Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tonight (thursday april 12th) the Junior Boys (from Canada) will be performing as a full band for the first time ever in Philadelphia! Two drum sets, guitars, bass, and 4 keyboards, laptop and more. Both of their albums made everyone's top 10 lists in 2004 and 2006 and even landed them a "Best Album Of The Year" by Wire Magazine. And because it's more of an "adult show" we'll let you bring in your favorite beverages at the church this evening !

*TONIGHT* Thursday April 12th 8:00pm
At The First Unitarian Church
(2125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA)
All Ages / $12 / Tickets On Sale At and The Relapse Store (4th and South)

(woah! amazing glitch pop w/ smooth r&b vocals/ domino recs. best of 2004 and 2006)

(casio lite melodies, 80s drum machine percussion and spoken word vocals. output recs)

Without the stuttering, r&b-influnced beats of their debut, it's harder to prop up The Junior Boys' latest LP So This Is Goodbye as bold or innovative pop. Rather, it aims for a distinctly different yet similarly difficult route: Music so smart, yet so obvious, that it must have been there all along, waiting for someone to snatch it from our collective subconscious and make it our soundtrack for late-night driving and pre-party preening. Not to say they are not dance-minded - one listen to "Double Shadow" or "In the Morning" firmly proves otherwise-- just a surprisingly classicist one. More than blazing a trail, Junior Boys are simply a half-step ahead on the same path, finding the most predictable and logical rubbery synth or icy croon just a moment before we think of it.

It's how you always wished the Pet Shop Boys sounded. With his irresistibly smooth vocal stylings Jeremy Greenspan perfectly lays that laid back inviting voice atop all of those synths, guitar, bass, drums and a laptop, creating a fully realized electronic pop sound. While so many others playing so called electro-pop are smothered in irony and look-at-us-we're-so-hip garb it's so refreshing to listen to the Junior Boys as they mean what they play and do it so so well. If you miss the magic of early Depeche Mode and Japan records you should check these guys out. The kind of sounds that you want to hear after a long night out, it not only keeps the beat on the dance floor, but when you finally get home, it slows things down and lets unwind as you take off your dance shoes and sink into some new romantic dreams. So nice!

See you tonight !

S E A N A G N E W * R 5 P R O D U C T I O N S
Public Phone : 267-765-5210 / Fax : 215-754-4441 for complete info

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