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Show open with Greg Hunter in the ring. He introduced NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham and asked him about Hardcore Hell. That led to Slim J coming out wanting a rematch against Parham at HH, then Jeremy Vain who pointed out that he’d beaten both Slim J & Ace Rockwell and he wanted a shot at either the TV or Heavyweight title, which brought out Ace Rockwell who said he wanted a shot at the Heavyweight Title. Jerry Palmer came out and announce a Main Event at Hardcore Hell on 3/31 would be Chad Parham vs Slim J vs Jeremy Vain vs Ace Rockwell, and if either Chad or Ace gets pinned they lose the title.

John Johnson was backstage with Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins and asked about Patrick Bentley. Delay said he’d deal with Bentley. Brett Thunder joined the interview and asked Hawkins if they could reform their tag team. Delay said no, and that instead Hawkins would face Thunder.

Adrian Hawkins w/Seth Delay def Brett Thunder

Post match Seth Delay grabbed the mike, told Hawkins he could go to the back and said he wanted Patrick Bentley. Light off, lights on and Bentley was in the ring.

Patrick Bentley def Seth Delay by DQ when Adrian Hawkins came out from under the ring and attacked Bentley from behind. Bentley grabbed Hawkins by the throat. Delay slid out of the ring and grabbed a chair. He hit Bentley in the back and then as Bentley shrugged that off and turned around Delay nailed him with the chair in the head knocking Bentley out. Delay positioned himself over Bentley and began swiveling his hips. Bentley was helped from the ring.

Anarchy Angel Mary was backstage with Al Getz and Justice Served but wasn’t even allowed to ask a question as Getz rudely grabbed the mike, insulted her abilities, and discussed his team’s greatness, and their upcoming match with Austin Creed & Hayden Young.

NWA ELITE (Onyx & Jeff Lewis w/Jeff G Bailey & Abomination def TEXAS HITMEN (Bigg Dogg & Skitzo) when Skitzo submitted to Onyx’s full nelson. Onyx stayed down and after a while was helped to the back. (Onyx was in great pain backstage due to some form of muscle tear on his right side, but is recovering). Jeff G Bailey stayed in the ring with Lewis and Abonination and began addressing what happened several weeks earlier to the Rejects when Azreal lit himself on fire, hit Tank instead of Onyx with the fire, and Iceberg was bloodied by Jeff Lewis and Abomination returned and attached Tempers and Azreal. Temper and Azreal hit on the ring and attached Jeff Lewis, while Bailey fled to the floor with Abomination to protect him, and once again it looked like Dan Wilson was going to light Azreal’s foot on fire when Bill Behrens came out and ordered them to stop. He addressed both teams saying that the blood feud had gotten out of hand, and that they were not just risking their lives but the lives of the fans having risked burning the building down again, and risked having the TV show pulled off the air hurting all of the Anarchy wrestlers in the process. He said that normal rules didn’t seem to work, so at Hardcore Hell they would have a match with Anarchy Rules, which means the fans bring the weapons of their choice for both teams to use. He added that until HH neither team could touch the other or both teams would never wrestle for Anarchy again.

The Hollywood Brunettes def Derrik Driver and Steven Walters.

Anarchy Angel Mary interviewed Jerry Palmer backstage about Hardcore Hell on 3/.31 when Adam Roberts interrupted complaining that his match had been scratched. Palmer told him that was because his partner Jason Blackman had no showed again and was fired. Newcomer Don Matthews then interrupted the interview wondering if he had a match. Palmer told him if he had checked the chart he’d know he does and that it was next. Roberts then began yelling at Matthews about him getting a match when Roberts didn’t, and followed Matthews bitching at him as he headed toward the ring.

Don Matthews def Windwalker

After the match Adam Robert entered the ring and said that Matthews did pretty good and now he wanted a tag team match and knew Truitt and Shatter were up next and he wanted them out to the ring. Truitt & Shatter were introduced but before a match could get started, music hit for Chase and Phoenix who were scheduled to face Truitt & Shatter. Chase and Phoenix confronted Roberts & Matthews and the two teams argued until both teams attached Truitt and Shatter doing damage to both. Chase, Phoenix, Roberts and Matthews left Truitt & Shatter down in the ring. Scheduled match never happened.

Next up was the NWA Anarchy Tag Team title match between Creed & Young and Champions, Justice Served. Creed & Young were introduced but as they came out they were attached from behind by the Hollywood Brunettes who threw both in the ring and continued the attack. Eventually a chair was used on Hayden Young’s arm in addition to other damage to both Creed & Young. Refs came to the ring and sent the Brunettes to the back. Young and Creed were helped out of the ring. Music played for Justice Served and the Champions and Al Getz came to the ring where Getz ordered the ref there to begin a 10 count and declare his team the winners. The ref hit 4 when UAS hit the ring, knocked Free over the top rope and hit a spinebuster on Justice. The ref was order to count and Justice was pinned. Jerry Palmer ran to the ring and called for the belts. \As Mary went to bring them to him, Getz grabbed them and began yelling at the ref who went to the ring announcer. ER then announced that the bell was never rung, the match was not official, and the pin did not count so Justice Served were still champions.

In the Main Event Slim J def Jeremy Vain. After the match Vain attacked Slim and Ace Rockwell who had been on commentary with Chad Parham hit the ring and went after Vain. As Slim recovered to help himself, Ace saw Parham approaching the ring so went to the ropes. Chad threw his latte at Ace blinding him. Ace stagger back bumping into slim J and not knowing whop it was hit his Aces High finish on Slim. Vain & Parham were then entertained as Ace realized what he had done. Ace tried to apologize but Slim pushed him away and leftv Ace alone in the ring to end the show.

NWA Anarchy TV eps 53 online now!!!!!











NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................

Here are the results from Saturday evening's NWA/ECCW show in Vancouver, BC in front of roughly 150 fans featuring AMERICAN DRAGON BRYAN DANIELSON:

"Bollywood Don" Harv Sihra over Aurora

Kurt Sterling over "The 2010 Superstar" Seth Knight

Azeem over Ice by DQ

- Ice remains NWA Canadian Jr Heavyweight Champion

Disco Fury over Mike Freeman

Scotty Mac over Moondog Manson and Cremator

- Scotty Mac is the new ECCW Hardcore Champion

"Fast" Freddy Funk over Marty Sugar

- Funk remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion

Kyle O'Reilly & Veronika Vice over Sid Sylum & Nikki Matthews

Bryan Danielson over Aaron Idol

- This was a gauntlet match with Danielson as the ref. Idol beat Gurv Sihra, Sid Sylum, Kyle O'Reilly and Nelson Creed (by DQ) before Danielson revealed himself as the final man in the gauntlet, attacking Idol from behind and locking in the crossface chickenwing forcing Idol to tap out. Daneilson then announced he was going after the NWA World Heavyweight Title! In a calmer moment after the show Danielson was captured on video making the same challenge as he was leaving the arena:

Next shows:

Friday, March 9, 2007 - Comox Band Hall, Comox, BC

Friday, March 30, 2007 - Bridgeview Hall, Surrey, BC

Friday, April 20, 2007 - Squamish Band Hall, North Vancouver, BC

Saturday April 21, 2007 - TBA

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*MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING THE NWA UNIVERSAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! -Current NWA Universal star and one half the NWA Universal Tag team Champions BASH was injured last Saturday, February 24th in Paris, TX. BASH suffered fractures to his right hand, which will require surgery on Monday, March 5th. This come as a blow to the tag team champions who are scheduled to face THE DEVILS REJECTS Saturday, March 3rd in Tahlequah, OK in a return TABLES, LADDERS and CHAIRS match. This morning THE SPOILER 2000 received a call from both the NWA and UCW championship committees and was told that he had 24 hours to submit 5 names to replace BASH as this match MUST go as planned. “The people paid for this match and they will get this match, even if SPOILER 2000 has to go it alone!” stated Mike Porter of NWA Main Event Wrestling, who is also in charge of the NWA Championship Committee. THE SPOILER 2000 has yet to make a statement by phone but simply returned an email stating “Statement to be made March 3rd in Tahlequah.”

*MEET SLAM SHADY AND OTHERS TOMORROW AT NSU! Hate's own SLAM SHADY and CEO CHRISTOPHER FOX will be on hand tomorrow at Northeastern State University at the University Center from 11:30 am- 1:30 pm signing autographs and answering questions. DISCOUNT STUDENT AND SENIOR TICKETS ($4.00) will be on sale as well as RINGSIDE ($10.00) tickets during this appearance. You can also win 2 ringside tickets and a VIP meet & greet for the March 3 show in Tahlequah! This event is open to the public! Official UCW merchandise will be on sale as well!

BRENT ALBRIGHT AND MORE-This Saturday, March 3rd at the Tahlequah Community Center Ag Building its LIVE NWA UNIVERSAL ACTION!
This event is being taped for the debut of NWA UNIVERSAL's “INTENSE TV”.
The Main Event will be a TABLES, LADDERS and CHAIRS match for the NWA
Universal Tag Team Championship. THE SPOILER 2000 must either choose a partner to replaced BASH or defend the belts alone against the number one contenders THE
BRENT ALBRIGHT will decide either YES or NO in regard to the HATE CONTRACT
And will be in action as well!
JESSI JERSEY seeks revenge in a return match against LILY MCKENZIE
TONS of live action…
Tickets now available at…


TULSA, OK-Starship Records and Tapes, located at 12th & S. Lewis. Telephone is

TAHLEQUAH, OK-RPM Paintball, located at 208 S. Muskogee. Telephone is

MUSKOGEE, OK-Gametraders, located at 300A W. Shawnee. Telephone is

Ticket prices for the March 3rd event:

General Admission-$7.00
Kids 12 & Under GA-$3.00
College Students/Seniors GA Day Of Show-$4.00

March 3rd-NWA Universal Championship Wrestling, Tahlequah, OK
Community Center Ag Building, 908 College Street
Doors open at 6:00pm with Belltime at 7:00pm

Yes that's right, The Biggest Half Hour of Pro Wrestling returns to the airwaves
April 6th! “We decided in the middle of talks with network affiliates that the time was right to bring back
the program. Cable affiliates were so eager to add the program and I felt that we have had one of the best
lockers rooms in quite awhile, the timing could not have been more right” stated CEO Christopher Fox on
the TV situation. Fox added “We are continuing talks with 2 major/regional network affiliates on bringing
“Intense TV” back to network programming which would only add to the viewer ship of the show.”
“Intense TV” air on local affiliate WB19 which is now THE CM, and was one the most highly rated overnight
programs. Fox worked with WB via One Tree Hill during this time. The program also aired via the web but was
be taken off due to the overwhelming number of downloads each week.
SEE NWA UNIVERSAL “INTENSE TV” Starting April 6 via:
-Tulsa Cox Cable Channel 70 Friday nights at 12 midnight
-Ponca City CableOne Channel 70 Saturday mornings at 11:30am
WWW.THESUPERSTATION.NET available every Saturday with a new download.
A link will be available via our website WWW.NWAUNIVERSALPRO.COM.
Our first taping will be this Saturday, March 3rd in Tahlequah, OK at the Community Center Ag Building.

ON APRIL 14TH! -See the LIVE action of NWA-UCW Pro
wrestling on Saturday, April 14th! At the Wagoner Civic Center, 301 S. Grant Av
(Near the Wal-Mart SuperCenter). See 5 big matches including the BIG MAIN
EVENT! The Sooner Stampede. 10 men will compete for the vacant NWA
Oklahoma Hvwt. Championship in this match with royal rumble rules. Among
those signed to date include SLAM SHADY, CHANCE CHRISTOPHER (Awol).
Additional names will be announced each week. See UCW Hvwt. Champion ROCCO VALENTINO
defend the title against the NWA Kansas Hvwt. Champion MARK STERLING. The NWA Universal X
and Tag Teams titles will be defended on this great night in Wagoner. Tickets are only $7.00 for adults and
$5 for kids 10 & under, all seating is first come, no reserve seating for this event. Tickets will be on sale
next Wednesday, March 7th at:

WAGONER, OK-Wagoner Civic Center, located at 301 S. Grant Av. Telephone
Is 918/485-3414

TULSA, OK-Starship Records and Tapes, located at 12th & S. Lewis. Telephone is

TAHLEQUAH, OK-RPM Paintball, located at 208 S. Muskogee. Telephone is

MUSKOGEE, OK-Gametraders, located at 300A W. Shawnee. Telephone is

Friday, April 13th see LIVE NWA-UCW action in Tahlequah, OK at the Community
Center AG Building in a special SPRING opener event. ALL tickets will be $5.00,
all general admission, no reserve. See NWA Universal X Champion “THE BROKEN ARROW BAD BOY”
JUSTIN LEE defend his title in a TRIPLE X match with 2 opponents to be announced. Also a mixed tag team
match will be featured this night. See the NWA Universal debut of THE ICEMAN from NWA Central States
TICKETS on sale March 7th at the following locations:

TULSA, OK-Starship Records and Tapes, located at 12th & S. Lewis. Telephone is

TAHLEQUAH, OK-RPM Paintball, located at 208 S. Muskogee. Telephone is

MUSKOGEE, OK-Gametraders, located at 300A W. Shawnee. Telephone is

*NWA-UCW Will announce a new Tulsa show location soon.

*We are gearing up for a big birthday bash, plenty of action, music and more…
announcement concerning “STARS UNDER THE STARS BASH” coming within
within weeks.

*Our YOUTUBE channel is almost finished, expect information soon.


*Don't miss the great JCW action Friday, March 9th at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Go to for more information. This event is being
produced in association with NWA-UCW.

Check us out on the web at:

NWA/National Wrestling Alliance TM 2007 Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC
Universal Championship Wrestling TM 2007-Universal Championship Wrestling, LLC

Courtesy of the NWA Pro/ HRW website,

Wildcard Warfare Results 02.15.07
Victorville, CA

Slick Nick & Mr. Instant Replay defeated Sexy Sonny
Samson & "BFF" Steve

This match was randomly determined a best
two-out-of-three falls match. Nick & MIR scored the
first fall, SSS and Steve took the second, and Nick &
MIR won the match with by winning the third fall.

Prior to the match, Mr. Instant Replay told the fans
he was only accepting a role as Slick Nick's partner
to give the fans a good night of entertainment, but
Sexy Sonny Samson was incredibly upset over that
decision. After Slick Nick scored the third and
deciding pin, SSS administered a post-match beatdown.
MIR rushed the ring and made the save for his partner
for the night, Slick Nick. Back on the stick, MIR
proclaimed he wanted a divorce and challenged his
now-former family-mates to a match at Assault &
Battery: Sexy Sonny Samson and "BFF" Steve VS. THE

The returning Antonio Mestre pinned Ronnie Tsunami

CK served as special guest referee. Antonio Mestre,
fresh off of his stint with the WWE's developmental
program, assured fans that his match with whoever was
selected would begin and end with a handshake. After
Mestre scored the victory, he did indeed shake
Ronnie's hand, mere seconds before he leveled the
former tag team champion with a hard kick to the back.
Diablo, Ron Kilbourn, and Mr. Bateman came to the ring
and offered Mestre a chance to join forces to form a
massive, and possibly deranged, alliance. Diablo
revealed to the crowd he plans on overthrowing Classie
Mr. Massie and becoming the new HRW commissioner!
Mestre accepted the spot, beginning a massive tirade
by the biggest faction to run since the beginning of
High Risk Wrestling.

Johnny Paradise defeated CK and Ryan Mason in a random
triple-threat match.

Diablo, Ron Kilbourn and Shawn Bateman defeated
"Ironman" Mike Maze and Kid Karnage.

"Brawlin" Bo Cooper defeated Ryan Taylor.

Courtesy of the NWA Pro/ RPW MySpace Website.

03/03/07 Results

Saturday March 3rd 2007
Broadway Rec Center
Mesa, AZ

Top Contenders Elimination Challenge

Qualifying Match #1 Mr. 300% Brandon Nitro pinned
Sexy Sonny Samson in 7:34

Qualifying Match #2 Hawaiian Lion Beat Miracle Mike
James by submission in 11:17

Qualifying Match #3 REDRUM pinned Johnny Dynamite in

Special Challenge Match: Black Metal pinned The
Navajo Warrior in 9:54

Devilishly Sexy (Diablo & Sexy Sonny Samson) beat The
Young Bucks via pinfall in 14:06

Main Event

Mr. 300% Brandon Nitro pinned Hawaiian Lion with a 450
splash after REDRUM had been Disqualified in 14:28

Brandon Nitro is the new #1 contender for the RPW
Heavyweight Championship

Courtesy of the NWA Pro/ EWF Website.

March 4, 2007
Covina, CA

Liger Rivera defeated "Iceman" Webster Dauphiney

La Ola Del Mal defeated Mercurio & Damien Slater

Chance Prophet pinned Bobby Jo Marshall

Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson defeated Angelas by

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Kid
Karnage to retain the title

EWF American Champion The Human Tornado pinned Dan
Kobrick to retain the title

TJ Perkins defeated EWF Heavyweight Champion Joey
Harder by disqualification. Harder retains the title

Jesse Hernandez pinned Charles Mercury in a Barbed
Wire Match

The National Wrestling Alliance is pleased to make the first announcement of NWA Pro East/NWA Shockwave 2007 Spring schedule. On April 28, 2007 the NWA will begin filming TV for Time Warner cable in the tri state area. NWA Pro East and NWA Shockwave have joined together for the inaugural TV taping in Clifton, NJ at the Italian/American building on Parker Ave.

The first event will be held as part of a fund raiser in conjunction with the NJ Mariners baseball program, who successfully hosted an event one year earlier. That event featured an NWA World title match up between Christian Cage and Jay Lethal. Tickets are on sale and can be purchased by calling 201- 370-8642 or by visiting us at The show, which will begin to air in June, will be a combination of old school wrestling and angles combined with today’s suicidal high flying styles. “We have huge plans for the NWA to make a major splash on the east coast" states promoter Ricky Otazu. “The long term plan is for the NWA Pro brand to be running shows in more then 15 states before the year is over. Having secured buildings and arenas in NJ and now in PA, the NWA Pro East brand is hitting strides and with over 20 shows already booked in just the east alone things will be busy.” Talented already committed for these tapings are:

Reckless Youth
Fred Sampson
Don Montoya
The Devils Rejects
The Silver Bullets
Judas Young
Nick Berk
Rob Eckos
Jason Static
Damian Dragon
The Playa's ©lub
Joe Delicious
and many more.

Tickets for this event are only 15.00 and again for more information call 201 370 8642

Here are the February NWA Mountain State Results,
courtesy of the NWA Mountain State Wrestling website,

02/24/2007 NWA MSW TV

Billy Lit def Texas Outlaw #1
Tony Richardson def The Executioner
The Maestro def Johnny Blast (Submission)
Drake Tungsten & Bad News Johnson def Devin Davis &
Michael Cook
Derik Billings def Outlaw #2 (DQ) J.C. Dykes was
banned from building; Outlaw #2 was handcuffed to
Billy Lit, The Commisioner suspended Outlaws for 2

02/24/2007 Princeton WV

Michael Cook def Diablo Jr.
Scar Stevens w/ Destiny & Johhny Blast def Chad Cross
& Tony Richardson
Kris King def Jason Kincaid
NWA MSW Tag Title Match - Billy Lit & Derik Billings
def Texas Outlaws
NWA MSW HVYWT Title Match - Frank Parker def Dr.
Roger Hamm

02/17/2007 NWA MSW TV

Diablo Jr. def Sean O'Sullivan
JJ Cannon & Drake Tungsten def Devin Davis & Bad News
Kris King def The Executioner
6 MAN TAG- JC Dykes/ Texas Outlaws def Derik Billings/
Billy Lit/ Chad Cross

02/16/2007 Ghent WV

Sean O'Sullivan def The Executioner
Kris King def Jason Kincaid
Derik Billings beat Texas Oulaw #1 (DQ)
Diadlo Jr. def Michael Cook
Frank Parker & Derik Billings def Texas Outlaws

02/03/2007 NWA MSW TV

Michael Cook def Chris Collins
Texas Outlaws def Devin Davis & Bad News Johnson
Thrillbilly Ox defDiablo Jr & The Executioner
NWA MSW TV Title Match - Chad Cross def Chris Richards

Johnny Blast def Kris King

NWA Executive Director Announces New Int'l Title!

(Las Vegas, Nevada) NWA Executive Director Bob Trobich made an incredible announcement during a huge NWA event in Las Vegas recently.

On an upcoming NWA show in Australia, the NWA will crown the first ever NWA Australia Heavyweight Champion! Check out the announcement here

NWA Inks Multi-Show Deal with Atkins Volunteer Fire Dept

(Chesterfield, Va) On the heels of their successful fundraiser for the Hartfield Volunteer Fire Dept in Saluda, the Atkins Volunteer Fire Dept. has inked a multi-show deal with the National Wrestling Alliance.

"While we've been to Adkins many times, it has always been in conjunction with Sexy Kevina. Well, Sexy Kevina has retired from wrestling, and this will be an all NWA event," said NWA Board of Director Rick OBrien. "The shows will still be fantastic, and the wrestling action will still focus on the local favorites that help draw in the capacity crowds that we have always enjoyed out there."

Firefighter and Special Events Coordinator Dennis Arnstrong replied,"I'm sorry to hear that Kevina retired. People loved to hate him. But after speaking with Rick, I know that I can be sure of our usual sell out crowds. The fans in Adkins are fantastic. I look forward to the events that the NWA will bring to Adkins."

The first date is in October, with a follow-up show in March. "Two shows a year will help us out a whole bunch," remarked Armstrong.

"Sure, it's a distance to drive, but it is Virginia, and that's my area to promote the NWA in, and I LOVE going to Atkins anyway," stated OBrien. "We had that great cage match between then Champion Scotty Blaze and Damian Wayne. Everyone remembers the elbow that Wayne delivered off of the top of the cage. It was amazing. Then Brandon Day came out and ruined it all by attacking Blaze with Krotch and 6D6."

"I promise you that we will continue to bring exciting NWA action to Atkins," concluded OBrien.

NWA Main Event Wrestling
March 2, 2007
Smyrna, TN - National Guard Armory


Main Event
Little Tojo & Jose Guerro
Bobby Lowe & The KID
Tojo and Guerro got the double pin fall. Lowe and Kid
brought chairs in the ring, and ended up getting them
in their own faces when Tojo and Guerro kicked them
back to them.
"Outlaw" Lee Condry def Nerdy White boy in a No DQ /
falls count anywhere match. White Boy challenged
Condry to a title match earlier in the night, and
ended up getting more than he bargained for. He was
busted open and chopped by the Champion. Lee Condry
got the win after a last ride type move taking Nerdy
off of the turn buckles.
"Mr. Impact" J. T. Quest w/Xstacy def Milton Biggs
when Quest caught Biggs out of the corner and
delievered a huge powerbomb for the 1-2-3.
Shane Smalls def Cody Whitehead w/Avenger with a roll
up after Avenger tried getting involved.
White Trash def "Iceman" Chris Eckos after some hard
chops and a drop.
Antiono def Avenger with a combination rko & side
effect for the pin

NWA:Main Event Results 3/3/07 -Columbia, TN
NWA Main Event returned to Columbia, Tn for a great
night of action at Freddie's Auction House
Saturday March 3, 2007

Main Event
"Outlaw" Lee Condry def Nerdy white Boy in a Mid
American Title Match. Condry got the win with a huge
last ride after a battle that was in & out of the
"American Nightmare" Johnny DeMento & Slade def
Syndicate Crew w/Y.T. DeMento & Slade got some revenge
from Friday nights as DeMento got the pin for the
Antonio def "Mr. Impact" J.T. Quest when Quest was
DQed by the ref for not fininshing the match after
three spine busters. Quest then delievered a spine
buster to the ref. Randy Whitehead ran into stop the
madness and challenged Mr.Impact to a match next
Saturday in Columbia, TN.
Robbie Ruffin def Jason X with a huge spin buster.
Randy Whitehead def Manga w/Miss Opium with a sit down
Brandon Stone def Cody Whitehead via DQ after Avenger
entered the ring and helped Cody use a chain as a
weapon on Stone.
Johnny Gunz def Chris Eckos via an rko type cutter.
Milton Biggs def The Avenger via DQ when Cody
Whitehead entered the ring and attacked Biggs
Big Mule Days Show coming Friday April 13 and
Sautrday April 14. Cards will be announced Soon!!!

Courtesy of NWA Hawaii.

As reported by Powerslam Hawaii!!!, The Amazing
Spiderdude has issued a challenge to The Waz for
SuperBash on March 10th. Spiderdude has stated
that he feels that Waz is not a good role model for
the children of Hawaii.

Spiderdude's challenge put Waz in an interesting
position. He was originally scheduled to face Bushido
X for the Jr. Heavyweight title at the Valentine's
Day Massacre, but due to X's "concerns of his physical
well-being" if the match went on as scheduled, Waz was
removed from the title contest.

Waz has stated that whether Bushido has the belt or
not, Bushido will pay for getting him bumped from the
Jr. Heavyweight championship match.

Super Typhoon will face his toughest opponant to date
as The Metal Maniac finally makes his return to the
NWA Hawaii mat wars after a 2 year absence.

Sickdog was overheard telling fans during Saturday's
rained out show that NWA Hawaii Heavyweight champion,
Kapu got a "brief reprieve" due to the weather. He
went to state that "Kapu had better shine that belt up
real good, because on March 10th., I will be the new

On a final note: Powerslam Hawaii!!! and The Stryke
Zone originally reported that "SuperBash: Gettin' wild
at Waianae" would take place at the Waianae Community
Center. Please note that it will be held at the
Waianae District Park.

Here's the updated card:

NWA Hawaii Heavyweight championship:
Kapu [c] vs. Sickdog

NWA Hawaii Jr. Heavyweight championship:
Bushido X vs. El Guapo

Special challenge match:
The Amazing Spiderdude vs. The Waz

The Metal Maniac vs. Super Typhoon

Here are the results from the NWA Pro/ EWF March 1,
2007 Show in Phoenix, Arizona, courtesy of the NWA
Pro/ EWF Website.


March 1, 2007

"Combat Vet" Johnny Dynamite pinned Lucha Reigns

"Marvelous" Max Martin pinned "Tough" Tony Raze

Angelas defeated "Miracle" Mike James

"Sexy" Sonny Samson pinned "Mr. 300%" Brandon Nitro

"Feature Presentation" Jay Garland defeated Black
Dragon with Erica D'Erico

Liger Rivera pinned Dan "The Man" Kobrick


Los Geckos Locos over the Silver Bullets

Chaos defeated Richie Rotten and Steve Off in a 3 way

The Plazas Club defeated Dick Simmons and Chrono Chris

Damian Dragon defeated Evan Meyers

The Rat Pack (Dan The Man and Joe Delicious) won a 4
team tag scramble

Crowbar defeated Judas Young

The Black Superman Mac Daddy Flex defeated Ken Scampi

Havoc Defended his NWA Shockwave title and defeated
The Mighty Bison.

The show was fun and the fans had a great time. Major
VIP’s in attendance as Johnny Valiant and WWE Shane
Helms were in the building. The afternoon Woman’s
showed was fantastic and tons of the boys stopped in
to watch and cheer the ladies on. NWA East and the BWO
will be back in Lodi on May 5 2007 and details will be
coming soon. Check out

Here are the results from Friday evening's NWA/ECCW show in Surrey, BC in front of roughly 175 fans featuring AMERICAN DRAGON BRYAN DANIELSON:

Johnny Obsession over Deuce Savage

Seth Knight over "Southern Comfort" Ray Brooks

- Brooks remains ECCW Jobber Champion (title only changes hands on a loss - Brooks is the longest reigning title holder in NWA/ECCW history)

Nikki Matthews over Aurora and Veronika Vice

- Matthews remains SuperGirls Champion

"Rocket" Randy Tyler over Mikey DaSheezits

- Tyler remains NWA/ECCW Champion (Tyler is now the longer reigning NWA/ECCW Champion at over 13 months)

Chilltown (Scotty Mac & DK Roc) & Azeem over El Phantasmo, Amazing Halo & Ice

Sid Sylum over Kyle O'Reilly

- this was an European Rounds Match

"Fast" Freddy Funk over Cole Bishop

- Funk remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion

"Bomber" Nelson Creed over Aaron Idol

- Amercian Dragon Bryan Danielson was special ref (received a HUGE "Welcome Back" chant). Idol had Bomber in his Guillotine Choke, but Bomber countered it with a Nothern Lights Suplex. Idol kept on the choke, but Amdrag counted the three count a split second before Bomber tapped to the choke. General Manager Ladies Choice came out and laughed at Idol, and got Enzegured for his trouble.

Next shows:

TONIGHT - Saturday, March 3, 2007 - Russian Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

- featuring the return of the AMERICAN DRAGON BRYAN DANIELSON

Friday, March 9, 2007 - Comox Band Hall, Comox, BC

Friday, March 30, 2007 - Bridgeview Hall, Surrey, BC

Friday, April 20, 2007 - Squamish Band Hall, North Vancouver, BC

Saturday April 21, 2007 - TBA

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Here are the results from the NWA Indiana show held in Goodland,
Indiana on March 3rd, 2007:

PT Hustla defeated Kenny Courageous

Billy Bart defeated Johnny Rich

Marc Houston defeated Luis Rojas w/Jeremy Hadley

"The Zombie" Rob Ramer defeated "The Venom" Matt Valor

"Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated Devon Fury

Tommy Gage and PT Hustla defeated "Sexy" Shawn Cook and Kenny
Courageous via DQ when "The Warfare" Jeremy Hadley attacked Tommy and PT.

NWA Indiana returns to Goodland, Indiana on June 16th, 2007. One match
already signed: Six Man Tag Team Action: Kenny Courageous, Shawn Cook,
Jeremy Hadley vs. Tommy Gage, Guy Lombardo, PT Hustla

For more information on NWA Indiana, visit their website at:

NWA Indiana 3/4 results from Lafayette

Here are the results from the NWA Indiana show on 3/4
in Lafayette, Indiana at Riehle Brothers Sports
Complex in front of 219 ppl:

Kenny Courageous defeated Marc Houston

Billy Bart defeated Martin Fernandez

Chase Richards & Scotty Murray defeated Indiana Kidd &
Hillbilly Jed to retain the Indiana Heritage Tag Team

Billy Roc defeated Dustin Lillard

Guy Lombardo & Scarlett Rose defeated Devon Fury &
Camron Star via countout

"Wildcat" Chris Harris defeated Shawn Cook

Rob Ramer defeated Brian Roberts in the main event

NWA Indiana debuts in Frankfort, Indiana on Saturday
3/10 at the National Guard Armory with a 6:00 bell
time. Already signed is Chad Collyer vs Billy Roc for
the vacant NWA Indiana Title

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