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Nate Stein Indy Report - 2/14

Nate Stein Indy Report - 2/14

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TU 2/6, ACW, New Port Richey, FL
FR 2/9, NWA WB, Irondale, AL
NWS, Sayreville, NJ
PWA, Cambridge, ON
SA 2/10, PCW, Arlington, TX
NWA U, Rochester, NY
CWF, Monessen, PA
EWF, Marion, IN
HCW, Wahiawa, HI
TIWF, Jackson, TN
LWA, Affton, MO
SU 2/11, MPW, Chillicothe, OH
NWA I, Lafayette, IN
WE 2/14, OVW, Louisville, KY
IWE, Tampa, FL
TH 2/15, NSW, Mississauga, ON
NWH, Old Town, ME
FR 2/16, UWA, Mississauga ON
CWF MA, Charlotte, NC
SA 2/17, PWU, Philadelphia, PA
IWC, Elizabeth, PA
OVW, Elizabethtown, KY
UCW, Bay City, MI
NWA M/MAW, Milwaukee, WI
EWF, Marion, IN
ADR, Griffith, IN
NWS, Middletown, NJ
IWS, Montreal, QC
PWA, Hull, ON
PWP, Council Bluffs, IA
MWC, Elkhart, IN
CWF MA, Burlington, NC
MF, Bellmawr, NJ
NWA PWX/AWC, McKeesport, PA
APW, Spartanburg, SC
AWA SCW, Madison, IN
WCWO, Crawfordsville, IN
SXW, Jacksonville, FL
TMW, Knoxville, TN
SU 2/18, OVW, Louisville, KY
MAW, Milwuakee, WI
LOW, St. Mary’s, OH
NSE, Cass Lake, MN
TU 2/20, HWA, Evendale, OH

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***** ***** *****
American Combat Wrestling results
TU, 2/6 - New Port Richey, FL

*Drinking Contest: “Rough House” Ralph Mosca def. “Marquee” Bruce Santee
*Shan Hill/Twizted Vengeance def. Austin Amadeus/Nick Fame
*”Modern Revolution” Steve Madison def. “Latin Sensation” Ricky Romeo
*ACW Cruiserweight champion Nooie Lee vs. Jaison Moore went to a no contest
*Non-title: Sedrick Strong/”Canadian Dream” Joshua Masters w/ Fetish def. ACW Tag champions Dogmatika (Sideshow/Dany Only)
*ACW Heavyweight champion “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus def. Big Daddy Pimp

NWA Wrestle Birmingham results
FR, 2/9 - Irondale, AL

*El Mexicano w/ Gina def. Joe Hogan
*”Exotic” Adrian Street w/ Miss Linda def. Aeon Flexx w/ Marcel Pringle/Ricky Roberts
*”Maddog” Dan Sawyer pinned Henry Hoss
*NWA WB Tag champions Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper/David Young w/ Robert Fuller) retains over The Fire/The Flame w/ “Mr. Motivation” Jimmy Powell
*Loser Leaves Town: Tommy Rich def. The Bullet
*NWA WB TV Title: Dennis Condrey vs. Brad Armstrong went to a no contest
*Mike Jackson def. Daffney w/ Robert Fuller via DQ
*James Storm pinned Jake Roberts
*NWA AB, Alabama Street Fight: BG James w/ Eddie G def. McNasty w/ Robert Fuller

National Wrestling Superstars results
FR, 2/9 - Sayreville, NJ

*Trent Acid/Rob Eckos def. JD Smooth/Rhet Titus
*New Ebony Express def. Krotch Stomp Kings
*Sychadelic Sissies def. JT Highlander/Dublic Destroyer 1
*Team Supreme def. Baghdad Bullies
*Sissies def. Ebony
*Acid/Eckoe vs. Team Supreme went to a time limit draw
*Haircut Match: Brutus Beefcake def. Kevin Knight
*Team Supreme def. Acid/Eckos & Sychadelic Sissies

Pure Wrestling Association results
FR, 2/9 - Cambridge, ON

*Tommy Ryder def. RJ City
*Reck def. Rusty Steel
*Joey Valentine def. Buck 10
*Lak Sadartha def. Allen Joe
*Tommy Ryder/Buck 10 def. RJ City/Joey Valentine
*Juan Ortiz def. Jeff Flurry
*Food Eating Contest: Paul Wright def. Masked Hideous Blob
*21st Century Fox/Eddie Osbourne def. Addy Starr/Rip Impact

Professional Championship Wrestling results
SA, 2/10 - Arlington, TX

*James Johnson def. John O’Malley
*Action Jackson def. Ryan Davidson
*PCW Cruiserweight champion Brett Barnes retained over Mad Dog
*PCW Tag Titles: Wally Darkmon/Shadow (aka Lance Hoyt) def. Aaron Eagle/Robert Evans
*PCW TV champion Luke Bronson retains against James Johnson
*Action Jackson def. Puggy Putzo
*Nobe Bryant def. Brandon Collins

NWA Upstate results
SA, 2/10 - Rochester, NY

*Dustytaker def. Johnny Kayfabe
*The McCloud Brothers def. Da Barrio Boyz
*Brandon Thurston def. Ivan Radske, Rip Impact, & JPG
*Cody Deaner def. Colin Olsen
*NWA U 6 Man: Mark Krieger/Dewey/Chip Stetson def. The Dynasty w/ Coconut Jones
*21st Century Fox def. Syndy
*"The Amazing" Pepper Parks def. Sweet Lou, D To The Icky, Gabe Saint, Spazz, & “Luscious” Joe Sloan
*"The Trouble King" Steve Corino/"New Generation Ace" Ricky Landell def. Sterling James Keenan/"Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney w/ Star Rider
*NWA U Kayfabe Dojo Title: Mastiff def. "The Exceptional Icon" Eric Evelast
*Rhythm & Booze/"Dark Pony" JP Black def. NWA U Tag champions Roadies/Van Atlas w/ Nikki Jett
*"The Infamous" Bobby Fish def. "Fabulous" John McChesney w/ Star Rider
*NWA U No Limits champion Cheech/NWA U Heavyweight champion Jimmy Olsen def. "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee/Cloudy

Championship Wrestling Federation results
SA, 2/10 - Monessen, PA

*Blade def. Masked Assassin
*Eric Xtasy def. ShareCropper
*Straight Jacket Mafia (“Syko” Sean Dahmer/Apollyon) def. Perfect Storm (Thunder/Lightning)
*Beast def. “Snakeman” Deven Michaels by count-out
*Kato vs. “Future” Calvin McGrath went to a time limit draw
*CWF Tag champions Lord Zoltan/Amir Al Jafari def. The Steel City Saints (Bobby Shields/Chris LeRusso)
*”King of Karaoke” Steve Flash def. Powerhouse Hughes
*CWF Heavyweight champion Zubov def. “Spotlight” Scottie Gash
*Ladder Match: Justin Idol def. Devil Bhudakahn, Mantis, Jason Gory

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
SA, 2/10 - Marion, IN

*Nate Phoenix def. Tony X
*Wildman Rogers def. Louis Linaris by DQ
*Bob def. Fallen Dragon
*EWF New Era champion Jay West retained over Jake Omen
*EWF Midwestern champion Big Richard Cannon retained against Andy Santos
*Dark Lion vs. Just Justin went to a no contest
*EWF Title: Hank Callhoun def. Osyris

Hawaii Championship Wrestling results
SA, 2/10 - Wahiawa, HI

*Battle Royal: Big Daddy Frank
*Big Daddy Frank def. Ma Hu Wong
*Kaimana def. Kenjiro & Kamu
*AWA HCW Inter-Island champion Kaniala def. Mr. Spa Fitness

Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation results
SA, 2/10 - Jackson, TN

*Dixie Justice (Lawman Williams/Dazzlin’ Dixie) def. Big Boys
*Steven Rampage def. Void
*TIWF Cruiserweight champion Razor retains over Wildside by DQ
*Jennifer Justice def. The Boogeyman
*Genocide def. Death on Command
*TIWF Regional Heavyweight champion PK Ripper retains against Dazzlin’ Dixie by DQ

Lethal Wrestling Alliance results
SA, 2/10 - Affton, MO

*"The Future" Brian Ladd def. Johnny Vinyl
*Dingo def. "Triple X" Jordan Lacey
*Nick Tyson def. Evan Gelistico & K.C.
Karrington w/ Tiffany LaFane
*Dorian Victor w/ Jewells pinned Brandon Espinosa
*Billy McNeil def. Steven Kennedy w/ K.C. Karrington/Tiffany LaFane
*Shorty Biggs/C.J. McManus w/ Jewells def. Adam Raw/Bryan James
*LWA Heavyweight champion Gary The Barnowl pinned "Hard Knox" Dan Velten w/ Gordon Pumpernickle

Mad Pro Wrestling results
SU, 2/11 - Chillicothe, OH

*Sami Callihan def. Flash Fury
*Cody Hawk vs. Lou Roberts
*MPW MX Titke: Ryan Midnight def. Chance Prophet & Carlton Kaz
*TJ Dalton/Lennox Lightfoot def. Princes of Portugal (JD Santo/Vance Desmond)
*BJ Whitmer def. Matt Stryker w/ Neveah
*TLC, Ref: Ed Crowza: Irish Airborne def. The Mavericks

NWA Indiana results
SU, 2/11 - Lafayette, IN

*PT Hussla def. Darklion
*Chase Richards/Johnny Rich def. Brandon Krueger/Devon Fury
*Shawn Cook def. Marc Houston
*Chase Richards def. Chris Cardio
*Devon Fury/Jason Young def. Kenneth James/Quicksilver
*Martin Fernandez def. Rob Ramer
*PT Hussla def. Jeremy Hadley by DQ
*NWA Midwest X champion Jason Dukes vs. Billy
Roc went to a time limit draw
*NWA I Heritage champion Chad Collyer retains over
Colt Cabana
*No DQ: Itch Coma Weider def. Guy Lombardo

***** ***** *****
Ohio Valley Wrestling
WE, 2/14 - 8 pm
Davis Arena, 4400 Shepherdsville RD, Louisville, KY

Innovative Wrestling Experience
WE, 2/14 - 8 pm
American Legion Post 5, 3810 W. Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL

***** ***** *****
New School Wrestling
TH, 2/15 - 7 pm
ANAF Veterans Club, Mississauga, ON

New Wrestling Horizons
TH, 2/15 - 7 pm
VFW Hall, Old Town, ME

*Michael Elgin vs. ???
*Jay Fenix vs. Jimmy Jacobs
*Prodigy vs. Sebastian Suave
*Logan Savage vs. Adam Reed vs. Steve Brown vs. Mike Stevens
*Timothy Dalton vs. Matt Bison
*2/3 Falls: The Gym Rats vs. Blind Rage

***** ***** *****
UWA Hardcore Wrestling
FR, 2/16 - 7 pm
St. John's Hall, Mississauga, ON

*Josh Prohibition vs. Ruckus vs. M-Dogg 20
*Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin vs. Lionel Knight/Bishop
*Sonjay Dutt vs. Tyler Black
*Sabian/Joker vs. Reyes/Puma
*Dan Paysan vs. Virus vs. Rip Impact vs. Phil Atlas vs. Dunn vs. Marcos
*Arik Cannon vs. Josh Abercrombie
*Handicap Match: Jennifer Blake/Asylum vs. Derek Wylde
*The Olsen Twins vs. The North Star Express

CWF Mid-Atlantic
FR, 2/16 - 7:30 pm
Sugar Creek Rec Center, Charlotte, NC

*Bunkhouse Stampede
*Also Garry “Madd Trucker” Stevens, Rob “Boogie Woogie Man” McBride, Tank Lawson, & more

***** ***** *****
Pro Wrestling Unplugged
SA, 2/17 - 3 pm
New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA

*PWU World Heavyweight Title, Hardcore Match: champion Devon Moore vs. Ian Rotten
*PWU Hardcore Title: champion Corporal Robinson w/ Shaggy 2 Dope vs. Raven
*WSX Heavyweight champion Vampiro vs. Luke Hawx
*Contender Match for PWU World Heavyweight Title: Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo
*Homicide vs. 2 Tuff Tony w/ Violent J
*Contenders Match for PWU Tag Titles: Backseat Boyz vs. All Money Is Legal
*PWU Women’s champion Amy Lee/Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez/Mickie Knuckles

International Wrestling Cartel
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Court Time Sports Center, 95 Enterprise DR, Elizabeth, PA

*IWC Heavyweight champion Ricky Reyes vs. “Shooter” Brent Albright
*Sterling James Keenan vs. “Senshi” Low Ki
*”Balls Hot” Troy Lords vs. “Fabulous” John McChesney
*IWC Tag Titles: Babyface Fire (Shiima Xion/Jason Gory)//Danshoku Dino vs. Sexual Harassment/Chris Maverick
*Hentai vs. Kudo
*Cleveland Mafia (J-Rocc/Raymond Rowe) vs. Gambino Brothers Moving Company (Mickey Gambino/Marshall Gambino/”Delicious” Jimmy DeMarco)
*”Showtime” Eric Young vs. “Sweet N Sour” Larry Sweeney
*”Hot Property” Jason Cage vs. Nobutaka Moribe
*Dean Radford vs. Vendetta
*Also Dennis Gregory & more

Ohio Valley Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Vaughn Reno Starks Community Center, 105 Bishop LN, Elizabethtown,KY
270-763-6800, 270-360-9269

Ultimate Championship Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 7 pm
Bay County Community Center, 800 JFK Blvd, Bay City, MI

*UCW Heavyweight champion Viper Pete Christie vs. Tito Santana
*UCW Midwest Title, Hardcore Rules Match: champion Big Chuck Wagon vs. The Rude Boy vs. Alcatraz vs. Dyson Pryce
*UCW Tag champions The Connecticut Expereince vs. Whiplash/Korvis
*Kacee Carlise vs. Ann Brookstone
*UCW Cruiser champion Sebastian Rose vs. D-Ray 3000
*#1 Contenders Match: Bull Wheeler vs. Tommy Titus vs. Xaiver Justice
*Also Doink the Clown, Melvin Nerdly, Rick Fontaine, Tammy Sytch, & more

NWA Midwest/Mid American Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 8 pm
Sports Connection, 3000 S. 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

*Legends of Violence (Hardcore Craig/Necro Butcher) vs. Dysfunction/Esteban Molina
*MAW Jr. Heavyweight/NWA X Title, Fans Bring the Weapons Match: champion “Too Phat” Jason Dukes vs. “Beautiful” Bobby V
*NWA Wi champion Dinty Moore, Tracy Brooks, & more

Extreme Wrestling Federation
SA, 2/17 - 7 pm
EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams, Marion, IN

*EWF champion Osyris vs. Greg Valentine
*EWF New Era champion “Indy Kid” Jay West vs. Marty Jannetty
*Ricky Morton/Wildman Rogers vs. Big Richard Cannon/Louis Linaris
*EWF Tag champions Ames/Able vs. Just Justin/Nate Phoenix
*Also Andy Santos, Bob, Fallen Dragon, Hank Calhoun, Dark Lion, & more

Adrenaline Rush Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
St. Mary’s Church, 525 N. Board ST, Griffith, IN

*ARW Heavyweight champion Chase “The Face” Richards vs. Chad Collyer
*Lumberjack Match: ARW Midwest champion “The Associate” Dave Allen vs. Angus McDuff
*”Big Canadian” Jon Wall vs. Cyanide
*Kenny Courageous vs. “Sexy” Shawn Cook
*PT Hustla vs. “Roughneck” Jay Ryan
*DVon Fury vs. Botch
*ARW Midwest Title Contender Battle Royal

National Wrestling Superstars
FR, 2/16 - 7:45 pm
Middletown VFW, 1 Veterans LN, Middletown, NJ

*2/3 Falls: Kamala w/ Short Sleeve Sampson/Kimala vs. Antonio Thomas
*Team Supreme vs. Sychadelic Sissies

International Wrestling Syndicate
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Bogey’s World Bar & Billiard, 3250 Cremazie Est, Montreal, QC

*IWS champion Viking vs. “Paranoid” Jake Matthews
*IWS Tag champions Mean & Green (Dru Onyx/Green Phantom) vs. Rock N’ Cock Express (Twiggy/Pornstar Juan)
*IWS Canadian champion Dan Paysan vs. Stupefied
*EXesS vs. Stefany
*Hi-5 (Beef Wellington/Kid Kamikaze) vs. Team Checkmate (Chris Bishop/Lionel Knight)

SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Lonsdale Centre, Anlaby Road, Hull, Ontario

*PWA Title, No Rules: champion Urban Warrior vs. “Superstar” Nathan Irwin
*Chris Nova/Matt Myers vs. Jade
*Mick Romeo vs. Trojan
*Kid Rage vs. Del La Art
*”Natural Disaster” Darren Mason vs. Andy Phoenix
*Colt Stevens/Tommy Gunn vs. Gentlemen’s Establishment (Adam James Bullivant/Ashton Saviour)

Pro Wrestling Phoenix
SA, 2/17
East Side Church Rec Center, Council Bluffs, IA

*No Ropes Barbed Wire: ”Babyface” Tony Cortez vs. Hype Gotti

Midwest Wrestling Connection
SA, 2/17 - 6 pm
916 N Michigan ST, Elkhart, IN

*MWC Cruiserweight champion “Sikness” Adam Bueller vs. Jake Omen
*Tag Tournament w/ Gorilla Warfare, YBI’s, & more
*Also, MCCW Heavyweight champion William Studd

CWF Mid-Atlantic
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Carolina Sports Arena, Burlington, NC

Monster Factory
SA, 2/17 - 2 pm
130A Harding Ave, Bellmawr, NJ

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress/Atlas Wrestling Company
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion, McKeesport, PA

*AWC champion Scott Venom/Brandon K vs. Crusher Hansen/Bigg
*Brandon K vs. Christian Faith
*Dash Bennett vs. Billy Taylor
*Dan Miles vs. Apollyon
*PWX Heavyweight champion Chris Taylor vs. Vince Nothing w/ Krystal Frost
*PWX 3 Rivers champion Devil Bhudakahn vs. Nick Paradise
*Scottie Gash vs. Marion Fontaine
*Blue Dragon/”Syko” Sean Dahmer vs. Elite/Amir Al Jahari

American Pro Wrestling
SA, 2/17
380 Whitney RD, Spartanburg, SC

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 7:30 pm
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN

Tickets: $5

Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws
SA, 2/17 - 7 pm
Montgomery County 4H Fairgrounds, Crawfordsville, IN

*WCWO Title, Steel Cage: champion Indiana Kidd, Jr. vs. “Dangerous Bull” Don Basher

Southern Xtreme Wrestling
SA, 2/17 - 8 pm
American Legion Post 316, Mayport RD/Atlantic BLVD, Jacksonville, FL

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
SA, 2/17
National Guard Armory, Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN

***** ***** *****
Ohio Valley Wrestling
SU, 2/18 - 6 pm
Expo Five, Derby Park Traders Circle Flea Market, 2900 7th ST RD, Louisville, KY

Mid-American Wrestling
SU, 2/18 - 8 pm
The Sports Connection, 3000 S 13th ST, Milwaukee, WI

Legends of Wrestling
SU, 2/18 - 6 pm
St. Marys High School, 105 Spring ST, St. Marys, OH

Feat. Pat Tanaka/Dylan Knight, Greg Valentine, Marty Jannetty, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, Tracy Smothers, Ricky Morton, Buff Bagwell, Doink the Clown, & more

Northern Star Entertainment
SU, 2/18 - 1 pm
Leech Lake Facility Center, Cass Lake, MN

*Title vs. Title: Heavyweight champion Asylum vs. US champion “Hollywood” Brian Sager
*NSE Tag Titles Contenders: “Simply Fabulous” Joe Clark/”Wildcard” Deuces Wild vs. Dr. Bones/Draco
*NSE Women’s champion Eva Rose vs. Mystic
*NSE Cruiserweight champion Jack Havok vs. Maniac
*Widowmaker vs. Asylum
*Also 7’1” Big Rig Fulton & more

***** ***** *****
Heartland Wrestling Association
TU, 2/20 - 7 pm
10800 Reading RD, Suite A, Evendale, OH

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