Sunday, March 4, 2007

Official WSU 3/3 Results & News Update

WSU debuted their women’s division this past Saturday on 3/3 in Lodi, NJ. In front of 80+ fans, plus a slew of luminaries including WWE's Greg "The Hurricane" Helms, the following took place, with Cadence Caldwell ring announcing, Foxxy Foxxy & Missy Sampson refereeing and Sean Hanson & Missy Hyatt doing DVD commentary:

(1) Amber defeated Mia Love in the opening match

In the WSU Debut of "Missy's Manor", The First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Missy Hyatt greeted the WSU fans. The first guest on Missy's Manor was "The Queen of Scream" Daffney. Missy, who was looking for all the dirt & gossip in WSU, asked Daffney about her main event match with Talia. Daffney talked about not wanting to live off her name value and wanted to prove that women could wrestle too. Before Daffney could really get on a roll, Talia interrupted. After the two fiery women got into a heated battle of words, Talia through the microphone right at Daffney's chest. Daffney went to seek revenge, but Talia bailed out of the ring, perhaps only riling up Daffney for later on in the show.

(2) The Soul Sisters (Jana & Luscious Latasha) defeated Kylie Pierce & Cha Cha in a match that saw the jive Soul Sisters get the crowd on their feet and dancing.

(3) Barbie defeated Melissa Stripes in a very competitive match that saw Barbie hit her "Face-Lift" finisher after Stripes missed her high risk 450 splash.

(4) Alicia defeated the returning Becky Bayless, in a match that saw Becky Bayless bust Alicia's mouth wide open. Once Alicia saw her own blood, Alicia freaked out and tapped Becky out with a chokehold. Referees Foxxy Foxxy & Missy Sampson had to break the hold.

After the match, Alicia flipped out on the microphone and took shots at Becky's personal & professional career. It looks like this is only the beginning for these two.

(5) In A Battle of the Diva Killaz, Miss Deville defeated Kayla Sparks
This match pitted one of indy's hottest female tag teams against each other, as both wanted to showcase their abilities in front of a new crowd. Miss Deville was better this night, winning with a swanton bomb. However, it looked like either girl could've won this match.

After the match, an enraged and pissed off "Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee came out. Amy Lee went bezerk and destroyed Deville & Sparks. While Deville & Sparks were tired after a grueling match, it didn't look like that even if they were 100% they'd be able to stop the ferocious rampage Amy Lee went on. In the most emotional & fiery segment of the night, Lee cut a promo that would make a trucker, a sailor & Andrew Dice Clay blush. Amy used tons of profanity and said she was pissed because she's been in the business for over 15 years, while girls with no pubic hair are taking her spot. Lee took out all her frustrations out on Deville & Sparks, but...

(6) Alere Little Feather came out to take on Lee. Lee & Alere brawled all over. Alere was able to get Lee down with help from the Diva Killaz. Alere bested Lee and it looks like these two will go at it at the next event. This is a segment that you will want to see on DVD as this is MUST SEE DVD.

(7) In the Main Event, Talia defeated Daffney
This was a great 12 minute plus battle, with both girls showing that they are more than Tits & Ass. Fighting off German suplexes, submission holds and everything else Daffney threw at her, Talia was able to use some nefarious tactics to defeat Daffney. However, after the match, Talia tried rubbing Daffney's face in, and Daffney was able to grab Talia and ride her around the ring, cowgirl style!

WSU Backstage Notes:
WSU officials were happy with the way the show went, and were proud of every girl in the locker room. Every match had intensity as the girls went all out to prove their superiority.

Missy Hyatt conducted several backstage promos for the DVD release where she seemed to gossiping & egging on several feuds.

Over 30 minutes of exclusive backstage promos were shot for the DVD release of this event. Sean Hanson & Missy Hyatt also handled the commentating duties.

Despite getting bloodied up in her match with Becky Bayless, Alicia is 100%, but not too thrilled with Becky at the moment.

Amy Lee destroyed the locker room after the show, in another fit of rage. Will anyone be able to control or tame Amy Lee? Not too many girls are jealous of Alere Little Feather right now.

Building representatives loved the show and even have a poster that WSU was selling with every girl's autograph on it. WSU has announced a 5/5 return date, with a 4PM bell time. Like on 3/3, WSU will be teaming up with NWA Pro East for fans looking to catch two shows in one day.

This DVD will be released through in the next several days.
Check out for more information.

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