Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quick news bits: Pro Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts

By Art Shimko

-- Late Monday night news bits...

-- The identity on Santino Marella on Raw Monday night: Boris Alexiev from OVW

-- Preview for Tuesday's ECW TV: more tomfoolery with CM Punk's heel turn, Lashley and McMahon attempting Austin-McMahon from 10 years ago, more Snitsky and Balls??

-- J.R.'s latest blog~!

-- Casey Trowbridge reports of the return of a Pillman Memorial Show on 4/5/08. I hope Vince is not a dick with this one and lets WWE talent work the show... even if any TNA or ROH talent want to work the card as well.

-- Ontario's UWA Hardcore Wrestling signed a three-year deal with The Fight Network bringing the indy promotion to television in May.

-- Here's the latest Joe vs. The World podcast with Rob Naylor and David Bixenspan talking Global Wrestling Federation.

-- Lionel Tate, the guy who killed a six-year-old girl in 1999 by claiming he was showing the girl wrestling moves that he saw on TV, is back in the news as he's facing trial for May 2005 robbery.

-- Wrestlers win round three of WWF battle

-- Andrei Arlovski gets interviewed by NBC Sports.

-- EliteXC announced Frank Shamrock vs Phil Baroni on pay-per-view 6/22 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA. The name of the event: Judgment Day... can you say copyright infringement?

-- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Announces New California State Athletic Commission

-- Pride's Lightweight Grand Prix first round takes place on 7/16. MMAWeekly also reports that Pride 35 may take place in California.

-- New Fight Opinion Radio with special guests Jonathan Goulet and Caleb Queern.

-- A concise history of Pat Miletich

-- Sherk rounding back into fighting shape

-- Does Boxing Need A New Business Model?
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