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Kingston/CZW, Gilberti arrested, Foley at MIT, WWE injuries, Cena races, Naked women wrestling, ROH, PWG, Rogan interview, UFC press, Baroni arrest

By Art Shimko

-- Tons of Pro Wrestling/Mixed Martial Arts news from the last week...


-- Combat Zone Wrestling is involved in a feud, but it's not with another wrestling federation, it's with some of CZW's fanbase and some of its wrestlers. On Saturday night at CZW's Out With The Old, In With The New show following the Chris Hero/Eddie Kingston Loser Leaves Town match, owner John Zandig came out to get into it with Kingston following his win over Hero. Kingston left the ring and Zandig ended up "firing" Kingston from the company, later on Zandig came out "shooting" on the fans, particularly criticizing "5 to 10 people" on the CZWFans message board who he felt leave negative posts about the company bringing everyone down.
First off, it more than 5-10 people (as seen in this thread which is one of many) bitching about how shitty CZW's quality has been as far as booking run-in after run-in to finish matches, bringing in no-name no-talent wrestlers while pushing out wrestlers fans actually want to see and other dipshit ideas.
I haven't been to a CZW show since December 2006, and before that I was at maybe two or three shows throughout last year which is the least number of CZW events that I've attended. I have not decided to boycott the product entirely yet I'm not sure when I'll be at another show, this sentiment is shared by many fans on the board who feel cheated and shat upon by an owner who instead of listening to some feedback from fans just looks the other way thinking that such criticism is just negative internet ranting.
Eddie Kingston later left a two-part YouTube interview on all that went down Saturday night, it's since been taken down by Kingston's request but I did get to see it and some points included:
- Kingston arrived at the building early Saturday and was asked by wrestlers in the back if he was talking to Tod Gordon of PWU. Kingston said the last time he talked to Gordon was last summer when he and some members of BLK OUT (Sabian, and Joker) were to work for PWU.
- Kingston saw on the sheet that there were run-ins booked in his match with Hero which he shot down. He was then approached by Zandig and told that he would clothesline Kingston in the ring afterwards, Kingston said ok.
- After the match, Kingston told security that his hand was numb and to tell Zandig not to clothesline him, Zandig then suggested that he slap Kingston. Kingston saw this as an insult and later questioned why a supposedly "retired" wrestler who's not involved in this feud would come out and steal the heat from Kingston and Hero's moment. Kingston left the ring and later heard he was "fired" from a company that he wasn't even contracted with as he left the building.
- Kingston also confirmed the events that transpired resulting in Jigsaw also leaving the company that night as reported on Declaration Of Independents. Jigsaw wanted to drop the Jr. Heavyweight title to Vortekz clean, run-ins again were suggested and Jigsaw has to politic to drop the title without any screwjob finish. Jigsaw was told he would be needed for this year's Best Of The Best show, then it was announced in the ring that the loser of the match would not be in Best Of The Best which not only confused Jigsaw but made him feel as if he was forced out of the company, Kingston also noted that the Chikara-CZW relationship was rocky from the start and that the Chikara wrestlers felt like outsiders in the CZW locker room. Kingston was classy when he said no matter who much you hate the product and/or one person (being Zandig of course) not to take it out on the boys and boycotting the shows takes money out of the boys' pockets. The only thing with that is that ONE PERSON is approving of the goofball shit going on in that ring an as hard as the wrestlers work it's hard to have to sit through nonsensical booking and storylines and wrestlers who don't know how to get themselves over...
Well I'm not sure what's going on with this company, I may not be going until Cage Of Death this December unless I hear or read that the company's shows are getting better. The whole deal with Jig and Kingston really puts a sour taste in my mouth, Zandig and company need to take their heads out from their asses and figure something out. A new booker? Wrestlers (not necessarily big names) who can work the crowd as well as match? It's more than one thing that needs to be fixed, but first things first: Promoters should not ever insult their fanbase, you know, the folks who are willing to put money in your pocket for a decent product.

-- Glen Gilberti (aka WCW's Disco Inferno) was arrested in an illegal gambling operation in Roswell, GA Monday night. Along with Dan Tyre, a homeowner who was running high-stake poker games in his residence, Gilberti face commercial gambling charges which is a felony; in total 27 people were arrested. There's also a dispute about how much players had to pay in order to play, "All the more serious stuff they're talking about, that's circling around $10,000 buy-ins, it's a bunch of garbage," said Troy Gibson, one of those arrested. But the Roswell Police Department believe that indeed was the buy-in amount and they retrieved $45,000 at the scene.

-- Mick Foley spoke at M.I.T. today for the Comparative Media Studies: American Professional Wrestling course, he will be speaking again tomorrow in Building 54, Room 100 from 5-7PM.


-- Bob Holly has surgery on 4/16 to release a nerve entrapment in his elbow, he's expected to be out for 3-4 months.

-- Smackdown spoilers from Providence

-- J.R.'s latest blog

-- John Cena will be starring on ABC's Fast Cars & Superstars - Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race reality show beginning 6/7 at 8PM. Other celebrity racers include: singer Jewel, actor William Shatner, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, actress Krista Allen, 7-time World All-Around Rodeo Champion Ty Murray, former NBA Champion John Salley, former NFL Super Bowl Champion John Elway, World Wrestling Entertainment Champion John Cena, tennis star Serena Williams, volleyball great and model Gabrielle Reece, legendary surfer Laird Hamilton, and former NFL Super Bowl-winning Head Coach Bill Cowher. Gillette Young Guns are Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Newman, Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne, Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray.

-- Jim Cramer on WWE Stock: Cramer also likes World Wrestling (WWE - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr), calling it an "international growth story" with "great yield." Cramer said the dividend "keeps a bottom on the stock" and that he sees 2 or 3 points of upside from the recent $17.

-- The Chicago Sun-Times has an article on chiropractor Aaron Wolfe who helped WWE wrestlers get adjusted before their during Wrestlemania 23, "Before their matches, they get the alignment of their spines done. They get chiropractic adjustments, help them stretch out. Stuff like that," Wolfe said. However, Wolfe couldn't reveal exactly which wrestlers he worked with, "They put me in the VIP locker room, which was basically the 10 main guys. I got to hang out with them the whole time."

-- WWF Hall of Famer Walter "Killer" Kowalski is among three athletes (along with former major league pitcher Ray Sadecki and Olympic swimmer Chet Jastremski) to be inducted into the National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame on 6/14 at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy, MI. For more info call (248) 588-5333 or log onto

-- The New York Times has an article on Diamond Dallas Page and his Yoga for Regular Guys DVDs.

-- The first 25 fans through the door at MCW's Aggravated Assault 2007 show on 4/21 will receive a pass to the advance screening of Steve Austin's new movie The Condemned on 4/24 at 7:30 pm @ the AMC Loews White Marsh Theatre in Baltimore.

-- Goldust will be taking Jake "The Snake" Roberts' place (who's "injured") AT CWA's second anniversary show when he takes on CWA champ Timber. "We had signed Jake to a multi-show contract," said CWA co-owner David Garrick. "Injuries are part of the game, but he should be ready to go by May 10." Jeez, is this guy are mark or what?? The show is at Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC on Satuday at 6PM, there's a luncheon at 1PM. For more info contact Roger Gleaton at 803-707-4072.

-- Mayhem in Melbourne II on 5/12 in Clemente Center at Florida Tech will feature: Virgil, One Man Gang, Kamala, Marty Jennetty, Tito Santana, legends Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Jerry "The King" Lawler. Go to for more info.

-- ROH this weekend:
Friday 4/13 @ the Sports Plus Entertainment Center in Lake Grove, NY:
- Takeshi Morishima & Chris Hero with Larry Sweeney & Tank Toland vs. Nigel McGuinness & Doug Williams
- Austin Aries, Matt Cross & ??? vs. Roderick Strong, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero
- Homicide vs. Brent Albright
- Jack Evans vs. SHINGO
- Jay Briscoe vs. Claudio Castagnoli
- Colt Cabana vs. Delirious
- Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Rey
- El Generico vs. Jason Blade vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Erick Stevens
- Kevin Steen vs. Pelle Primeau

Saturday 4/14 @ Inman Sports Club in Edison, NJ
- ROH World Title Match: Takeshi Morishima defends vs. Nigel McGuinness
- Colt Cabana vs. Doug Williams
- Jack Evans & Delirious vs. Roderick Strong & Davey Richards
- Shingo vs. Matt Cross
- Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Erick Stevens & ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay Briscoe with Mark Briscoe
- Rocky Romero vs. Claudio Castagnoli
- Top of the Class Trophy: Shane Hagadorn vs. Pelle Primeau
- Chris Hero & Tank Toland vs. Jason Blade & Eddie Edwards

-- PWG All Star Weekend results:
Night One (4/7)
- El Generico (C) def. PAC to retain the PWG World Championship
- Low Ki def. Davey Richards
- Kaz Hayashi def. Alex Shelley
- Joey Ryan & Scott Lost & Chris Bosh & Karl Anderson def. Frankie Kazarian & TJ Perkins & Ronin & Top Gun Talwar
- Kevin Steen def. Jack Evans
- Kikutaro def. Matt Classic
- Human Tornado def. Claudio Castagnoli
- Rocky Romero def. Roderick Strong
- Disco Machine def. NOSAWA

Night Two (4/8)
- Kevin Steen def. Joey Ryan
- TJ Perkins, Rocky Romero and Ronin def Lil Cholo, Karl Anderson and Nosawa
- Davey Richards def. Chris Hero
- Colt Cabana and Top Gun Talwar def. Disco Machine and Kikutaro
- Claudio Castagnoli vs. Alex Shelley
- Kaz Hayashi def. Pac
- Roderick Strong and Jack Evans vs. Chris Bosh and Scott Lost went to a No Contest when Super Dragon and Davey Richards
- El Generico def. Human Tornado to retain the PWG title
- Samoa Joe def. Low Ki

-- Carmen Electra's Naked Women's Wrestling League has a pay-per-view on Events iNDemand that airs until June.

-- Electra-fying Naked Women Wrestling

-- Some jouralism advice from The Torch, take it for what it's worth...

-- Do you smell what Paco is cooking?


-- The New York Post has an interview with Joe Rogan talking about his stand-up career and thoughts on UFC: It's already eclipsed boxing in terms of pay-per-view dollars. The real question is can it eclipse football!? Can it eclipse soccer? I think the answer to that is yes. It's a more exciting sport. The UFC has had problems in the past getting guys from overseas. There's not just the UFC, there's also Pride, a huge international organization that a lot of people believe has the best fighters in a couple of different weight classes. But now the UFC purchased Pride. We're going to get to see incredible match-ups now that weren't available just six months to a year ago.

-- Tim Sylvia will be signing autographs at the Country Rose [2221 E. 4th St.] in North Platte, NE beginning at 9PM.

-- Paris Hilton throwing a UFC 69 party??

-- More UFC press:
- UFC rising among nation's sports
- UFC packing a punch in '07
- Mixed Martial Arts: No more perfect career for Sanchez
- LIer Serra grabs title, stuns UFC
- Ultimate Regimen

-- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira signed with UFC last Saturday, he was in attendance at last week's Fight Night sitting with Dana White.

-- Phil Baroni was arrested Sunday night in Miami following a altercation in front of a restaurant. He was released on $5,000 bond and is scheduled in court on 4/30 to be arraigned on a felony count of threatening a police officer and misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting officers without violence. "Phil was with only his girlfriend at that time and engaged in an altercation with multiple assailants," said Baroni's agent Ken Pavia. "When all the facts come out I think you will find that Phil was reasonably justified in his actions."

-- The Black Athlete Sports Network interviewed IFL Seattle Tiger Hawks coach Maurice Smith.

-- Steve Cory pissed off a lot of local fighters after running an MMA event in Oklahoma City and not paying them. Two brothers who fought on the show had thousand dollar checks from Cory that bounced, he also got money from sponsors for a bogus upcoming event, even UFC fighter Andrei Arlovski who signed autographs got stiffed for $7,500 but the lowest of the low was that Cory's check for the event's insurance premium bounced so any fighters seeking medical treatment will have to pay out of their pocket because of this dipshit. A background check on Cory showed that he's a convicted felon with a long rap sheet and crimes including possession of forged instruments, writing bogus checks, and jumping bail. Cory or his wife wouldn't comment to the media.

-- The Nevada State Athletic Commission changed the match result of Nick Diaz and Takanori Gomi's Pride fight from February to a "no-contest" after Diaz tested postive for Delta-9-THC (the shit in pot that gets you high as a kite). Diaz is suspended until 8/24 (six months from the date of his last fight) and was fined $3,000 (20% of his purse), it was also determined by NSAC Chair Dr. Tony Alamo that Diaz was high when he fought and that helped him win. Diaz replied, "I wasn't under the influence when I was fighting. I don't abuse drugs normally; it was a one-time thing. It was very embarrassing for me to test positive."

-- SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc. presents Art Of War II on 5/11 at the Austin Convention Center and is being sponsored by the US Army.

-- Scientific wrestling looks to capture piece of mixed martial arts market

-- Academy moves, expands schedule

-- CraveOnline Teams with Sherdog to Punch Up Sports Channel

-- PrimEdge, Inc. Negotiates Exclusive Licensing Rights for Broadcast and Media Distribution of the "Absolute Fighting Championships" -- the Fastest Growing Spectator Sport in the U.S. and Worldwide

-- Willmar man postpones Ultimate Fighting event

-- Mackay’s ECC win will stand

-- Local fighters itching to get in the cage

-- Boxing is fast becoming obsolete
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