Saturday, January 13, 2007

What was on Vince McMahon's mind with RAW?

By Wacko Bob

To say RAW is off to a good start in 2007 would be the ultimate new years lie, feeling that RAW would be one special show coming off of a PPV the night before. But seeing that there was hype for both Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell to both be expected on RAW for more of what sounded like it would be a debate seem to really take over any real importance over what was really happening on the RAW brand since one night before. To see if they could pull off something between to stars of TV that have a real life feud going on that's been making headline all over the news for weeks. To see how they were setting this up was anything but entertaining as well when you got two people that are not even good impersonators of Donald Trump or Rosie O'Donnell, in fact they both were real bad in every way. And they were having not a debate but a real bad wrestling match that just dragged on and on. Something with no real substance to it and was only gonna happen one time only. So why did they do this? Why did they feel the need to do this? If this is suppose to be your show then why would you want to have something that really showed a major mockery to your business and to your millions of fans?

To see both impersonators first back stage then in the ring made almost anyone I talked to sick. It also made me sick as well to have to see this display of bad wrestling and bad story line and a bad publicity stunt. And if Vince McMahon did not see it as bad then something was wrong with him to either be the master mind behind this or just simply allowing this. Because the fans in the arena that night let him here it. From chants of Boring, to chants of TNA, to even chants of VKM as well. And to say that Vince McMahon was ignoring that would show that maybe he did not care because he was trying to cover a segment of the show that needed to be filled. But for sure there had to be a better way of filling it. The crowd showed that they did not want to see this match between these to people playing Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell. Their intelligence was really insulted with this hype and what it really turned out to be. And fans let it all air that night for all to hear on TV as well. And Vince McMahon needed to hear all that because even a rich man in wrestling like him needs to be shown what not to do. The RAW show even without this mockery that they did was not that good either. But this action of total disaster was the thing that really stole the show.

To look back at some of the things WWE has done over the years, like in 1996 when they brought back Razor Ramon and Diesel and hyped that as those to returning was a flop in the end because people were looking at it as being the return of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to the WWE. Even though it was not what the fans wanted to see for the most part it was not as bad as what we saw this past Monday on RAW. And even TNA can rest easy now with the whole VKM story line now to because hearing the fans in the arena that night chanting VKM showed me that they would much rather see that lousy angle over thing whole thing with these to bad impersonators in WWE TV for a one time story line. WWE has been guilty of a lot of things from phony gay wedding angles to The Fake Razor Ramon and Diesel coming in to what they believe would be success. And you can only go so far to where you fans will say enough is enough and they will want to go elsewhere on the TV dial and with there dollar as well.

This week's RAW for what it was will not be looked at for its great wrestling show. It will wind up being looked at as embarrassing and a way to cover spots at the same time trying to get some publicity. There have been bad RAW shows and bad angles but nothing will ever top this and overall what we all got to see this past Monday night. WCW under Time Warner might have been crazy for making David Arquette the world champion but WWE really might have outdone that with what they did on January 8, 2007. It was not a good show and it was not a good idea.
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