Friday, February 16, 2007

Alan Wojcik Reviews DOI Video Shoot w/Danny Demanto

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The Declaration Of Independents website have been branching out into shoot DVD’s and thanks to the folks at you will learn more about the northeastern wrestling scene in one DVD then if you lived there all your life. One of the DVD’s that accomplish this is a shoot interview with “Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto conducted by’s The Mic.

Despite only wrestling for five years (he says he was a photographer for promotions before wrestling) Demanto has worked for everyone from IWA-MS, SSCW, WXW, Jac Sabboth’s UCW to Frank Goodman’s USA Pro (now UXW) and JAPW. After watching it seemed Demanto had a story about everyone in the scene ringrats included. He shoots on Low Ki, Dan (Maff) Lopez, Simon Diamond, Becky Bayless, Johnny Candido, Prince Nana, Devin Moore, B-Boy, Vader, Lowlife Louie, Papadon, Trent Acid, Dana Dameson, Billy Riel, the life and death of Jimmy Hustler, Corvis Fear, Axl Rotten, Justin Cage, Chrissy Rivera, EC Negro, Teddy Hart, Valentina, Kevin Matthews, smart mark fans, winning the JAPW title from Jay Lethal, Frankie Starr, Helter Skelter, Damian Dragon, Foxxy Dreams, Tara Charisma and Deranged who he had a fight with before an Elks Lodge event.

Demanto doesn’t hold back his feelings on Goodman or Sabboth who witnessed the interview (looks like the DOI shoots are done in his store in Queens .) Mr. Goodman is the brunt of stories on ticket sellers, lies about Sabboth and the way he ran shows before moving to Florida . He tells stories of how Tara Charisma got her ring name, his matches with New Jack, Sandman, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Gary Wolfe, Jay Lethal and others. You learn his version f homicide attacking him at Louie’s wedding, Maff cornering him about using the Shining Wizard in a match and does great impressions of Goodman, Johnny D, Lowlife Louie and Carmine Sabia. Most of the second DVD is word association and no one is safe there.

This DVD was funny and informative and should be watched whether you like or hate Demanto. The only bad part about the DVD and the other two which will be reviewed in the coming days is they are DVD-R and they tend to skip for no reason. Could be my player or dust on the discs. It sells for $9.95 and can be found on you can also see a video clip on that site or the home site,
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