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SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for 03.08.07

SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES News for 03.08.07

Live SHIMMER Events:
- Saturday, April 7th @ Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL
- Sunday, July 1st @ Citrus County Auditorium in Inverness, FL

- Volume 7 almost ready for release!
- Tickets to April 7th taping in Berwyn now on sale!
- Volume 6 DVD now available at!


I just got done proofing the final edit of the Volume 7 DVD before it's sent off for duplication, and thought I would post a few comments.

Words cannot express how much I wish we still had Nattie Neidhart at our disposal for future tapings. She was a perfect fit for SHIMMER, and I am extremely thankful that she was able to appear for us before she got signed. Her future is beyond bright in this business.

Re-watching Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto reminds me of what fantastic performers both of them are, and how much they will be missed on April 7th due to their respective injuries. This is a very physically taxing profession, and both women's bodies have paid the price for the style of matches they participated in over the past several years. If you haven't heard, Martinez recently underwent surgery and will have an extensive rehabilitation period before she is able to return to the ring. Similarly, the wear and tear of the hard hitting, and oftentimes death match style of LuFisto has forced her into possible retirement. They say time heals all wounds... and I truly hope that time is all that is necessary for us to see both women compete once again here in SHIMMER.

Of course, one of the standout personalities in SHIMMER thus far has been Rebecca Knox, and she was also sidelined with a serious injury during late 2006, and was unable to appear on the Volumes 7 & 8 taping. For those looking for an update on her condition, she is not ready to return to the ring any time in the immediate future, but word is she's going to return to train a little during the coming months and just see how it goes. For someone with her talent, she needs to be very careful to not rush back into action before she is completely ready.

With three key performers sidelined with injuries, this is a crucial time for SHIMMER as a whole. It provides the other competitors, particularly those who haven't been in the main event picture thus far, with an opportunity to step up their game and break out as top tier stars. If and when the women on the injured list are able to return, that will make things all the more competitive at the top of the SHIMMER card. Volumes 7 and 8 saw wrestlers like Nikki Roxx and Tiana Ringer up their game in search of working their way up the ladder, and I'm sure April 7th will be no different.

We welcome "The Jezebel" Eden Black to SHIMMER on Volumes 9 & 10. She has shown what she is capable of in Europe, and built her reputation, partially in matches against wrestlers who regularly compete in SHIMMER. She debuted for ROH this past weekend in Liverpool and found out first hand what Sara Del Rey and Allison Danger bring to the table.

April 7th will also see the return of one of the most dominant women athletes worldwide, as Amazing Kong comes back to SHIMMER competition for Volumes 9 & 10.

Additionally, former WWE Women's Champion Jazz makes her way to SHIMMER on April 7th, and I don't even have to explain what kind of a huge impact her mere presence on the roster will make. Jazz has been in the upper echelon of American female wrestlers for the past ten years, and isn't coming to SHIMMER to mess around.

Look for Volume 7 to hit during the coming weeks.


Post your thoughts on the above in the following thread at the SHIMMER Forums...


SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES returns to live action on Saturday, April 7, 2007 with another huge double DVD taping at the Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL, just outside Chicago. Bell time for the taping is 4pm. Doors will open at 3pm. Volumes 9 & 10 of the SHIMMER DVD series will be filmed during the course of the event!

Tickets are moving RAPIDLY for this show. General admission tickets are still available at $15. They can be purchased either via PayPal, or by sending payment via the U.S. postal service (check or money order). Using either method, please proceed with the following process...

1. E-mail with your ticket request. Include the number of tickets you are interested in purchasing for your party. Please include your full name and postal mailing address in this initial E-mail.

2. Once you have received a reply from us indicating that we can accomodate your ticket request, you may send payment (the PayPal and mail order details will be included in the response E-mail we send to you). For those choosing to order via the mail, we will hold your tickets until we receive payment. We ask that those placing ticket order requests postmark their payment the day after placing the request.

3. Your tickets will be mailed to you!

Again, follow the above steps, and E-mail your request to If you're planning on attending the taping live, make sure you secure your tickets now!

Already signed to participate in the Volumes 9 & 10 taping on 4/7 in Berwyn...

Amazing Kong
"The Jezebel" Eden Black
Cheerleader Melissa
Allison Danger
Serena Deeb
"American Angel" Sara Del Rey
Lexie Fyfe
Daizee Haze
Malia Hosaka
Lacey of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew"
"Your Soul's Tormentor" MsChif
Amber O'Neal
Portia Perez
Portuguese Princess Ariel
Rain of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew"
Tiana Ringer
"The Definition of Technician" Cindy Rogers
Nikki Roxx

In addition to the talent listed above, Rebecca Bayless makes her SHIMMER debut as the new backstage interviewer on 4/7. Additionally, we've received word that former WCW star Daffney (who recently appeared as a guest color commentator on SHIMMER Volume 6) plans on revealing her SHIMMER goals to the live crowd on 4/7 in Berwyn!


If you're on our snail mail mailing list, you'll be receiving them shortly.

If you're not on our mailing list, now is the time to sign up if you want to get the color glossy 2 sided flyers promoting our April 7th taping in the mail.

Send your full name and address to us at if you'd like to be included.


The sixth DVD release from SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES is now available for immediate worldwide shipping at! This release features a wild Last Woman Standing match between the two wrestlers who have had the most chaotic matches in SHIMMER thus far, Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif! Irish sensation Rebecca Knox accepts Allison Danger's challenge to a Ring of Honor staple, a match held under Pure Wrestling Rules. The K-Nox will have to force Danger to use up all three of her rope breaks in order to legally use the ropes to her advantage! We see the first appearance of The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew in a SHIMMER tag team match, as they face the duo of two wrestlers who built their SHIMMER reputations based on matches against one another, "American Angel" Sara Del Rey & "Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez! Plus the UK's Nikita vs. Daizee Haze, a trios tag team encounter featuring the intimidating Amazing Kong, bonus match action with the SHIMMER DVD debuts of LuFisto and Nattie Neidhart, and a whole lot more! Order it now at

Item# SH006

1. Amber O' Neal vs. Serena Deeb
2. Lexie Fyfe, Malia Hosaka, & Amazing Kong vs. Ariel, Josie, & Cindy Rogers
3. Lorelei Lee vs. Nikki Roxx
4. Nikita vs. Daizee Haze
5. Rebecca Knox vs. Allison Danger (Pure Wrestling Rules)
6. "The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" Lacey & Rain vs. Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez (Tag Team Challenge Match)
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif (Last Woman Standing Match)

**Bonus Special Attraction Matches- SHIMMER at AAW 10/21/06
8. LuFisto vs. Josie
9. Cheerleader Melissa & Nattie Neidhart vs. "Dangerous Angels" Sara Del Rey & Allison Danger

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.
SALE! $14.95

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