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A Fans Perspective: Good, Bad and Indifferent

A Fans Perspective: Good, Bad and Indifferent By Oliver Newman

I watched TNA Final Resolution, and it was then that I saw what the writing of TNA was doing to the TNA show. Illogical booking left a bitter taste in my mouth at the very end (AJ Styles losing a match on purpose and Brother Runt's drunkenness costing Team 3D a match especially). So I took a step back and said to myself 'I won't watch Impact, but I'll tune in for Against All Odds in February).

So a month passed and it's Against All Odds night. I decided to give TNA Wrestling another chance, bare in mind there had been some Stellar matches (LAX v Styles/Daniels (any), Samoa Joe v Kurt Angle TNA Turning point 2006 for example).

I went through a mixture of emotions watching this show,


Austin Starr v Bob Backlund - I hope when all is said and done Starr is the man with his hand raised, that is critical for his future in TNA.

Storylines - Abyss v Sting If you watch match without knowing storyline, I feel you could enjoy it. Time to suspend your disbelief!

Christian v Kurt Angle - Too much took away from it, ref being knocked down twice, constant outside interference, case of booking over Wrestling.


Lap dance - Two Bikini clad women give Brother Ray a lap dance in the middle of a match. WHY? What did this add to the PPV.

Big Fat Oily Guy v Christy Hemme - Tuxedo match, and an embarrassment to Wrestling fans everywhere!

Traci Brooks and Eric Young - Traci motioning that she will sleep with Eric if he signs Contract.

How could bad become good? Those 3 segments added up to around 10 minutes. Why not for those 10 minutes give two women the opportunity to Wrestle! Christy talked about a Women's Division, well why not cut out Bikini Clad dancers! Christy Hemme wrestles one of a long list of good Women's Wrestlers, any one from the following: Lacey, Allison Danger, Cheerleader Melissa, Daizee Haze if you would like to use UK Women Skye, Jetta or Lisa Fury. One of the aforementioned Wrestlers has a match with Christy they tear it up and put Women's Wrestling on the map in TNA.

LAX v Team 3D - The ending. Why does it take a group of men to help the best tag team in TNA secure a win?

How could bad become good? This shouldn't have happened! LAX have beaten every other TNA tag team, so isn't it feasible they could and in this case should have beaten Team 3D.

Lance Hoyt needing a Steel Chair to beat a Baseball Player.

How could bad become good? I honestly have no idea, Lance Hoyt is exactly what the booking team in TNA want him to be an afterthought, It's a shame because he had a lot of potential.

Earl Hebner kicking key towards Rhino

How could bad become good? It can't! This shouldn't have happened and ruined a pretty good match between AJ Styles and Rhino.


Bob Backlund - After Hotel scene. "You're ruining the world, fabric of society, etc" Missed out one thing though Bob, this kind of Scene is ruining pro Wrestling!

Chris Sabin v Jerry Lynn - Chris Sabin is truly TNA's MVP, he has stepped up so much since becoming 'cocky' and this performance was no exception. Great to see Jerry back in the ring, hopefully full time!

Jerry just wouldn't stay down for the 3, such is his pride and the opportunity to teach the young upstart a lesson. People may complain about ending of the match but Sabin tried and couldn't beat Jerry Lynn (no matter what he did), but such was the desperation he cheated.

Women's Wrestling in TNA! Still have same opinion about above, as I feel it would not have taken away from mixed tag, which was a pretty good showcase for Women's Wrestling.

Eric Young (after Roode interview) - When all is said and done with Roode incorporated Eric Young could be the next big star (listen to the crowd reactions!).

I almost turned show off half way through, as there was a ridiculous amount of bad. Knowing I was going to be writing this piece, I wanted to stay impartial and to do that I had to watch the whole show, I'm glad to say it picked up. I felt sorry for U.S. fans that paid to see this show at the beginning, it would be interesting to see if they felt they got their money's worth in the end.

Thank you all for reading I hope your experience was most enjoyable, feel free to leave comments in here, message me or you can email me at

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