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Pro Wrestling Torch reviews Anarchy TV


He wrote: "NWA Anarchy television is, in this columnist's opinion, the best of the weekly online independent shows, and will remind older fans of the territorial days. It is set at the promotion's studio/arena in Cornelia, Georgia, capably hosted by Greg Hunter and John Johnson, and features the best talent on the Georgia independent scene. It is definitely worth checking out if you're an old-school fan looking for something different from WWE, TNA or Ring of Honor."

NWA Anarchy TV is seen on the internet at

New episodes appear every Monday.

SHOW #61







NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................

NWA ANARCHY TV eps 60 REVIEW by Ca$hflowX

NWA Anarchy
Episode 60
April 23, 2007

I met Eddie Rich at the UWF show in Colonial Heights, Va. and all I can say is that he is an incredible asset to professional wrestling. The main event featured several wrestlers from NWA Virginia. They participated in a four way match for the NWA Tag Team Titles against Team 3D. NWA North American Tag Team Champions Scotty Blaze & Scotty Rocker, Old School Empire (Damien Wayne & Preston Quinn) and Phil Brown & Malik were the opponents. In the end, all three teams proved they were superior to Team 3D in every aspect of tag team wrestling. If the match had lasted another 3 to 5 minutes, the Old School Empire would have turned the crowd against Team 3D. They’re just that awesome. Kudos to all three tag team for working circles around them. This Saturday, NWA Virginia super duper stars Damien Wayne, the Scotties, Pharaoh w/Timmy Danger, Danger International, Lazarus, NWA Underground (Rex Sterling & Chris Escobar) and promoter Rick O’Brien, will participate in the debut TV tapings for NWA Pro East & NWA Shockwave (Cyberspace). They should represent the NWA well. On to the report! I’m headed back to Jersey for the second time this month to support local indy talent.

- We begin this episode of Anarchy with a replay of Slim J & Ace Rockwell embarrassing Jeremy V & Chad Parham with a defeat.

- The Hollywood Brunettes has decided to take the weekend off because there is no competition in NWA Anarchy. Remember, blondes may have more fun, but Brunettes always get the job done.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- Color Commentator John Johnson brags about going solo because Greg Hunter is out on vacation hunting with VP thingy Cheney. He recaps Rockwell upsetting Chad Parham last week. Palmer responded by allowing each wrestler to choose the other champion’s opponent.

1. Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts vs. Austin Creed & Truitt Fields
THE MATCH: Geesh, I genuinely feel sorry for Eddie Rich because he has to deal with John Johnson for two solid hours of television tapings. Johnson irritates Rich right off the bat by comparing Creed’s head to a Chi-a-pet. Wonder how Johnson knows? His illegal immigrant informer, whom he pays the handsome salary of minimum wage to, told him so. Johnson is so outrageous that I can not make this stuff up. The faces take their frustrations out on their experienced heel counterparts. Johnson reflects upon the history between both teams and threatens to move to Canada if Silo Smith defends this great country of ours. Rich kindly asks Johnson if he moves to Canada to take Alec Baldwin & Barbara Streisand with him. I agree. Better yet, ship them and the entire extreme left winger brigade over to the Middle East and let them rot in prison. Maybe then they’re know what the face of evil looks like. You know, they’re never learn anyway. Darn it, I’m headed off on a political tangent again. Got to remember to not discuss politics in a television report. LOL! To the match, Phoenix & Creed wipes out Phoenix with a dropkick and a clothesline for a two count. Rich thinks it’s sickening that Streisand & Cher left him tickets for a Vegas show. Wow! Creed connects with a neck snap as we head to a commercial. After commercial, Phoenix takes over with a Hot Shot on Fields. The announcers argue about Anger Inc. bickering with each other. Meanwhile, Brody Ray Chase is ##### at the slot tables in Cherokee, North Carolina. Wow, I really can’t make this stuff up now. Phoenix delivers an exploder on Fields and then stiffs him with a punt. Fields goes for a Sunset flip on Roberts, but finds himself in a pinning predicament. Roberts immediately rises and nails Fields with a clothesline and DDT for a pair of two counts. After second commercial, Phoenix applies a surfboard and transitions into a beautiful back suplex. He makes the cover, but Fields kicks out at two. Did you know Brandon Phoenix disappeared at this time one year ago? Roberts distracts Creed so that Phoenix can choke Fields. Fields escapes a double turnbuckle shove and catches them with a double clothesline. Fields crawls to his corner and makes the hot tag to Creed. Creed unloads on both men before wiping out Phoenix with the Monte Fisto. Creed tosses Roberts to the floor so that he can apply an armbar submission. It appears Phoenix is about to tap, but the Hollywood Brunettes launch a vicious attack on Creed. Hayden Young heads out to make the save, but Phoenix nails him from behind. The heels spend the next few moments beating up the faces.
WINNER: Creed & Fields by DQ.
COMMENTS: There wasn’t anything fantastic about this match, but it sure was good. It was interesting to see both teams wrestle without his usual tag partner. The ending appeared to come off good and helped to establish several future storyline scenarios.

- John Johnson interviews NWA Anarchy TV Champion Ace Rockwell and NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham. Johnson is there to find out who the opponents are. Parham snatches the mike from Rockwell and tells him he will just have to find out who his challenger is tonight. Parham holds the mike to Rockwell’s face and then chooses to end the interview. Awesome!

2. Justice Served (Jason Justice & Mikki Free) vs. Andrew Pendleton III & Jeff Jameson
THE MATCH: I assume Pendleton & Jameson are this evening’s blessed scapegoat. They kick their ass and finish off the One Handed Bandit Jameson with a bulldozer.
WINNER: Justice Served.
POSTMATCH: Al Getz heads out to berate the one-handed Jameson. Getz asks JS to finish the job by destroying his other hand, but the Urban Assault Squad head out to make the save. They corner Getz, but JS pulls him away to safety.
COMMENTS: Let’s just say that Pendleton & Jameson should be glad this wasn’t an extended squash. This match just served to keep the UAS/JS feud hot.

- Eddie Rich interviews Jeff G Bailey & the NWA Elite regarding what happened with Abomination’s violent outburst at the last NWA Anarchy TV taping. Bailey wonders aloud if this is amateur hour because of Rich’s insulting question. Bailey is mad because he received a certified letter to stay away from the NWA Arena while he saw Dan Wilson on television. Well, as soon as Bailey speaks Wilson’s name, he appears on NWA Anarchy Tron 5000X. Wilson reveals that there are many mysteries in life and receiving a certified letter to not appear at the NWA Arena is one of them. Maybe it’s because Bailey is slipping and Wilson has outsmarted the fat cat. The jaws have clamped from the mouth of madness. The Rejects are the vultures circling the NWA Elite as they take their last dying breathe. Wilson commands Bailey to leave. Onyx & Lewis question where Bailey was last week. I see where this is going. Bailey smoothes everything over and asks them to believe him. No Harry Potter wannabe will ever stop him. Jerry Palmer paid Bailey a lot of money because the Rejects are nothing to them. What Bailey saw on TV was the Elite kicking the Rejects ass across the NWA Arena. That’s right Wilson can dress up in his pretty little make up like a transtestical and tell all these ridiculous facts. Bailey wants to be marveled by Wilson’s knowledge of horror movies. While Wilson is writing fan letters to Charles Manson, Manson is writing fan letters to Bailey. That’s the difference between the Elite and the Rejects. They could outnumber the Elite 10 to 2 and they would still be outclassed. If Wilson is a reverend, then call Bailey a father because he is going to whip Wilson’s ass like his little daddy should have. He promises to give Wilson the nightmare of his life. Rich has the audacity to ask Bailey one more question and asks where is Abomination? Bailey says we will see Abomination when he is ready. Was that an intense interview or what? NWA Anarchy needs to record a DVD recapping the entire feud. If it featured nothing but interviews from Wilson & Bailey, I’d still pay to purchase it.

3. NWA Anarchy TV Title: Ace Rockwell (ch.) vs. Sal Rinauro
THE MATCH: The crowd loudly chants “Ace” as Rich introduces him. Next week, Rockwell gets to pick Parham’s opponent. Johnson demands that we respect Sal Rinauro because if it wasn’t form him, the NWA Arena would be a landfill. Rinauro spits in Rockwell’s face, so Rockwell returns the favor by slapping the taste out of mouth. Rockwell goes on offensive flurry and lands 6 Shots to the Dome. Rockwell lands a chop for a two count. WHOO! Rockwell takes over Rinauro with a suplex and heads to the top rope. However, Rinauro trips him up and lands a dropkick for a two count. Johnson goes on a tangent about why Rinauro turned his back on the fans. Rockwell ducks a clothesline and scores a trio of two counts. Rinauro makes him pay with a dropkick for a two count. Johnson says Rinauro has changed the fan’s perception of him. The fans didn’t take him seriously, so he decided to smash Slim J’s head with a glass bottle. Rinauro continues to dominate using dastardly heel tactics. Rockwell escapes a chinlock, but Rinauro stops him in his tracks with a back elbow. Rinauro turnbuckle whips and clotheslines him for a two count. Rockwell finally buys time with a desperation spinebuster. After commercial, both wrestlers rise to their feet. Rockwell wins a battle of forearms and lands a Stinger splash. Rockwell uses a knee lift and neck snap for a near fall. Rinauro escapes a suplex. He whips Rockwell into the ropes and ends up on the receiving end of a fisherman neckbreaker for a near fall. This is good stuff here folks. Rockwell sets up and Rinauro dips on an Ace’s High attempt. Rinauro heads to the apron where Rockwell crotches him. Rinauro learns what it’s like to Bump & Grind. Rockwell heads to the rope and catches Rinauro with a cross bodyblock for a near fall. Rockwell sets for a dragon sleeper, but Rinauro slips out and scores a near fall with a German suplex. Rinauro heads to the High Rent District and lands the Elbow Drop of Doom for a 2½ count. Rinauro slaps on a bridge submission and turns over to a chancery, but Rockwell rolls out. Rinauro catches Rockwell with a knee. Rinauro suplexes Rockwell from the middle rope. Rinauro makes the cover, but the referee counts both men’s shoulders down for a two count. Rinauro misses a Pele variation and Rockwell connects with the Ace’s High. Rockwell gets the win even though Johnson claims Rinauro’s foot was underneath the bottom rope.
WINNER: Ace Rockwell.
COMMENTS: This was a TV main event. This was a great battle between two talented wrestlers.

- OVERALL: Download the show. Checking in with two fun matches and an incredible Bailey/Wilson showdown, this week’s episode is worth checking out.
















And more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NWA Main Event Wrestling
Benefit Show for StarLight StarBright Childrens'
Friday, April 27,2007 RESULTS
Freddie's Auction House & Sportatorium

Main Event
TNA's Monster Abyss w/Paul Adams & Miss Opium vs Jamie
Dundee w/ Sexy Jessie. Paul Adams entered the ring and
insulted fans left and right. He then introduced the
man who was going to destroy Jamie Dundee, the monster
Adams yelled at Abyss reminding him that he payed good
money for him and that he could easy talk to James
Jamie Dundee hit the ring and this match was underway.
Dundee got in little offense as Abyss over powered him
and used the ropes and chokes to wear the smaller man
out. Dundee made a come back and went off the top
ropes for a cross body. As the ref went for the pin,
Paul Adams pulled the ref out of the ring.
Lee Condry, JT Quest, and Cody Whitehead all hit the
ring and attacked the monster. Abyss threw them out 1
by 1 and grabbed Adams and Dundee by the throats. He
then fought off the Impact Inc attacks again and black
hole slammed Adams. Sexy Jessie, who had slipped into
a ref jersey made the "pin count" as Dundee and Abyss
celebrated. A wild main event proving that Jamie
Dundee and Abyss can co-exist and are loved by NWA
"The Syndicate Crew" LA Player & D' Angelo def "The
Syndicate Crew" PsychoMedic & Karnage w/ YT
The team of Karnage and Psycho Medic w/ YT came out
saying they were the REAL Crew and chased the ref off.
LA Player and D'Angelo hit the ring next and soon the
chaos picked up right where it left off last Saturday.
This match was back and forth with Karnage and Medic
working over the leg of LA Player. Medic was able to
draw the ref's attention many times to let Karnage get
some cheap shots in. LA Player & D'Angelo made a come
back and both teams filled the ring. Amid the kaos, LA
Player hit Karnage with a cutter type move out of the
corner for the 3 count. After the match YT joined his
team of Medic and Karnage in a beat down of Player &
D'Angelo. This feud between former teammates is FAR
from over.
Mid American Heavy Weight Champion "Outlaw" Lee Condry
& Randy Whitehead def Impact Inc JT Quest & Cody
Whitehead via DQ. This match went back & forth until
Impact Inc threw Condry out of the ring. Lee picked up
the Little Impact and climbed back into the ring.
***Instead of hitting an Impact Inc member, Outlaw
slammed the crowbar into Randy Whiteheads skull.***
A beat down on Randy W ensued until Jamie Dundee and
Robbie Ruffin hit the ring. Lee Condry proceeded to
tell the Columbia crowd that he was wasting his time
being a good guy and listening to the "We want chops"
cheer week in and week out. He said Impact Inc was
where the real money in NWA:ME. A huge shock to the
Mid American title picture as now both the Heavy
Weight Title and the X Division Title are in the
Impact Inc Camp...
Robbie Ruffin def Avenger with huge a spear for the
1-2-3. Avenger mounted some offense, but Ruffin
controled the masked man, and ended the mask with
(The Painkillers) Johnny DeMento & Slade def PDubb &
Tony w/ Handson Burt Andrews with a F5 delivered by
Slade. DeMento capped it off with a huge swanton off
the top rope for the pin.
Johnny Gunz, Antonio, Brandon Stone vs Canadian Kid,
Tempest, The Ice Man Chris Eckos. The ref called for
the bell when all members of of both teams entered the
ring. No decision.

PWX / AWC Results From The Jacob Woll Pavillion In Renzi Park, McKeesport, PA:

Pro Wrestling eXpress Results (April 21, 2007):

1. Devil Bhudakahn w/ Mantis defeated Sharecropper by pinfall to retain the PWX Three Rivers Title.

After answering The Blue Dragon's challenge for a rematch to their encounter two weeks before by spitting in Dragon's face, Devil Bhudakahn was forced to defend his PWX Three Rivers Title in what he thought was to be a non-title match.

The match itself saw Sharecropper come very close several times to winning the title. Sharecropper has been impressive in his short time in PWX while coming highly recommended from other promoters and he has not disappointed despite running into a roadblock in the cheating ways of Devil and Mantis.

Anytime that it appeared Devil was in any real danger of losing his title, Mantis would intervene on Devil's behalf thus allowing Devil to take control of the match each time.

However, in the end, Sharecropper came alive with an array of moves that resulted in near pinfalls, but each time Devil was able to just kick out in the nick of time. Sharecropper then attempted to suplex Devil back into the ring after Devil had been on the ring apron, but Mantis interjected himself once more and took out the feet from under Sharecropper which made Devil come down on top of Sharecropper. Devil scored the winning pinfall as Mantis held onto Sharecropper's feet from the outside.

With Devil making it clear that he would not be there on the May 5th event to defend his title, Devil now is looking at entering the summer months as the champion and has now reigned as champion since February. The addition of Mantis as his ally has proven to save Devil's title on more than one occasion.

Sharecropper has shown great promise in a short period of time and has indicated that he will remain on the active roster for some time to come.

2. Chris LeRusso & The Blue Dragon defeated Amir Al Jahari & Nick Paradise by pinfall and advances to Burgh Brawl 11 to wrestle against one another for the #1 contendership to the Three Rivers Title.

The object was for two men on each team that did not see eye-to-eye to work together long enough to get the tag-team win and advance to Burgh Brawl 11 where the winning team would then face off against each other in a match to determine the 31 Contender to the Three Rivers Title.

Oddly, Chris LeRusso came out and promised to work as a tandem with enemy Blue Dragon. LeRusso held true to his word as he and Dragon worked as a team and did so very well.

On the other hand, the team of Amir Al Jahari and Nick Paradise did not work out at all from the very beginning of the match and it only led to an explosion between the two men by the end.

The team of LeRusso and Dragon controlled much of this match as Jahari and Paradise did perform well on an individual basis, but as a team they were non-existent. Needless to say, this match did not end well for Paradise and Jahari.

The end came when Jahari, who actually was in control of Blue Dragon at the time, was tagged by his partner Paradise without Jahari's approval. Jahari took offense and proceeded to brandish a foreign object to which he clobbered Paradise in the head with it. Dragon went for the cover, but Paradise was barely able to kick out before the 3 count. This brought Jahari back into the ring and as he waited for Paradise to stagger back up so he could hit him again, LeRusso nailed Jahari from behind and sent him into Dragon who hit his belly-to-belly suplex finisher on Jahari to score the win.

After the match, LeRusso shook Dragon's hand and then tried to pull a sneak attack on him, but Dragon saw this coming and chased LeRusso away with an attack of his own. These two men will meet each other on Saturday, May 5th at Burgh Brawl 11 to determine the #1 Contender to the Three Rivers Title currently held by Devil Bhudakahn.

3. Paul Atlas w/ Curtis Stevenson(of AWC) beat Scottie Gash(of PWX) by pinfall after interference by Bigg. As a result, Paul Atlas(of AWC) now has the right to determine who the last man to enter the Burgh Brawl To Settle It All is.

Paul Atlas, owner of the AWC, took on Scottie Gash, representing PWX, in this one for the right to name the last person to enter Burgh Brawl. From the start, this one was an intense battle between two men that hate each other with a major advantage for one promotion at stake.

Gash controlled the early going by remaining one step ahead of Atlas until Atlas and Stevenson were able to turn things around by their usual cheating tactics. Atlas' plan was to slow this one down and make Gash wrestle his style of match. This worked for a long period of time as Atlas was able to control the tempo and each time Gash showed some life, Stevenson would make his presence felt which allowed Atlas to regain the favor.

Gash did, however, manage to dig down deep and make a final comeback attempt which worked as had Atlas on the ropes, but just as Gash appeared to it won, the referee was knocked out on a Gash Splash which allowed the chance for Atlas' henchman Bigg to enter the ring and hit his finisher on Gash and pull Atlas on top. The referee regained his composure just in time to count the pinfall in favor of Paul Atlas.

Paul Atlas now has the right to name the last man to enter Burgh Brawl in the winner takes all matchup between PWX and AWC.

4. Sam 'Hammer' Slej pinned Bigg in an impromptu matchup.

After the Paul Atlas and Scottie Gash match, Bigg and Atlas continued a two on one attack on Gash until PWX owner Jim Miller grabbed the microphone and called out his 'ace up his sleeve' who turned out to be none other than the returning Sam "Hammer' Slej. Slej had been out of action for 8 months after he was one of the first victims of Paul Atlas and AWC movement back in August of last year.

Hammer hit the ring to a thunderous ovation as Paul Atlas ordered his man Bigg to take out Hammer. Both Bigg and Hammer weigh in at over 300 pounds and this one was a rare true heavyweight contest between two enormous men.

Hammer controlled Bigg for the first few minutes with the crowd loving it the whole time as they chanted 'PWX' and 'Hammer' very loudly. Bigg was able to gain some control after Paul Atlas, who was still at ringside, jumped up on the ring apron to distract Hammer. This didnt last long as the hardhitting match came to a close when Atlas jumped on the ring apron again with the referee stopping him as Curtis Stevenson slid a street sign into the ring for Bigg. However, Scottie Gash, who was at ringside as well, slid into the ring and took the sign off of Bigg which allowed Hammer the time to grab Bigg and hit him with a chokeslam to gain the 1,2,3 for the win.

Atlas Wrestling Company Results (April 21, 2007):

1. Apollyon & Sean Dahmer defeated James Ross & Guido Corleone and Dash Bennett & Kid Cupidin a three way dance elimination match to win the new AWC Tag-Team Titles.

This match featured a replacement and an elimination before it even started as Curtis Stevenson revealed to Dash Bennett that he sent Scott Venom home and replaced him with Kid Cupid(who was traded to PWX, but was making his last appearance for AWC). Stevenson then pointed out that even if Dash and Cupid won, Dash would be partnerless since Cupid was the wrestler to be named later in the PWX/AWC trade that took place earlier in the week. This proved to be nothing more than another setup to try and break Dash.

Also, it was announced that since Steve Flash and Brian O has no-showed the match, they were the first team eliminated in what was supposed to be a four-way tag-team elimination match.

This left three other teams to compete for the brand new AWC Tag-Team Titles. The match was chaotic from the get-go as James Ross and Guido were outnumbered by the teams of Dash/Cupid and Apollyon/Dahmer(who was just acquired by AWC) who decided to work together to try and get rid of the Ross/Guido team. Dash ended up chasing Curtis Stevenson around the ring after Curtis had poked his nose where it didnt belong once again, but as Dash rounded the corner nearest the entranceway, Paul Atlas jumped out and nailed Dash with a superkick on the floor. Cupid, in the ring, went over to where this has occurred and was quickly rolled up by the team of Ross and Guido for the first elimination.

Ross and Guido the took control of the match by working over the youngster Apollyon for the next few minutes. Finally, Apollyon was able to make the tag to the crazy Dahmer and Dahmer went nuts hitting move after move on Ross and Guido. Guido and Dahmer then battled their out of the ring and as Ross was able to stop the momentum of Apollyon long enough to attempt his finisher for the win, The Masked Avenger hit the ring and hit Scottie Gash's finishing move on Ross and then posed a Gash-like pose over Ross and then left the ring. Apollyon went for the cover on Ross and was able to secure the win and the titles after the referee, who was trying to stop the mayhem between Guido and Dahmer, made the 3 count.

Dahmer and Apollyon winning the titles was a shock to everyone in the building, even Dahmer and Apollyon themselves, but was met with a loud ovation. This is the first title for both Dahmer and Apollyon in PWX or AWC....

2. Brandon K w/ Vince Kaplack defeated Sterling James Keenan by pinfall.

This match was over a month in building as the two men widely considered the best in Pittsburgh were finally ready to go at it. Before the match started, Brandon K dropped a bomb on everyone by bringing out former 2 -Time NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion and 2-Time PWX Heavyweight Champion Vince 'Big Time' Kaplack to the ring as his second since K did not believe that SJK came alone.

Kaplack received thunderous applause for his return and even had a standing ovation from numerous people in the crowd. Kaplack was last seen at the PWX 10th Anniversary Show a couple years back. Kaplack has been considered by fans and wrestlers alike as a local legend of sorts and was a welcome sight by everyone but SJK.

This match certainly lived up to the hype as K and SJK provided everyone with a classic match of back and forth action. K started it off by besting SJK with some technical mat action, but SJK returned the favor by catching K offguard and showing his mat prowess as well.

The back and forth action saw both men go to the limits and beyond as neither man was ever really able to sustain any prolonged advantage. Both men did pull out every move and trick in their arsenal and in the end it was SJK who had finally been able to take control of the match by getting K in a submission move. K fought and was barely able to reach the ropes th break the hold. SJK, smelling victory, then went for his finisher, but, out of nowhere, K was able to slip behind SJK and execute a schoolboy rollup to get the 1,2,3 for the win.

After the match, SJK just stood in the corner for a few moments trying to figure out what just happened as K and his cousin Vince celebrated in typical Kaplack fashion.... by singing. SJK made his way over and spun K around and shook his hand in a true show of sportsmanship. A standing ovation was seen once again in appreciation of the great match that was just witnessed between these two warriors.

3. PWX Heavyweight Champion Chris Taylor and AWC Heavyweight Champion Crusher Hansen w/ Benjamin C. Steele wrestled to a no-contest in a matchup that was billed to be title versus title.

The tension was high as the two heavyweight champions of the two promotions that are about to fight their final battle in this yearlong feud were now ready to wrestle.

Crusher Hansen has been very cocky recently and has ripped Chris Taylor over his lack of size as a heavyweight champion. Taylor has been embroiled in a bitter feud with his ex-manager Krystal Frost as she had brought in wrestler after wrestler that Taylor was able to defeat.

These two men had already exchanged words in a verbal altercation earlier in the night as they, along with Brandon K and Sterling James Keenan, took personal shots at one another trying to one-up the other men. The barbs were entertaining, but proved that this night was a powder keg waiting to explode.

Crusher and Taylor went at it tooth and nail as each man wanted to walk away with the other's title and become a dual champion. Crusher even unveiled several news moves while Taylor's gameplan to tire out the larger Hansen worked as well.

In the end, Crusher's control of the match was stopped when Taylor was able to hit a tornado ddt on Crusher which he then followed with two successive top-rope elbow drops. As Taylor went for a third one, BC Steele grabbed Taylor's legs long enough for Crusher to come over and hit Taylor with his finisher from the top rope. Taylor was just able to put his fot on the ropes before the 3 count. A dismayed Crusher then worked his way to a second attempt at his finisher, but Taylor was able to slip down behind him and duck a lariat try by Crusher and hit his own finisher on Crusher.

BC Steele waved to the back and out came the rulebreaking factions of AWC to attack Taylor, this then brought out the PWX lockeroom which brought out the rest of the AWC lockeroom and thus chaos ensued.

Once the smoke cleared, Hansen challenged Taylor to a "Three Degrees Of Hell Match" in which there must be a winner in a second battle of title versus title at Burgh Brawl 11. Taylor accepted the challenge as Hansen would only say one thing about this match: fan participation is strongly encouraged!!!


***Next PWX / AWC event is Saturday, May 5th, 2007 with a belltime of 8pm***

NWA Pro Wrestling Summit Update for 4/25/07

As the first Texas tour draws to a close, we want to
make sure we thank all the fans in the Hidalgo/McAllen
and El Paso areas who have come out to see the action!
Now we prepare for Houston and Laredo and the cards
look like this:

Friday April 27, 2007
Plaza de San Miguel, TX
8:00 PM Belltime

1. El Hijo del Santo y L.A. Park vs. Super Parka y
Pentagon Black
2. NWA Heritage Title Match: Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman©
vs. Sicodelico Jr.
3. 6 Man Tag: Solar y Super Astro y Ultraman vs.
Cobarde y Cobarde Jr. y Incognito
4. Ultimo Dragon y Cobra II vs. Karl “Machine Gun”
Anderson y Joey Ryan (w/C. Edward Vander Pyle)
5. Inter-gender Mixed Tag Match: Amazing Kong y
Espantito vs. Candace LeRae y Sexy Chino
6. NWA Texas Heavyweight Title Match: Chaz Taylor© vs.
Slam Shady
7. Babi Slymm & David Stahr vs. Rouchneck Ryan &
Plus Mortiz in action…

Sunday April 29, 2007
Laredo Entertainment Center, Laredo, TX
3:00 PM Belltime!

1. El Hijo del Santo vs. Pentagon Black
2. NWA Heritage Title Rematch: Sean “Syxx-Pac” Waltman
vs. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (w/Vander Pyle)
3. Cassandro y Super Astro vs. Mano Negro y Mortiz
4. NO-DQ Revenge Match: Rocky Romero & TJ Perkins vs.
Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson & Joey Ryan (w/Vander
5. Incognito vs. Black Tiger IV
6. Solar y Ultraman vs. Cobarde y Cobarde Jr.
7. Roughneck Ryan & Skullkrusher vs. Babi Slymm &
Sicodelico Jr.
8. Intergender Elimination Free-for-All: Candice LeRae
vs. Sexy Chino vs. Amazing Kong vs. Sara Del Ray vs.

Cards Subject To Change Without Notice.


April 26, 2007
Riverside, CA

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Markus
Riot to retain his title

"Tough" Tony Raze pinned Kid Karnage

Angelas defeated "Marvelous" Max Martin

Vizzion pinned The Irish Icon

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Jay
Law to retain his title

Hook Bomberry defeated Angelas by submission

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated The
Irish Icon to retain his title

Vizzion pinned Damien Slater

"Marvelous" Max Martin pinned "Tough" Tony Raze

Kid Karnage defeated Jay Law

EWF American Champion Karl Anderson pinned TJ Perkins
to retain his title

Angelas defeated Markus Riot

Hook Bomberry pinned Damien Slater

EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor defeated Kid
Karnage to retain his title

April 27, 2007
Covina, CA

"Iceman" Webster Dauphiney pinned "The Australian
Dynamo" Bernie Bays

Damien Slater defeated Jay Law

"Marvelous" Max Martin pinned Maximo

Vizzion defeated Dan "The Man" Kobrick by
disqualification when Terex interfered

Featured Attraction defeated Angelas & Country Bear

Ronin pinned EWF Cruiserweight Champion Ryan Taylor in
a Non-Title Match

Johnny Dynamite & Brandon Nitro defeated The Iron
Express to capture the EWF Tag Team Championship
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