Friday, March 23, 2007


And the schedule as of now looks like this:
April 1 - 11 PM - Episode 1
April 4 - 11 PM - Episode 1 Replay
April 8 - 11 PM - Episode 2
April 11 - 11 PM - Episode 2 Replay

From the MTV.CO.UK main page

Wrestling Society X
The two greatest things in life are brought together for a half hour of big beats and spandex – starting 11pm Sunday April 1st…

Using the sacred wisdom of the ages, the ever innovative folks at MTV have brought together the two indisputable necessities in life – not food, water, air or any of that nanby pamby rubbish, we're talking about the real can't-live-without, must-have necessities: Wrestling and Music.

Wrestling Society X brings the most talented warriors the world has ever known, who will battle each other and their surroundings, creating an experience that will never be forgotten.

Featuring an onslaught of death-defying feats, aerobatic maneuvers, and truly athletic performances, Wrestling Society X will showcase the unique talents of a new generation of wrestling superstars!

Coming to your screens 11pm Sunday April 1st

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