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ACW 3/6 Results: 3 Debuts and One All Out Brawl

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On Tuesday March 6, 2007 Legends of Wrestling presented American Combat Wrestling at the Bourbon Street Night Club, 4331 US 19 N in New Port Richey, FL

The show was opened by “Rough House” Ralph Mosca who talked about his war with Dim Bala last week. He also said he had the unfortunate task of talking to Eddie Taurus about the ACW Heavyweight title. Taurus said he injured his back four weeks ago and now his doctor has deemed him unfit to wrestle. Mosca said ACW gave some options about what to do with the title while he was injured. The main option was to strip Taurus of the title or he will be could defend the belt. Mosca said the office had an opponent and he was ready to wrestle. But when Taurus turned to the locker room to see who his opponent was, Mosca got behind Taurus and choked him out. He made the referee count the pin and Ralph Mosca is your new ACW Heavyweight champion.

(1) Shayne Swift defeated Twizted Vengeance.

Twizted began with an attack on Swift’s left arm but Swift decided to take things to the air with a head scissor and a plancha to the floor. Swift stopped his own momentum and Twizted hit a blow to the mid section. Twizted decided to throw the rules out and use several cheap shots on the popular Swift. They all did nothing as Swift hit a Rocker Dropper but his handstand splash missed the mark. Swift recovered and hit a reverse huricurana which drove Twizted’s head into the canvas for the pinfall win.

(2) ACW Cruiserweight champion Austin Amadeus and Jose defeated Dogmatika (Sideshow & Dany Only).

This was the first match for Dogmatika since their brutal TLC match against Sedrick Strong and Joshua Masters and they showed little rust. They took turns beating up Amadeus while keeping Jose in the corner. Finally Amadeus got some control and tagged in his near 400 pound bodyguard. Only tried to fight back but Jose was overpowering in his moves. He also used some illegal chokes and got some help from Amadeus behind the referee’s back. Only was close to tapping out to a bear hug but somehow he held on and tagged out to Sideshow. Things got confusing as Jose and Only fought on the floor, Sideshow hit Amadeus with Double Penetration but Jose turned Amadeus over into a sunset flip in. After the match Sideshow commented the recent turn of events in ACW, including tonight’s controversial title change. Mosca came out to say the only reason Dogmatika had the titles was due to Syndicate member Bam Bam Bigelow being unable to compete when they held the belts.

(3) Big Daddy Pimp defeated Cousin Dale (w/Momma) via DQ.

Pimp got tired of listening to Dale’s entrance music so he jumped Dale. But it backfired as Dale hit him with punches to the jaw. Pimp got his senses back and avoided a corner splash. Pimp hit a legdrop but Dale had plenty of fight in him. After tossing Dale to the floor, Pimp grabbed his walking stick and tried to break it over Dale’s head. Momma could only watch on as he man was choked by the walking stick. The action finally came back to the ring where Pimp kept on the attack with a power attack. But nothing got him a pin and it began to make him frustrated. Dale fought out of a rear chinlock but dropped a forearm stopping an attempted backdrop. Dale avoided a clothesline and hit a flying forearm for two. Dale went for a sunset flip but Pimp countered into a two count of his own. Billy Dalton ordered Pimp to stop throwing punches, so Pimp argued his case by poking Dalton in the eyes. While Dalton was blinded Pimp got a chair from under the ring. But Dalton’s vision was coming back so he tossed the chair into Dale’s arms and fell to the mat. Dalton saw the chair in Dale’s hands and decided to call it a DQ win for Pimp.

(4) Nooie Lee defeated the debuting Dr. Heresy.

If the name Dr. Heresy sounds familiar then you watched IPW Hardcore and some northeastern promotions. Being unknown the fans threw language at him only drunken sailors use. Heresy played hit and run for a few minutes, he hit Lee with slaps and then ran for his life. Heresy made peace with Lee via a handshake then spit in his face. Lee chased Heresy around the ring but when he got back in Heresy was waiting with a boot to the face. Heresy kept Lee grounded with several power moves but he couldn’t get the three count. On a corner whip Lee got his boot up and Heresy got his jaw knocked around. Lee hit a cross body block for two and followed it with a frogsplash to win.

(5) In a dual debut match, Ray Beez defeated Erick Stevens.

Before the match Stevens took the house mic to say hello to the fans in his own way. On two straight lockups Stevens backed Beez to a corner and slapped him. On the third occasion Beez repaid the slaps with one of his own. The two men traded armdrags but Beez got Stevens in an armbar. Stevens escaped and bailed to the floor but Beez followed him out and escaped a shoulder breaker to the post. Instead he sent Stevens crashing into it chest first. Stevens told the referee he was injured. Billy Dalton and Beez fell for it and Stevens picked up Beez in a fireman’s carry and tossed him head first into the ring post. He followed that by throwing Beez into the post in an out of control fashion that made the fans think Beez was out on his feet. Stevens tossed Beez back in the ring and kept attacking the head and neck. Beez seemed defenseless as Stevens just kept pounding the upper region on Beez’s body. Beez escaped a body scissor by making it to the ropes and causing a break. Beez got an adrenaline rush and went on the attack after avoiding a corner splash and hitting Stevens with a German suplex for two. Beez and Stevens hit each other with clothelines and fought to beat the referee’s count. Stevens caught Beez of the top and hit a top rope powerslam but got only two. Stevens hit a low blow and told the fans it was over. It was over as Beez got a school boy rollup for the pin. Stevens didn’t like that outcome and beat Beez down to the mat for several minutes.

(6) Shan Hill and “the Marquee” Bruce Santee fought to a double countout.

Before the match Santee told the fans he asked for this match after Hill screwed him last week. Santee said it wasn’t about Hill it was about Steve Madison. At the opening bell Hill hit a dropkick that sent Santee to the floor. Hill followed him out with the punches and chops not far behind. The punches and kicks turned into a Santee choke hold and the match ending via countout as Billy Dalton couldn’t the participants back to the ring. Both men fought to the locker room as the fans followed the action. The action actually came back to the ring and the two men traded moves until Santee snapped. He took the house mic and tore into the ACW office for what he felt was poor management. Hill said he knew Santee was selfish but he never knew he was a quitter. Hill challenged Santee to a hair vs. beard match. Santee reiterated his feelings and it looked like he declined the challenge from Hill. With the house mic trashed by Santee, Mosca took the mic to say he was tired of the bitching from certain wrestlers in the locker room. Mosca challenged Santee to a match next week if Santee decided to return to ACW.

Can’t see ACW in person at Bourbon Street, then watch Bright House Networks Catch 47 Wednesday’s @ 5pm for matches from our recent TV tapings. Remember ACW is back online, so log onto or for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. Like live music, then check out for info on bands like Wiley Fox, Clinchfist and Firehouse.

Want to train to become a professional wrestler? Then Bam Bam’s House of Pain Pro Wrestling Camp might be for you. The address is 6111 Ridge Crest Drive in Port Richey, FL. The hours of training are Mon: 7:30pm-10pm, Wed 7:30pm-10pm and Sat: 11am-2pm. Contact for information.

Scott “Bam Bam” Bigelow Memorial Biker Run

Police Escorted Run Led by Scott’s Brother Todd Bigelow

Sunday March 18, 2007

Proceeds will go to Diabetes research

Run begins @ Abigor Choppers

16426 US 19 in Hudson (727) 868-9209 or 247-7473

Bikers will meet @ 10am

Stands up @ 11am heading north to The Ramble Inn

18139 US 19 in Brooksville (352) 597-0052 or (727) 919-1068

$ 15 per person in advance, $20 per person day of the event

Tickets can be purchased at both locations listed above

There will be complimentary lunch for all those on the run

American Combat Wrestling will hold a show from 130-430pm

$.25 cent drafts and other drink specials, door prizes and a raffle will be held.

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