Thursday, April 19, 2007

CARE Preview UFC 70 Nations Collide

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Join the CARE team as we "preview" UFC 70 'Nations Collide'

Join us as we savage fighters for their failed drug tests and give them possible defenses for their hearing with the NSAC, yes Melvin Guillard, this means you. Speaking of savaging, Euan takes shots at a TNA Knockout while the rest of CARE take shots at Euan. After this, if you get a dinner invitation from the Wandering one: "Just say No!"

Food is a hot topic as Ric Gillespie reveals who makes good breakfast in bed, and we find an MMA fighter who needs his own cooking show.

We discuss Andrei Arlovski's new sponsor and how to best work that in to his fights. On a possibly related note, there is fun with Wikipedia!

Art Shimko debuts his new segment called: "The drugs I've done and the people I've done them with", and all of the guys beg for new sponsors of the show.

All that, and a whole lot more, plus in our 60 minutes of audio laughter, we provide 3 full minutes of actual analysis of the UFC 70 card! This is maybe the funniest show we've ever done, and definitely the funniest MMA Podcast you'll ever hear.

The Old Country Podcast can not be held responsible for any damage done to any electric device caused by liquid shooting out of your nose during the show.

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