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SHOW # 52





NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada , Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


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SETH DELAY wants a match against PATRICK BENTLEY, and plan to challenge him from the ring on 3/3



And more!!!!!!!!!!

NWA Anarchy TV Report: Episode 52

By: Ca$hflow X mtyler@vuu.edu

NWA Anarchy TV Report
Episode 52
February 26, 2007

I’d like to pass on a special note to all professional wrestling fans that plan to visit the Nags Head/Kill Devil’s Hill or northeastern corridor of North Carolina , make sure you check out NWA Southern Pro Wrestling, which runs at Ahoskie National Guard Armory. They run on the fourth Saturday of every odd month (January, March, May, July, September and November). If you enjoy quality wrestling with a great fan base, this is the place to check out. NWA SPW features a combination of NWA VA , Richmond Lucha Libre, Vanguard Championship Wrestling, AWA CWF Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic Wrestling’s best talent. The main event is Sean Denny vs. Joey Silvia, which is a guaranteed four star match (that’s if you’re into match ratings). Also, NWA Virginia is running on March 31 at King & Queen County Elementary School . The card looks incredible from a fan’s point of view, including a two potential match of the year candidates (Sean Denny vs. Masked Superstar II vs. Pharaoh and Damien Wayne vs. Frank “the Tank” Parker.) Grail also faces Mike Booth, who wrestled Preston Quinn on a Wildside show a long time ago.) So if you happen to be traveling up to the Commonwealth, check out that show. I’m headed down to Anarchy on April 7 and possibly June 2.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- CORRECTION: The 15 man mega rumble was actually a 14 man mega rumble, so there wasn’t anything wrong with the match play by play itself.

- Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this is the last episode of NWA Anarchy heading into Season’s Beatings. We begin the show with a replay of ending to the 14 man Mega Rumble and Jerry Palmer offering Chad Parham a shot the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title if he takes a match with Todd Sexton.

- Greg Hunter is joined by Steven Prazak, who is replacing out favorite heel color commentator John Johnson. They recap Jeremy Vain winning the right to face AJ Styles and Chad Parham accepting a match with Todd Sexton. On this week’s episode, Ace Rockwell defends the TV Title against Truitt Fields and Mikki Free vs. TBA member of UAS.

- NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion has a message for “Where’s my pizza” Sal Rinauro: it’s on. And then all of a sudden, after a commercial break, Rinauro appears on the wide screen from an undisclosed weight room. Rinauro says he can’t blame Slim J for being mad at him. Sal Rinauro claims that it’s not personal, but I have my doubts here folks. Rinauro takes us back to when NWA Wildside closed its doors and talks about the only man who cared about the Church of Southern Wrestling shutting down. Rinauro proclaims to have saved and named NWA Anarchy. Yep. And it was all Rinauro, according to himself, who picked up Jerry Palmer and saved NWA Anarchy. But, uh oh, Rinauro goes on a rant and gets pissed off. He’s beginning to sound like Roddy Piper while giving a Rob Van Dam speech. That’s right, Sal Rinauro, even though he was forced to sit out Fright Night ’06, duns himself the Whole Show. He credits himself for Anarchy’s success and promises to show why he deserves respect. And remember, as Jermaine Jackson proclaimed, it’s not personal. Slim J wonders aloud where Rinauro is. A fan yells Ring of Honor. Slim J knows that is the number one answer. (And I was in Edison , NJ the night Roderick Strong & Austin Aries beat Sal Rinauro & Tony Mamaluke, for those titles and at Anarchy when they lost to Delay & Bentley two weeks later in Anarchy. Two big matches, two major loses. MMMMHAHAHAHAHA~!) Slim J knows that Sal is not here tonight because he is jealous and would have gotten his ass kicked. Slim J reminds Rinauro that he has followed him everywhere he has succeeded, including ROH. Slim threatens to break Rinauro because it was very personal what he did. He announces that Rinauro has committed career suicide.

1. NWA Anarchy TV Title: Ace Rockwell (ch.) vs. Truitt Fields
THE MATCH: Rockwell begins the match by outquicking Fields and attacks the arm. Prazak notes that Rockwell didn’t win the belt by sleeping with the owner’s daughter like a certain WWE superstar did. LOL! Rockwell clotheslines Fields to the floor and dropkicks him between the ropes. Fields gains revenge by assaulting Rockwell with a knee to the gut, a pair of clotheslines and an overhead release belly to belly suplex. Fields makes the cover, but Rockwell kicks out at two. Fields ties him to the Tree of Woe and proceeds to perform a virtual mugging. I was looking for one those devious baseball slides, but I guess we won’t get one here. After a suplex, Fields applies a modified chokehold. Fields releases and connects with a suplex for a two count. The crowd rallies behind Rockwell and responds with a series of punches, but Fields stops him with a short arm shoulderblock. Fields makes the cover for a two count. Field turnbuckle whips him and lands a nice sit out dropkick. Fields plays around and heads to the floor where he attacks the throat. Prazak notes that Rockwell has spilt more blood from his skull than any other wrestler in Anarchy. Hunter says he can buy into that little tidbit of information. Fields slams and legdrops Rockwell. He applies a rear naked choke variation, which prompts the crowd to chant for Ace. The referee checks on Rockwell and he responds by turning sideways, but finds himself on the wrong end of an inverted neckbreaker for several two counts. Fields turnbuckle whips and splashes Rockwell. Fields applies another chinlock. Rockwell fights to his feet and escapes a vertical suplex. They rebound off the ropes and catch each other with simultaneous cross bodyblocks. They rise to their feet and duke it out. Rockwell makes a big comeback with a backdrop and shoulderblock. Rockwell turnbuckle whips Fields, but misses a splash. Fields takes advantage with an exploder for a near fall. Fields fumes in frustration because he can’t put the champ away. Fields sits Rockwell on top, but he fights back. Fields ducks Rockwell leaping off the top rope, but finds himself on the wrong end of the Ace’s High.
POSTMATCH: Eddie Rich announces Rockwell will defend against Jimmy Rave at Season’s Beatings.
WINNER: Rockwell retains.
COMMENTS: Fields took advantage of a great opportunity by showing his stuff to the Anarchy fans. Hopefully, his tag team will get to play some good old fashioned cocky heels because they look the part. Rockwell continues to put forth amazing performances and why he deserves to hold gold. Ever since the Pomp Circumstance, Rockwell’s career has skyrocketed towards the stars.

- Rockwell talks about getting his show at gold and promises to have one hell of a match with Jimmy Rave. Rockwell kindly advises Rave to be fully prepared at Season’s Beatings.

2. Mikki Free of Justice Served vs. Shadow Jackson of the Urban Assault Squad.
THE MATCH: They both struggle to gain the advantage on several occasions until Free lands a cheap shot to the mug. Free ducks a clothesline and connects with a toss slam. Jackson takes exception and responds with a powerslam for a two count. Jackson goes for the arm, but Free clotheslines him. Jackson eludes an elbow drop and takes over with a series of elbows that sends Free fleeing. Jackson heads to the floor to confront Free, but gets his back rammed onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, they continue to brawl until Free lands a stiff clothesline. Jackson jumps up and lands a series of double thrusts. He goes for a suplex, but Free blocks it and executes a driving suplex slam. Free applies a bearhug. Jackson escapes and gets caught again in a bearhug. Jackson escapes, but Free runs over him. They duke it out until Jackson lands a desperation spinebuster. The camera switches and a bloody Nemesis collapses at the entranceway. This distracts the referee and Free knocks out Jackson with the chain for the victory.
POSTMATCH: After a commercial break, Jackson wonders what the hell just happened. He wanted to settle their differences, but obviously Scotty Wrenn was here and somebody hit him with a chain. Jackson doesn’t mind a little blood and wants Justice Served in Helen. Jerry Palmer heads into the ring as Nemesis proclaims that they have tested his G. Jackson says the people wanted to see the fight and tells Palmer to let him know they want a fight, too. Nemesis yells that they can’t be held back. Palmer admits Justice Served got him, too. As he continues to talk, UAS begin to beat the living piss out of each other. Palmer doesn’t like the trash that was pulled tonight. To tell you the truth, I don’t either. Palmer goes on to say that there is no referee in Anarchy big enough to handle a match with these big men. Several fans volunteer their services (some even yell AJ Styles), but Palmer refuses and dubs himself special guest referee for the big tag title match at Season’s Beatings. As their intro music plays, the pummel each other.
COMMENTS: This was a very fast paced match between two powerhouses. There wasn’t too much selling until after the match. Free didn’t do too bad wrestling singles since had strictly wrestled tag matches. They did a nice job setting up for Season’s Beatings.

- Well, this is the segment that everyone has been looking forward to: Jeff G Bailey and the NWA Elite. Bailey calls Dan Wilson a parasitic punk. He admits that Wilson embarrassed them, but they will gain revenge on the shaved apes. Bailey dares Wilson to try another silly attack. The lights go out and the Reject’s music plays. Wilson shows up with the Staff of Righteousness. Tempers & Azreal launch a premeditated attack as Tank heads to destroy the Elite. They pummel the Elite until the lights go out a second time and a picture of a graveyard appears on the big screen. Damn, is someone in Anarchy not paying the electric bill? After a quick video, the man formerly known as the “One Man Mafia” Mikael Adryan, Mikael Judas heads out to clean house. Judas delivers a huge chokeslam to Tempers and headbutts Azreal. Bailey proudly boasts that Judas can wipe out any puny Rejects that Wilson can scrape up. Judas delivers the Crucifijo to Azreal. Tank heads in and the Elite tear him up. Judas pulls out an implement and repeatedly stabs Tank with it. Bailey orders the Elite to take out the garbage. He asks who the hell Wilson thinks he is to put his hands on him. He promises to make them pay. Judas delivers a pair of massive chair shots to Azreal and Tempers. Judas prepares to chair Tank, but Bailey stops him and calls for Wilson . Judas goes for the chair shot, but Bailey spares Wilson ’s life. Bailey stares into Wilson ’s face and asks him, “WHO IS YOUR GOD NOW~? I JUST SAVED YOUR LIFE~!” All Wilson did was make Bailey mad. He commands Wilson to bring his scum sucking Rejects to Helen , GA at the Remember When Theater at Season’s Beatings. Bailey believes it’s so beautiful for Tank to bleed. Judas closes matters by giving Tempers the Crucifijo. Boy, does it suck to be a Reject tonight. It surely is a 1-8-7 on an undercover Reject tonight.

- OVERALL: This week’s episode did a fantastic job of preparing the viewer for Season’s Beatings. It featured a good match and several impassioned speeches heading into Season’s Beatings. It’s just incredible how well spoken everyone was on today’s show, especially the final segment involving Jeff G Bailey destroying the Rejects. It just makes you wonder what trick Wilson has up his sleeve for Elite/Rejects 8 man tag. This was a great show and well with your time to watch the entire episode.
- SEASON’S BEATINGS: If you weren’t in attendance at the Remember When Theater in Helen , GA , you owe it to yourself to purchase this DVD. Out of the 83 shows that I attended last year, this was the best overall. This includes two ROH shows (Danielson/Joe 60 minute draw and Homicide & Joe vs. Briscoes) and the incredible ***** 60 minute Ironman match between Sean Denny and Damien Wayne. Have a great week and remember to support your local independent superstars!
- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.

NWA Pro East to debut in 10 Days

Lodi, N.J. (February 21, 2007) - NWA Pro East will
present its very first show on Saturday night March
3rd at the Lodi Knights of Columbus. Bell time is 7:30
pm and this event features many of the upcoming stars
of NWA Pro East with a showcase theme.

“March 3rd is all about giving the young guys a chance
to show what they can do and try to solidify a roster
spot on future NWA Pro East shows and appear on our
television program,” said NWA Pro East promoter Ricky
Otazu. The show will not be without some veteran
talent, as some of the names scheduled to appear
include former WCW hardcore champion Crowbar, Dirty
Don Montoya and Judas Young.

Also on the bill making their first NWA Pro East
appearances will be Joe “So” Delicious, a standout
from Johnny Rodz’s New York promotion, as well as
several stars from the B.W.O. (Bodyslam Wrestling

Tag Teams will definitely be represented as local fan
favorites and BWO stars The Off Brothers will be in
action, plus the return of “The Drunkin’ Party
Lizards” Los Geikos Locos and the debut of The Playa’s

Don’t miss all the action in just 10 days. All tickets
are only $10 and can be purchased at
www.myspace.com/nwaproeast. We hope to see you there!!

Courtesy of www.epwperth.com. NWA Pro

Results :
Shane Haste defeated Nate Dooley

6-Man Scramble
James Street defeated Mikey Nicholls, Ferguson Block,
Kiel E Lectrifying

Grudge Match
Jose' Del Santo defeated Brad West

Strap Match
Chris Vice defeated AZ Vegara

EPW Tag Team Championship Match
Jag Hartley Jackson & Davis Storm defeated FN Carnage

Jamie Jurah defeated Marcius Pitsonopolous

Main Event
EPW Championship Match
Jimmy Payne defeated Devlin Reeves


Alternative Wrestling Show ran at the AWS Shop in the
City Of Industry on Sunday afternoon. Bobby Jo
Marshall & Peter Goodman defeated The Human Tornado &
Tommy Wilson in the main event. Also on the show, The
Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) won a 4-Way Tag Team
match to become the new NWA Pro Tag Team Champions.
For complete results, click below.

AWS Shop
City Of Industry, CA
Black Metal defeated Guerrero de Sangre

Markus Riot defeated Ray Murillo

Disco Machine defeated Lil' Cholo to retain the LA
Lightheavyweight Championship

Phoenix Star defeated Steve Pain

Karl Anderson defeated Steve Pain

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) defeated
Bump-N-Grind (Bo Cooper & Sexy Chino), Los Chivos
(Kayam & Enigma de Oro) & Team Australia (Cameron
Wallis & Damian Slater) to become the new NWA Pro Tag
Team Champions

Bobby Jo Marshall & Peter Goodman defeated The Human
Tornado & Tommy Wilson

Courtesy of the AWS Website.

AWS/NWA Pro Presents:

Sunday, March 11th, 2007
Bell Time 1:00pm
: : :This is an outdoor event : : :

Main Event:
SoCal World War III
(A 60 Man Battle Royal / 3 Wrestling Rings)

Disco Machine
(Lightweight Champ)

The Young Bucks
(New Tag Team Champs)
Joey Ryan & Karl "The Machine Gun" Anderson

(w/ C.E. Vanderpyle)
Markus Riot

Los Chivos & Octagoncito
Piratita Morgan & ? ? ?

Plus: The Human Tornado, Pete Goodman,
Bo Cooper, Sexy Chino , Steve Pain, Phoenix Star,


Courtesy of Jay Cal's posting on the NWA Message

I arrived at the Orleans arena not sure what to think.
I was definately impressed by the venue and the
talent. It was an obviously Lucha Libre biased crowd
and my estimations (which I'm not really good at)
seemed like at least 900-1000 people.

No Advertised James Gang (TNA's Voodoo Kin Mafia.)
Really wasn't a big loss to me.

The Opener was the 4 Corners Tag Team match, which
kind of seemed more like a 8-man tag, was a great way
to get the crowd fired up. It was my first time seeing
the Young Bucks and I was impressed. EGO had a classic
heel style to it. Midnight Dynamite was pretty good as
always, when did Mercury turn into Konan? I always
enjoy myself a Tommy match. He puts on a hell of a
show. But Young Bucks stole the crowd and pulled off
the win.

Kafu v. Peter Goodman was an okay match. It was
clearly a case of David v. Goliath, but this Goliath
was the face. It started off as Peter Goodman playing
a chickenshit heel. Kafu had the crowd eating out of
his hand. I thought this match should have just been a
blow out squash. However Goodman found an opening and
worked the leg. I thought for sure Goodman was going
to pull out the W, but Kafu one win.

Next was Colt Cabana and Sexy Sonny Samson took on
Ricky Reyes and Bobby Joe Marshall. I was glad to see
Reyes. And with Cabana in this match, I realized that
there wasn't going to be a Super Porky. The tag team
of Cabana and Samson actually looked pretty good.
Reyes and Marshall weren't bad either. The match was
going pretty well back and forth. Cabana easily got
the crowd into it. Samson and Colt go over.

(So Far all the Faces are going over)

The next match was for the NWA Heritage Title Match
Adam Pearce v. Nelson Creed. Never heard of Creed
before, but I think he might be Canadian. I hope the
hell he is. (Living Legend and announced WWE Hall of
Famer Inductee) Nick Bockwinkle makes an appearance
and shakes the hand of Nelson Creed and offers to
shake the hand of Pearce. In classic heel fashion
Pearce refuses. Pearce definately works the crowd and
really heels it up. The finish of the match sees
Vanderpyle come out, throws a chain to Pearce. Pearce
nails Creed. Creed kicks out on 2. Referee bump. Creed
uses chain on Pearce. New ref comes out. Counts the 3,
original ref says Creed is DQ. Pearce Retains.

25 Man "King of the Summit " Battle Royal was pretty
entertaining. It used the Rumble Style of rules.
Highlights saw a reunification of the X-Foundation for
all of about 5 minutes. Tommy and Scott worked very
well together, even pulling off some of their old
moves. Then Scott tosses Tommy after an "accidental
side kick." Chino the MVP of this match hung in as
number one and outlasted all others. The fans were
into Chino .

The next match was the WSX Challenge, complete with a
Rick Knox uniform change. Los Pochos Guapos vs. Matt
Classic and Human Tornado. Matt Classic had the
sickest dive of the night litterally falling
centimeters off the apron on to Joey Kaos and Aaron
Aguillera. If you have been folowing WSX, typical
stuff from Los Pochos Guapos. Aaron telling Kaos what
to do, which ends up with Kaos getting screwed. The
finish ends with Aaron walking out on Kaos and Classic
putting Kaos in a figure four and Tornado doing a dive
on to Kaos. Aaron and Kaos tease a break up, but hug
it out after the match.

Next was the most intense match of the night. USA v.
Mexico , which was clearly a hostile environmnet for
fans of Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson. Team USA cut a
heel promo to start the show off in the early parts of
the night, which basically appoligizing for their
antics at the previous show. "It is not your fault you
are Mexican. We all know you'd be white if you could
be" Tons of tension. Los Luchas were over with the
Latin crowd. a Joey Ryan taunt temped a fan to remove
his shirt to the glee of the crowd. Not really he was
an old mexican dude who thought he was a tuff guy.
American Dragon was sitting at a table ring side and I
prayed that he'd challenge the old dude into the ring.
The match was really strong back and forth. Los Luchas
was typical Los Luchas and TEAM USA really worked the
crowd. (The entire match I was having Flash Backs to
Tully and Arn, when I looked at Joey and Karl.)
Vanderpyle again got involved in the match. Distracted
the referee long enough for Adam Pearce to run in the
ring and hit both members of Los Luchas with the
Mexican Flag. Allowing Team USA to score the win.
Causing the crowd to near riot. The ring was littered
with the disgust of the Lucha fans. Sodas, Popcorn,
Empty Beer Bottles, Full Beer Bottles, whized past my
head and into the ring. Nelson Creed runs out. Chases
the heels out of the ring. Breaks the American Flag in
half. (WTF?) NWA Directors book a match for the next
show; "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce, Karl "Machine Gun"
Anderson, and Joey "Magnum" Ryan w/ C. Edward
Vanderpyle v. Nelson Creed and Los Luchas (Zokre &
Phoenix Star), in a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE!!!

The Special Attraction Main Event features El Hijo del
Santo y Billy Kidman vs. Super Parka y Psicosis. First
thoughts... Billy Kidman has put on some weight... and
I mean that in a good way. Kidman looked like he could
easily compete in the heavyweight division. Kidman
looks real good and was clearly the MVP of this match.
There was a lot of discussion in spanish between Super
Parka & Psicosis and Hijo del Santo. Hijo de Santo did
a lot of his traditional spots, Parka and Psicosis
really heeled it up. HdS ripped the mask off of Super
Parka, and later the team of Kidman and HdS scored the
victory. Post match saw Los Luchas enter the ring to
back up Kidman and HdS. I think there will be another
confrontation between HdS and Psicosis & Super Parka.

The show was surely worth the drive. $25 for this show
wasn't bad at all. The Orleans Arena is a great venue.
Nobody mailed in their performances last night. The
show was great and I hope to make it out for another
show in the future.

Here are the results from Friday evening's NWA/ECCW show in North Vancouver , BC in front of roughly 150 fans:

Johnny Obsession over Deuce Savage

Ice over Mikey DaSheezits and Azeem

- Ice remains NWA Canadian Jr Heavyweight Champion

Nikki Matthews over Veronika Vice

- Nikki remains SuperGirls Champion

Models Inc. over El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo by DQ

Nelson Creed vs Aaron Idol was No Contest

Kurt Sterling & Aaron Idol over "Rocket" Randy Tyler & Nelson Creed

Mikey DaSheezits wins the Battle Royale and will face "Rocket" Randy Tyler in Surrey , BC on March 2nd for the NWA/ECCW Championship.

"Fast" Freddy Funk over Seth Knight

- Funk remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion in this chain match

Next shows:

Friday, March 2, 2007 - Bridgeview Hall, Surrey , BC

Saturday, March 3, 2007 - Russian Community Centre, Vancouver , BC

- both shows featuring the return of the AMERICAN DRAGON BRYAN DANIELSON

Friday, March 9, 2007 - Comox Band Hall, Comox , BC

Friday, March 30, 2007 - Bridgeview Hall, Surrey , BC

Visit www.ECCW.com for more info.

NWA ECCW Website, www.eccw.com

For almost two years, Mikey Dasheezits has been under
the wing of NWA/ECCW Champion "Rocket" Randy Tyler,
sticking with the champion through thick and thin,
even though the feeling hasn't always seemed mutual,
with Tyler frequently leaving Dasheezits to pummelings
intended for him to take. Still, throughout it all,
Dasheezits' hero worship has continued.

Not anymore.

Even after Tyler 's interference in North Vancouver
caused Dasheezits to lose his chance at the NWA
Canadian junior heavyweight championship, as he was
pinned by titleholder Ice, Dasheezits still seemed to
be in line after Tyler 's browbeating squashed any
rebellious intent he had. But when Tyler found himself
in Aaron Idol's rear naked choke later in the show,
Dasheezits finally left his mentor to the wolves,
ending their relationship once and for all!

To make the split even more intriguing, Dasheezits now
has an opportunity to take Tyler 's NWA/ECCW
Championship on March 2nd in Surrey , as he outlasted
all other competitors to win a battle royal to earn a
championship opportunity, last eliminating Nelson
Creed to win the event after Idol's interference in
the matchup! It will be student vs. teacher on March
2nd, as Dasheezits intends to take the very title from
Tyler that he's helped save for Tyler on so many
occasions.. but the champion will have several tricks
up his sleeve that he didn't teach to his estranged

Aaron Idol had waited and waited for his chance for
revenge against Nelson Creed in North Vancouver .. and
once again, he was screwed out of his chances at
redemption by "Rocket" Randy Tyler, who blitzed Idol
before his match with Creed, taking him down with a
steel chair and giving Creed an easy victory! Kurt
Sterling made the save from a two-on-one attack, but
immediatley paid dearly for it, as ECCW General
Manager Ladies Choice punished Sterling by stripping
him of his number one contenders spot, and started a
tag team match with Idol and Sterling taking on Creed
and Tyler ! The match ended with Idol getting a measure
of revenge, forcing the NWA/ECCW Champion to submit to
his rear naked choke.. only for Mikey Dasheezits to
leave Tyler to the wolves! Idol will get another
chance at Creed on March 2nd in Surrey , as he'll face
him one on one.. and this time, "American Dragon"
Bryan Danielson will be the special guest referee to
ensure the match goes as planned with no interference!

The war between Models Inc. and El Phantasmo & Amazing
Halo took another turn, as the crafty Models stole a
victory over the masked marauders with shenanigans
with a steel chair! With referee Beautiful Bruce on
the floor, MR2 slammed a chair down in the ring.. then
threw it to Phantasmo and fell to the mat, feigning
the effects of a chairshot! Memphis picked up Bruce
and showed him the results in the ring, and Bruce,
seeing Phantasmo with the chair and MR2 down and
apparently out, had no choice but to disqualify
Phantasmo and Halo! Phantasmo attempted to get revenge
with a chairshot on Memphis , and then dragged MR2 to
the stage.. where he and Halo produced a ladder and a
table! Halo climbed the ladder to soar through MR2 and
the table, but Memphis saved his brother, and in the
coup de grace, powerbombed Halo off the ladder and the
stage, through both a prone Phantasmo and the table!
Models Inc were victorious tonight, but they'll have
to deal with El Phantasmo and Amazing Halo again on
March 3rd in Vancouver .. but this time, in a Tables,
Ladders and Chairs Match!

Other results from an exciting night in North

Johnny Obsession scored the win over Deuce Savage
(with Marty Sugar in his corner)

Nikki Matthews retained the SuperGirls championship by
pinning Veronika Vice

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on March
2nd, and follows it up the next night at the Russian
Community Centre in Vancouver! Order your tickets now

Courtesy of the NWA Midwest / MAW Mailing List.

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NEXT EVENT: Friday Night March 9TH at The Sports
Connection located at 3000 S 13th Street in Milwaukee ,
WI . (13th Manitoba , 1 block north of Oklahoma Ave )
Bell time is 8 p.m. All tickets are $15 dollars and
are available by emailing midamwrestling@ webtv.net,
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Main Event - Return Match
MAW World Title Match
"Roughneck" JAY RYAN (c) vs SKULLKRUSHER

PLUS! A One Night Tourney for both the MAW Tag Team
Titles and the NWA Wi Tag
Team Titles. Thus far two teams have signed -



More to be announced in the days leading up to the

Plus much much more!

That's Friday Night March 9th, 2007 8pm at The Sports
Connection located at 3000 S 13th Street in Milwaukee ,
WI . (13th Manitoba , 1 block north of Oklahoma Ave ) All
tickets are only $15 dollars and are available by
emailing midamwrestling@webtv.net, by leaving a
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email us at midamwrestling@webtv.net

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Check out http://www.smartmarkvideo.com for tons of
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are being added all the time so check back often! JUST
ADDED: The MAW 13th Anniversary Show DVD featuring the
main event of Samoa Joe vs Abyss along with the whole
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MAW is presented under the authority of wrestling's
oldest governing body -
the NWA, "The National Wrestling Alliance"

Check out photos from all of the MAW action with our
new MAW Photo Gallery 2! This photo album contains
photos from every show from the second half of 2004!
And don't forget to check out MAW Photo Gallery
1 which features photos going all the way back to 1999
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*NWA Universal Championship Wrestling returns to Tahlequah, OK next Saturday, March 3rd for another big show! See all of your favorite NWA-UCW stars in action. Kick off the 2007 NWAU schedule, as this show is the makeup date for the January 20th show, which was cancelled due to the ice and snow! These matches have been signed since January and the superstars are ready to hit the ring….
-THIS IS A TV TAPING for the return of “INTENSE TV” set for April 2007!
-TABLES, LADDERS and CHAIRS-NWA UNIVERSAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP…Champions MASS DESTRUCTION (The Spoiler 2000 & Bash) defend the titles against THE DEVILS REJECTS! Their last clash for the crowning of champions took place at last years Goblins, Ghouls and Gold and no other match has received such high reviews as that TLC match including TEXAS, INC. This one is going to be a barnburner for sure…this could be the match of 2007!!!!!!!!
-It's finally time, Brent Albright must decide his role in NWA Universal Championship Wrestling, as he will face HATE's CEO Christopher Fox for the first time to either sign the contract to join his cousin Rocco Valentino, Charming Charles, Slam Shady and Mason Hunter, otherwise known as HATE, INC. Fox has stated, “Albright either signs with us and reaps the rewards of being a part of the most elite group of sports entertainment athletes in the Midwest , or face the fate of saying no! The choice and your future lie within your choice”.
-HATE's Slam Shady will face one on one the NWA Universal X Champion “The Broken Arrow Bad Boy” Justin Lee and Slam promises Lee will go down for the third time in a row!
-Lily McKenzie and Jessi Jersey return to finish what the started in December.
-Awol debuts his new gimmick
-HATE INC promises an announcement that will change the look and plans within the
group, this one will be interesting, be there…

Tickets now available at…

TULSA , OK -Starship Records and Tapes, located at 12th & S. Lewis. Telephone is

TAHLEQUAH, OK-RPM Paintball, located at 208 S. Muskogee . Telephone is

MUSKOGEE , OK -Gametraders, located at 300A W. Shawnee . Telephone is

Ticket prices for the March 3rd event:

General Admission-$7.00
Kids 12 & Under GA-$3.00
College Students/Seniors GA Day Of Show-$4.00

March 3rd-NWA Universal Championship Wrestling, Tahlequah, OK
Community Center Ag Building, 908 College Street
Doors open at 6:00pm with Belltime at 7:00pm

*MEET NWA UNIVERSAL personalities LIVE FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd in Tahlequah at the NSU University Center on campus of Northeastern State University from 11:30am-1:30pm. Discount tickets for students and seniors with ID will be available as well ringside tickets. Also register to win 2 ringside tickets with a VIP meet & greet during this time. NWA Universal merchandise will be available and other door prizes will be available……COME JOIN US MARCH 2ND AT NSU!!!!!!

*NWA Universal's “INTENSE TV” is returning April 2007. Expect an announcement by the March 3rd show regarding stations, dates and times.

*NWA Universal debuts in WAGONER, OK at the Civic Center on Saturday, April 14th.
Information for this show will be released next week. One match that has been promised will crown the vacant NWA Oklahoma Hvwt. Championship!

*NWA Universal is expected to announce a new show location in Tulsa within the next couple of weeks.

Universal Championship Wrestling is looking to add street team members!
Locations include:

Tulsa , OK
Wagoner, OK
Muskogee , OK
McAlester , OK

What we need from you:
-Distribution of posters, flyer's and other advertising materials
-Promote NWA Universal Championship Wrestling!

What you get from UCW:
-Discounts on tickets to live events!
- Free tickets to select live events!
-Discounts on UCW merchandise
-Official Street Team membership card
-Private meet and greets with UCW talent
-Use this on your resume as a part of being a UCW promotional team member!

Send the following information to uniprochampions@aol.com subject: street team
-City, State, Zip
-Date of Birth
-Shirt Size
-Phone Number

or mail to:

Universal Championship Wrestling, LLC
2608 West Kenosha PMB#250
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Be a part of the winning team with ATTITUDE! NWA Universal Championship Wrestling!

NWA Universal Championship Wrestling
“Attitude IS Everything”

Courtesy of the NWA Empire Mailing List.

The card for NWA Empire's March Meltdown is really
starting to take shape. Two additional matches have
been announced for March Meltdown, which takes place
on March 10, 2007 at St. Johnsburg Firehall in North
Tonawanda, NY. These two matches are in addition to
the the five matches announced previously.

In one of the recently announced matches, fresh off
their victory over Tommy Mandrake & "Inferno" Johnny
Adams at January's VIVA LA Revolution, WNY hardcore
legend Ian Decay and Troy "The Boy" Buchanan have been
signed for March Meltdown, also. Their opponents will
be Frank the Tank & "The Tennessee Strangler" Buddy
Delmar,collectively known as Rhythm & Booze.

In a match that NWA Empire fans have been clamoring
for since November when Tommy Mandrake came to the
ring at Pilgrims & Piledrivers to confront his brother
Marc, the Mandrake brothers will finally square off
one-one-one in an NWA Empire ring.

Here is the info and matches for NWA Empire's March
Meltdown as it stands now (February 19, 2007):

NWA Empire presents:
March Meltdown 2007

Date: Saturday March 10th, 2007
Place: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall, 7165 Ward Road, North
Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open: 5:30 PM Pre-Show 6:00PM
Main-show: 6:30 PM
Ticket Prices: Pre-sale $10 Adults, day of the
show $12 Kids (9 and under) $5
For ticket information, call 585-621-4293


Hellcat & former NWA Upstate Champion Brodie Lee vs
Jonny Puma & current NWA Upstate Champion Jimmy Olsen


"The Mastiff" Will Christianson (c) vs Ron Falco vs
"The Dark Pony" JP Black

Brandon Thurston vs Chris Cooper

The Roadies ("I Can't Drive 55" Sammy Dunn & "Diamond"
Dave Marcos vs The Killer Steves (Steve Kruz &
"Studley" Steve McKenzie)

"Fabulous" John McChesney vs Pepper Parks

Gabe Saint vs "The Exceptional Icon" Eric Everlast

Rhythm & Booze (Frank the Tank & "The Tennessee
Strangler" Buddy Delmar vs Ian Decay & Troy "The
Boy" Buchannan

Marc Mandrake vs Tommy Mandrake

More matches will to be signed within the coming
weeks! Keep checking the official NWA Empire website
(http://www.nwaempire.com for more matches as they are

Courtesy of the NWA Midwest website,

NWA Indiana comes to Goodland, Indiana at the Goodland
Community Center on Saturday March 3rd

Doors open: 5:00
Bell Time: 6:00
(Note Goodland is an hour behind Lafayette, so we will
be starting at 7:00 Lafayette time which would be 6:00
Goodland time)

Here are some of the matches already signed:

"The Big Texan" Marc Houston vs Luis Rojas

Former Partners Collide
Matt Valor vs "Zombie" Rob Ramer

Billy Bart vs Johnny Rich

Devon Fury vs Tommy Gage

The main event that night will be Shawn Cook vs NWA
TNA Superstar- "Wildcat" Chris Harris

You will also see PT Hussla, Kenny Courageous, Jeremy
Hadley and more

Log onto www.nwaindiana.com for more info

Courtesy of the NWA Midwesy website,

NWA Indiana will return to Lafayette, Indiana on
Sunday March 4th at the Riehle Brothers Sports

Doors Open: 5:00
Bell Time: 6:00

Here are the matches that have already been signed:

Billy Bart vs Martin Fernandez

Kenny Courageous vs Marc Houston

Mixed Tag Team Match
Devon Fury & Cameron Star vs Guy Lombardo & Scarlett

NWA Indiana Tag Team Titles
Champions- Scotty Murray & Chase Richards vs Indiana
Kidd & Hillbilly Jed

"Zombie" Rob Ramer vs "The Beast" Brian Roberts

"Bodacious" Dustin Lillard vs "Pure Dynamite" Billy

NWA TNA Superstar "Wildcat" Chris Harris has issued an
open challenge to any NWA Indiana superstar

You will also see Shawn Cook, PT Hussla, Jeremy
Hadley, Luis Rojas and more...

Chad Collyer will not be at the weekend shows as he
will be on a tour a Mexico representing the NWA. NWA
officials have signed a match for March 10th in
Frankfort , Indiana and it will be for the vacant NWA
Indiana title, it will be "International Superstar"
Chad Collyer vs "Pure Dynamite" Billy Roc

NWA Hawaii General Manager Rich Miyamoto announced
that our next show will be "Superbash: Get wild in
Waianae", Saturday March 10th at the Waianae
Community Center . 2 matches have been scheduled so

NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship: Kapu[c] vs.

NWA Hawaii Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Bushido X vs.
El Guapo

Both these matches were set to take place during the
Valentine's Day Massacre show, which was cancelled due
to the weather. More matches to be announced as they
are signed.

in association with




Friday, March 2nd- 7:30 pm
at the

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Friday, March 2nd at Renzie Park ’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport , PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.


Crusher Hansen will defend the AWC Heavyweight Title
New AWC Champion Crusher Hansen has confirmed that he will defend the title on March 2nd, but it will not be against Scott Venom who has been suspended for invoking his rematch clause to meet Crusher again for the title.

BC Steele had placed a stipulation that stated Scott Venom would get a rematch, but not until April 7th against whoever the champion is in whatever match Venom wishes, but when Venom declared that he wanted the rematch, he would be suspended for a period of 30 days. Venom has protested the move, but the suspension has been upheld by the AWC(Paul Atlas and Curtis Stevenson) which really is not a surprise at all.

However, it has been revealed that Crusher's opponent is someone that is a former PWX Heavyweight and Three Rivers Champion and rumors are swirling that Scott Venom has something to do with this.

This means that there are only 11 possibilities for an opponent for Crusher Hansen. They are: Devin Devine, Dirk Ciglar, Mad Mike, Paul Atlas, Quinn Magnum, Justin Idol, Scottie Gash, Daron Smythe, Chris Taylor, Nikita Allanov, or Guido Corleone.

Benjamin C. Steele has said that he and Crusher are not worried about any of the above men because they fully believe that Scott Venom is just trying to play mind games with them and that he probably will only produce something pathetic like himself under a masked identity.

It shall be interesting to see if Venom really did get someone and if so then who??


Brandon K


These two men have been after one another for the last 2 months screwing each other out of the AWC Heavyweight Title, other matches, and literally fighting one another out of the building on more than one occasion.

Bigg and Brandon K are certainly not strangers to each other's style of wrestling as these two men have feuded off and on for the last 6 years. This time, however, all respect the two men have always held towards each other seems to be thrown out the window as both K and Bigg want to deliver extreme physical harm to the other man.

After two months of attacking and costing each other matches, these two men will meet in the ring in what promises to be a powder keg ready to explode!!!

Brass Knuckles Title Match.... Finally?? AWC Says No Way !!

Dash Bennett meets Apollyon

Dash Bennett is still stuck in the AWC and he still claims that he will defend his Brass Knuckles Title on March 2nd at the AWC event even though he has been told that the AWC does not recognize his title.

Dash has signed the contract to face the youngster Apollyon, who is coming off of a big 'Young Lions Match' victory over Dan Miles. Apollyon showed a very aggressive side of his self that has not been seen as of yet in picking up this big victory and the fans showed their displeasure in the process. Apollyon is now looking at what has to be his biggest match to date as he will face a man that does carry the Brass Knuckles Title blet and the title is recognized by PWX still.

Now this brings about several questions. If Apollyon defeats Dash Bennett will he become the new Brass Knuckles Champion? Or will the win not even count? Will Paul Atlas intervene in Dash's rampage again? Or will Dash finally get his wish? Or maybe Dash will just refuse to wrestle again......

AWC Owner Has Big Announcement

AWC owner Paul Atlas is saying that he has a big announcement to make at the Friday March 2nd event. Atlas claims that this announcement will make AWC even stronger than what it currently is and that in trhe process he will strike yet another major blow to Jim Miller and his beloved PWX promotion.

Atlas has been a thorn in Jim Miller and PWX's side for the last 9+ months and will stop at nothing to bring Miller and PWX to it's knees. Atlas has come closer than anyone ever has to achieving this goal and perhaps this time he will deliver the final nail in the coffin. That will be determined on Friday, March 2nd.....



Chris Taylor versus ??? with Krystal Frost
Krystal Frost has come very close on two occasions to accomplishing her revenge on Chris Taylor, but Taylor has emerged victorious and with his PWX Heavyweight Title around his waist still.

Will the third time be the charm for Miss Frost? When asked who she has come up with this time, she has been very uncharacteristically quiet simply saying that it is someone that Chris will never see coming.

Chris Taylor has responded by saying that he has said that he wishes to be a true fighting champion and it doesnt matter who she manages to come up with on March 2nd because he will take that person down just like everyone else that has stepped up to meet him.

Who could Krystal have come up with this time?? Can Taylor survive yet another barrage as it has become increasingly more difficult to escape with the title and his health intact? Is Krystal Frost actually making Chris Taylor one of the best heavyweight champions in recent memory??

PWX Three Rivers Title On The Line:

Devil Bhudakahn defends the Three Rivers Title against the monster ELITE
Devil Bhudakahn has been on quite a roll as of recent having gone from tag-team champions right into becoming the Three Rivers Champion. Devil has proclaimed that he will face anyone from anywhere for the title and this time he will take on a relative newcomer to PWX in the 6'7 270lbs ELITE.

ELITE owns more than half-a-foot and 50+ pound advantage over Devil as he has looked very promising in his limited PWX action. Devil says that this will show exactly what he can do against men with alot more size than him and will be another notch in his quest for prestige for both himself and his title.

Can Devil really keep the big man's shoulders pinned to the mat for a 3 count? Or does Devil have something up his sleeve and ELITE is walking right into a trap? Can ELITE win the title on his first try at any title in PWX and begin a reign of domination? Or will the monster just be out to hurt someone and begin a path of destruction?


Blue Dragon versus Chris LeRusso
Blue Dragon will put his 8 month long win streak on the line again against Chris LeRusso. This could prove to be one of Dragon's stiffest tests yet as LeRusso will have Krystal Frost at his side and it was just a few short weeks ago that LeRusso went toe to toe with PWX Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor.

Dragon has been very impressive in his run and he will have to be at the top of his game to pick up the win against LeRusso, but a win here would propel Dragon right into serious title contention.

Chris LeRusso has something to prove and has said that is the reason he signed to face Blue Dragon as he wishes to end Dragon's streak and cement his status within PWX. LeRusso also has said that he will be all too happy to show what a fraud Dragon really is and at the same time make an example of him and that should make Chris Taylor stand up and take notice....

Tag-Team Mayhem!!

Nick Paradise & Sean Dahmer will battle Amir Al Jahari & The Mantis

This is certainly an unusual pairing of four men as each man will be looking to establish himself within this match.

Nick Paradise made his redebut in PWX, after making a couple appearences several years ago, and nearly took the Three Rivers Title off of Devil Bhudakahn. Paradise came up just short in his bid, but impressed alot of people in the process. Now he will have a chance to come out on top and establish firm footing within PWX.

Paradise 's success will depend greatly upon his highly unpredictable partner Sean Dahmer. Dahmer continues to become more and more uncontrollable and this has officials at PWX worried that this man will totally lose it very soon. Dahmer was on the winning side of a tag-team match at the last PWX event and now finds himself with the chance of gaining momentum while working his way up the contender's list. But, does Dahmer even realize that?

Amir Al Jahari has been solid since his debut in PWX in January, but has yet to gain a victory. This does not appear to bother Jahari at all as he just seems pleased to inflict pain on his opponents with his constant cheating tactics and angering the fans in the process. Jahari is certainly looking like someone that can make some noise in the very near future.

The Mantis has only been seen in a PWX ring 1 time in the last few months as that was against Brandon K. Mantis did make a good showing for himself in that match and has been making quite the impact in the local area with his emerging wrestling promise. Mantis was considered one of the best young lions in the promotion just a little while back and now says that he will make good on that promise as he returns to PWX on a fulltime basis once again....



(Card Subject To Change)

Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School . The Main Park Pavilion is located on Renzie Park Rd , between University Dr. and Sycamore Dr. Parking is free in the lots surrounding the ball fields and the pavilion in Renzie Park .



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Atlanta, GA 31141

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