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SHOW #56



NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


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NWA Anarchy TV Report
Episode 56
March 26, 2007

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- Last week on NWA Anarchy TV, Chad Parham cashed in his free heavyweight title shot and snatched the strap from around Slim J’s not so putrid waist.

- John Johnson opens up by reflecting upon the big six man tag where Justice Served & Jeremy V defeated the Urban Assault Squad & Ace Rockwell. Also, Chad Parham captured the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title using an underhanded and dastardly tactic. This week Sal Rinauro challenges Austin Creed and the NWA Elite with Attorney/Agent Jeff G Bailey hope to eradicate the Rejects, Tank & Iceberg, off the fact of the planet.

1. Sal Rinauro vs. Austin Creed
THE MATCH: This is the second consecutive broadcast in a row where Rinauro wrestles in the opening contest. Mr. Johnson claims that the crowd aspires to be like Rinauro. If the opening moments are any indication, I’ll plead the fifth since Creed is handing his carcass on a silver platter. Rinauro retreats to the floor as the crowd trades dualing chants. He uses a Mo Howard eyelock, which I admire, to gain a short lived advantage. Creed scores a near fall after an offensive flurry. Since cheating didn’t work, Rinauro sends Creed face first to the mat with a drop toe hold. Well, that works momentarily until Creed escapes and lands a picturesque dropkick for a near fall. Rinauro finally gains the advantage after he catches Creed leaping off the top turnbuckle with a dropkick. The crowd rallies behind Creed, but Rinauro counters his pugilistic skills with a vertical suplex. Rinauro discombobulates Creed with a stomp, but only scores a two count on a nonchalant cover. After a commercial break, Rinauro continues to focus his attack on Creed’s head with a high knee. He makes the cover, but Creed kicks out at two. Creed buys himself time and gets a second wind after eluding a turnbuckle splash. He connects with a bulldog, but finds himself flying to the floor when he charges at Rinauro. Then, Rinauro pays the price when he pulls Creed’s hair with a neck snap on the top rope. He follows up with a springboard clothesline from the floor to the ring. Creed makes the cover for a two count after a spinning heel kick. Creed earns another series of near falls after a Sunset flip, rollup and a backslide. Creed sidesteps a flying bodypress and uses an uranage to score another near fall. He decides to take to the sky, but Rinauro clips him up. Rinauro almost finishes off Creed with a belly to back superplex. After an inverted atomic drop, Creed ducks and lands the Monte Fisto for the upset pinfall victory.
WINNER: Austin Creed.
COMMENTS: This match scores extra points for the several near falls leading in to the final outcome. It was very believable that Creed kicked out of a pinfall attempt after taking a belly to back superplex since Rinauro “didn’t get too much height on the move.” There are other wrestlers that Creed could have defeated cleanly, but I would assume his popularity is the reason for the decision to put him over Rinauro.

- Seth Delay is impressed that Adrian Hawkins has listened and abided in everything that he has said to do. Delay relives his past: teaching AJ Styles how to be phenomenal, and Rinauro the science and psychology behind the sport. Remember, it’s all just science. Follow me and you will be great, well, that’s what Delay lays claim to. Delay reminisces about G-Rated (Rinauro) defeating numerous teams. He brags about teaching that Zero, Patrick Bentley, how to put his past behind him and to be a great wrestler. Somehow, he’s stopped listening and will pay for being stupid. There’s only thing to do and that’s a hug. Well, that’s the second thing according to Delay that might happen. Instead, they’re going for protein pudding. Oh, this was a great segment.

2. Anger Inc. (Adam Roberts & Jason Blackman) vs. the Texas Treats (Don Juan & Chris Marval)
THE MATCH: The Texas Treats have returned to Anarchy for the first time since April 2006 due to tax and border patrol problems. Okay, so that’s what Johnson thinks. Hunter notes that Anger Inc. looks good on paper, but they can’t get along. The Treats control the early going with double team moves including a Hart Attack. Hunter calls this a brilliant exhibition. Roberts tries to make the save, but accidentally elbows Blackman. Anger Inc. takes over with special thanks to the old fashioned clip on Marval. However, Marval escapes and tags in the world burrito making champion. Don Juan tosses Roberts to his own corner and lands a seated dropkick for the win. Marval lands a lungblower on Roberts. Marval holds Roberts on his back and Don Juan lands a moonsault. Don Juan clotheslines an interfering Blackman to the floor. The referee instructs Marval to head back to the corner. Meanwhile, Blackman lands the Kick of Death when Don Juan sets up for double underhook piledriver. Roberts makes the cover for the win. Afterwards, Anger Inc. argue over whose hand is victoriously raised.
WINNERS: Anger Inc.
COMMENTS: This was alright even though I didn’t care too much for this match. It was just missing something. The Treats controlled the entire match, which fits into the grand scheme of things since Anger Inc. has a problem getting along.

- We begin part 2 with Greg Hunter interviewing NWA Anarchy TV champion Ace Rockwell. Parham decides to interject himself when Hunter calls him the best wrestler on TV. He tells Rockwell that the TV Title doesn’t mean a thing because the Heavyweight Title is what it’s all about.

- “The Best Damn Ring Announcer in Georgia Today” Ernie Rich is prepared to interview a disturbed and demented looking Patrick Bentley. Bentley calls out Seth Delay, who promptly heads out with Adrian Hawkins. Delay tells Bentley that he doesn’t work on his time. Delay doesn’t feel like wrestling tonight, so he sends a willing Adrian Hawkins to wrestle.

3. Patrick Bentley vs. Adrian Hawkins
THE MATCH: Johnson accuses Hunter of instigating incidents every time he interviews someone. If I were Chad Parham, I’d be, pissed too, being the heavyweight champion and not being labeled the best wrestler on TV. I can’t count how many times great feuds have started over something like this. Bentley starts off by landing some bombs to the back of Hawkins’s head. Delay gives Hawkins a pep talk before reentering the ring. Bentley stiffs Hawkins like he has a receipt to return. Bentley confronts Delay and single-handedly stares him away. Hawkins uses the distraction to gain the advantage and focuses his attack on Bentley’s leg. Hawkins posts Bentley’s leg. Bentley buys time with an enziguri and gains a second wind. Hawkins pulls the referee in the way and places his feet on the ropes to score a cheap two count on Bentley. Bentley counters with Full Articulation, but Delay runs to save his partner. Somehow, the crowd pops when Delay raises Hawkins’s hand. It sounds like Delay partially controls the crowd, too. They celebrate until Bentley chases them off.
WINNER: Patrick Bentley by DQ.
COMMENTS: I don’t how the Anarchy crowd is taking to this storyline, but it came off pretty good on TV. I like the fact that Patrick Bentley is no longer this lovable, huggable and bubbly babyface. He can escape typecasting and explore other emotions, including his dark and vindictive side. Delay makes a great heel thanks to having the ability to cut promos and a whacky personality. If should help Hawkins develop his persona as well having a heel run with Delay, but only time will tell.

4. NWA Elite (Onyx & Jeff Lewis) w/Attorney/Agent Jeff G Bailey vs. the Devil’s Rejects (Tank & Iceberg) w/Dan Wilson & the Staff of Righteousness~!
THE MATCH: John Johnson is upset that NWA Anarchy is violating child labor laws because the referee is 12 years old. He calls this an occupational hazard. The first half I don’t agree, but the second I do. Johnson admits that Bailey helped him to claim Hunter on his federal taxes and to receiving a tour of the Serial Killer Paraphernalia Museum Galley. Sometimes I can’t figure what’s better, the wrestling or the announcing team. Come to think of it, this is what makes Anarchy so great… almost everything. NWA Elite are sick and evil and possibly have out trumped Wilson. The Elite takes it to the Rejects in the opening moments. Iceberg takes over with a sick clothesline and middle turnbuckle headbutt on Lewis. Tank tags in to maul Lewis before tossing him to the floor like a discarded cigarette. The crowd tries to rally behind Lewis, but the Rejects continue to prove they are too much for him. Tank drops Lewis on the top rope and sends him flying to the floor with an elbow. Onyx heads over to check on Lewis. Back in the ring, Tank shows his love for Lewis with a mammoth bearhug. About a minute later, Lewis breaks free with an ear clap and somehow collapses at the right spot to make the hot tag to Onyx. Onyx immediately slaps the full nelson on Tank. Wilson has seen enough and calls in the reinforcements. Well, Bailey always has a backup plan and Abomination returns to manhandle the Rejects. Tank & Iceberg toss the referee to the Wolf and he pays the price with a two handed chokeslam.
POSTMATCH: NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer says nothing has been settled between the two factions and asks the fans would they like a six man tag with Onyx & Jeff Lewis & Abomination vs. any three Rejects. Palmer bars Wilson from ringside and Bailey as well. The match will take place at the next TV tapings.
COMMENTS: Whether anyone realizes it or not, this is not only one of the greatest feuds in Georgia wrestling history, it is one of the best in Southern wrestling history and that covers a lot of ground.

- OVERALL: What is there to say? This show is hot. Shame on you for not downloading it.
- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.

NWA Anarchy PPV Review, Part 1
NWA Wildside: Freedom Fight
War Games 2001

1. War Games: AJ Styles & Onyx & Air Paris & a mystery partner vs. Jason Cross & John Phoenix & Adam Jacobs & Justice w/Jeff G. Bailey.
THE BACKSTORY: As the story goes, AJ Styles was the hometown favorite, was led astray by the NWA Elite and left after signing a contract by World Championship Wrestling. Suicidal Tendencies turned on AJ and he is now out to destroy the Elite. In turn, Jeff G Bailey intends to inflict bodily destruction to AJ Styles.
MYSTERY PARTNER: David Flair was unable to wrestle due to signing with World Wrestling Entertainment.
1st PERIOD: Dan Wilson and Dave Prazak join us on commentary. Jacobs welcomes Styles into the 21st Century by bum rushing him upon entering the cage. Styles takes exception by ramming Jacobs’s heads several times into the unforgiving cage. Jacobs takes a Flair flop into the corner, but he fights back with a huge superkick. Jacobs climbs to the top of the cage and Styles wisely trips him up. Styles lands a huge kick in the corner and follows up with a nasty German. Jacobs lands on his feet on a backdrop attempt and yet Styles clobbers him with a sidekick. Styles heads for La La Land and misses the 450 splash. Jacobs shows Styles how it is done with a picturesque moonsault and dropkick. He heads back to the High Rent district and misses an ill advised frogsplash. Styles takes advantage with a twisting faceplant. Bailey promises Styles that, “you are going to bleed tonight, #####!” Jacobs takes Styles down with a Suicide driver.
2nd PERIOD: Justice enters next and counters a high risk maneuver with a single arm powerbomb. Dan Wilson calls Justice a frothing rabid mythological beast. I concur. He whips Styles and gets caught with a spinning head scissors, but Jacobs nails Styles with a sliding uppercut. Justice destroys Styles with a huge suplex. He tosses Styles into the cage like paper Mache. Justice grabs Styles by the throat and droves him into the cage. Jacobs takes advantage with a baseball slide.
3rd PERIOD: Onyx is up next and gets a huge pop with a powerslam and a bulldog on Justice. He goes buck wild on the Elite, but Justice stops him with a Samoan drop. Jacobs begins to pummels Styles’s head.
4th PERIOD: The Elite gain a three on two advantage with Jason Cross. Jacobs & Cross take out a bloody Styles with a double back elbow. With Styles staggering in the corner, Cross back flips off of Styles and follows up with a clothesline. Justice steals Styles in the face while Jacobs gouges Onyx’s eyes. Cross decides its time to employ Japanese psychology on Styles, but Onyx makes the save with a brutal forearm. The crowd rallies behind Onyx and he sends Cross into the cage. Styles opens up Justice after gaining a second wind.
5th PERIOD: Air Paris introduces the Great Equalizer, and no I’m not talking about a swift kick to the testacles, no, we are talking about a metal chair. Paris waffles the entire NWA Elite with vicious chair shots. He decapitates Cross, backdrops Jacobs into the cage and shrinks Cross with the BURNING HAMMER~! Paris opens up Justice by tossing him onto the cage. The faces continue to mount their comeback as Styles connects with the Styles Clash on Cross. Paris and Cross head to the top turnbuckle to battle it out. Cross shoves Paris back to the mat. Cross misses a shooting star leg drop after Justice tosses Styles to the top of the cage. Styles nearly falls to the arena floor before climbing back to the top. The cage folds as Justice cuts Styles off at the pass. Styles sends the crowd into a frenzy with a Sunset flip powerbomb from the top of the cage. Onyx slams Justice as the crowd chants, “Holy #####” Onyx, Paris & Styles tie up Justice until the next participant is announced.
6th PERIOD: They continue to battle as John Phoenix enters the ring. Paris climbs the weak side of the cage where Phoenix catches him with a huge sit out chokeslam. Phoenix detects an incoming missile dropkick by Styles and he nimbly moves out the way. Phoenix continues to be a one man wrecking machine with a superkick on Onyx. The assault is now on as the Elite dominate the action. Cross delivers a brainbuster to Paris. The Elite continue to decimate the faces as Dave Prazak calls this an atrocity. Phoenix decapitates Styles. Justice signals for the chokeslam and clutches Styles by the throat. Justice pulls Styles back and hurls him into the cage. He then takes Paris and cages him. Jacobs climbs to the top of the cage and misses the Alabama Jam. However, Phoenix heads into the corner and stomps a mudhole into him. The faces mounts a comeback when Paris lands a spinning rana on Justice. Phoenix goes after Paris, but Styles catches him with a German suplex. Wilson is handed a note announces that there is a last participant.
7th PERIOD: Cue the entrance music and the crowd marks out when their hero Stone Mountain heads out to make the save. Or does he make the save? Mountain confronts Justice as the crowd chants, “##### him up.” He goozles Justice, but then turns around and turns on his fellow teammates. He grabs AJ And Paris by the throat and hurls them onto the cage. The announcers are left in bewilderment. PRAZAK IS CRYING~! Mountain powerbombs Onyx. Air Paris tries to fight back, but Mountain decapitates him as the crowd chants “bull #####.” Prazak says that this 6 on 3 attack doesn’t make any sense. Wilson calls this a MASSACRE~! Jeff G Bailey celebrates as his NWA Elite absolutely destroy the faces. Prazak can’t fathom the relationship between Mountain and Bailey and Wilson calls this a GOD DAMNED OUTRAGE~! To Prazak, it’s off the charts ABSURD~! Bailey jumps into the act by smashing Styles with his Gucci shoe. Justice and Mountain hug each other until Bailey grabs the mike.
POSTMATCH RANT: Bailey commands Mountain end his foes careers. The Calvary finally arrives, but they get knocked off the cage. Bailey continues to rant as they obliterate everyone in site. He proclaims it’s done and commands Dan Wilson to ring the bell. Justice grabs the mike and proclaims that the Elite has beaten “Your Boys” and they will rule wrestling forever. Bailey tells the nothings to get out of his ring. The Elite head back to the locker room to a large course of boos. Wilson fears for his own job if Bailey continues his reign of terror and calls this a night of disgust.
COMMENTS: Having no prior knowledge of NWA-Wildside and what took place during that error, the ending was predictable. It seemed like the crowd was about to riot after the heel turn. As usual, Bailey played was brilliant on the mike as was the announcers. Listening to Prazak almost cry was music to my ears. Aside from having a few big moves that should have been saved for later in the match, this was a good War Games match considering there were 8 men inside one ring without a top.
RATING: ***¾

NWA Anarchy PPV, Metal Mayhem, Part 2
NWA Wildside: Freedom Fight 2002
Gauntlet for the Gold

2. Gauntlet for the Gold
(a) Iceberg w/Jeff G Bailey vs. Scotty Wrenn
We begin the festivities with a battle of the big men. Wrenn starts off with a Lou Thesz press and a pair of spin kicks. Wrenn charges in, but Iceberg meets him with a huge back suplex for a two count. Iceberg follows up with a brutal side slam and makes a nonchalant cover for a two count. He continues the carnage with a legdrop for another two count. Wrenn tries to stand up to Iceberg, but gets planted with his own move, the Psycho Slam for a near fall. Iceberg sets up Wrenn, but runs right into a Psycho Slam. Wrenn hooks the leg, but Iceberg kicks out at two. He goes for another Psycho Slam, but Iceberg squashes him with a cross bodyblock.
(b) Iceberg vs. Tank
The Ticking Time Bomb lives up to his name by Pearl Harboring Tank. Jeff G Bailey introduces the Implement of Destruction, a potato peeler. It’s a chance that Iceberg might win by blood loss. Iceberg immediately turns Tank into a grotesque figure by peeling his forehead. Iceberg heads over to the cage and slices Tank open. Iceberg turnbuckle whips Tank and misses a corner splash. Tank discovers a new toy, a wooden stake. He jabs away and slices Iceberg’s head wide open. Most certainly, Tank is given the crowd what it wants as they chant “We want blood.” Tank applies a cross armbreaker. Announcer Dan Wilson notes that Tank wrestled as a scholarship athlete for the University of Iowa, wrestled on 1994 US National team and became a pit fighter. Tank continues to slice open Iceberg as we are reminded that he escaped a sanitarium to aid White Trash in Union City, NJ after beating another man to near death. I’ll buy that. To the corner, Iceberg unleashes his fury on Tank and then follows up by spearing him. Prazak mentions he never saw Iceberg this bloody including his match with Mr. Pogo. Now that is an amazing feat in itself: to out deliver Mr. Pogo in the blood letting department. Iceberg turnbuckle whips Tank chest first in the corner and avalanches him from behind. Iceberg squashes Tank with the Ground Zero splash. He makes the cover, but somehow Tank kicks out. Tank lands the 11 Count of Doom in the corner, but Iceberg slips out due to blood loss. Iceberg mounts the middle turnbuckle and lands the Ground Zero splash to eliminate Tank.
(c) Iceberg vs. David Young
The Messiah of the Spinebuster launches a premeditated attack on Iceberg. He attempts to slam Iceberg, but collapses under his own weight for a two count. Iceberg, covered in a crimson mask, continues his assault by slamming Young’s head on three occasions onto the cage. Iceberg slumps by the ropes due to exhaustion. He rises back up and pummels Young, who by the way, is sporting hair. Iceberg avalanches and baseball slide kicks Young in the corner. Bailey heckles Young. Iceberg mounts the top turnbuckle and misses a SENTON~! They called it the Extinction Leveling Event. I call it all Existence Denied. Young rolls Iceberg over and almost scores the victory. He lands an enziguri and shining enziguri to keep Iceberg at bay. Young lands a series of clotheslines that fails to take Iceberg down. Iceberg makes Young pay with the dreaded spear for a near fall. Prazak doesn’t understand how they survive and say they are like old boots. If you think that’s old, you ought to see Tracey Smother’s boots. Young ducks a clothesline and finds the strength to slam Iceberg. Iceberg eludes an ill-advised moonsault. Iceberg contemplates a moonsault, but Young gives us a Holy ##### moment with a top turnbuckle spinebuster. Bailey can’t believe what he just witnessed and his mouth is left agape as he escorts Bailey back to the locker room.
(d) David Young vs. Rick Michaels
Michaels heads in to pound Young, but he fights back. Young immediately scores a near fall with a spinebuster. Young heads a moonsault, but Michaels catches him with a middle rope Russian legsweep and a double shot for the win. That was quick, but at least Young pinned Iceberg.
(e) Rick Michaels vs. Rainman w/Jeff G Bailey
No formal introductions are needed for the next participant, the Rainman. Michaels unleashes an offensive flurry, but Rainman lands the Kick of Fear. Rainman pulls out his trademarked and copyrighted barbed wire brass knuckles and cold cocks Michaels. The announcers talk about how Rainman’s tag partner, Homicide, has been indefinitely suspended from Wildside. He opens Michaels up big time. Michaels looks worse than any Ric Flair crimson mask was. Ok, so I’m exaggerating that a little bit. Rainman mudhole stomps Michaels. Wilson refers to an incident where Rainman placed a man’s mouth on the curb and stomped his brain’s out. Rainman lands a spin kick for a two count. Rainman goes back to pounding Michaels’s head. To the corner, Rainman continues to pummel Michaels and sends him flying into the cage. He makes the cover, but Michaels places his feet on the bottom rope. Michaels collapses and Rainman crashes into the cage. Michaels commandeers the knux and Rainman finds out just how it feels to use them. Michaels butchers Rainman. Abdullah the Butcher and Atsushi Onita would be proud. Michaels makes the cover for a two count. He lands a flying knee and then collapses in the corner. Michaels slows down Rainman with a jawbreaker and heads over to gouge his head. To the cage, Michaels rakes Rainman’s head. Wow, this is plain bloody, just like you would see in those FMW and Big Japan death matches. Michaels continues to defile Rainman’s head. He jams the barbed wire into the fence and impales Rainman’s head. This is beyond Edgar Allan Poe grotesque. Michaels celebrates with the crowd as he grabs the knux. He nails Rainman. Michaels makes the cover for a two count. Rainman sneaks in a desperation DDT. Rainman goes for a move, but Michaels catches him with the Double Shot. Michaels struggles to make the cover, but Rainman kicks out 2¾. Michaels sits Rainman by the entrance, but Bailey sprays white powder into his eyes. Rainman takes advantage with the Spine Splitta to advance. At this point, it was no way Michaels could have continued after losing all that blood.
(f) Rainman vs. “All That” Adam Jacobs w/Jeff G Bailey
Bailey instructs Jacobs to lay down for Rainman because he is going to be the next heavyweight champion. The crowd tells him no. Roberts shakes his head in agreement with Bailey. Jacobs lies on the mat, lures Rainman in and pins him with a backslide. Bailey is pissed that Jacobs would pull such a stunt and has nasty language for him. The fans sing “Goodbye” to Rainman and Bailey.
(g) Adam Jacobs vs. NWA X-Division & NWA World Tag Team Co-Champion & Former NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champion, the “Phenomenal” AJ Styles.
They stare down each other before locking up. They provide the crowd what they haven’t seen all match, a display of nice chain wrestling. They try to introduce each other to the cage, but to no avail. They go for more powerful moves, which Jacobs gains the advantage with a spinning neckbreaker. He plants Styles’s mush with a superkick after he failed to take a head shot to the cage. Jacobs turns his back to Styles and finds himself on the wrong end of a turnbuckle whip. Styles backflips off of Jacobs and decapitates him for a near fall. Styles climbs to the top turnbuckle where Jacobs meets him. Styles ends up behind Jacobs and set up for a possible German. However, they end up on top of the cage and tumble to the floor below. They brawl at ringside after taking the fall. Jacobs goes for a hiptoss and goes for a move, but Styles brutalizes him with a powerbomb. Ouch, that hurt. Styles introduces Jacobs to the guardrail and clobbers him with a charging forearm. They finally reenter the cage where Styles goes for the Styles clash. Jacobs fights back, but Styles powerbombs him into the cage. Styles is still intent on a powerbomb, but Jacobs ranas him into the cage. Jacobs follows up with the STROKE~! He makes the cover, but only for a two count. Styles kicks out again after a suplex. Jacobs heads to the top rope and misses the frogsplash. Styles gains a second wind and delivers a brainbuster for a two count. Styles does a handstand on the top rope and head scissors Jacobs into the cage. Styles catches Jacobs with his patented suplex into an inverted neckbreaker for a near fall. Jacobs heads back up, but Styles battles him. Jacobs sets up for a superplex and lands it for a near fall. Styles Asai moonsault behind Jacobs and nails him with a dragon suplex for a two count. Styles sets up Jacobs and misses the Spiral Tap. Jacobs makes the cover for a near fall. He whips Styles and spears him into the cage. Jacobs follows up with a baseball slide with Styles lying upside down. Jacobs turnbuckle whips Styles, but finds him on the top rope when he charges in. Styles ranas him. Styles ties Jacobs to the Tree of Woe and lands a measured leaping fistdrop. He sets Jacobs back on top and climbs up. Styles tries to sit Jacobs on top of the cage, but fails to do so. Jacobs sets up for a super rana, but Styles goes for a top rope Styles Clash. Jacobs senses danger and wins with a super rana.
WINNER: Adam Jacobs is the new NWA Wildside Heavyweight Champion.
POSTMATCH: Styles and Jacobs hug each other as a show of respect. However, the NWA Elite will now be out to get Jacobs. As it appears the show is about to close, his former tag partner of Suicidal Tendencies, John Phoenix. Phoenix hypes up Jacobs and the crowd. Jacobs climbs mounts the turnbuckle to celebrate him and Phoenix turns on him. Bailey orders the music to be cut and tells him, “You would never be ##### without me in this promotion. The other reason is because I had Jason Cross lay down for you.” He calls Jacobs the bottom of the Elite and this piece of ##### is going to pay for it. Phoenix lands the Alabama Jam as he introduces him as the man who will end Jacobs’s career. Phoenix admits Bailey always has an ace up his sleeve and he is the one that makes the difference. Phoenix talks about how Jacobs’s made Suicidal Tendencies look like ##### and calls Jason Cross a pussy for quitting. The crowd pops for that remark. As we head to the fade, Phoenix says he thought Jacobs was better than that while Bailey assaults him. It looks Adam Jacobs is no longer All That.
COMMENTS: Gauntlet style matches normally have several major faults in that the final wrestlers have only legitimate chance to win, chances to make bad booking decisions, too much idle time between falls, too many wrestlers participating, etc. However, it is of my opinion that this was well paced and booked. The transitions between an opponent being eliminated and new one entering the ring was well timed except the theme music should never play for new participants. There was copious amounts of blood letting, which is great for any cage match when it is properly executed. I didn’t follow any professional wrestling during this time period, so all of my above opinions are based on observation alone. Also, the announcing team was fun and got to see where Dan Wilson got his start from. It’s easy to see from his announcing abilities why he makes a great speaker. This match is definitely a must see.
RATING: ***½

NWA Midwest 3/24 Results


Dustin Lillard defeated Scotty Murray.

In a battle of debuting men from NWA Indiana, it was Dustin Lillard coming out on top by pinfall following the 9021-Over.

Esteban Molina defeated Ricky Thomas.

In this collision between former tag team partners, Molina narrowly escaped with victory. Thomas missed a spear and hit his shoulder on the post. Molina followed this up with a school boy roll-up, feet on the ropes, and the 1-2-3.

MsChif defeated Josie to retain the NWA World Women's Championship and to become the New NWA Midwest Women's Champion.

MsChif scored to victory after Josie blasted herself in the face with her own Midwest Championship. Special Guest Referee, Mickie Knuckles, was in a tug-of-war with Josie over the strap leading up to Josie hitting herself, and falling victim to the Desecrator. After the match, Mickie and MsChif stood face to face. MsChif chose to end a verbal disagreement with mist to the face of Mickie.

The Phoenix Twins defeated Team Underground.

This battle of two top Midwest teams saw its end when the Phoenix Twins pulled a switch when the referee's back was turned. This allowed them to score the small package for the pin.

NWA Central States Champion Michael Strider defeated "The Machine Gun" Karl Anderson with Carmine Despirito to advance in the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

The cocky Anderson thought he had this one in the bag. Despirito attempted to become involved, but was unsuccessful. Strider was successful in hitting his finisher to get the win.

"Roughneck" Jay Ryan defeated The Mississippi Madman to advance in the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Following two corner splashes, it seemed victory was in the hands of the Madman. Carmine Despirito came out with a mic from the back and started running his mouth at the Madman. Madman, preoccupied with the offensive diatribe of Carmine, fell victim to Ryan's lariat and the pinfall that followed.

Jason Dukes defeated Jay Lethal to retain the NWA Midwest X Division Title

The final moments of this one saw Jaysin Strife running in from the crowd. A mis-fired missile dropkick connected with Jay Lethal, not the intended Jason Dukes. Dukes was able to hit the prone Lethal with the moonsault to keep the Midwest X Title in his grasp.

"Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated "Cowboy" James Storm.

In a heated battle of former NWA World Tag Team champions, the "Wildcat" got the duke over Storm following a spear. After the match, Storm jumped Harris, but was held at bay by Jay Lethal and The Mississippi Madman.

Black Listed with Michael Starr and Ms. Eryn defeated The Extreme Dream Team to retain the NWA Midwest Tag Team Titles.

After Coporal Robinson took out both his opponent and the referee on the outside, Ms. Eryn was able to introduce a foreign object to her man on the inside. Due to the interference, Black Listed was able to score the pin and walk out with their titles. Following the match, Corp and Craig removed Eryn's clothing to reveal an interesting choice of leather and chains wardrobe underneath.

After the following melee, Terry Taylor announced the rematch for May 5. Black Listed with Michael Starr and Ms. Eryn will once again defend the NWA Midwest Tag Team Titles against the Extreme Dream Team. However, this time there must be a true winner. This one will be No DQ, No Count Out, No Time Limit, LOSER LEAVES TOWN Match. And, to ensure there will be no interference from Starr or Eryn, they will both be handcuffed to The Mississippi Madman.

NWA Midwest returns to Streamwood May 5. Already announced for this one:

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship will be one the line as Champion, Tiger Mask IV takes on TNA Star Senshi, also known throughout the world as Low Ki.

In a battle of TNA Stars, Chris Sabin returns to NWA Midwest to take on nemesis Jerry Lynn.

The Loser Leaves Town return match with Black Listed and The Extreme Dream Team.

Plus, we'll soon have announcements for the rest of the brackets for the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

For all the latest information, visit NWA Midwest on the web at midwestwrestling.com.

Here are the results from NWA Indiana on 3/24 at their
debut show in Monticello, Indiana at the National
Guard Armory in front of 149 fans:

Devon Fury defeated Louis Linaris

Guy Lombardo defeated Chris Cardio

PT Hussla defeated Shawn Cook via disqualification

Chase Richards & Laurence Poffo defeated Johnny Rich & Kenny Courageous

Jason Young defeated Itch Coma Weider

Billy Bart defeated Brandon Krueger

In the main event PT Hussla & Dick the Bruiser Jr defeated Shawn Cook & Quicksilver

NWA Indiana returns to Lafayette, Indiana on Sunday
April 1st at Riehle Brothers Sports Complex with a
special 4:00 bell time

Log onto www.nwaindiana.com for more info

NWA Main Event Wrestling Results for Saturday March
24, 2007
Freddie's Auction House
Columbia, TN
8 PM Bell Time

Main Evcent
NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title Match
"Outlaw" Lee Condry (Champion) def D'Angelo -
Syndicate Crew (Challenger) after the Crew was banned
from ringside. After the match the Crew, Nerdy White
Boy entered the ring bringing out Mean Mike Woods,
Johnny Demento, and Slade to side with Condry. This
is going to build into something huge in NWA:Main
"Mr.Impact" JT Quest w/Xstacy def Randy Whitehead by
using brass knuckles without the ref seeing. Evil but
sneaky move by Xstacy to let Whitehead have the crow
bar so the ref was distracted. Randy Whitehead is 0-3
in trying to take down the dominant Mr.Impact.
Fatal Four Way Elimantion for the Mid America
X-Division Title
"Iceman" Chris Eckos vs Cody Whitehead vs. Antonio vs
Brandon Stone (c)
Brandon Stone retained the title as each participant
was counted out in three sleeper holds locked in.
(Eckos locked onto Antonio, Whitehead on Eckos, and
Stone on Whitehead) Amazing match with a wild finish!
Mid-America Tag Team Championship Title Match
Syndicate Crew def "American Nightmare" Johnny DeMento
& Slade (The Painkillers) via DQ after Mike Woods
entered the ring and both teams battled as the ref
tried to get control.
Karnage (Syndicate Crew) def Mean Mike Woods with the
assistance of rest of the Syndicate Crew. A beat down
of Woods commenced, but he soon turned the tables and
got a bit of revenge.
Nerdy White Boy def AJ Phoenix in a rough fight by
using a vicious neck breaker type move.
Tempest def Manga w/ Miss Opium via DQ. Manga got
caught by the ref using his numbchucks, again.
Stay tuned for more info on the HUGE MULE DAYS SHOWS -
April 13th AND 14th!!


On March 25th National Wrestling Alliance’s (NWA)
“Copa de Lucha” premiered live at the Silver Spurs
Arena of Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, FL.
Attendance was around 500 people.

(1) “Classic” Colt Cabana defeated “The Messiah of the
Backbreaker” Roderick Strong in 7:29.
After sharing some pizza with the fans Cabana locked
up with Strong and hit a chest chop that echoed
through the building. Strong wanted to shake hands
with Cabana instead he slapped him. Cabana and Strong
went to the ropes and as usual with Cabana the
hilarity ensued as he stopped Strong in his tracks
before smacking the taste out of his mouth. Strong had
enough and backed Cabana to a corner but on a whip
Cabana reversed it and then reversed his position with
a square dance move with referee Billy Dalton. Strong
stopped any momentum Cabana had with a clothesline and
a straight jacket neckbreaker for two. Strong took
Cabana to the mat with a bow and arrow like move but
slid into a rear chinlock. Cabana fought to his feet
but got sent back to the mat by a Strong enziguri.
Cabana got a quick sunset flip for two but Strong sent
him back to the canvas with a knee before going up top
and hitting a legdrop for two. Strong went up top
again but this time Cabana was nowhere to be found.
Cabana got on the offensive with several punches and
hitting a butt bump to the corner. Strong hit another
chop and posted Cabana on the turnbuckle but Cabana
fought back sending Strong to the mat and hitting a
frog splash to win the match.

(2) NWA National Heavyweight champion “Hot Chocolate”
Kory Williams defeated Tommy Marr in 14:32.
Being a local product Marr was known and booed
accordingly by the fans. On several lockups Marr
complained of hair pulls which is impossible since
Marr is bald. Williams used some leverage to get out
of a hammerlock and sent Marr to the floor. When Marr
came back to the ring he got a side headlock but
Williams escaped and after several rope runs sent Marr
to the floor to avoid a superkick. Marr milked the
referee’s count for all it was worth and finally came
back into the ring. Williams grabbed Marr into an
armbar and refused to let go, only when Marr hit a
knee to the gut. Williams recovered with a hip toss, a
bodyslam and what looked like a low blow. Marr went to
the floor and Williams went to the ropes to retrieve
Marr but got hit with a Hot Shot like move. Marr got
back in the ring and went to work on William’s knee
with a step over toe hold and used the ring to slam
William’s knee on the apron. Marr went for a half crab
submission but Williams refused to submit so he locked
Williams in the figure four, with some leverage from
the ropes. Referee Chris Carson finally caught eye of
it and made Marr break the hold. Marr and Williams got
to their feet but collided. They fought to their feet
again and traded punches but Williams got in several
kicks to the chest and went to the second rope,
hitting a legdrop for two. Marr raked Williams’ eyes
and went up top hitting an elbow drop for two and a
half. Marr was frustrated and made a error going for a
corner move where Williams hit a neckbreaker for two
but Marr hit a superkick also for two. Williams
recovered and countered a Marr waistlock into a
jawbreaker into a chain wrestling pin.

(3) Rocky Romero defeated “Not Cocky” Chasyn Rance in
After a waistlock Romero was backed to a corner where
Rance dint break clean, he broke with an elbow to
Romeo’s jaw. On another corner backing Rance went for
a punch but Romero ducked and hit a slap to the face.
After taking some personal time on the floor Rance
returned to the ring and locked in a side headlock
with Romero broke and hit a series of moves that made
Rance back to a corner. Rance must have planned all of
it as he leveraged Romero into the corner shoulder
first. Romero quickly recovered and got in several
punches to Rance’s jaw. Romero dropped Rance on the
ropes and hit his version of the 619 for two. Rance
reversed a move and leveled Romero with an enziguri
for two and followed with a running elbow also for
two. Rance tried to wear Romero down with a chinlock
but Romero escaped only to run into Rance’s knee.
Rance took Romero back to the mat with a modified
abdominal stretch but Romero escaped that too only to
run into a sleeper. Romero escaped and locked Rance in
a sleeper but Rance hit a back suplex for two. Rance
kept on the back dropping his knee on Romero as he was
draped over the ropes. Romero used leverage to send
Rance to the floor and followed with a between the
ropes tope’. Romero came back in the ring with a
slingshot dropkick for two. Rance hit a superkick but
got two and kicked out of a huricurana pin from
Romero. Rance got Romero near the ropes and hit a
piledriver for two. Rance went up top but hit move
only met canvas. Romero quickly got to his feet,
hitting a double arm suplex for the pin fall win.

(4) In a 2 of 3 falls, “The Technician” Joey Ryan and
Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson defeated Los Luchas
(Phoenix Star & Zokre) in 13:44.
Before the match Ryan and Anderson took the ring mic
but didn’t make any new friends with the pro-Mexican
fans. Ryan also took some time to send insults to
Billy Kidman. Los Luchas got on the mic and said they
had a friend in the venue, Billy Kidman who came out
to ringside. Ryan and Anderson tried to win the crowd
back but Los Luchas had them on their side so Ryan and
Anderson attacked at the bell, keeping Star in the
ring. Zokre made the tag and a Lucha style situation
broke out as all four men ended up in the ring and
then on the floor where star hit a plancha onto Ryan
and Anderson. The action came back to the ring where
Ryan got the first fall on Star after Anderson broke
up a double team move. Anderson and Ryan didn’t let
Star get a tag and worked him over for several
minutes. As this went on Zokre and Kidman shouted
words of encouragement to their man even as Anderson
and ryan used them to distract the referee. Despite
beating on Star they didn’t get a pin or submission
win. In true Lucha fashion Zokre entered the ring and
Los Luchas got the second fall on a double pin.
Anderson and Ryan felt they were cheated and demanded
to see work visa’s for their opponents before
beginning the third fall. Ryan went to shake hands
with Zokre and Anderson used this to hit a
clothesline. Anderson and Ryan continued their double
team work, this time on Zokre. Anderson made a huge
tactical error and missed a top rope senton bomb. This
let star tag in and the double team moves began again
with a blockbuster into a backbracker. Ryan got the
referee’s attention so he didn’t see the pinfall, or
Kidman sliding into the ring and hitting Los Luchas
with a double clothesline. Ryan got out of the corner
and hit a superkick to get the third and final fall.
Kidman, Ryan and Anderson tried to unmask star when
Nelson Creed hit the ring brandishing a shovel.

(5) In the Big Vision Entertainment’s Wrestling
Society X match, Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman defeated Luke
Hawx (formerly Altar Boy Luke) in 8:00.
Waltman invoked his past and came out some D-X style
music which Hawx told the fans “was cool 10 years
ago.” Waltman decided to play mind games with Hawx
that only led to a low blow from Hawx into a side
headlock but Waltman got out into a sky high drop like
move which sent Hawx towards the locker room which
sent Waltman out after him. Waltman chopped Hawx
around ringside and sent the action back into the ring
where he missed the Bronco Buster. Hawx capitalized
with a rear chinlock which Waltman powered out of but
Hawx hit a spinning kick to Waltman’s jaw for two
followed by a suplex for two. Hawx hit a T-Bone suplex
and then mocked Waltman with a crotch chop. Hawx went
up top but missed a legdrop and Waltman used the crowd
to get an energy burst. Waltman used it to hit a power
bomb and ten punches which set up the Bronco Buster.
Hawx got out of the corner with a double leg pin but
the referee saw it and stopped his count. Hawx argued
with the referee and when he turned around he was hit
with the X-Factor which led to a pinfall victory.

(6) In a handicap match, Chris Colossal (w/Rico
Casanova) defeated Zach Maguire and Jack Manley in
Colossal is not an understatement, he stand over seven
feet tall. This was a handicap match only in name as
Colossal destroyed Manley and Maguire despite their
best double team efforts. At one point Colossal press
slammed Manley and dropped him onto Maguire. Maguire
was going to be chokeslammed but his partner went for
a top rope move, so Colossal lifted his boot up to
kick Manley in the face. After two choke slams
Colossal got the pinfall victory. Not at a loss for
words, Casanova insulted the fans and the locker room
wanting more competition for his man. That challenged
was answered by El Gran Apolo.

(7) El Gran Apolo and Chris Colossal fought to a
double countout in 4:59.
After great effort Apolo got Colossal off his feet
with a DDT and some kicks to the head. The bad part
was he let Colossal get to his feet even after chest
chops. Apolo raked Colossal’s eyes and went up top but
got caught in a spinebuster. Colossal hit a sideslam
but didn’t go for a pin; instead he was rocked by
several punches. Apparently not enough as Colossal hit
a clothesline and got some help from Casanova who
choked Apolo on the ropes. Apolo and Colossal traded
chest chops and fought back to the middle of the ring
where it took Apolo two clotheslines and a shoulder
tackle to get Colossal off his feet. Casanova saw
trouble and grabbed Apolo’s legs getting the big man’s
attention. It worked as Apolo chased Casanova around
the ring. Colossal came out after Apolo but the
referee reached ten and ended the match. This didn’t
stop Apolo and Colossal who fought around the ring and
back in where Apolo hit Casanova with a superkick.
Both men asked for five more minutes but NWA officials
wouldn’t allow it even as both men continued to fight
in the ring.

(8) Nelson Creed defeated Billy Kidman in 11:49.
After stalling for what seemed like an hour Kidman
entered the ring where Creed beat him from one side to
the other before Kidman bailed to the floor and kept
breaking the referee’s count to avoid a loss.
Frustration finally took over and Creed went out after
Kidman where he threw Kidman into the railings before
coming back to the ring. The problem was Creed stopped
for a moment and it allowed Kidman to avoid a corner
move and hit a backcracker. Kidman hit a snapmare into
a chinlock but Creed refused to submit. Instead he
fought to his feet but got decked with a dropkick and
Kidman tossed Creed to the floor to get some revenge
for the railing shots. The action came back to the
ring where Creed sent Kidman to the ropes but missed a
dropkick as Kidman grabbed the ropes to stop momentum.
Kidman took Creed back to the mat with a reverse
chinlock but once again Creed fought to his feet where
he hit a Samoan drop but couldn’t get the pin. Instead
both men traded punches but Creed decked Kidman with
forearm shots and a 2 back suplexes. Creed thought he
had the win with a Northern Lights suplex but got two.
Kidman avoided a move and hit a spinebuster like move
before going up top but Creed cut him off with a slam
and a missile dropkick. Creed went for the cover but
Joey Ryan and Ken Anderson came out to stop the count.
Anderson slid in and hit Creed with a spinebuster as
Los Luchas came out to run Anderson and Ryan to the
back. As the action fought to the back Kidman was
pinned by Creed.

(9) Rey Mysterio Sr. defeated Blue Demon Jr. in 12:41.

Before the match the combatants spoke to each other in
Spanish and I have no idea what they said but it led
to Demon Jr. smacking Mysterio across the face. The
action spilled out to the floor where they slammed
each other into the timekeeper’s table and fought back
to the other side of the ring. Demon Jr. got his hands
around Mysterio’s neck and pulled off his mask. But
Mysterio fought back and re-masked, fighting again to
the timekeeper’s table. The action finally entered the
ring where they traded armdrags before going to the
floor once more where Demon Jr. slammed Mysterio into
the guard rail. Back in the ring a chair was set up
and Demon Jr. dropped Mysterio on it crotch first.
Demon Jr. hit a drop down style dropkick but got two.
Mysterio recovered and dropped Demon Jr. on the top
rope partially ripping the mask. The action spilled to
the floor where Demon Jr. hit a plancha which drove
Mysterio into the guardrail face first. Mysterio
recovered and hit a plancha from the ring apron onto
Demon Jr. Somehow in the ring Demon Jr. got control
and locked Mysterio in a submission but released it.
Mysterio got to his feet but missed a senton but Demon
Jr. didn’t miss his for two. They began to trade chest
chops which Mysterio won. But the referee got tangled
in the action and was knocked down; actually it looked
like the referee helped Demon Jr. as he held Mysterio.
In all the confusion Mysterio hit a move to win via
pinfall. Both men spoke on the ring mic again in
Spanish to the crowd and each other possibly about a
rematch with masks on the line.

For more on future events log onto
www.nwawrestling.com Thanks to David Marquez and
Carmine DiSpirito for their hospitality.

Courtesy of the NWA Pro/ EWF Website.


March 18, 2007

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Kid
Karnage to retain his title

Dan "The Man" Kobrick defeated Country Bear

Black Metal pinned Bobby Jo Marshall

Bernie Bays pinned Terex

Featured Attraction (Mike Arsenal & Matt Flash)
defeated Vizzion & Brandon Nitro with the help of Mad

Angelas wrestled Ronin to a Double Countout

Liger Rivera pinned Mad MacIntosh

Joey Harder defeated Rocky Romero, Hook Bomberry &
Karl Anderson in a Fatal 4-Way when Harder made
Anderson submit


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Quickie Results from 3/6

Silas Young def Jett Bennett

NWA-WI Mid American Wrestling Tag Tourney
Troy Walters Jason Hades def Brandon Sal Thomaselli

Dysfunction Esteban Molina def Jason Dukes Silas Young

Troy Walters Jason Hades def Dysfunction Esteban Molina to capture
the Tag Team Titles

"Roughneck" Jay Ryan snuck away with the MAW World Title when
Skullkrusher was Dq'd for accidently eye gouging referee Adam Marshall.

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Main Event - MAW World Title Match
No DQ! Guest Referee - MAW Owner Carmine DeSpirito
"Roughneck" Jay Ryan (c) vs Skullkrusher

NWA-Wi Tag Team Title Match
Troy Walters Jason Hades (c) vs Dysfunction Esteban Molina

MAW Jr Heavyweight Title Match
"Too Phat" Jason Dukes (c) vs Silas Young

Beautiful Bobby V vs Jett Bennett

More TBA!

That's Friday Night March 30TH, 2007 8pm at The Sports
Connection located at 3000 S 13th Street in Milwaukee, WI. (13th
Manitoba, 1 block north of Oklahoma Ave) All
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Seems even after the terrible attack by HATE LLC, "The Shooter" Brent Albright is making it known to the NWA that he wants that 10 pounds of gold! Check out the promo on the official NWA website:


Also looks like Brent's getting his shot at Rocco in May, well if Rocco has the belt after his match with NWA Kansas Champion Mark Sterling on April 14th in Wagoner, OK at the Civic Center!

Could the legendary 10 pounds of gold be making it's way to Oklahoma soon?

Things are heating up with summer at NWA Universal!

Universal Championship Wrestling
NWA Universal
National Wrestling Alliance
2608 West Kenosha PMB#250
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

Official Press Release for March 22, 2007 NWA UPSTATE

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc. & NWA Upstate present:
Wrestling for a Cause on Friday April 27, 2007 at the
Main Street Armory, Rochester, New York (located at
900 East Main Street). Doors open at 6:30 pm.

The purpose of the Wrestling For A Cause show on April
27th, 2007 is to put on quality entertainment with the
goal of providing hope to a young boy fighting cancer,
and to raise money for his medical expenses. Wrestling
For A Cause is actively looking for sponsorships.
Please see the Sponsorships portion of this website or
e-mail wfacadmin@verizon.net if you are interested in
helping a good cause!

Tickets will be on sale tomorrow beginning at 4 PM and
are just $8!!!!

Email us for discount group prices at
wfacadmin@verizon. net

First match signed for the event...
NWA Upstate star "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee vs. Zach
Gowen in a hair vs. hair match

Top Indy Names Signed For The Event
*Detroit's own Truth Martini has signed on; Truth
Martini has appeared on both WWE and TNA.

*WXW Women's Champion Kacee Carlisle

*3 Time WWE World Tag Team Champion Headshrinker Samu
has issued and open challeng to ANYONE that has the
guts to face him an "I Quit" Match"

The ink on the contract isn't even dry yet...after
numerous calls to the Wrestling For A Cause offices,
the front office has signed Marc Mandrake w/Ferrari
vs. Headshrinker Samu in an "I Quit" Match!!!

* Wrestling For A Cause received a very strange phone
call last night from a mystery wrestler that wants to
wrestle Ian Decay. This wrestler claims to be a top
name in the world of wrestling and he wants to show
Rochester his

*Please go to http://www.wrestlingforacause.com to
find out all of the news!!!

Courtesy of the NWA ECCW Website.

Friday, March 30th, 2007
Bridgeview Hall
Surrey, BC
8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

Chill Town (champions) vs. El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo
(challengers) vs. Models Inc. (challengers)

Fast Freddy Funk (champion) vs. Cole Bishop

Sid Sylum vs. Kyle O'Reilly

"2010 Superstar" Seth Knight vs. Kurt Sterling

Courtesy of the NWA Mountain State Website.

3/17/2007 NWA MSW TV

Handicap Match- Diablo Jr. & Johnny Blast def Kris
Tv Title Match- Chad Cross (NO CONTEST) Derik Billings

Tony Richardson def Drake Tungsten
NWA North American Tag Titles- Scotty Blaze & Scotty
Rocker def Ricky Shane & Sean O'Sullivan
NWA MSW HVYWT Title Match- Frank Parker def Outlaw #2

3/10/2007 NWA MSW TV

Derik Billings def Chris Collins
Sean O'Sullivan def Dr. Roger Hamm
Diablo Jr. def Michael Cook
Billy Lit & Derik Billings def Johnny Blast & Outlaw

03/3/2007 NWA MSW TV
Chris Collins def Ricky Shane
Dr. Roger Hamm def Sean O'Sullivan
Diablo Jr. def Michael Cook
Non-Title- Johnny Blast & Outlaw #2 def Billy Lit &
Derik Billings
Battle Royal- Derik Billings

03/3/2007 Mt Hope WV

Ricky Shane def Gary Vandell
Dr. Roger Hamm def Sean O'Sullivan
Diablo Jr. def Michael Cook
Kris King def Jason Kincaid
Billy Lit & Derik Billings def Johnny Blast & Outlaw

NWA Upstate's 3rd Anniversary show, Anniversary
Anarchy, is just two weeks away. The show is being
held Saturday evening April 7, 2007 at Minett Hall in
Henrietta , NY .

NWA Upstate is going all out for Anniversary Anarchy
by bringing in top independent wrestling talent and
loading the card with stellar matches. The show
features an appearance by former ECW and NWA champion
Raven, who will taking on former ECW star “Dastardly”
Danny Doring. In addition, rising young independent
wrestlers Ruckus and Delirious will be squaring off.

Following are the details for the show, and the
line-up of matches as it stands now ( March 24, 2007

NWA Upstate, celebrating three years of entertaining
Rochester wrestling fans, presents

Date: Saturday April 7, 2007
Place: Minett Hall 2695 East Henrietta Road
Henrietta , NY

Time: Doors open: 5:30 PM
Pre-show: 6:00 PM
Main show: 6:30 PM

Admission: $11 Presale $14 at the door
$7 Children 9 and under

For presale ticket information call 585-621-4293


SPECIAL STIPULATION – Jimmy Olsen’s NWA Upstate Title
will be on the line

Jimmy Olsen, Colin Olsen, Chip Stetson, and Cheech
vs. Brodie Lee, Cody Deaner, “Sweet & Sour Larry
Sweeney, and Cloudy

NWA Upstate owner Hellcat is determined to get the NWA
Upstate title off of the popular Jimmy Olsen. To that
end he recently announced that the NWA Upstate
Heravyweight title that Jimmy won from Brodie Lee
lasdt December will be on the line in the War Games
cage match. You can check out a video of Hellcat and
Brodie Lee making the annoncement at:

Former ECW and NWA Champion Raven vs.
“Dastardly” Danny Doring


The Roadies (“I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy Dunn & “Diamond”
Dave Marcos) defend the belts against the Rochester’s
legendary tag team The Outcast Killas (Orman Tortuga &
Diablo Santiago)


“Mastiff” Will Christianson (C) vs. “The Exceptional
Icon” Eric Everlast vs. J.P. Black vs. Van Atlas

Triple X vs. Big Cat Leemer

Ruckus vs. Delirious

“The Amazing” Pepper Parks vs. Sabian

The Star Foundation (w/Star Rider) vs. Sexxy Eddie,
Beef Wellington & Madden Fisher

Dave “Star Rider” Anne makes his in-ring wrestling

Also scheduled to appear are Spazz, The Czar, Dewey,
Evan McCloud, Derek Duncum, Sweet Lou, and many more.

For information on NWA Upstate visit the official NWA
Upstate website at: http://nwaupny.com

Check out NWA Upstate’s sister promotion, Buffalo ’s
top independent promotion NWA Empire at

PWX / AWC Results From The Jacob Woll Pavillion In Renzi Park, McKeesport, PA:

Pro Wrestling eXpress Results (March 16, 2007):

1. Amir Al Jahari defeated 'Syko' Sean Dahmer by pinfall. The match saw alot of very hardhitting action as both men pulled out every move in their arsenal. Dahmer continued to display his unusual tactics as he did laps around the ring to enter hooting, hollering, and barking the whole time.

Dahmer controlled the early part of the match until Jahari used his foreign object that he has used on numerous occasions during his matches in PWX. Jahari worked his normal methodical style of wearing Dahmer down with a variety of submission holds mixed with hard kicks and chokes.

Dahmer regained control by hitting a running splash in the corner, but as Dahmer went for a second splash, Jahari pulled the referee in the way. Dahmer was able to stop before nailing the referee, but this allowed Jahari to sneak to the opposite corner and pull out his foreign object tucked away in his pants. Dahmer turned and charged for yet another splash, but Jahari hit Dahmer with the object enclosed in his fist sneding Dahmer down like a ton of bricks. Jahari went for the pinfall and put his feet on the ropes to score the 1,2,3 and the win.

Dahmer did not stay down long as he sat up and chased Jahari out of the building. This is becoming quite the heated feud between these two men as each man continues their rise up the rankings.

2. Chris LeRusso w/ Krystal Frost pinned Nick Paradise in a wild contest. Chris LeRusso has been extremely impressive since debuting in PWX in February and this match was no exception.

Both LeRusso and Nick Paradise are on the verge of the title scene and these two men were well aware of the implications of this match. Both men fought back and forth with Paradise scoring several near falls early on. Krystal Frost's consistent interference on behalf of LeRusso became the deciding factor however.

Nick Paradise had LeRusso in a submission hold and even made LeRusso tap out for what Paradise thought was the victory, but Miss Frost had the attention of the referee which meant that he did not see the tap out. LeRusso was now back up and took advantage of the confusion to roll up Paradise and hold the tights for the win.

3. The Blue Dragon & ELITE defeated Devil Bhudakahn & The Mantis after Dragon pinned Devil.

The Blue Dragon and PWX 3 Rivers Champion Devil Bhudakahn have been embroiled in a heated rivalry for the last 3 months and this contest only added fuel to the fire. Dragon has been riding a 9 month long undefeated streak and it did not come to a halt on March 16th as he was able to gain the pinfall over Devil after thematch broke down and all four men were fighting it out.

The match itself featured a little bit of everything as Mantis displayed speed and his high-flying ability, ELITE dominated with his power and devastating moves, and Dragon and Devil did their best to destroy their counterpart. Back and forth action was seen throughout the match with Devil and Mantis able to cut the ring off on Dragon and work him over for a few solid minutes.

Dragon was finally able to tag in the 6'7 monster ELITE and he proceeded to clear house. The match broke down as all four men went at it. ELITE was able to hit his spinebuster in huge fashion while Mantis was then able to hit a couple of highflying moves to send the big man reeling. ELITE was able to come back and hit a chokeslam on Mantis off of the top rope, but Devil was now back in the ring and was able to cut off ELITE's pin attempt. ELITE and Mantis went outside the ring and continued brawling as now Dragon was back in and he Devil went at it with a reversal out of each other's finishers, but when Devil went for a his finisher a second time, Dragon was able to get the roll-up and the 1,2,3.

After the match, Devil told Dragon the if he wanted the title shot, then he has it on the April 7th event. Devil went on to say that while Dragon has been lucky two times now, he doubts that Dragon has what it takes to get the win when it really counts.

So, it is set. Devil Bhudakahn will meet The Blue Dragon on Saturday, April 7th as the PWX Three Rivers Title will be on the line against Dragon's 9 month long undefeated streak.

4. PWX Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor beat Bane w/ Krystal Frost by disqualification after Frost interfered in the match as Taylor went for pinfall cover.

This was a true David v Goliath matchup as the champion Chris Taylor found himself outsized by over half-a-foot and 150lbs against the enormous Bane. Taylor did not back down from the big man at all and he took a real beating for his efforts as Bane pretty much dismantled the champ.

Taylor started out with a flurry early on, but Bane's size and strength proved too much for Taylor. Bane took over and did not look back for the next 10 minutes as he delivered one of the most horrifying beatings seen inside a PWX ring for sometime. Bane did not attempt pinfall covers but rather just hit move after move on Taylor.

However, Taylor withstood the onslaught and just when it looked as though Taylor was done, he hit a spinning DDT out of nowhere and proceeded to hit three straight top rope elbow drops on Bane. As Taylor went for the cover, Krystal Frost slid into the ring and attacked Taylor causing the DQ. Taylor got ahold of Frost and when he received the crowd's overwhelming approval to hit her, Bane was now back up and hit Taylor from behind.

The second round of attack from Bane after the match proved to be too much for the champ as Bane physically tortured Taylor with four big moves. Fans were left with the visual of Krystal Frost holding the PWX Heavyweight Title belt over a prone Taylor as Bane looked on with satisfaction.

Atlas Wrestling Company Results (March 16, 2007):

1. Brian O pinned 'Sugar' Steve Flash in a match that saw two AWC newcomers make their second appearence.

Brian O used a chain throughout the match to choke down Flash, but Flash was able to use his speed advantage to gain some near falls on O. However, in the end, Brian O was able to secure the win using his cheating ways and veteran cunning. O has now impressed some people within the AWC as he has shown that he is vastly improved over his first stint in the PWX promotion 8 years ago.

2. Bigg & James Ross w/ Curtis Stevenson defeated Apollyon & Kid Cupid by pinfall.

In a match that was designed to flex the muscle of AWC owner paul Atlas, Atlas' henchman Bigg and protege James Ross took on Apollyon and his unscheduled [partner Kid Cupid. Cupid has been the focus of Atlas and company after he brought a masked man that Atlas believes is Scottie Gash, a PWX wrestler, to the last AWC event to embarrass James Ross.

The match started in a bizarre way as Stevenson revealed that he had stolen Apollyon's mask and Apollyon was forced to wear an old Armageddon mask(a masked tag-team from year's past). The Atlas contingent made fun of the weirdly attired Apollyon as this brought out Kid Cupid, who had been attacked by Atlas and Stevenson earlier in the night.

The team of Apollyon and Cupid surprised early in the match, but Apollyon was soon overtaken by Bigg and Ross as the two men kept at the young man for the next few minutes. Finally, Apollyon was able to hit a desperation move and make the tag to Cupid who was a house of fire for about 30 seconds, but was then cutoff anf eventually pinned by the team of Bigg and Ross.

After the match, Paul Atlas made his way down and proceeded to beat Cupid down more until Brandon K made his way out to clear the ring as the fans went nuts!

3. Brandon K defeated Paul Atlas by disqualification after Bigg interfered on Atlas' behalf.

K and Atlas went straight into a match after they exchanged words in the previous match. The two men have an intense hatred for one another and it showed as they wnet after each other with everything they have. K controlled Atlas early, but Atlas was able to take a shortcut and take over on K, but K did not stay down long as he came back with a barrage of offense on Atlas.

Bigg hit the ring right when K appeared ready to pick up the win and Atlas and Bigg took it to K until Dash Bennett made his way down to chase the two men away. Dash helped up K and the tag match would set shortly as it is now known that on April 7th Bigg and Paul Atlas will meet Dash Bennett and Brandon K.

Dash has proven to live up to his word of becoming a major problem within AWC since he was not granted his release or a trade to PWX so that he can defend his Brass Knuckles Title. Now Paul Atlas must deal with Bennett helping out his arch-enemy Brandon K....

4. AWC Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen w/ Benjamin C. Steele retained his title against Dash Bennett after Bennett was unable to gain a pinfall within the allotted five minute time limit.

Crusher and Steele were out on the microphone talking about how great Hansen was and how his title is more prestigious than than the PWX title and how certain wrestlers outside AWC were afraid to come in and wrestle him and Crusher went on and on and on inflating his ego which has become enormous in recent months.

Dash Bennett made his way out to inform the fans that the above mentioned tag-team match was set which received a loud ovation from the vocal audience. This did not set well with Crusher as he questioned Dash on who he thinks he is interrupting the champion on his time. Dash responded by saying that he felt this was a big announcement that could not wait, but Crusher was having none of it as he began to berate Dash on all levels.

This verbal confrontation led to a cocky Crusher "giving" Dash a heavyweight title match but with the stipulation that it is only a five minute time limit. Dash accepted the challenge and the two men went immediately into the match.

Dash was up on Crusher shortly until BC Steele got invovled which allowed Crusher to take over. Crusher worked over Dash for next couple of minutes until a miscue on Crusher's part gave Dash the lead-way he needed to go on the offensive as Dash exploded with numerous moves and pinfall attempts over the final minute and a half. Dash looked to be well on the way to winning the match when the time ran out. Crusher had just made a narrow escape with his title in tact, but Dash once again proved to be a determined and focused man.

After the match, the currently suspended Scott Venom's music hit, but a referee came out to inform everyone that Venom was offering 50.00 to any man that would come out and help 'soften up' Crusher Hansen for his title remtach on April 7th. Senior Official Shawn Patrick took the first shot at Crusher who soon found himself and BC Steele surrounded by most of the AWC lockeroom led by Dash Bennett. Crusher and Steele ran out of the building with the lockeroom following them trying to soften Crusher up for Venom while being able to collect 50.00 each.

****Next PWX / AWC event is Saturday, April 7, 2007 with a belltime of 8pm***

in association with




Saturday, April 7th- 7:30 pm Belltime
at the

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Saturday, April 7th at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.


The Return Of A Champion: Guido Corleone

With the exception of a couple minor appearences on PWX Anniversary Shows, Guido Corleone has been inactive within the promotion for over three years now.... Until now.

Word has been sent out that Guido will be returning to in-ring action for the first time since suffering a horrible back injury three years ago. The former PWX Heavyweight, Three Rivers, and Tag-Team Champion had always been a force to be reckoned with and one has to figure that Guido would not be returning unless he could be a force once again.

It is not known whether Guido will wrestle for PWX or AWC at this time. As mentioned above, Guido enjoyed his highest amount of wrestling success within PWX, but alot of veterans have been showing up in AWC over the last few months so it would not be surprising to see Guido follow in that path.

Guido was truly hated by fans during most of his tenure in PWX, so another question that needs to be posed is whether Guido will return to those days of rulebreaking or will he gain the respect of the fans this time around?

On April 7th, we shall find out exactly what Guido Corleone has in mind....


Tag-Team War!!!

PWX Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor & Scottie Gash


The monster BANE & Chris LeRusso w/ Krystal Frost

The last sight anyone had seen at the last PWX event was Krystal Frost standing over a prone Chris Taylor holding up his heavyweight title above her head as her monster Bane looked on in satisfaction. The two then walked out of the arena with Frost keeping the title belt in her possession. Taylor had to be helped to the back after suffering through a horrifying attack by Bane after the match.

It now comes as a bit of a surprise that it was Chris Taylor that asked for this tag-team match as he seeks to gain revenge on Bane and get his title back from the clutches of Krystal Frost. Taylor has enlisted the help of the returning 'Spotlight' Scottie Gash in his fight as Frost has come up with another one of her men in Chris LeRusso to be the partner of Bane.

Taylor suffered an immense beating during and after his match with Bane, but still walked out the champion(though beltless) as Bane was DQ'ed because of Krystal Frost's interference after Taylor made an improbable comeback on Bane at the end of that match.

Taylor's partner, Scottie Gash, has been out of action for over a month now because of a back injury suffered at the hands of his former student James Ross and Marion Fontaine. Gash agreed to help out Taylor once he heard about the odds that were stacked against him. Gash has said that he will help Taylor end the disgusting rampage Miss Frost, Bane, and Chris LeRusso have been on.

Bane appears to be unstoppable as he had little trouble delivering alot of punishment to the current PWX Heavyweight Champion. Bane has serious size advantage against both Chris Taylor and Scottie Gash as he looks to put both Taylor and Gash in the hospital this time around.

Chris LeRusso was the first man to come in for Krystal in her campaign against Taylor as he and Taylor went at it tooth and nail. LeRusso has proven since then that he is a top notch talent and his addition as Bane's partner will make this that much more difficult for the duo of Taylor and Gash.

Can Chris Taylor regroup and dig down deep enough to get his title belt back and put Bane down on the mat? Can Scottie Gash be the difference maker in this match or is he not quite 100% yet? Can Bane be stopped? Or even slowed down? Is Chris LeRusso enough for Krystal Frost to counter Scottie Gash and allow Bane to destroy Taylor once and for all?

One thing is for sure here; This match will be very physical and violent....

PWX Three Rivers Title Match

Champion Devil Bhudakahn meets The Blue Dragon

This match has been weeks in the making as Devil and Dragon's paths have crossed numerous times. Dragon has been able to pin Devil's shoulders to the mat for the 1,2,3 on the last two PWX events with the first being in a personal challenge issued to Dragon from Devil and the second being in the tag-team match they were in at the last event.

Devil has gone on record as saying that despite the fact that Dragon been lucky when it hasnt counted, he knows that Dragon does not have what it takes to pull out the big title win when it truly does count and the title is on the line. Devil has said that he has granted Dragon a title match because he wants to be the one that ends Dragon's 9 month long undefeated streak.

The Blue Dragon has been red hot for the last 9 months as he has gone undefeated and now looks to get into the title picture by grabbing his first title win in PWX since his debut over a year ago. Dragon has racking up some very impressive wins as of late and it could even be suggested that Dragon could be the favorite to win this match based on his hot streak since last July.

So there it is. Three Rivers Champion Devil Bhudakhn will defend his title against the 9 month long undefeated streak of The Blue Dragon. One man will lose something very dear to him in the contest as the war is on for April 7th....

The debuting Sharecropper will battle The Mantis

The Sharecropper will make his PWX debut on April 7th against The Mantis as he looks to make an immediate impact upon his arrival. Sharecropper is a very unique hooded individual that excels in the style of high impact wrestling. Sharecropper has received high marks from other wrestlers, fans, and promoters that have seen him wrestle and he wishes to move up the ladder on contendership in PWX very rapidly.

Standing in his way is a young man that has a ton of potential and drive in the form of The Mantis. Mantis has said that defeating the highly touted Sharecropper will be the notch in his resume that he needs to make people take notice and allow him to begin his ascension into stardom in PWX. Mantis also has the backing of longtime ally Devil Bhudakahn once again as the two men have a long history with one another.

Can Sharecropper make his debut a very successful one and defeat Mantis? Or will Mantis spoil the newcomer's first appearance and pick up the win himself? Is it just a question of when, rather than if, Devil will become involved? And will Sharecropper be ready for it?

Come find out on April 7th as these two young lions go at it...



Amir Al Jahari

ELITE is a monster that has taken PWX by storm with his intensity, size, and power. He has been extremely successful to date and is on the fast track up the rankings. ELITE has become very popular with the fans in a short period of time as his style of wrestling has drawn huge ovations from the crowd. ELITE is a man of few words and an even shorter temper, but his in-ring actions speak volumes as he has quickly become one of the most feared men in PWX.

Amir Al Jahari, on the other hand, is truly hated by the fans and he seems to relish in that fact. Jahari has done nothing but attempt to cheat and inflict as much pain on his opponents as possible. Jahari has been solid in the ring and it considered a young man on his way up in PWX. Elite had better watch for Jahari's foreign object that he brandishes at numerous points during a match, as it has led Jahari to alot of success.

What will happen when two of PWX's brightest young guns go at it? Can the smaller Jahari find a way to stop the huge ELITE? Can ELITE counter Jahari's cheating tactics? Which man will be up to the task of winning and propelling themselves even further into contention?


AWC Heavyweight Title Match: (Lumberjack Match)

Champion Crusher Hansen w/ Benjamin C. Steele

Defends Against

Scott Venom

After serving a 30 day suspension for invoking his title rematch clause aginast Crusher Hansen, Scott Venom is ready to return and claim the AWC Heavyweight Title as his own once again. Venom was forced to serve the controversial suspension when Hansen's manager Benjamin C. Steele placed the clause in Venom's rematch contract and the suspension was upheld by AWC Owner Paul Atlas' manager Curtis Stevenson.

So, Venom served his suspension, but was still able to play some mind games with Crusher over that period of time. Venom sprung the returning Justin Idol on Crusher for one of his title defenses and at the last event, offered money to any AWC wrestler that would help 'soften Crusher up for him'. Venom is angry and primed for his rematch against Crusher as he has named the stipulation to this title match. That stipulation is that this match will be a Lumberjack Match, which is a match that will feature the entire AWC lockeroom surrounding the ring at ringside as their job is too make sure no-one leaves the ring and if they do, then the lumberjacks are responsible for throwing that wrestler back into the ring.

Crusher has been on a major ego trip since winning that AWC Heavyweight Title. He has escaped each of Venom's mindgames as he pinned Justin Idol in his title defense and he ran out the front door when other AWC wrestlers attempted to collect the money Venom was offering to soften him up. Crusher is a veteran that has always found a way to win and one has to believe that Crusher has something up his sleeve here too.

Crusher and BC Steele have indicated that they will be throwing Scott Venom a "Welcome Back" party in the ring to begin the AWC show. The intent here is clearly to throw Venom off of his game and probably spring some sort of attack on Venom. Scott Venom should know this already and maybe he will go on the attack before Crusher does his sarcastic party for Venom. Something is sure to go down even before the title match, that much is certain.

Will Scott Venom be able to win back the title he lost amid controversy? Will Hansen's ego get in the way of his winning the match? Will any of the lumberjacks hold the key to victory for Venom or Crusher? Find out April 7th....

Brandon K to meet Justin Idol's challenge

Brandon K could be pulling double duty on April 7th as he already has been placed in a tag-team match by AWC owner Paul Atlas and he is prepared to meet the challenge set forth by Justin Idol a month ago.

K and Idol exchanged some heated words on the March 2nd AWC event and had to be restrained by referees. Idol told K he would be back on April 7th to go against him. K accepted and said he would be standing in the ring awaiting Idol's arrival.

Both Brandon K and Justin Idol have been two of the most popular wrestlers ever in this area and now they will meet one another in a battle that many fans have longed to see, but never thought could happen. Brandon seems to be the fans favorite in this scenario as Idol has come across as smug to some. Whatever the case, these two men have grown to hate each other in a very short period of time.

K has said that he will make people take notice of what he has to say to Idol and how easily he will defeat Justin. Idol has not been able to be reached for comment since his return, but his words were certainly heard loud and clear a month ago when he told everyone in attendance that he had to beat Brandon K for his own personal agenda.

What will happen when two of the best singles wrestlers in the area lock horns?

Tag-Team Mayhem:

Paul Atlas & Bigg


Brandon K & Dash Bennett

Paul Atlas has been out to destroy Brandon K since he drafted him for AWC in January. Bigg is Atlas' hired henchman to help take K out. Dash Bennett has been a major distraction for all of AWC since he was refused the right to defend his Brass Knuckles Title on AWC events. Atlas has since attempted to 'put Dash back in line', but Dash has instead become a huge thorn in Atlas' side.

On April 7th, these four men will meet in the ring and all indications are that this one wont be pretty. The hatred runs deep and each team would like to see their opposition erased from professional wrestling. Paul hates Brandon, Bigg hates Brandon, Brandon hates Bigg and Paul and has to meet Justin Idol too, Dash hates Paul , and around it goes.

Paul and Bigg have the advantage of having worked together many times in the past. They know each other well and will know how to work as team. Dash and Brandon have never teamed before and no-one even knows if K will be good to go if he has his encounter with Justin Idol first. However, K and Dash have been marked men for quite some time now and neither man has backed down from the odds.

This match promises to heated, physical, and full of chaos and whoever wants it the most will most likely be the last men standing in this affair. Come watch this situation explode before your very eyes on Saturday, April 7th....

James Ross versus Apollyon

At the last AWC event, James Ross, Curtis Stevenson and Bigg stole the mask of Apollyon and ousted his partner from the building leaving the young Apollyon alone and forced to wear the old Armageddon(An Old PWX Tag-team) Mask. These three men enjoyed what they had done and made fun of Apollyon as a result. Apollyon ended up making a good showing for himself when Kid Cupid offered to be his partner and Apollyon had both Ross and Bigg on their heals for parts of the match. Ross and Bigg ended up with the victory, but Apollyon looked good.

This time around it will be the up and coming youngster Apollyon facing off in singles action against Paul Atlas' handpicked protege James Ross. Ross says he still has Apollyon's mask and he wont get it back until Apolloyn can be a man and take it from Ross. Apollyon has indicated that he is up to the challenge and will shut the cocky rookie Ross up as well.

Ross has all the backing he needs to talk alot of garbage on people, but maybe this time Apollyon will be the man to walk the walk as these two young men go to war on Saturday, April 7th....



(Card Subject To Change)

Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School. The Main Park Pavilion is located on Renzie Park Rd, between University Dr. and Sycamore Dr. Parking is free in the lots surrounding the ball fields and the pavilion in Renzie Park.



Show Location: THIS SATURDAY!

King and Queen County Elementary School!


Call and get tickets...Now!

(Chesterfield, Virginia) With more than 60% of tickets sold a week before the show, fans need to make sure they order or purchase their tickets as soon as possible! Fans should call 804-785-5830.

"We're VERY happy!" said organizer Mike Hancock. "We're expecting a sell out! I've got posters up in West Point schools, as well as in King and Queen County Schools. The walk ups are going to be tremendous. Fans can't wait to see NWA wrestling action!"

Tickets are priced at a moderate $10 and the proceeds from the event will go to benefit King and Queen County Elementary School.

"We're so happy with the way things are proceeding, we are working on another date in May or June!" said Hancock.

Directions to King and Queen County [coming from Chesterfield]: http://www.mapquest.com/directions/main.adp?go=1&do=nw&rmm=1&un=m&cl=EN&ct=NA&rsres=1&1ffi=&1l=&1g=&1pl=&1v=&1n=&2ffi=&2l=&2g=&2pl=&2v=&2n=&1pn=&1a=&1c=chesterfield&1s=va&1z=&2pn=&2a=24667+The+Trail+&2c=mattaponi&2s=va&2z=23110&r=f

Injuries Force Changes to King and Queen County Show!

(Ahoskie, North Carolina) With "Big Time" Mike Booth sidelined due to post concussion syndrome and Champion Sean Denny injured due to an attack at the NWA SPW show in Ahoskie this weekend, the card for this Saturday's show will undergo some radical changes.

"A wrestling card is always subject to change," said NWA promoter Rick OBrien,"but losing the talent of Mike Booth and possibly losing Sean Denny on this card...well, we'll make some changes. First, Mike Booth is still suffering from an injury suffered while wrestling Q-Sic, so Alpha Champion Grail needs another top notch opponent. Lazarus will wrestle against Grail for the title. As for the Heavyweight title match? Well, we're waiting to hear from the doctors on the condition of Sean Denny. He'll be facing two tough opponents in Masked Superstar II and Pharaoh. I'm not sure if Denny will be physically able to defend the title."

Lazarus was scheduled to face Chris Dramin. That match has been changed to a Championship Tag Team title match! Chris Dramin will be joined by his tag team partner Mike Vaughn as they take on NWA Virginia Tag Team Champions Totally Awesome! Danger International, as Dramin and Vaughn are known as collectively, failed to gain tag team gold in Saluda and now have an opportunity to win Championship gold.

"My team is going to make Neil Sharkey's team sorry they were ever born!" said the apoplectic Timmy Danger. "We were robbed in Middlesex. I guarantee that history will not repeat itself!"

Kamikaze Kid replied, "I'm not worried. We never worry when we take on a team that Timmy Danger is managing. If they are that dumb to hire Danger, then they can't be all that great at wrestling!"

TNA Bookings
President, Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141

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