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Live Spoilers From TNA Impact Tapings in Orlando, FL

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Welcome to the LIVE SPOILERS (which means if you don’t want to know what happens DON’T READ ANY OF THIS) from TNA Impact tapings to air before the Destination X PPV. Sean Waltman and girlfriend known on WWE TV as Ryan Shamrock were in attendance. We were able to watch Jay Lethal do his impression of Randy Savage from Paparazzi Idol and then he was brought into the arena by Jeremy Borash for the fans to enjoy it. $o Cal Val was joined by a blonde girl named Tanya as ring attendant. Team Macktion were members of the TNA Security. Best wishes go out to David Young, A1and “Prime Time” Elix Skipper who were released last week.

Hour one results:

Scott Steiner attacked by Kurt Angle. TNA Security had to break it up. Jeremy Borash talked to Tomko and Christian Cage about Tomko’s match with Samoa Joe. Cage said he wanted Tomko to take care of Joe before Destination X. Tomko wanted to know how did beating Joe benefit him? Cage said if he got the job done Tomko would get a shot at the title. After Tomko walked away Cage called him selfish.

Elevation X was lowered to the arena floor for the opening as Mike Tenay and Don West talked to the home audience. Leticia walked into Jim Cornette’s office as he yelled at Kurt Angle for attacking Scott Steiner in a backstage hallway.

(1) Jerry Lynn, Senshi and Jay Lethal defeated World X Division champion Chris Sabin, the Austin Starr and Alex Shelley.

As Shelley came to ringside he handed Tenay a DVD slipcase, possibly his latest film. Kevin Nash and Sonjay Dutt came to the ring asking for Lethal do become Randy Savage. When he did his opponents attacked and we were on the way. Lynn, Lethal and Senshi dumped their opponents to the floor and followed them via planchas. Bob Backlund came out and talked to Tenay and West as Shelley got Lethal back in the ring where the triple teamwork began and went on for several minutes. Lethal survived and used Sabin to hit Shelley with a senton bomb for he tagged out to Senshi who unleashed his arsenal of kicks but Sabin hit the Cradle Shock. Shelley hit Lynn with Sliced Bread #2 but his attempt on Lethal was countered. So Starr hit Lethal with a brainbuster but Backlund stopped a cover as he argued once again with Starr. Senshi used the distraction to get a rollup with a bridge for a pinfall win.

Jeremy Borash found Abyss looking at a photo of Father James Mitchell but ran for his life when Abyss noticed the camera. He grabbed a production person and stuffed him into a trash can.

(2) “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner defeated Chase Stevens of the Naturals.

Stevens was in the ring as Kurt Angle attacked Steiner from behind. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Jerry Lynn attempted to hold them apart as Jim Cornette tried to reason with Angle. Angle left and Stevens was quickly beat by a top rope belly to belly suplex. Steiner grabbed the house mic and said last time he was in a ring with Angle he left him in a pool of his own blood. Steiner said Angle’s wife told he was half the man he used to be. This brought Angle back out to ringside with all of the TNA security staff in hot pursuit. Cornette asked Angle if he lost his mind. Angle answered by trying to put the Ankle Lock on Cornette. Cornette told Angle he was his only friend in TNA plus he knew Angle meant box office. Cornette told Angle he was fed up and to hit the exit. Big shock the fans didn’t like that decision.

Tenay and West talked to the home fans about what went down. Don Harris was backstage trying to evict Kurt Angle from the property. Angle responded with some colorful language. They threw it to a video package about “Wildcat” Chris Harris (new interview with Harris on

Alex Shelley came into the Impact Zone and the fans welcomed him properly. He ran down his directorial CV to the fans as they booed. We watched “Massacre in New York.” It was Homicide of LAX going to the training facility Devon of Team 3D used. He attacked Devon’s former trainer Johnny Rodz. He was joined by Hernandez who dropped exercise equipment onto Rodz. Homicide ended with a shout out to J-Train. Back in the ring Shelley thanked LAX for their help, claming he was Super Calo in Arena Mexico and WCW. Just as Shelley was going to bring out LAX Brother Ray came out. Shelley began to kiss major butt as Ray entered the ring. Ray said that footage made him sick to his stomach. The LAX fans had a photo of pig with Ray’s face on it. Ray wanted to know why Shelley shot the footage. This brought out Kevin Nash who looked like he was going to defend Shelley. With the distraction as cover the LAX hit the ring and then Brother Ray. Konnan watched from the rampway as he ordered LAX to get a table. Hernandez got the table and then threw Ray through it.

Jeremy Borash pubbed the texting service TNA uses on cell phones and then he talked to Samoa Joe about Destination X and tonight’s match with Tomko. As the interview ended JB found Abyss choking out TNA photographer Lee South. Joe got in Abyss’ face and said he needed to stand up to Mitchell one and for all.

(3) Tomko defeated Number one contender Samoa Joe.

Tomko attacked before the bell with punches and kicks. A corner clothesline shook Joe enough to wake him up. They traded boots the face but Joe sent Tomko to the floor and followed with a between the ropes forearm dive. Tomko used some leverage and shoved Joe into a ringpost shoulder first. Tomko took Joe back to the ring and a chinlock which led to a spinebuster for two. Tomko went back to the mat with a neckvise like move. Joe fought to his feet and hit a second rope knee to Tomko’s face for two. Joe hit Tomko with right hand punches and a powerslam for two. Joe set for the Muscle Buster but Tomko grabbed Earl Hebner. With Hebner’s back to the ring, Christian Cage slid in and hit Joe with a chair shot to the back and head. Tomko got off the top and hit a lariat to win. Tomko and Cage tried to double team Joe but it backfired as Joe fought back. As Joe had Cage in the Kokina clutch, Scott Steiner hit the ring to uneven the odds. After Cage hit Joe with the Unprettier a newly attired Abyss cleared the ring. I guess Abyss didn’t like what Joe said earlier because he hit him with the Black Hole Slam.

Hour two results:

The Elevation X was lowered once more and stayed down for the majority of the show.

(1) Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip and BG James) and Lance Hoyt defeated Serotonin members Frankie “the Future” Kazarian, “Maverick” Matt Bentley and “Hotshot” Johnny Devine.

As the match went on in the ring Devine leveled BG with a kendo stick shot to the skull. Serotonin got Kip James isolated and took him off his feet. Kip hit Kazarian with an Acecrusher and tagged out to Hoyt who pinned Devine. As usual after the match Raven came to the ring and delivered some discipline to his brotherhood. Once again Kazarian got in Raven’s face but still knelt down for the shots to the back.

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe came out to the ring. Angle said Destination X maybe days away but it felt like an eternity to get to. Angle said Steiner was dead meat and he said tonight he and Joe were on the same page. Angle said at the PPV he was going to the biggest Samoa Joe fan. Angle asked for Christian Cage and Scott Steiner to come to the ring. His request was sort of answered as Cage, Steiner and Tomko came on the rampway. Cage said he was in a family unit, the Christian Coalition and they did things together. He wanted angle and Joe to find a partner for a six man match later tonight. Angle said he had someone in mind, someone crazy. The talking ended and the fighting ensued on the rampway.

Mike Tenay entered the ring for a presentation of some kind. He was joined by $o Cal Val, Jeremy Borash and Leticia. He introduced the legendary Hector Guerrero who has joined the TNA office and the Spanish broadcasting team. The fans immediately began an EDDIE chant. Hector said he was so gracious to be part of the TNA family. He spoke Spanish to the home viewers and I understood none of it. Tenay said the award was part of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation apparently set up by TNA. But the presentation was stopped as Abyss crashed the party. $o Cal Val very smartly handed off the award to Abyss who promptly hit her with the Black Hole Slam.

(2) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks), “Showtime” Eric Young and “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore) defeated Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and “Macho Man” Jay Lethal.

Roode didn’t like Lethal’s impression and jumped him from behind. Roode tagged in Young and Lethal shook his hand, sort of. Roode entered and slapped the spit out of Young’s mouth. Storm tagged in and with some help from Roode, took over on Williams who was also tagged in. Williams fought off defeat and Roode several times before tagging out to Dutt as Roode tagged Storm. Things sped up as Williams and Lethal made the contest a high flying one as they hit moves to the floor. Gail Kim hit the ringside area and then Moore with punches. As that went on Dutt was pinned by Storm.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the Destination X card before going to a video package on the Last Rites match.

(3) Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and their partner “War Machine” Rhino fought “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, Tomko and NWA World Heavyweight champion “the Instant Classic” Christian Cage to a no contest

I guess you could call Rhino crazy, especially with the match he is going into at the PPV. This one went all over the place as Rhino and Tomko fought into the fans while Angle and Cage squared off in the ring. Cage got dumped to the floor and Joe punched him out. Rhino had Tomko set for the GORE but AJ Styles hit the ring. Rhino chased him out of the ring and up onto the Elevation X. Rhino kept in pursuit and chased Styles off. But Rhino climbed down to the side of the ring where Cage and Tomko were waiting. They slammed Rhino head first into the ring stairs and then into the ring where Steiner was waiting. Cage and Coalition took turns beating down Rhino in front of and behind Rudy Charles’ back. Rhino survived the beating and tagged out to Angle who hit everyone with a German Suplex. Actually he hit Tomko with three and Cage with a belly to belly suplex which allowed Joe to clothesline Cage to the floor. Rhino hit Tomko with the GORE, Cage hit Rhino with the Unprettier, Joe hit Cage with a Muscle Buster and Angle locked Steiner in the Ankle Lock. But before a submission Abyss hit the ring and then everyone with moves. The lights went down and came up to find Sting in the ring attacking Abyss. Things went crazy as all eight men fought in and around the ring.

Matches to air on syndicated TNA Xplosion:

(1) In a match that should have been on Impact, Senshi defeated Alex Shelley with a rollup into a bridge.

(2) The Austin Starr defeated Petey Williams when he countered out of the Canadian Destroyer into a double leg pin as his feet were resting on the ropes.

Matches announced for Destination X PPV:

***NWA World Heavyweight champion “the Instant Classic” Christian Cage (w/Tomko) vs. Samoa Joe

***In an Elevation X match, “War Machine” Rhino vs. the Phenomenal” AJ Styles (scaffold rules)

***In a Last Rites match, Sting vs. Abyss (winner must strap opponent to a bed of some kind)

***“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Kurt Angle

***NWA World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn

***In a “Ghetto Brawl”, NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) vs. Team 3D (Brothers Ray and Devon)

***Mr. Bob Backlund vs. the Austin Starr (not 100% sure)
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