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NWA VIRGINIA MEMBER RICK O’BRIEN sent the following link to a video he created to remind us that in the aftermath of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, the children offer our best hope for a better tomorrow.


Italian version

English version

Intervista a Bill Behrens (English)
Hi Bill and welcome on!!!

first thing first, thank you very much for this interview

1)Would you please introduce yourself to the fans who do not know you?

OK, I'm Bill Behrens. I currently work with TNA Entertainment as their 3rd party and house show booker. In the past I've worked with USWA, SMW, WWE & WCW. I am a member of the NWA, former President of the organization, and promoted as NWA Music City & Worldwide in Nashville, and for 6 years as NWA Wildside in Georgia. Currently I help NWA Anarchy which replaced Wildside. My promotions are known as TV promotions. Between Wildside & Anarchy I've produced nearly 400 hours of weekly TV.

2)how your wrestling passion is borned?

I started as a fan in Florida watching Florida Championship Wrestling with the great Gordon Solie in the early 1970s.

3)What do you remember most about your experience as the NWA Owner?

The shows I've promoted, the TV shows I've produced, and the talented wresters I've been blessed to showcase & help

4)What a promotion must have to be part of NWA?

Has to have promoted at least one year in an area currently without a NWA Member then be voted in by the Membership and pay a fee.

5)What do you think about today's NWA?

Different than yesterday's, but then again the wrestling business is different. It is still a collection of Independent promoters sharing a well known brand, NWA.

6)What do you remember most about your experience in WWE and most of all in DSW and what was your role there?

I was hired by WWE to produce TV for Deep South, to evaluate the talent they hired and recommend other talent to be hired. My experience was a bit frustrating as others hired by DSW really didn't allow me to do the job I was hired to do, so I decided it was best for me to leave. John Laurinaitis & Tommy Dreamer who hired me tried to make it work, but realised it would not and made it easy for me to leave. I've always been well treated by WWE from the top down.....well except at DSW of course, but at times some at DSW thought WWE was the enemy instead of their employer.

7)what do you think about WWE's management and what are the differences from NWA about the way to manage?

WWE and NWA are not even close to comparable. WWE is a major corporation. NWA is a collection of Indy promoters sharing a brand. TNA is the closest US company comparable to WWE, and TNA currently licenses the NWA brand and titles.

8)Jim Cornette said that WWE is the most greatest enemy of pro wrestling because it produce sport-entertainment instead wrestling, what's your point of view about this declaration?

Like many opinions, Corney is both right and wrong. Like Jimmy I'd love the business to be a little more like it was. More believeable, more a sport than an entertainment show. But that ship sailed a long time ago so lammenting what has changed and blaming Vince & WWE for it doesn't get us anywhere. Vince McMahon's WWE still reaches millions of fans every week and presents wrestling, TNA is growing and so then is the wrestling business. We can still make people believe, even in WWE's sports entertainment business.

9)Three adjectives to describe NWA...

Traditional, legendary, believeable

10)Other 3 to describe TNA....

Growing, fast paced, Total Non-Stop Action

11)TNA is thinking to create their own titles, does this decision would reduce the importance of the main NWA titles in your opinion to not be on screen anymore?

It will change things but the NWA titles will still have a unique history dating back 6 decades. The key will be to make the NWA titles important to today's fans as a top Indy title, that top Indy talent want to win, and Indy promoters want to showcase.

12)If you have the chance to do it, would you reopen NWA Wildside and if you do it why?

Never say never but I'm very happy helping Jerry Palmer and NWA Anarchy. Less pressure for me and I get to do what I enjoy, produce TV, help book matches, and develop talent. NWA Anarchy is similar to NWA Wildside in many ways, all good I believe.

13)If you would be a pro wrestler, who would you like to step into the ring with in a dream match?

I wrestled a few times, badly, but if I was good enough like everyone else I’d want to wrestle Ric Flair, and after that probally AJ Styles.

14)Have you ever thought to quit with wrestling to do other things?

I did other things before wrestling and as I was getting into wrestling. I was a Television syndicator for companies like Access, ITC, Polygram, Universal Television, Litton and more for 20 or so years.

15)Does TNA has what it takes to be a good opponent for WWE now?

Sure. TNA has great talent, and combination of known stars and newer stars like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and LAX, plus an owner willing to spend money to build a new business. All TNA needs is time and more mainstream press to reach casual wrestling fans who may not be currently watching. Plus TNA needs a two hour TV show to properly showcase it's talent and that will happen.

16)Has ROH what it takes to be a part of NWA in your opinion?

They'd have to want to be in the NWA. ROH has pretty good brand recognition on it's own and does a very good job.

17)If you're not in pro-wrestling, what would you do now?

Doing something in the TV business most likely.

word association
WWE: #1, the show
TNA: From the day it started there have been people saying TNA couldn't make it, but now 5+ years in TNA has grown, reaches millions with it's programming and is building the pieces of a vertical and horizonal business when few thought it possible. TNA is a player and will continue to be one.
ROH: A top Indy, well booked and run, very professional
NWA A great brand with unique history
NWA Wildside: A TV wrestling promotion that developed some great talent and meant something to fans, wrestlers, the business & me
NWA Anarchy: Carrying on after Wildside, and creating it's own legacy. A strong, well run Indy with great young talent
Vince McMahon: Smart, driven, hard working, and has always been fair to me
DSW Not exactly what WWE wanted it to be
Jeff Jarrett: A talented wrestler who has become a pretty damn good business man. Without Jeff there would have been no TNA. He doesn't get the credit he deserves.
AJ Styles: Phenomenal wrestler and young man, and like my son. I am honored and blessed to have him in my life and to manage him. He is one of the businesses’ great talents.
Christopher Daniels: A great wrestler and person. It was Chris Daniels who by wrestling AJ Styles in Tampa, FL in 2001 "made" AJ Styles a star on the Indy's. I will never be able to totally repay him for that, but I'll keep trying.
Jimmy Rave: A wrestler that could "break-out" at anytime. Jimmy is another one of my kids, and like when AJ wrestled Daniels, is just one match away from being a big star. Another I manage and am honored and blessed to do so.
Bill Behrens: Just doing the best I can. Any small success I've had is reflected in the young, talented wrestlers I've had the honor to help. Their accomplishment, reinforces to me that I'm helping more than hurting, and maybe what I'm doing "matters" just a little bit

I the end, what would you like to say to our italian fans?

Support wrestling both at home and wherever else you can. And thank you

Norberto "Mr_Stylesclash" Dognini


SHOW #60









NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................


A new digital television network called FUSION launching in June 2007 will be featuring NWA ANARCHY on it's schedule. Days and times will be announced soon. NWA ANARCHY has a 19 month agreement to be distributed by satellite weekly by the network


Jeremy Vain won the NWA World Television Title at the NWA Anarchy television taping Saturday night in Cornelia, but the biggest news was the blockbuster announcement regarding Hostile Environment ’07.

Greg Hunter (pulling double duty as commentator and substitute ring announcer for slacker Eddie Rich) introduced NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer to open the show. Palmer said he was making no apologies for the promotion’s success in 2006 and gave credit to the fans for making it so. Question was could they make it “bigger, better and badder?” Palmer called on Bill Behrens, his key advisor since taking over in Cornelia, to make the announcement. Behrens said his associations with WWE and TNA notwithstanding, he has most fun and take the most pride in what happens at the NWA Arena. But to grow, they needed to do something phenomenal, and that word made him think of Gainesville, Georgia.

Behrens announced that Hostile Environment ’07 would take place on 6/23 at the Mountain Center in Gainesville. This is by far Palmer’s most ambitious undertaking. We’re talking about an historic wrestling venue capable of holding 3000 people. No matches were announced, but the summer extravaganza has traditionally been headlined by the War Games.

(1) Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Skitzo & Big Dogg in 4:53. North Carolina babys vs. Texas heels. Driver and Walters opened on a roll with a tandem Russian legsweep. But Walters soon tasted turnbuckle and the Texans teed off on him. Walters hit an enzuigiri leading into the hot tag. An assisted tornado DDT by the babyface team looked messed up. Dogg speared Driver when ref Harold James was busy with Walters. Skitzo picked up Driver, but Walters did a missile dropkick to his partner’s back, toppling Driver on top of Skitzo for the pin. Not much to get excited about.

Hunter was backstage with Todd Sexton. Sexton talked about the misfortune Sal Rinauro suffered when he lost control of his bodily functions in his choke hold. Adrian Hawkins said Seth Delay wasn’t there and asked Sexton to be his partner. Sexton blew him off. Hawkins set out on a desperate search for a partner to the point he even tried to enlist the services of Hunter. Hawkins came upon Brett Thunder and did some fast talking. Thunder reluctantly agreed.

(2) Todd Sexton beat Andrew Pendleton III via submission in 2:38. Pendleton attacked at the bell like the spoiled rotten cheater that he is. Pendleton got a one count only with a corkscrewish elbow drop and worked the neck for a bit before dumping Sexton to the floor. Sexton smacked the crap out of Pendleton with a superabundance of chops and forearms. Sexton then dropped Pendleton on his head with the Gamebreaker and choked his ass out. I think the finish of the match two weeks ago boosted Sexton’s stock with the Arena fans. It was the most positive crowd reaction since his return to the ring.

(3) Slim J & Patrick Bentley beat Andrew Hawkins & Brett Thunder in 6:13. I’ve been forgetting to mention the odd metal matador gear Bentley’s been wearing. The story here was Hawkins making Thunder do all the heavy lifting. J did some deep arm drags and worked Thunder’s arm. Hawkins wanted nothing to do with wrestling fair and square. Hawkins distracted Bentley and snapped his neck off the top rope. Hawkins was suddenly begging for the tag. Hawkins talked trash as he softened up Bentley’s back. Bentley came back with a backbreaker on Hawkins and hot-tagged J. Hawkins wanted out, but Thunder jumped off the apron to avoid the tag. J welcomed Hawkins to lariat city and finished him with a wicked package piledriver. J looked like a millions dollars. Bentley not so much.

(4) Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) beat Windwalker & Billy Buck in 6:50 with the Sheeny Curse. Brunettes got a mixed reaction. A healthy minority of fans are into their gimmick. Fans chanted “Village People” at the cowboy and Indian team. Windwalker (or Windbreaker as John Johnson refers to him on commentary) doesn’t look like a very fierce warrior. Needs more war paint or something. Brunettes functioned like a well-oiled machine with their combo moves. The one where Matthews does a senton backsplash from a seated position on Alexander’s shoulders is especially cool. When Windwalker landed a stiff Wahoo chop, business picked up big time. Double clothesline and both men down. Hot tag to the cowboy. Buck got a near fall with a leg lariat. Matthews made a blind tag and Brunettes annihilated Buck with their finisher. Alexander does a fireman’s carry dropped into a bow and arrow and Matthews sandwiches the victim with a top rope double stomp to the gut.

Justice Served hit the ring and cleared out the gibronis. Their rude, thoughtless little pig of a manager Al Getz called out Urban Assault Squad. He didn’t need to ask twice. UAS swarmed all over Justice Served but they were soon attacked by Brodie Chase and Brandon Phoenix. Truitt Fields and Phil Shatter hit the ring to even up the odds. Palmer came out and made it an eight man tag. Palmer told Getz he owed him one, so he was going to hang around at ringside.

(5) Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) & Brodie Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix (with Al Getz) beat Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) & Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter (with Jerry Palmer) in 9:28. The crowd turned molten hot. Cornelia likes it stiff. Nemesis made the mistake of playing to the crowd and Chase beat him down. Nemesis managed a tag to Jackson and the place went crazy. It was the loudest the building got all night. If you closed your eyes, you would have thought the place was packed. There is no question that at this point, UAS is the most over act in Anarchy by a wide margin. Jackson busted out the bionic elbows on Free and got the “kill the cracker” chant. Shatter took over on Free, scoring big with a fist drop. Justice Served doubled up on him, but Shatter came back with a massive spinebuster on Justice. Fields followed with a leaping forearm smash on Justice for a near fall. Justice took Fields’ head off with a lariat to start the heat. BRC and Phoenix gave him a sideslam/elbow drop combo and Jackson made the save. Phoenix got into it with that same lady, the one that takes sadistic joy in verbally abusing him. The heels drew the faces into the ring, and beat on Fields behind the ref’s back. Fields hit a jawbreaker for a double down spot and made the hot tag to Nemesis. Meanwhile, Palmer pulled Getz off the apron. Palmer got into an altercation with the heels, which distracted ref Harold James. Justice capitalized on the diversion by clocking Nemesis with a chain for the 1-2-3. Getz gloated. Palmer was upset with himself.

Far from the most talent-laden hour of Anarchy, but the main event was blazing. If the heat comes across on TV, it could be among their best main event segments.

Hunter conducted a backstage interview with Chad Parham about his upcoming World Television Title match against Jeremy Vain. Hunter asked Parham why Vain? Parham said he wanted a cardio workout. It’s Parham’s world. We’re all just living in it. Palmer entered the picture and said this thing stunk. Palmer introduced former champion, Ace Rockwell as the special referee for the title match. Vain told Rockwell this was his night, so he better call it right down the middle.

(6) The Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Anger Inc. (Don Matthews & Adam Roberts) to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in 8:30. Attraction was on fire in the early going. They hit a double vertical suplex and Creed outclassed Matthews with chain wrestling. Young hit a springboard (and I do mean spring) crossbody for a near fall. The heels got heat on Creed. Matthews threw two lightweight and Creed lit him up in return. Matthews threw some lame forearms. One stiff shot is way better than five that look like s***. Brunettes came to ringside to observe. Roberts hit a stalling gordbuster. Matthews and Creed traded stiff chops. Matthew did a sorry gorilla press gutbuster. It just wasn’t his night. Creed hit a sweet floatover tornado DDT to set up the hot tag. Young was kicking ass. Mattthews accidentally nailed Roberts with a lariat. Young sent Matthews out of the ring with a dropkick and followed with a terrific flip dive that took out Matthews and the Brunettes. Creed pinned Roberts after the Montefisto. Another strong outing for Awesome Attraction.

On the big screen, we saw J approach a depressed looking Bentley in the dressing room. J tried to cheer Bentley up and told him not to dwell on the past. J urged Bentley to be like him, and get himself some opportunity. Just what was Bentley thinking?

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey and Jeff Lewis accompanied Abomination to the ring for his match against Onyx. But Onyx was a no show. Bailey said Onyx proved that he was a stinking coward, just like Bailey had said. Bailey went on to talk about the Devil’s Rejects were dead and buried and how Abomination almost snapped Tank’s neck off his shoulders. Bailey said they should have thrown Tank in the dumpster where trash belongs. Bailey said the Reverend Dan Wilson had crawled away from Hardcore Hell in humiliation. Bailey said the tentacles of the NWA Elite, “the modern day Gestapo” reached worldwide, and the Rejects were overmatched from the beginning. Bailey mocked Wilson’s blood curdling scream.

The disfigured freak, Dominous appeared near the front entrance. Abomination went to him, like a monstrous moth to a flame. The other Rejects attacked Lewis and Bailey from behind. With Wilson directing traffic, Iceberg obliterated Lewis a Ground Zero splash. Shaun Tempers and Azrael stretched Bailey out and Iceberg exploded Bailey’s internal organs with a Ground Zero. Bailey started bleeding from the mouth. Wilson did his trademark scream. Iceberg was getting ready to stab Bailey with Azrael’s dagger when Abomination returned to make the save. The arena was deathly quiet as Abomination carried Bailey out. He was foaming along with the blood. A gut wrenching segment.

(7) Jeremy Vain beat Chad Parham to win the NWA World Television Title with Ace Rockwell as the special referee (11:30). More story than wrestling. Parham came out wearing both the TV belt and Heavyweight belt. He demanded a security escort to the ring, like this was the freaking Omni 25 years ago. Rockwell found a chain and a roll of nickels in Vain’s tights. In the opening minutes, it was Parham dominating Vain on the mat. Rockwell established that wasn’t taking any crap from either Parham or Vain. Parham applied an abdominal stretch and used the ropes. Rockwell caught him. V got the upper hand, and Parham ended up on the outside. Rockwell made Parham stand in his corner, like he was a little kid. They both griped at Rockwell and then connected on simultaneous haymakers. Parham got down to business with an armbar submission. It was about here that Palmer tossed a fan out for distributing flyers without permission for the NFWA show in Gainesville. V took a bouncing crotch bump off the middle rope, but Rockwell caught Parham using the ropes for extra leverage on the pin. V schoolboyed Parham with the tights, and Rockwell saw that as well. V got filthy dirty. V hit a wheelbarrow suplex for a near fall. V applied a sleeper. Parham broke it and they collided midring. Parham went to use the TV title belt. Rockwell took it away. While Rockwell was getting the TV belt out of the ring, Rockwell put Parham’s lights out with the Heavyweight belt. Rockwell turned around just in time to make the three count. The pop was born more out of surprise rather than joy. I think the crowd was more into Parham losing than Vain winning. Vain did the “I’m number one” routine again. Parham was racked with anguish.

Despite the shortage of inring action, the second half should make a visually compelling hour of television. The hoopla of a title change and Bailey carried out after taking Iceberg’s Ground Zero. What more could you ask?

NOTES: NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on 5/5 with Vain vs. Sexton for the TV Title…My prediction about the Easter weekend show having the lowest attendance of the year has already been proven wrong. Last night’s show drew only 105…Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to promoter Roger Cantrell, who was absent from Friday night’s GWP show in Ellijay after being hospitalized with an arterial blockage. GWP results were as follows: Shaun Tempers retained the Southern Heavyweight Title by pinning Adrian Hawkins. Iceberg pinned Nemesis after interference by Wilson. Nemesis called Jackson on the spot and confirmed that UAS will debut on 5/4 vs. The Rejects. Adam Jacobs over Randall Johnson with a superkick. Nick Rampage (with Aaron Voight) destroyed Jay Clinton. Rampage debuted doing a shootfighter gimmick. Hollywood Brunettes & Andrew Pendleton & Caleb Konley defeated Jessco Blue & Tim O'Brian & Regular Guys. Leatherface over Maul via DQ. Billy Love beat Amien Rios. GWP returns on 5/4 with an eight team tournament to crown the Southern Tag
Team Champions…Over in Royston, APW and Rick Michaels have parted ways…Melissa Coates (most recently seen as The Bag Lady in Deep South) and Alan Funk were in attendance.

Here are the results from Saturday night's NWA/ECCW show in Port Coquitlam, BC in front of 130 fans. We have a NEW SuperGirls Champion in Veronika Vice.

Azeem the Dream over La Sambra

Sid Sylum over "Southern Comfort" Ray Brooks
- Brooks remains ECCW Jobber Champion

Deuce Savage over Toga Boy

Kyle O'Reilly over Billy Suede

Veronika Vice over Nikki Matthews
- Veronika is the new SuperGirls Champion

Memphis Raines over DK Roc and Amazing Halo

Cole Bishop & Azeem the Dream over "Fast" Freddy Funk & Volcano

Aaron Idol over Nelson Creed

El Phantasmo over Scotty Mac and MR2


Friday, April 27th - North Vancouver, BC
Saturday, April 28th - Comox, BC



Friday, June 15th - TBA
Saturday, June 16th - Vancouver, BC

Friday, June 22nd - TBA
Saturday, June 23rd - TBA

NWA Wisconsin

NWA Wisconsin would like to thank the loyal fans who
joined us for Spring Fever 2007! Those folks know how
great the action was, so now let's hip the rest of

As always, the Reverend Ben Johnson opened the show
with his usual pomp and corpulence...uhm, I mean
circumstance. After some very humorous comments by
Ring Announcer, Ben, once again, sent him back stage
to prepare for an impromptu match. Johnson then called
out Justin Dredd and Miss Anne. Miss Anne then let the
cat out of the bag and let the crowd know that she was
going to be the special guest referee for the X
Division title match. An unimpressed Nick Colucci made
his way to the ring and let the Reverend, Dredd, and
Anne know that he would do anything to keep the belt.
After the ring was cleared, Johnson introduced Ring
announcer (with a surprise of his own!) to his

Shane Hills def. Ring Announcer and Unknown Partner
Ring brought a friend, whom the commentary table
referred to as unknown partner, to the dance. A
valiant effort was made on the part of the young men,
but it made little difference as the heinous hillbilly
took them apart. Shane Hills wins by pinfall.

Kevin Krueger def. Playboy Troy
This opener was a great way to start off the actual
card of Spring Fever 2007. Krueger looked like he had
the match in hand until Troy found an opening and
focused on the leg of the former ACW television
champion. Krueger was given a run for his money, but
in the end the talented, but over confident, Playboy
Troy came up short. Kevin Krueger wins by pinfall.

Chris Gambino def. Jerry Stylz via DQ
Amidst a sea of turquoise and white streamers, the
Cookie Cutter was bound and determined to take Stylz
from the frat house to the woodshed. Stylz tried to
toss the big man around, but the massive size of
Gambino nullified his offense. As Gambino was setting
Stylz up for the Cookie Cutter, El Vato Jose Guererro
jumped in the ring and
took after Gambino. Gambino wins by DQ.

After the referee called for the bell, Vato and Stylz
continued to beat on Gambino until Don Gotti joined
the fracas and chased them from the ring. Gotti then
grabbed the mic and told Vato that since he was out
there already, he wanted their match right now!

El Vato Jose Guererro def. Don Gotti
In a hellacious slugfest Vato bloodied Gotti's nose
early on. Vato kept the offense up until a flurry of
action punctuated by a spinebuster put Gotti on top.
However, outside distraction from Stylz gave Vato the
advantage and he covered Gotti for the pin, both feet
up on the ropes. Vato wins by pin fall.

After the match, Gotti grabbed the mic and stated that
he and Gambino wanted Stylz and Vato next month. Jason
Jerry agreed to the match. Gotti also let it be known
that he and Gambino are the newest tag team in NWA:WI
and called themselves The Dream Police!

----------------------NWA Wisconsin X Division
Cadillac Nick Colucci def. Justin Dredd, Miss Anne
special guest referee.
Once again, Justin Dredd and Nick Colucci squared off
for the NWA Wisconsin X Division Title. The match was
another classic between the two with hard shots and
bone shaking maneuvers. However, Miss Anne seemed
confused and couldn't get the count "right", according
to Dredd. After some jaw jacking with Anne, Colucci
took down Dredd and Anne was forced to count the 1, 2,
3. Colucci wins by pin fall.

The Reverend Ben then jumped into the ring with the
microphone and berated Anne, stating that he has done
everything he could to get the title off of Colucci,
but she keeps messing up. He said that he doesn't care
anymore and that since Colucci and Dredd can't seem to
stay in the ring and wrestle within the rules, a
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match will be made for
Battleground 2007.

Adrian Lynch def. Matt Longtime
Jason Jerry opened up the second half by calling
Adrian Lynch to the ring. Lynch however was followed
by an enthusiastic Jerry Stylz with Cari Lynn and
Weezel in tow. Jason told Lynch that Stylz had been
calling him everyday trying to get a match tagging
with Lynch, as Lynch is Jerry Stylz's idol. Jason
stated that since Lynch is a classically trained
wrestler who likes to take his time finishing his
opponents, a special time stipulation would apply
during the match. If the match did not end in less
than six minutes, Lynch would be stuck with Stylz,
Cari, and Weezel for the next year.
Once Longtime was in the ring, Lynch wasted little
time throwing everything in his arsenal at him. But
Longtime decided to spend some quality time with the
Baba Louie's fans. Jerry decided to occupy Mr.
Longtime as well, keeping him from Lynch. At this,
Lynch was incensed and jumped out of the ring and
brought Longtime back with him. After some quick moves
and underhanded tactics, Lynch scored the pin at 5
minutes, 38 seconds.

Dysfunction def. Mason Quinn
The long awaited first defense of the NWA Wisconsin
Title by Dysfunction was no disappointment. After a
handshake between the two competitors the match began.
The power of Quinn kept Dysfunction down for the
opening minutes of the match, but even his Exploder
suplex was far from enough to put away the NWA
Wisconsin Champ. The speed and vicious strikes of
Dyfunction kept the belt around the waist of the
madman from Milwaukee. Dysfunction wins by pin fall.
Once again the Good Reverend interjected himself, more
frustrated than ever. Sick of how much time, money,
and effort he "wasted" on courting Mason Quinn,
Johnson had it. He fired Quinn on the spot and sent
security to escort him out. Quinn and Dys would have
none of it and demolished members of the NWA Wisconsin
security crew and left when they damned well felt like

-------------------NWA Midwest X Division Title / NWA
Wisconsin Tag Team Titles----------------------------
J-Cash and Esteban Molina def. Shane Hills and Jason
The tension in the building was thick enough to cut as
Cash and Esteban got their hands on Hills and the
diabolical Dukes. Before the match even began, Referee
Tom Walker ejected Jason Jerry and Ben Johnson from
ringside to ensure no outside interference. However,
once the match began it was apparent that the match
would be far from fair. The quick wits and "slim"
morals of Dukes and Hills kept Referee Walker confused
to who the legal man was. The two used this to isolate
Molina from his partner. But, a momentary lack of
attention from Hills caught them off guard and Esteban
was able to make the tag. Cash took to the ring like a
tornado and cleaned house. In the ensuing mayhem,
Referee Walker was hit by Dukes, knocking him out of
commission. Then Dukes brought the NWA Midwest title
into the ring, but Cash ducked the shot and hit the
Cash-Flo on top of the title. Jason Jerry then flew
into the ring and counted the pin fall.
Ring Announcer got on the microphone and stated that
J-Cash was the NEW NWA Midwest X Division Champion!
But when Tom Walker came to, he said that since Dukes
struck an NWA Official that the match was ruled a
disqualification. Still NWA Midwest X Division
In the aftermath of the action, Shane Hills grabbed a
hold of NWA Wisconsin Owner Jason Jerry and delivered
his finisher, the Goathearder! The entire locker room
poured out and everyone was fighting everyone else. It
was announced that a four on four, including Jason
Jerry and Ben Johnson, would be headlining
Battleground 2007 -- for the ownership of the company!
As the deafening chant of "NWA" filled Baba Louies, a
bloodied Jason told the crowd to be quiet. That he
appreciated the NWA chants, but he wanted to hear
three other letter if they were going to cheer. The
crowd instantly changed their chants to those three
letters we all remember so well, and three letters Ben
Johnson HATES the most: ACW! ACW! ACW!

NWA Empire.

In this Issue:

--Main Event Loser Leaves NYS Match Signed for NWA
Empire's 1st Anniversary Show

--Updated NWA Empire 1st Anniversary Show Information


The main event has been announced for NWA Empire's 1st
Anniversary Show, being held on May 19, 2007 at St.
Johnsburg Firehall at 7165 Ward Road in North
Tonawanda, NY. Hold on to your hats, guys and gals.
The main event will see the loser forced to leave New
York State!

The combatants in the match? "The Suicide Messiah"
himself, Marc Mandrake and the one and only Jonny
Puma! This match has been ordered by The Boss,
Hellcat, in an effort to rid NWA Empire once and for
all of Jonny Puma. After failing to get the job done
himself ina singles and a tag team match, Hellcat has
handed the assignment of driving Puma from New York
State to Mandrake.

We saw at NWA Upstate's 3rd Anniversary show, with
Jimmy Olsen losing the NWA Upstate title to Hellcat's
buddy Brodie Lee, that when Hellcat takes a disliking
to someone, he goes all-out to make their life
miserable. Come May 19th, Jonny Puma is in for the
fight of his life, both physically and career-wise.


Here is updated info for NWA Empire’s 1st Anniversary
Show as it stands now (April 17, 2007):

Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling Inc. in sanction with the
National Wrestling Alliance, presents:

NWA Empire's One-Year Anniversary Show

Date: Saturday May 19th, 2007
Place: St. Johnsburg Fire Hall - 7165 Ward Road -
North Tonawanda, NY
Time: Doors Open: 5:30 PM Pre-show: 6:00 PM Main
–show: 6:30 PM
Ticket Prices: Pre-sale $10 Adults, day of the show
$12 Kids (9 and under) $5
For ticket information, call 585-621-4293

Matches Signed Thus Far:


Jonny Puma vs "The Suicide Messiah" Marc Mandrake

NWA Empire Tag Team Title Match:
Rhythm & Booze (C) vs. The Roadies

Former NWA Upstate Champion Jimmy Olsen vs
"Fabulous" John McChesney

More matches will be signed within the coming weeks!
Stay tuned to for details as they
become available!

Sunday April 15, 2007
NWA Pro Wrestling Summit
Dodge Arena, Hidalgo, TX
Attendance: 4,000

1. Aguila Negro & Quinten Allen def. The Texas Treats
(Don Juan & Joey Spector)
2. Super Astro y Mango def. Cassandro y Muneca
3. Black Tiger IV & Cobra II def. The Young Bucks
(Nick & Matt Jackson)
4. Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman def. Super Parka
5. Super Porky y Sicodelico Jr. def. Pentagon Black y
6. Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan def. TJ
Perkins & Rocky “Azucar” Romero
7. La Parkita def. Espectrito y Espantito in a 3-Way
8. El Hijo del Santo y Latin Lover def. Blue Demon Jr.
y Rey Misterio Sr.

NWA Pro/High Risk Wrestling presents...

"Victory in Victorville" on Cinco De Mayo!

SATURDAY, May 5th 2007

Doors open @ 6:00 P.M
Show starts @ 7:00 P.M

Admission: $8 dollars adults, $6 dollars kids


Congratulations to Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman on becoming
the NEW NWA Heritage Champion tonight in front of a
huge and energetic crowd at the El Paso County
Coliseum in El Paso, TX. More information, including
reaction from the new champ, will be available

Here are the quick results:
1. Sicodelico Jr. y Mango def. Black Tiger IV y Muneca
2. “Classic” Colt Cabana def. Al Katrazz
3. Skullkrusher & Roughneck Ryan def. Babi Sylmm &
Nathan Sin
4. Cobarde y Mortiz def. Super Astro y Cassandro
5. Piratita Morgan def. Espantito
6. Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman def. “Scrap Iron” Adam
Pearce (w/C. Edward Vander Pyle) to become the new NWA
Heritage Champion
7. Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan (w/Vander
Pyle) def. Rocky Romero & TJ Perkins
8. El Hijo del Santo y Rey Misterio def. Blue Demon y

We at NWA Championship Wrestling of Virginia support UWF promoter &
NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler's efforts to raise awareness for Autism.
The following is courtesy of

Sadler hopes awareness of autism leads to progress
By Dave Rodman, NASCAR.COM
April 18, 2007
04:29 PM EDT

As a race-winning NASCAR driver, Hermie Sadler knows about effort
leading to results. Thus, during autism awareness month in April, he
again joins his brother, Nextel Cup driver Elliott Sadler, in trying
to promote knowledge of the condition.

For the Sadler family, dealing with autism became a focal point when
Hermie's daughter, Halie Dru, was diagnosed as autistic in 2001. Each
year the Sadlers conduct fundraisers for the Autism Society of
America, but knowledge is even more valuable, Hermie said.

"One thing we do know is that autism is a lot more in the public eye
-- a lot more mainstream -- than it was last year," Hermie said. "The
statistics now say that one in 150 kids are affected by autism -- but
the main thing is there's a lot more awareness and a lot more people
know more about the disease than they did a year ago.

"That's kind of what our job is, and what autism awareness month is
all about. The funds that you raise are great, but the awareness of
the disease is really what it's all about."

Over the last six years, the Sadlers have gone from knowing nothing
about autism to champions of the cause.

"It's an education process, like it was for us back in 2001, when we'd
never heard the word before," Hermie said. "Now we've got Halie in a
good setting and between her schooling and her therapy she's
transitioned back into a regular school, she's in second grade and
doing great.

"Now, for us it's about educating other people about autism so that
when we take Halie to different places and she doesn't act like a
normal eight-year-old child would, in a public setting, people might
understand why she does those things, instead of just assuming she's
an ill-behaving child."

Sadler said in 2001, one in every 500 children was affected by autism.
Awareness, he said, is at the root of the statistical change.

"That's why we're not quick to judge kids when we go places and see
kids do certain things," Hermie said. "This affects a lot of people.
I'm sure in your family or the family of someone you know, there's
someone's that's affected.

"The cool thing for me is that not a day goes by that I don't have
someone tell me a story about their child, or grandchild or niece or
nephew [is affected]. It shows, again, how great and loyal the NASCAR
fans are, and especially with Elliott and Jamie McMurray being onboard
we've really gotten the word out there."

From the offices of Universal Championship Wrestling, LLC
April 21, 2007
For immediate release:

As most of you know by now, the third episode of "NWA Intense TV" did not air last night and is not available via the web at today. We received an email Wednesday night from Craig Cole of Cole Media who handles all editing of the program and operates the internet site which hosts the program made available each Saturday, this email simply stated quote "I have had some serious family matters come up and all projects are on hold" with no time frame as to how long this matter could take. We completely understand his situation and feel that until Mr. Cole can continue with our project, we must put the "Intense TV" program on hold. Adding to the situation, we had been in contact with Cox Media who handles our broadcast in the Tulsa area to air another episode or "best of" type program but being the media giant they are was given NO response.

We will continue to monitor this situation and keep our fans posted.

Christopher Fox, CEO of UCW, LLC could not be reached for any comment at this time and Company Manager/Booker Doug Cook agreed with the program being "On Hold" until Mr. Cole can return or
another option can be sorted out.

For any interviews, releases, photographs please contact Joni Grimmett, PR NWA-Universal at
918/696-0459 or email

Universal Championship Wrestling
NWA Universal
National Wrestling Alliance
2608 West Kenosha PMB#250
Broken Arrow, OK 74011

NWA Main Event Wrestling
Saturday, April 21,2007 RESULTS
Freddie's Auction House & Sportatorium

Main Event
"Mr. Impact" J. T. Quest w/Xstacy & Cody Whitehead
w/Avenger & w/Paul Adams def Randy Whitehead & Jamie
Dundee w/ Sexy Jessie. The new members of Impact Inc
came to the ring and asked Jamie Dundee to leave and
mind his own business OR join this newest version of
Impact Inc. Dundee said he would not stand by and let
Impact Inc take out Randy Whitehead. He also said he
couldn't stand seeing brothers fight (Cody & Randy
Whitehead). The match began with a bawl and even the
tough JT Quest's nose was bloodied. Everyone got
involved somehow including Paul Adams and Avenger.
Dundee and Quest got the upperhand and the action
spilled to the outside of the ring. While the ref was
outside trying to break up Cody W and Jamie Dundee,
Paul Adams entered the ring with the crowbar and
struck Randy W who was going for the pin. Adams rolled
Quest onto Randy as the ref turned back and entered
the ring. The confused ref counted 1-2-3 and Paul
Adams helped Impact Inc get this huge win.

After the match was over, Jamie Dundee told Adams what
he thought. Adams said he was bringing someone next
Friday to take on Dundee. TNA's MONSTER
Dundee said he was up for the challenge and that this
Columbia, TN crowd would be behind him!
"The Syndicate Crew" PsychoMedic & Karnage w/ YT vs
"The Syndicate Crew" LA Player & D' Angelo
The team of Karnage and Psycho Medic w/ YT came out
from the back to confront Mike Porter. They asked who
they were going to be facing since Lee Condry already
had a match. Porter asked them where their title belts
were (since he had stripped the Syndicate Crew of
them). Then Mr.Porter said he had a team for them to
face tonight. The Syndicate Crew music hit again!!!
LA Player and D'Angelo rushed to the ring and all hell
broke loss!! The match finally got under way after the
opening brawl was over. Both team got their shots in
as the ref had his hands full trying to control this
feud. The action spilled out of the ring onto the
floor. YT's brief case was used as a weapon on the
skulls of both LA Player and D'Angelo. The ref had
seen enough and called for the bell ending the match.
The chaos did not stop and again, for the 2nd week in
a row, the whole locker room had to clear to separate
both of these teams.
(The Painkillers) Johnny DeMento & Slade def Avenger &
Nighmare with a F5 delivered by Slade to Nightmare.
DeMento capped it off with a huge swanton off the top
rope for the pin.
Outlaw Lee Condry w/ Pam Condry def Manga w/ Ms.Opium.
Outlaw was out to do some chopping tonight. Manga's
chest was a mess after many of Condry's famous chops.
Manga got a come back and went to monkey flip Condry
out of the corner, but Condry countered and picked
Manga up for a last ride type powerbomb for the win.
Robbie Ruffin & "Prototype" Bobby Surge def PDubb &
Tony w/ Handson Burt Andrews. This back and forth
match never slowed down. Surge got the win with an
edge-a-cution type ddt.
Antonio & Brandon Stone def Tempest & Jason X. After
much back and forth action, Antonio hit a 619 and
Stone got the win with a fall away slam type move.
NightWolf def Country Kaos w/ Precious. Kaos had
dominated the much smaller Wolf through much of the
match. Wolf caught Kaos off guard with a flying
clothesline for the pin.

TNA's monster Abyss invades NWA Main Event at
Freddie's on Friday April 27. Bell Time 8 PM for a
special fund raiser show for StarLight StarBright
Foundation. See for more info!

NWA Main Event Wrestling

PO Box 60688

Nashville, TN 37206


Wrestling Superstar to Raise Funds for Starlight Starbright Children’s Foundation in Columbia, TN

For immediate release:

On Friday, April 27th at 8PM, NWA Main Event Wrestling will return to Freddie's Auction House in Columbia, TN with a fundraising event for the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation. The Starlight Starbright Foundation is dedicated to helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear, and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

Tickets are available in advance at Freddie's Auction House, located at 700 Woodland St. and at Game Crazy located inside Hollywood Video at 803 S. James Campbell Blvd. Tickets are just $8.00 making this an affordable evening of entertainment, suitable for the entire family. Also as mentioned, all proceeds will go to the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, a noble and worthy cause.

The main event on April 27th will feature the internationally known wrestling superstar, Abyss. At nearly 7 feet tall and 350 pounds, and having appeared on countless Pay-Per-View broadcasts, the Monster Abyss can be seen every Thursday night on Spike TV's TNA Wrestling IMPACT! In addition to appearing in the ring Friday night, Abyss will make a special appearance from 4 pm to 6 pm, also on the 27th, at Game Crazy, located inside Hollywood Video at 803 S. James Campbell Blvd. This is a rare opportunity for fans to meet and greet, as well as get autographs from this larger than life TNA Wrestling Superstar.

Additional press packets and photos are available upon request, and interviews with the staff and stars of NWA Main Event Wrestling appearing in Columbia can be arranged as well. Requests for press credentials can be directed to Mike Porter at (615) 589-5685 or emailed to

Further information regarding this and other NWA Main Event Wrestling events can be found at We look forward to working with you to get the word out about this exciting event. Thank you for your time.

NWA South Atlantic

Spring Fling (04/21/07)

Steve Michaels welcomes everyone. Lee Douglas makes
his presence known at ringside.
Match One: Joe Woods VS Brett Bonaducci
Winner - Joe Woods - #1 Contender X Title

Lee Douglas to the ring as Special Referee for the
next match. A Hair VS Job match. If Uncle Jed loses he
will get his haircut ringside. If DJ Jeff loses he
will be fired!! Mr. Wrestling 2 brought out by Lee to
ensure no interference!!

Match Two: DJ Jeff VS Uncle Jed Winner - DJ Jeff
>>>>> Uncle Jed gets haircut!!! In the shock
of the night.....Mr. Wrestling 2 interferes while
Steve Michaels distracts Lee Douglas and helps DJ Jeff
get the win!!! Lee Douglas shocked and furious!!!
Steve Michaels hands Mr. Wrestling 2 a briefcase full
of money!!!! Mr. Wrestling 2 bought and paid for by DJ
Jeff Inc!!! Uncle Jed is held down and his long mullet
locks cut off!!!

Steve Michaels introduces former TNA Star Ricky Vega
as the challenger in the SACW Heavyweight title match.
Bobby Bonecrusher states his displeasure with Lee
Douglas' booking tactics.


Match Three: Ricky Vega VS Bobby Bonecrusher Winner -
Bonecrusher **Time Limit** This match was the match of
the evening. Both men exhausted and battered. Time
expires as Vega gets a two-count on Bonecrusher!!!
Vega claims a three-count but the referee confirms
time expired at the two-count. Vega requests a future
rematch! Request to be reviewed by the Championship


Match Four: Crazyfist VS Simon Bane Winner -
Crazyfist NEW X Division Champion!!

After the intermission Steve Michaels out and
announces next show to be "August Anarchy" on
Saturday night August 18th. Lee Douglas states that
due to Steve Michaels distracting him during the DJ
Jeff match he would be suspended from the August show.
Steve Michaels states that the is against his


Match Five: SWAT Patrol VS Pretty Boy Lloyd/Bonez The
Cutthroat Winners - Pretty Boy/Bonez NEW Tag Team


Rouge out demanding to know where Blade Walker is. He
demands Lee Douglas either produce Blade Walker or
declare Rouge the winner by default. Lee Douglas
states that Blade Walker is a no-show but will not
declare Rouge the winner. Rouge is furious and
challenges anybody in the building to step into the
ring!! Puerto Rican star Super Gladiator is in
attendance and steps up to the challenge!!! Rouge
taunts him and Super Gladiator defeats Rouge
soundly!!! Rouge is furious!!!

Main Event: Rouge VS Super Gladiator Winner - Super

Lee Douglas in the ring and says he has a surprise for
DJ Jeff Inc. Lee announces the formation of Lee
Douglas Inc. and brings out his new associates Rico
Moon and the Root of All Evil !!!!!! Lee states that
Rico and a partner will face Pretty Boy/Bonez for the
Tag Titles in August!!! SWAT Patrol and Uncle Jed join
Lee in the ring as well. DJ Jeff Inc. furious and
attempt to storm the ring!!! They stop short of
entering the ring and exchange words with Rico!!! Rico
laughs at them.

The next chapter of this WAR will take place at August
Anarchy on August 18th!!!

Bullet Points:

Lee Douglas shocks everyone with the return and
alliance of Rico Moon!!!

DJ Jeff Inc has the Heavyweight Title, Tag Team
Titles.....X Title (???)

Ricky Vega 1 second away from defeating Bonecrusher!!!

Rouge pounded by surprise opponent Super Gladiator!!

Sound Productions, Mullets Seafood Restaurant,
Benchwarmers, Ocoee Cafe, Carpet Country Brokers,
George Workman Carpentry & NWA South Atlantic
Championship Wrestling


August Anarchy
Saturday August 18th
American Legion Post 19
2101 Lee Rd 7PM
Ocoee, FL

Already signed matches

Heavyweight Title Match
Bobby Bonecrusher VS Mystery Man???

Tag Team Title Match
Pretty Boy Lloyd/Bonez The Cutthroat
Root of All Evil (Rico Moon/????)

X-Title Match
Crazyfist VS Joe Woods

Also appearing
Commissioner Lee Douglas, Steve Michaels


Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Advance tickets available for details contact us @

Card Subject to Change

Our Next Event: TBA

Adult Admission Only $10. Child 5-11 Only $5 Ages 4
and under FREE

Courtesy of NWA Pro East Promoter Ricky Otazu.

The stars of NWA Pro will be hosting the first TV taping for the EAST
Coast TV show this coming Saturday. Some of the matches you will be
seeing will include

NWA North American Tag Champions The Scotty's w/ Erotica D'Vine vs.
The sneaky Silver Bullets

Hall Brothers vs. Rex Sterling/Chris Escobar w/ Kameo

Beef vs. NWA Virginia State Heavyweight Champion Pharaoh

Drake Tungsten vs. Lazarus

Damian Wayne vs. Chris Dramin

NWA Shockwave Champion Havoc vs Crowbar

Dirty Don Montoya vs Davie Boy Bling

Reckless Youth vs Rob Eckos

There will also be Stars from JAP,ROH,NWA east and so many more.
Please contact NWA PRo East at or the
ticket hotline 201 370 8642
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