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AWA/World 1 South Old School Tag Team Tourney This Weekend!!

AWA Pro Wrestling World 1's


March 9 and 10 at Crisp Middle School in Cordele, Georgia

This weekend the following 8 tag teams will compete in a single elimination tag team tournament for a $10,000 prize:

Former 2 Time FIP Tag Team Champions and Current Pro Wrestling World 1 Tag Team Champions The Heartbreak Express

Current D1PW Tag Team Champions The Lifeguards

5 Time NWA World Tag Team Champion Ricky Morton and his protégé Brad Taylor

3 Time NWA World Tag Team Champion & 3 Time WWF World Tag Team Champion (as Demolition Axe) The Masked Superstar and his partner The Nightmare

Former WCW World Tag Team Champion Scotty Riggs and Dave Holiday

Former All Japan, World Class and ECW Superstar Giant Kamala 2 and his partner Kimchee

GIWA superstars KI Elite

Cordele' Georgia's hometown hero's Ricky Silver and Q Ball

In addition to the tag team tournament we will feature the following bonus matches:

Friday Night, March 9 8:00PM

Main Event

FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens vs. Former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions and current FIP Tag Team Champions Mark and Jay Briscoe

This match will be a must see classic as arguably the best 4 young wrestlers in the world will bring the high impact Ring of Honor and FIP style of super fast paced & incredibly intense wrestling to GA! Do not blink an eye as the action will be faster than the speed of light yet as good as the condition is of these four athletes you better pack a lunch as we have assigned two referees and a 90 minute time limit for this match as we want to see a clear cut winner. Don't be surprised though if they use every second of the allowed time as there may have never been a more closely matched tag war than this.

Former 4 Horsemen member Tully Blanchard vs. “Sensational” Scott Davis

Blanchard is a legend who has held the NWA and WWF World Tag Team Titles, the National

Heavyweight Championship, United States Heavyweight Championship and NWA TV champion. He is no doubt one of the greatest to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. On Friday night though he better not take his young opponent for granted as “Sensational” Scott Davis is considered by many to be a future legend of this sport. He has been working hard all over the South for the last 10 years and has been waiting for an opportunity like this to prove to everyone in the wrestling world that his time has arrived and he will do anything he can to get his hand raised in Cordele, GA.


World 1 Southern Champion GLACIER vs. Big Bank Barfield

Here's what Big Bank Barfield had to say about this epic grudge match: "Glacier is a has-been who should have never been. I beat him with a broken leg 2 years ago in Valdosta. I finally got him where he can't run inside the squared circle with lumberjacks around the ring. Remember this! You are only as strong as the tables you dance on, the drinks you mix and the friends you roll with. Glacier tried to roll with the Big Bank Posse and melted into a small puddle. Take that to the Bank!"

Pro Wrestling World 1 Light Heavyweight Champion Chasyn Rance vs. Johnny Rodriguez

Here's what the champion had to say about this match: "This punk is just another kid that I will make an example out of. I am the best light heavyweight in the world today, everyone knows it, and I'll continue to prove it. After March 9, 2007, I'll still be the champion. Nobody can beat me and nobody will. That's not cockiness, that's confidence."

Saturday Night, March 10 at 8:00PM

Main Event


Former 4 Horsemen member Tully Blanchard vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

If you are a true fan of classic pro wrestling than there is no place in the world that you would rather be than in Cordele, Georgia on March 10 as two of THE biggest names in the history of the sport will step in the ring with something much more important to them than any title belt on the line and that is the pride that goes with being able to say you are the best ever in your chosen profession. Trust me when I say that neither one of these two lack in the confidence department. In fact this is a battle of two of the biggest egos ever in a business full of self proclaimed legends and neither one will be coming to Cordele to live off of their famous names or to get an easy paycheck. These two will bring everything they have and will use every ounce of energy and every bit of their years of experience to get a clear cut win over the other so that they can leave Georgia knowing that in the eyes of everyone in attendance and in their own heart that they are still the best in the business.


Pro Wrestling World 1 Heavyweight Champion Ricky Landell vs. GLACIER

This match is going to be nothing short of a total war as Glacier goes for revenge against his former tag team partner that turned on him to join up with Big Bank Barfield. Here is what Ricky Landell had to say: “No matter how much dislike I have for someone, in this case the man known as Glacier, there is always a level of respect. He has accomplished quite a lot in the business of Pro-Wrestling 1, so it will be an honor to compete against him on March 10, 2007. That said, I have a tremendous dislike for Glacier. This is a man who is indecisive and willing to turn on a partner in a heartbeat. As far as I am concerned, Glacier is a disgrace to the WORLD-1 Southern Heavyweight Title, and it will be my pleasure to rid all the dental and hygienically challenged “Glacier Devotees” and fans of professional wrestling in Georgia and Florida of a spineless, cowardly champion. I can see it now, all the women lusting over a double champion of my stature, all the sad, fatherless children in the crowd wishing that Ricky Landell, a giant among men, were in fact their father. So on March 10th, thoughts become reality and Glacier slips back into obscurity, right where he belongs. That’s right, I said it! And that’s all there is to it.”


The four tag teams that lose in the first round will get a second chance at winning a big cash prize on Night 2!


GOLD RINGSIDE - First Row are $30.00 each night at the door (if available). Special Two Day Packages will be sold for $50.00. Advance Tix Prices for individual nights are $26.00 per night for those who can't attend both nights. TIX holders of the Gold Ringside tickets on Friday night will enjoy a 45 minute` (or until everyone has had a chance to meet all wrestlers) meet and greet with all the wrestlers after the show and will get a free Polaroid with the wrestler of their choice. On Saturday night, holders of the Gold Ringside tix will get to attend a meet and greet with the wrestlers from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. ONLY 100 TIX ARE AVAILABLE AND WE EXPECT THEM TO GO FAST.

SILVER RINGSIDE: Second Row - are $15.00 each night. Special Two Day Packages will be sold for $22.00 in Advance. One Day advance prices are $12.00. Only 100 tickets are available.

General Admission: tix are $10.00 at the door. Special advance two day packages will be sold for $16.00. One day advance prices are $9.00 per ticket.


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