now and we'll be sure to give you the "Lo-Down."

In today's debut, James Guttman and D-Lo Brown discuss:

The Booking of Cena-Michaels
John Cena's Steady Improvement
The New DX
Triple H's Injury
How it affected the current storylines
Hunter's Return
Who He Should Face First
Lashely as ECW Champion
Potential Challengers
The New ECW - Heat With a Champion
The Original ECW - The Kurt Cobain of Wrestling
What He Said When He Saw The Undertaker Recently
Voicemails From Ron Simmons
Trump vs. Vince
Why TNA Can't Compete With WWE Right Now
Tag Team Wrestling
Mr. Kennedy
King Booker
Vince McMahon Leading By Example
Fit Finlay
Personal Memories of Mike Awesome

...and much more!

Now, more than ever, ClubWWI.com gives you the change to learn about the
business from those who have worked on the grandest stage of them all.

For all new members - When you sign up for Club membership, send us an email
and mention that you read about it on this site to receive an extra week on
your subscription!

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