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Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Kim & Scorpio Sky

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show Recap - Kim & Scorpio Sky
Recap by Brian Cooper,

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Kim Sky Recap
Dr. Keith asks Kim what inspired her to write Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy (now available on DVD). Kim says it was about the time The Rock hit the big screen. Don Frye questions ~ YAY! Kim says that Don offered to do more in the movie sans payment; Joanie Laurer also offered additional services free-of-charge.

Keith gives a brief synopsis of the movie. Asking which wrestlers contributed towards the script? Kim set her ideals on MEAN GENE SNITSKY! 'Stop the presses' declares an EXASPERATED Doctor. Kim confirms that Snitsky's foot fetish IS A SHOOT! Kim says she hopes to get Snitsky for the already planned sequel.
Kim says she spoke fluent Spanish with Joannie Laurer, who Kim says is extremely nice. On the movie itself, Kim says that it hasn't been characterized as a wrestling movie and is more of a family movie. The only nudity in the film are TWO BUTT CRACKS!

Apparently Kim hasn't any film writing experience so rules herself out of a Smackdown writing position. Her two children are in the movie, although the rumour of Kim pushing her step son to be AWA champion is yet to be clarified (Brian's words not Keith). The two then discuss the search for a GAY BEST FRIEND. How does Kim compare the movie to the CLASSICS No Holds Barred and Ready To Rumble? Kim puts over the wrestling fan and says her movie doesn't insult wrestling fans like Bischoff's 'effort.'

And is Kim a wrestling fan apart from her SNITSKY LOVE? Yes, she enjoys John Cena amongst others although has no-time for all the WWE stuff as she 'has a life' (Keith's words not mine). DON FRYE vs. YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA, or the huge blond haired Japanese guy with a CAVED IN FACE is then talked about.

Keith's one fault with the DVD is that it picks on nose-pickers. Keith even threatens to swear on his show about their portrayal in the film. Kim then spends time talking about her second movie (The Dr. Keith Story starring John C. Riley as the Doc, and Billy Ray Cyrus as "Shaved Silverback" Barlow) and Keith's potential parenting capabilities. Splendid interview. Checkout

Scorpio Sky Recap

A delay to the interview as Scorpio has sit-ups to complete for is big match with Frankie Kazarian on 13 January. Scorpio says he works out six hours a day in preparation for the battle, and 'shoots' on Kazarian saying he WARNED HIM to stay away from his business. Scorpio also points out that Frankie is yet to defeat him, although Frankie has won a loser-leaves-town match before to Adam Pearce (At PWG's Reason For The Season Show on July 10, 2004), thus Scorpio regards this match as 'VERY, VERY SERIOUS.'

What if Frankie pulls off an upset? Scorpio Sky says he already has Hollywood to fall back on, although he turned down a part in Rocky Balboa in order to prepare for his all important clash with Kazarian. Scorpio also puts over his Scorpio Sky Blender which can CHOP BRICKS and is infinitely superior to Dr. Keith's crappy Hulk Hogan Blender.

Dr. Keith gays it up and calls Scorpio Sky a 'very handsome man.' Scorpio declares himself the TOTAL PACKAGE and prepare for some Lex Luger HATE. Keith describes Scorpio as very HUMBLE. The possibilities of becoming Mayor of California are also weighed up.

Scorpio says he is a superstar in Europe and is LOVED by everyone in Japan, even the YOUNG BOYS. Scorpio claims he is not an egotist and then goes onto say that he will employ Frankie Kazarian as his limousine driver after taking away his wrestling livelihood, or if Frankie prefers, the Head Grill guy at Burger King. Dr. Keith comments that he would love some "Future" fries, and how much he enjoys wrestling limousine drivers (MI Smooth, D-Lo Brown)

Scorpio talks of taking Kazarian's hair that even Vince McMahon couldn't cut. Title talk with Scorpio listing all his WORLD TITLE victories. The two discuss the future of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and Wrestling Society X talk. Scorpio puts WSX over as a true alternative to WWE, or their 'crap' as he eloquently puts it. Keith calls Scorpio a 'renaissance man' over yet more outlandish claims, this time involving a Michael Jackson concert. Checkout, or check out Keith's top twenty four friends for a Scorpio addition at the expense of one recapper, and send pictures of your girlfriend, Keith has already promised pictures of Mrs. Barlow.

Plus: Dr. Keith's top 10 records of the year! Barlow in a chimney! Mike Sempreveve and Dr. Keith actually discuss professional wrestling!

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