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Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling News: Full 4-15 Show Results; 5-6 Feat. Smothers, Rhino, Shelley, more!

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling News: April 19, 2007


This past Sunday saw the culmination of a red-hot tag team rivalry that has consumed the CAPW Tag Team Titles for much of the past six months. The struggle of Faith in Nothing to cement their legacy as the best tag team in Ohio, and Q&A and Irish Airborne’s quest to prove otherwise led to one of the most breathtaking and phenomenal altercations in the storied history of CAPW. Knowing that months of work and sacrifice boiled down to this one very moment, all six men gave of their hearts & souls, sacrificed their health, their careers, and their livelihoods for the chance to reach the pinnacle of their division, for the right to be called the best. All six men left battered and bruised but only two men left as champions. Throught all the chaos, Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing were able to not win, but survive, and retain the tag team titles. Faith in Nothing have proved they are the best tag team in Ohio today, but all six men proved the more than showed the heart, guts, and determination of being a champion.

Stay tuned to Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling on Sports Time Ohio in the coming weeks, and be on the look-out for the broadcast of this very special and unforgettable encounter.


Every week, CAPW will deliver one solid hour of cutting-edge, intense, athletic wrestling action to STO viewers featuring a cavalcade of wrestling stars. See the best of national and international stars, past and present, as well as the brightest home-grown stars in the state of Ohio! The program will be hosted by play-by-play commentator Joe Dombrowski and color analyst Jamie Scott, who will bring you all the hot matches, backstage interviews, exclusive footage, and so much more each and every week on Sports Time Ohio! Here is the upcoming schedule for CAPW programming on Sports Time Ohio:

This week, be sure to catch CAPW at a very special early time this Saturday morning, April 21, at 9:00 AM. Negotiations are ongoing between CAPW and Sports Time Ohio, and should the support for CAPW be strong enough in this timeslot, CAPW could become a permanent fixture on weekend morning television! So be sure to support the best wrestling brand in Ohio today buy catching a very special early-bird edition of CAPW, this upcoming Saturday at 9:00 AM on Sports Time Ohio.

The full schedule for CAPW this week goes as follows:

Saturday, April 21: 9:00 AM & 11:00 PM & 2:00 AM
Sunday, April 22: 10:00 PM & 3:00 AM

Sports Time Ohio is available to nearly 3 million homes throughout the state of Ohio and into surrounding states, and is also available nationwide on select satellite dish packages. Check local listings and channel packages for availability. For more information log on to For more information on Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling TV, be sure to read Michael Cash’s “Ca$h’s Corner” column exclusively at

Shawn Blaze & Marion Fontaine beat Elijah McKenzie & Andrew Remedy
Aftermath & Matthew Justice won a 13-team Russian Roulette Battle Royal
Raptor & Rogue beat Wicked & Eddie Insane
Conrad Kennedy III beat Joe Doering
Jessica Havok beat Lexi Lane
Junior Heavyweight Champion Zach Gowen beat Barry Sagittarius
Johnny Gargano beat Josh Emanuel and Super Hentai in a triple threat match
JT Lightning & Da Munchies beat Robbie Starr, Chris Hybrid, and Jeff Brooks
Chris Cronus beat Ironman
Television champion Jason Bane beat Tyrone Evans
Heavyweight champion Tracy Smothers beat Buff Bagwell
Truth Martini & N8 Mattson won a 13-team Russian Roulette Battle Royal
Tag team champions Faith in Nothing beat Irish Airborne and Virus & Unknown in a three-way ladder match


CAPW’s hottest prospect, 19-year-old Johnny Gargano hasn’t been the same, hasn’t had the same swagger to his step, since losing the CAPW Jr. Heavyweight Title a couple of months ago. Gargano feeds his ego on being better than everyone around him, and certainly without that title belt, it’s hard to claim to be the best. Gargano has been desperate to regain the spotlight and acclaim that came with being champion, but with CAPW management currently denying him a rematch citing “unprofessional conduct” as its main reason, Gargano has had to search elsewhere to establish himself. Gargano requested we print a statement from him this week, and here is Mr. Gargano’s statement in its entirety:

"First things’ first, I'd just like to state Zach Gowen is a low-down, dirty cheater! He faked an injury AND pulled the tights. Now he's ducking me for my rematch? Some champion he is. Way to represent the company, pal. Zach Gowen is half the man I am…literally! I am STILL the top guy in CAPW, the face of Cleveland All Pro, title or no title. If I can't have a title shot to prove that, then I have a different way to go about it. I have a challenge to make. I'm challenging one of my toughest opponents to date, an international star, one of the top guys in the world today, ALEX SHELLEY. Shelley, the score is tied buddy, I beat you once and you (in a fluke, mind you) beat me once. It's time to settle this thing once and for all. So what I'm proposing, May 6th, CAPW, two of the biggest rivals lock up one more time! Gargano/Shelley 3! Alex, the ball’s in your court, don't drop it. You may know me very well, but there’s only one thing to remember: W.W.J.D. What Won't Johnny Do? Be there Alex, and experience it again, first-hand. Toodles!"

Gargano’s encounters with Alex Shelley last year were nothing short of technical classics. Although both men proved themselves as among the best mat wrestlers in the world, it has yet to be proven who between them is the better man. Over the next week, we’ll inform both CAPW management and Mr. Shelley of this challenge and report the results back to you in one week’s time.


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling returns to the famed Turner’s Hall, located at 7325 Guthrie Ave. in Cleveland, on Sunday afternoon May 6. Doors open at 2 p.m. for our belltime of 3 p.m. This WILL be a taping for CAPW TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs, banners, and enthusiasm, and be prepared to have your image available in nearly 3 million homes in the state of Ohio, and nationwide on select systems. Tickets are available in advance at any of our ticket outlets, and also at the door the afternoon of the event. Get ready for three solid hours of the best professional wrestling in the area: Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling.

Already scheduled for the card:

CAPW Heavyweight Title: Tracy Smothers vs. “The War Machine” Rhino
Tracy has dominated CAPW as its heavyweight champion all year, but now faces the challenge of a former ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Rhino is 6’2”, 280 lbs. of aggression and has been nearly unstoppable through most of his entire career. Now Rhino returns to Cleveland with the hope of adding CAPW gold to his resume, however will his brute strength be enough to counter one of the craftiest veterans to ever step inside of a ring? Can Smothers outsmart Rhino and escape with the title or will the Wild Eyed Southern Boy be cut in half with a Gore!?

#1 Tag Title Contender Match: Michigan Invasion vs. Aftermath/Matthew Justice
CAPW’s tag team division is not only the most competitive division in CAPW, but perhaps the most competitive tag division anywhere in recent memory. At our last event, an unprecedented 26 tag teams split into 2 battle royals for the right to challenge whomever would survive the Ladder Match as tag team champions. The winners of the first battle royal, Aftermath & Matthew Justice, do battle with the winners of the second battle royal, Truth Martino & N8 Mattson, with the winners to receive a tag title shot that night!

Also appearing…

TNA Star Alex Shelley: Will we see Gargano/Shelley 3?
Junior Heavyweight champion Zach Gowen WILL defend his title!
Plus all the stars of Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling!

Check back next week, as we announce several more top matches for Sunday May 6!


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has announced an agreement with one of the longest running and most widely known tape & DVD distributors in professional wrestling today, RF Video. This is your opportunity to own and relive some of CAPW’s most memorable moments from the pre-Sports Time Ohio era. For new fans interested in how Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling came to be what it is today, or long-time fans who want to re-live great memories, these DVDs are perfect to add to your home video library.

To purchase CAPW DVDs, follow this link:


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Tickets for any and all CAPW live events are available at the following outlets. Tickets are always available at Turner's Hall the afternoon of the show as well.

Casamel's Pizza,
5589 Broadview, Rd,
Parma, Ohio.

West Side Metals Corp.
6400 Stock Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Pit Stop Donuts,
4411 Clark Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has been the premiere brand of professional wrestling in the state of Ohio throughout it's over-thirteen year existence. CAPW utilizes a blend of the most talented and exciting local and national attractions today for a unique fan experience, featuring names such as Tracy Smothers, M-Dogg 20, Faith in Nothing, Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Irish Airborne, JT Lightning, Zach Gowen, Jason Bane, and many more. Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling can be seen weekly on Sports Time Ohio in nearly 3 million homes. For more information please visit
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