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2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Profile: Allison Danger

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With new names in the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Alan J. Wojcik decided to take some time and introduce them to the fans. Some of these people you know from previous appearances in the JPC in tournament or non-tournament matches (Chris Hero in 2004, Krazy K in 2006, Sideshow and Erick Stevens in 2004-2005), some currently work for Florida promotions (FIP, AWF, EWE, PWW, SCW, FPWA), while others will be making their debuts in the Sunshine State.

Allison Danger

Height: 5’7 ½”

Weight: 125

Hometown: Belmont Falls, PA

Pro Debut: May, 2000



Tournament history: Chikara World Tag Grand Prix 2005, WXW Elite 8 2003-2005

Where you have seen her: Shimmer, Ring of Honor (as wrestler and member of the Prophecy) Full Impact Pro, WXW, Cleveland Pro, IWA-MS, Chikara, JAPW, TNA Wrestling, IHPW, IWA-PA, World-1, WCEW, AWA World -1 South and USA Pro

Championships held: IWF Tag Titles, Thundergirls Champion, WXW Women's Tag Champions, NWBA Women's Champion and World-1 North American Champion

Alan J. Wojcik: I guess the obvious first question is what was your reaction to becoming the first female to compete in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup?

Allison Danger: Allison Danger: It is a real honor. I knew Jeff through his uncle (Jim Ketner) and he was a great person. They always made me feel welcome when I would come to ECWA shows.

Alan J. Wojcik: Is there anything special you will do different in your normal training to prepare for this event?

Allison Danger: Steroids. Just kidding! I plan training hard, eating right and preparing to step my game up. There is going to be a strong lineup going into the JPC. I have to be at 100% physically and mentally.

Alan J. Wojcik: For people that might not follow Shimmer how does it differ from previous or current women’s promotions? In addition how does Dave Prazak differ from other promoters you have worked for?

Allison Danger: Dave Prazak gets women's wrestling. He understands it goes beyond bra and panties bouts and lingerie battle royals. He sees the potential and respects what a lot of women were trying to accomplish in our respective careers. Prazak is working day and night to change the face of women's wrestling today. SHIMMER gives fans an alternative to what you are seeing on TV and in certain venues. Variety is what was needed and he is filling that void the best way he knows how. Another thing that makes SHIMMER special is the locker room. Each individual brings something special and that locker room is made up of real team players. It’s a special environment that I imagine isn't duplicated in many places.

Alan J. Wojcik: How big a thrill was it to walk into retail stores in America and find yourself on the Shimmer Volume One DVD?

Allison Danger: It wasn't about seeing myself on the DVD but to see the product take that next step. Dave took his brainchild and made it into reality. Each woman in the locker room gives 100% each and every taping. To see it all come to fruition and then go a step further is very satisfying but drives us to work harder with each taping.

Alan J. Wojcik: Looking over your listing of opponents Daizee Haze comes up more than anyone. Is she your favorite opponent or is there someone else you like working?

Allison Danger: I don't have a particular favorite but Daizee is one of those opponents who really forces you to bring your A game and inspire you to be a better wrestler.

Alan J. Wojcik: According to your bio on obsessed with wrestling ( you were part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour traveling around the world to US military bases. Please talk about that experience.

Allison Danger: I had a blast, made some killer friends and got to see different parts of Japan. I went to Korea, Guam and best of all, spent three glorious days in Hawaii. I spent a day in Hiroshima, which was life changing. Words can not do justice to the sites I saw that day.

Alan J. Wojcik: While working for Ring of Honor you traveled to England this year and also have worked on a show in Germany. How do the European wrestling fans differ from North American fans?

Allison Danger: I was amazed how many Europeans knew so much about North American wrestling. I never realized how much of what we do actually touches the world. I never expected people there to know the first few chords of my theme music or to know my moveset. The UK and Europe was tremendous and I would love to return, sooner rather than later.

Alan J. Wojcik: According to your website while on that tour you also held seminars for women wrestlers. How were they received?

Allison Danger: The seminars were fun. In addition, I was fortunate to do a dual one with Sara Del Rey and one with Sweet Saraya, who is just a never ending fountain of wrestling information.

Alan J. Wojcik: In ROH you have had several different looks from debuting as the valet for the Christopher St Connection in 2002, to working in the Prophecy to recently dressing as a cheerleader. Is that a creative decision from the ROH staff or something you decided to do on your own?

Allison Danger: Gabe Sapolsky allows a very open forum for conversation about where a character is going and what should be worn. Christopher Daniels also gives a lot of input and the three of us tend to come up with ideas together. It is a great place creatively to work because I am able to pitch ideas and give my thoughts and opinions freely.

Alan J. Wojcik: While working for FIP you were the manager for the Black Market (Joey Machete & Shawn Murphy) during their bloody feud with the Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis). In a previous interview $o Cal Val said it was difficult to watch the carnage which escalated to the legendary Cage of Pain match. What are your memories of that series of matches and do you think the same way Val did that the violence was too much?

Allison Danger: Who can really say how much is too much? You take four men who hate each other more than life itself and blood will be spilled. Its nature. A natural progression. It is hard to stand at ringside and see the bloodshed but it had to be done.

Alan J. Wojcik Your Myspace page lists you as a member of the VAG Squad, please explain what this is?

Allison Danger: The VAG Squad is very sacred. First rule of VAG Squad is we don't talk about VAG Squad.

Alan J. Wojcik: According to fans who attend FIP events you have shirts for sale that read “50% American, 50% Canadian, 100% Danger.” Who came up with the slogan and how have the shirts been received by the fans and fellow wrestlers?

Allison Danger: Arik Cannon came up with that slogan. He is good for more than just letting me steal his finishing move. Thanks Cannon! He and I were playing around with ideas one day on the internet and that is what we decided to run with. There is a small list of variations that may or may not see the light of day. The shirts sold out pretty quickly so I am hoping to have a new batch ready for the summer.
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