Friday, May 4, 2007 Radio Recap: NWA Titles to ROH? NWA Exec Director and Luke Hawx Radio Recap: NWA Title to ROH? NWA Exec Director and Luke Hawx LIVE Radio featured an explosive episode with NWA Executive Director Robert Trobich and PWU superstar Luke Hawx.

The LIVE Chat Room opened at 9 pm featuring Johnny Kashmere, Teddy Fine, Bruce Maxwell, UK’s Lexx, and Nate Stein and a room full of fans.

* “Fan Jam” Recap From Saturday

Mike Trash almost had to separate co-hosts John House and Nate Stein from going to blows talking about the confrontation House helped to create between Stein and Johnny Kashmere. PWP saw the debuts of Bruce Maxwell, TJ Cannon, & Jai Kabong, crowned new Tri-State Tag champions The Bosom Buddies, and saw a darker SAT cause three injuries during their matches.

* NWA Executive Director Robert Trobich and the NWA Title Situation

- Talk about TNA/NWA Title situation
- Trobich is also a lawyer, whose early firm represented Crockett Promotions. Trobich talked about wrestling lawsuits, including when Ric Flair left WCW and took the NWA belt to the WWF.
- Could the NWA Title go to Ring of Honor?
- NWA affiliates collaborating and a cohesive direction for the NWA
- What else does the future hold for NWA?

* Luke Hawx Tries to Run the Show Until House Calls Hawx Out

- What happened with WSX?
- Talks about living on the street since he was 8 years old and sneaking into wrestling events
- Training with Vic Grimes
- Luke does not like to look back at XPW “King of Deathmatch” Title reign
- XPW returning?! …but “maybe not as strong as ever”.
- Says “The Alter Boy thing got old…I’m not the biggest holy roller…”
- Speaks on plans for Pro Wrestling Unplugged, “one of the most professional companies I’ve ever worked for”

* Pro Wrestling Unplugged returns Saturday, May 19 for “Pride, Pain, & Punishment”

- SAT vs. AMIL in a non-title
- Messiah vs. Adam Flash

* Visit for news on:

- Tod Gordon’s “PWU Idol” search for new Commissioner to replace Annie Social
- The new Crazy 8 page with the latest news and an exclusive video featuring PWU’s premiere match

You can check out previous episodes of LIVE Radio by CLICKING HERE.

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- WWE Conference Call, calling “The Condemned” Disappointing
- TNA Talent Leaving Ring of Honor
- ROH PPV and wrestler contract signings
- TNA/NWA Title Situation
- Undertaker, Bobby Lashley Injury News
- …and much more
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