Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick Monday Pro Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts news and notes 2/26/07

-- TV schedule for this week:
Monday - Raw 9PM USA
Tuesday - ECW 10PM SciFi; WSX 10:30PM MTV; Bodog Fight 11PM ION
Wednesday - UFC Fight Night Replay (Stephan Bonnar vs. Keith Jardine) 9PM Spike
Thursday - Impact 9PM Spike; Inside The UFC 11PM
Friday - UFC 68 Weigh-In 4PM; Smackdown 8PM CW; Countdown to UFC 68 11PM Spike
Saturday - UFC 68 10PM Pay-Per-View

-- Olympic wrestling champion Rulon Gardner and two other men were rescued on Sunday after surviving a plane crash along with swimming in freezing water and spending overnight without shelter near the Good Hope Bay at the Utah/Arizona border. "It takes only about 30 minutes for someone swimming in 44-degree water to start suffering the effects of hypothermia, so the fact that they swam in it for an hour, not to mention surviving the plane crash and the night without fire or shelter, is pretty amazing," said Steven Luckesen, a district ranger at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Those are some tough motherfuckers.

-- Samoa Joe's final opponent in ROH will be Homicide at the 3/4 Liverpool show.

-- An article in today's Fresno Bee on Ric Flair shows that he may be contemplating retirement: "To me, I'd like to wrestle for another year. I'd like to walk away with my head held high and know that I had the most illustrious career of anybody alive, in the history of our business. And I think I already have that." Don't hold your breath on that one...

-- Chuck Liddell spoke with the Boston Herald yesterday as he was in town helping promote the upcoming movie 300 and talked about wanting to face Quinton Jackson and Mirko Crocop as well his upcoming fight with Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 70 and UFC's coverage in Sports Illustrated. Liddell will be in Toronto this week continuing his 300 promo tour.

-- From comedy to mixed martial arts, welcome to the world of Joe Rogan

-- Widely outlawed fighting not banned in Kentucky

-- Pride Fighting tries to gain a foothold in Las Vegas

-- Franklin ready to make return
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