Sunday, April 29, 2007

IWA Mid-South/Results for April Blood Showers: The Final Chapter - 4/28 in Midlo

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Jack Thriller def. Hype Shalwin.

Dysfunction def. Troy Walters with a Rubix Cube (Electric Chair driver) to retain the NWA Wisconsin title.

Josh Abercrombie def. Brandon Thomaselli. The match was non-title after Thomaselli didn't make weight. Again, Abercrombie defeated Brandon in a non-title match. Abercrombie won after punching Thomaselli with Referee Travis Young's belt and then he took the belt and wrapped it around Brandon's throat and stood on his back and yanked up on the belt choking the life out of Brandon until he tapped out (Brandon had tried to do the same to him earlier in the match). This ended up being a Lumberjack Strap match instead of an Indian Strap Match because earlier in the show, Brandon Thomaselli came to the ring and declared that the Indian Strap match was signed when he was the challenger so it was no longer valid since he was the champ now. He then when on to say that Josh Abercrombie was scared of him and wanted to run. Ian Rotten told him that it was fine not to do the Indian Strap match and since Josh was scared, he would make it a lumberjack match instead. Brandon was more than happy with that stipulation. Ian then said "oh by the way, the lumberjacks will have straps" which Brandon didn't like at all.

OMG def. Jason Strife with a top rope twisting Pedigree.

Ash & Elgin defeated Vortekz & Die Hard Dustin Lee.

Scott Lost def. Billy Roc. Lost stated before the match that Bosh was at home resting his knee for the Candido Cup. This promo was amazing, mostly due to its incredible awkwardness. "Bosh wanted me to let you know why he wasn't consider yourself...known."

Iron Saints def. North Star Express in the double dog collar match where all 4 men were bleeding due to this violent matchup. The Saints got the win after Joey Eastman entered the ring and started chopping both Saints while they were being held by the NSE. The Saints then yanked the chains causing the NSE to sandwich Joey and then they hit the double team Texas cloverleaf/DDT for the pinfall.

Tank def. Ian Rotten via countout with a brutal Samoan Drop on the floor through a table. Ian was unable to get back into the ring by the 20 count and Tank just made it back in in time. This was a brutal encounter that included several hellacious forearms, headbutts and Ian even almost knocked out Tank with a vicious punch to the face on the floor.

Chuck Taylor beat Joey Ryan in a hilarious and very even match. Taylor won with the Omega Driver. Seriously, buy this DVD...and we're not even done!

Jim Fannin came to ringside after the match and told Chuck Taylor that he has not forgotten about him not thanking the BMFers for giving him the title just because he spent all his focus on the destruction of Jimmy Jacobs. With Jacobs laid up in bed at home and out of action, he is now ready to return his focus on Chuck Taylor after Taylor breaks Jimmy Jacobs title reign record in 3 more months. Fannin promised to send someone after Taylor to win the title and then have that person hold the title longer than Fannin's longest reigning champion so that 3 birds could be killed at one time (the revenge on Chuck, ending Jimmy Jacobs' record and becoming Fannin's longest reigning champion).

Tyler Black vs. Joey Mercury announced for Joliet

Chuck vs. Necro announced for Candido Cup Night 2

Drake Younger beat CJ Otis in a a must-see Barb Wire Mayhem match. The match included interference from Joey Eastman's core, as well as two ref knockouts, but after all the barbed wire madness, Drake Younger pulled out the win. The victory came as Joey Eastman, Elgin, Ash, Corbin & Cruz came out to help CJ and started beating on Drake. Ian ran to the ring with a chair causing all of Joey Eastman World Wide (JEWW) to leave. Ian then entered the ring with the chair (the barbed wire had but snapped during the match) as CJ had Drake in a go behind. Drake moved out of the way and the chairshot hit CJ. Drake then hit a vicious vertebreaker for the pin. Drake then confronted Ian yelling "was that chairshot meant for me?" but Ian just turned and walked away. Drake and CJ shook hands afterwards bringing an end to their feud and then CJ left with Joey Eastman evidently as the newest member of JEWW.
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