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ACW 2/13/07 Results from New Port Richey, FL

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On Tuesday February 13, 2007 Legends of Wrestling presented American Combat Wrestling from Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL.

(1) Jaison Moore defeated Shayne Swift.

Both men began with some chain wrestling but Moore went after Swift’s left arm and shoulder. Moore almost dislocated Swift’s jaw with an inverted cracker jack. Moore’s waistlock got reversed and Swift sent Moore to the floor. Swift followed out with a plancha and a slingshot version back in the ring. But a huricurana became a Moore delivered power bomb to a corner and Rolling Thunder soon followed. Moore hit a slam but a top rope move was stopped by Swift and a top rope huricurana. Swift kicked both of Moore’s legs but a head kick was missed and Moore floated into a Cobra Twist like submission victory.

(2) “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison defeated ACW Cruiserweight champion Nooie Lee.

Before the match Madison took the house mic proclaiming himself tougher then anyone in the ACW locker room. When Lee got to the ring he showed how tough he was by going right at Madison with a high flying arsenal. It went well until Lee’s third cross bodyblock got canvas instead of Madison. Lee quickly recovered into a side headlock which he refused to release even after Madison hit a back suplex. Things got fast paced when Lee sent Madison to the floor and went for a plancha but Madison saw him and threw Lee into the ring post. Back in the ring Madison hit a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker and held it for a submission but Lee refused to give up. Madison locked in a bearhug but Lee escaped with a bell ringer only to run right into an elbow. It looked like Madison was toying with Lee as he choked him on the ropes. Lee fought back with a inside cradle and then a backslide for two, followed by a flurry of offensive moves. But that ended when Lee’s bodyblock became Madison’s powerslam pinfall victory.

(3) Austin Amadeus defeated Nick Fame and the returning Damien Angel.

This was Angel’s first match back after a severe neck injury suffered in Daytona Beach months ago. He had a minute or two to plan things out as Fame immediately went after his former partner Amadeus. Angel waited for their fight to enter the ring before hitting both men with cheat chops. Fame and Angel hit Amadeus with a suplex and then played can you chop harder then me on Amadeus’ chest. Amadeus fought back but Fame hit an enziguri but Amadeus fired back with a DVD into a gutbuster. Angel got to his feet and brought Fame and Amadeus off the top rope as Fame was going for a superplex. Fame hit Amadeus with a superkick but Angel hit Fame with a leg lariat. Just as it looked like Angel was going to win when he locked Amadeus in an arm submission move but a large Puerto Rican man came out and chokeslammed Angel and Fame into the mat so Amadeus could win by pinfall. After the match Amadeus told the fans the man was named Jose and he hit Fame with a power bomb.

(4) Syndicate members “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and Shan Hill defeated Cousin Dale (w/Momma) and Twizted Vengeance.

Before the match Mosca took the mic and said he delivered on his promise to recreate the Syndicate with Hill as the third member. Mosca and Dale began the match but it was Mosca and Hill who controlled it with hard hitting power moves. Dale reversed a corner whip and was able to tag out to Twizted who was clotheslined into the middle of March by Hill. Mosca tagged in and the power moves got harder with a chest driver into a corner. Dale and Mosca fought to the floor where Dale leveled Mosca with a garbage can shot but Mosca laid out Dale with the same can. In the ring Mosca hit Twizted with a facebuster and Hill hit a second rope moonsault to win via pinfall.

(5) “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo defeated LaDuke Jakes via DQ.

Romeo didn’t look enthused to be facing the 300 pound walking killing machine. Jakes showed his power advantage the entire match throwing Romeo from one side of the ring to the other. Romeo’s shoulder blocks were ineffective as he ended up on his shoulders. Jakes used the ropes to choke Romeo but missed a corner splash. Romeo hit a corner clothesline but got hit with a double chop thrust to the neck. Jakes hit a powerslam but got two so he went back to the neck with a choke. Romeo ducked an elbow and hit a clothesline and followed Jakes to the floor, which proved to be wrong as Romeo met the ring post with his face. The action came back to the ring where Romeo hit clothesline that didn’t knock Jakes down but got leveled with a weapon of some kind. Referee Billy Dalton called for the bell but the fighting just began as Mosca charged the ring and fought with Jakes all over the night club.

(6) In a Hard Core match, ACW Tag Team champions Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only) defeated Sedrick Strong & “Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters (w/Fetish)

Needless to say this match went all over the night club and back again. The four men used anything they could grab from bar stools, the venue walls, tables, garbage can lids and even beverages. Only hit Masters with a Russian legsweep from the ring apron into a wall as Sideshow and Strong fought on the floor. Only made a mistake by wearing rib tape as it was a bullseye for Strong and Masters. With Only hurting Sideshow had to fight for his life and the titles. On the floor Strong suplexed Sideshow on a garbage can but got two. Masters went for and missed a top rope elbow as Only sat up and moved. Only hit Masters with a suplex and a swinging neckbreaker but Strong broke up the pin. Strong hit Only in the ribs with a tag title belt but his chair shot to Sideshow’s head did nothing as the adrenaline kicked in. sideshow hit Strong with a backcraker but got two. Sideshow hit a Catatonic into a backbreaker but didn’t go for the pin. Instead he got a folding table from under the ring and set it up in a corner as Only and Masters fought on the floor. Masters hit Sideshow with an Acecrusher but Only hit him with a Rock Bottom and then hit Strong with a superkick. Sideshow hit a sideslam into the table but didn’t get a break or pin. Sideshow and Only went to put Strong into the table but Masters stopped that. Sideshow went up top and hit Strong with an elbow to win. After the bell Masters put Sideshow through the table with a top rope splash but it was after the fact as the champions retained.

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto or for information on our February 17th TV taping, the 2007 King of Florida event. The event will be at the Jewish Community Center, 9847 Scenic Drive in Port Richey, FL. Doors are at 6:30pm with a 7pm bell time. You can buy tickets at the Community Center or ACW events at Bourbon Street Night Club. Like live music, then check out

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