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The Dark Match's Wacko Bob looks at the current state of professional wrestling


This is a sequel to an article I had written at the end of 2006 that was called "The State Of Wrestling Going Into 2007" And as we look at wrestling today theres a lot of questions that do need to be asked now.

At the end of 2006 wrestling was starting to look more promising the as we got ready for 2007. Wrestling looked like it was again drawing peoples interest like never before in the last few years. In fact the state of wrestling you can say was always more status quo to cloudy since 2003. And going into 2006 especially the last half of 2006 things really started to get interesting and even looking up fan wise as well. With all the stories within TNA and WWE and the debut of the WSX as well it just looked like things could only be promising for 2007. And if you look at things that were going on in 2007 with all the wrestling sites and the shows on the Internet, and with the ratings going up with RAW, Smackdown, ECW and even TNA it showed there as well as ratings were above there average with all there shows. You saw more aggressive writing in the TNA stories and you saw WWE really get out of a spot that was really only showing there complacency, especially with there Smackdown show. You see TNA trying new things and not doing there some stories that also showed there complacency with Jeff Jarrett. Everything was looking up and it life seemed to be good in wrestling.

And coming up into the greatest event of the year in wrestling Wrestlemania 23, every one was hyped. Not just for Wrestlemania but for wrestling as a whole as well. All the talk was on with Donald Trump's involvement with Satan McMahon in the battle of the billionaires selling the show. But you would also wanna believe that Satan McMahon would want his wrestlers to steel the show too. This would have meant the best wrestlers in the best matches too. And this is where I do believe the promising future of wrestling is lost and back to being status quo again. Because Wrestlemania over the years has always brought about an end to old stories and would always usher in the new stories. It was a good time to change things up and that was really blown this year too. TNA was not hitting the rite note as well as all there story lines are being questioned and they have really taken a hit as well. Because this was a time to really shake things up too so that WWE with Wrestlemania 23 was not gonna over shadow everything. And thats was blown as well. And with Wrestlemania only being average this year with no real shake ups wrestling looks like its once again taken a step down in fan interest once again. I think people(including me) wanted to see something more out of The Undertaker/Batista match then the outcome we saw. For starters I did feel The Undertakers winning streak was something that needed to go with an interesting twist like a heel turn from Batista on the way to a win that would justify him more as a heel. That would have been the thing to draw interest that I'm talking about. And a better build up to the match that I do feel surprised a lot of people in the Benoit/MVP match that could have really stolen the show if pushed better so the best match could have come out of it. Cena/HBK and Money In The Bank were nothing to write home about too. This all really blew what would have been a great momentum up for wrestling. And has put all wrestling promoters with mainstream appeal in any way to take a hit again too. As the ratings have started to go down now for all shows on TV and theres now not as much news in wrestling to talk about as well.

The rise and fall of the WSX all in a matter of weeks also made it hard on wrestling fans as well. A third wrestling promotion would have been good too so that there was more an open field and a free choice for wrestling fans to see all the wrestling and the best wrestling too. This would have made both TNA and WWE have to be more creative and not give out the some old names that we all have been stuck seeing for the last couple of years. But WSX did not live up to its hype and was gone after only one month as well. And unless ROH thinks its time to really look to taking the next step in getting the best they got locked up and moving to expect for more people to watch on TV it look like we will be stuck with the same old nonsense that has become complacent in wrestling. In the end its the fans that are gonna choose between what is good and whats not so good and they are the ones that are gonna turn the channel on wrestling too. People who watch wrestling wanna be taken in by what they see when they watch RAW, Smackdown, ECW and IMPACT. And with TNA getting lots of talk and not backing it up with there shows and PPV and WWE really looking like they did nothing after wrestlemania 23 its showing in the ratings that people are just not that interested in the programs now.

Wrestlings state for the rest of 2007 is once again back down to status quo and could become cloudy again if Satan McMahon, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Dusty Rhodes, Dutch Mantel, and Brian Gerwitz can't wake up and really shake things up and make things fresh. And even though TNA has has much better booking lately with the return of Vince Russo in a small way they also just put on one of the worst PPVs too the made ECW's December to Dismember look okay too. And all this like I said before hurts wrestling as a whole. And theres lots that need to be done once again to make a promising future once again. And maybe the peace missing to making it better are new people behind the scenes. Writers like Chris Bell, Paul Heyman, Scott D'Amore and Terry Taylor mite be needed in TNA or WWE at this point so that there are new ideas out there to be shown in todays wrestling market. As you mite have seen the best stuff come out of the guys you presently see writing the shows we watch every week on TV. And now its time to give other names a chance that mite have not been given there chance to shine with ideas. And when you look at TNA tryen to do everything with only one hour a week with TV and then see WWE like it is with 5 hours a week of TV time you gotta ask. Whats wrong here? Can ROH step it up now? Is it time for ROH to try and take the next step? Can wrestling as a whole get back on track like they were at the start of the year? Or are is wrestling gonna be once again stuck running in place? Only time is gonna tell! And informed opinion does not have a positive answer.

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