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SHOW #58




NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, &Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada , Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................


Austin Creed and Hayden Young defeated Justice Served to become the
new tag team champions at the NWA Anarchy television taping in Cornelia.

It was the right kind of show to follow a blowout like Hardcore Hell
'07. The focus was on setting up future storylines. The title match
was very good, and switching the title got the message across that if
you miss a show, you might miss something big.

There's a strong chance last night's attendance of 120 will end up as
the smallest crowd Anarchy draws at the NWA Arena this year. It's
tough to imagine there will be a tougher night to draw than on Easter
weekend, just seven days after the binge of violence and bloodshed at
Hardcore Hell '07. The crowd was pretty lively given their reduced number.

Hour number one opened with television commentator Greg Hunter
introduced Chad Parham, the man that won the NWA World TelevisionTitle
at Hardcore Hell, while preserving his obnoxious reign as the only
two-time Heavyweight Champion in Anarchy history. Parham entered to
"We are the Champions." Mr. Buckhead was wearing a suit and carrying a
cup of Starbucks. Our d***head double champion said the only thing
that could make it better was the tag team titles. "The only way that
could happen was if there were two of me, and that's too much
greatness for you." Parham said "a kid" named Jeremy Vain was going to
face "a guy" named Ace Rockwell in a number one contender's match
later in the show. "Whoever wins lays down in two weeks just like
everybody else."

(1) Truitt Fields beat Adam Roberts (with Don Matthews) in
6:05. Fields is a future force to be reckoned with on the babyface
side. He's gets over with the Arena fans a little bit more every time
out. Matthews ditched the sloppy looking gear in favor of some shiny
new duds. Now, he just looks cheesy. Matthews interfered liberally
throughout the match. He took a bump off the apron and a baseball
slide, before pulling the ropes down on Fields to turn the tide.
Roberts worked over Truitt's neck. A Fields powerslam brought Matthews
up on the apron once again. Roberts charged, but Fields got out of the
way and Matthews took the hit. Fields pinned Roberts with a
Spinesplitter. Roberts and Matthews played the blame game in the

(2) Hollywood Brunettes beat two gibronis (Caezar Chavez & Myric
Moore) in 2:56.Brunettes dominated Moore . Matthews did a senton
backsplash from a seated position on Alexander's shoulders for a near
fall. Moore made an ugly escape from a double team and tagged Chavez.
I've seen guys worse than Moore in Cornelia, just not lately. Chavez
scored a near fall with a spinebuster. But Alexander made the jobbers
pay for a telegraphed double backdrop. Brunettes made a Myric sandwich
with their double knee gutbuster/top rope double stomp finisher.
Alexander pulled Moore up at the count of two to take more punishment.
Alexander then pinned Moore after a flying knee to the face.

Hunter was backstage with Al Getz and Justice Served. Getz gloated
about beating up UAS and hanging Jerry Palmer at Hardcore Hell. "When
I saw Palmer with his feet dangling, gasping for air and with foam and
bile coming out his mouth, it looked like vindication and justice."
Getz said there was no chance Palmer could outsmart him. "Like a black
man running for president, it ain't never gonna happen." Great promo.

(3) Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins beat Patrick Bentley & Don Juan in
10:50.Juan came out alone and addressed his remarks to the
"ladies, women and girls over the age of 18." Juan introduced Bentley
as a replacement for Chris Marval, which got a huge pop. It was a fine
booking idea, since Bentley is always being outnumbered in the feud.
Unfortunately, the crowd was dead after Bentley's initial flurry. This
program has lacked the strong heel/face dynamic necessary to get their
juices flowing. For a babyface, Bentley's character is too remote to
get fans emotionally involved. Delay is cast as the heel, but there's
a playful warmth about him that is far more engaging. Juan took over
on Hawkins and danced. Delay said he wanted "Patty," but then attacked
Juan from behind. Hawkins and Delay leveled Juan with a high/low combo
move. They worked over Juan's leg for a long, long time. It was tough
to buy Hawkins getting over on Juan to this extent. Hawkins used a
single leg crab, and Juan got a ropes break. Delay's stiff lariat was
the highlight. Bentley got the hot tag but there was zero heat.
Bentley was taking it to Hawkins, so Delay jumped in. Bentley
clotheslined Delay over the top. But while referee Harold James was
distracted by Juan's complaining, Delay jabbed Bentley in the side
with a chair. Hawkins pinned Bentley after an Unprettier. It had its
moments, but as a whole, this was a dull, uninspiring match.

In the postmatch, Delay and Hawkins had Bentley set up for another
chairshot when Slim J hit the ring for the save. J got the strongest
babyface pop of the hour and totally overshadowed Bentley.

(4) Jeremy Vain beat Ace Rockwell via DQ due to Parham's
interference (7:05).Parham came out to do television commentary.
Rockwell got the jump on Vain, driving him from the ring. and hitting
a pescado. Back inside, Rockwell mounted the ropes for the 10 punches
and followed with monkey flip. Vain used a filthy eye rake, hung
Rockwell upside down, and nailed him with a baseball slide. Vain gave
Rockwell a bodyslam onto the floor. Rockwell was down for a seven
count. Rockwell came to life with a sunset flip back to the inside,
but Vain cut him off with a leg lariat for a two count. Vain ducked an
enzuigiri and dropped an elbow for another two count. Not sure if that
was the spot, but Rockwell hurt his neck and was barely able to move.
Rockwell gutted out a spinebuster and they went to the finish. Parham
came to ringside and tossed his cup of coffee in Vain's face. Brent
Wiley DQed Rockwell. Vain was in a fucking state of euphoria about
being the number one contender. "I did it all by myself." Rockwell
crawled towards the ramp and needed help to make it all the way. The
report I got was that he suffered a stinger. Scary stuff.

For hour number two…

(5) Brodie Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix beat Derrick Driver & Steven
Walters in 10:25
Walters' trunks read "The Fever." Walters got off to a fast start
against Phoenix . Driver followed suit with a springboard back elbow
and a split-legged moonsault for a near fall. Driver worked some NWA
Wildside shows here about 5 years ago. At the time, he was too
scrawny. Now, he looks like a pro wrestler. Chase confused the ref and
took over without tagging. The heels punished Driver with power moves.
Phoenix was a suplex machine. He's pared down his offense to the
things that look good. Chase pulled Driver out, punched him in the
face, and gave him a classic throat-first drop on the rail. BRC did
his pumphandle back suplex - pumphandle neckbreaker sequence. Walters
broke up the pin. "The Fever" got the tag. Little Walters' lariat
attempt bounced off of Chase. Walters got his near fall and you knew
the end was near. Chase smoked Walters with a spiral chokeslam. The
finish was a Chase stunner to set up an STO by Phoenix .

Ring announcer Eddie Rich threw it backstage to Hunter with Salvatore
Rinauro and Todd Sexton. Rinauro said that if Sexton wanted to drag it
out, he had no problems injuring him further. Rinauro said he had dug
into the past for a partner and had come up with the longest reigning
junior heavyweight champion in Wildside history, Fast Eddie. Rinauro
told Eddie there would be none of the Three Guys frivolity, because
this was personal. Sexton's partner was standing behind Rinauro and
Eddie. It was none other than Masada ~! Sexton said the Texas Death
Club was back.

(6) Texas Death Club (Todd Sexton & Masada) beat Salvatore Rinauro
& Fast Eddie Vegas) via submission in 12:07.Eddie to Sal (upon
hearing the underwhelming crowd response): "Nobody knows who I am.
Whoo!" Masada got a strong pop considering he hadn't been back since
the Wildside days. Four way action to start. Masada and Eddie had a
crisp exchange. Masada 's chops were as stiff as any ever seen in an
Anarchy ring. Masada hit a brainbuster on Eddie. He brought Sal in the
hardway and gave him a long distance hiptoss. Rinauro surprised Sexton
with a clothesline from the apron to start the heat. Wiley tried to
get uppity, and Rinauro slapped the hell out of him. Eddie landed a
wicked stiff kick to Sexton's spine. A female fan noted that Eddie's
trunks had billiard balls over his balls. Rinauro taunted Sexton and
spit at Masada . Sexton escaped a tandem vertical suplex and made the
tag. Wild action down the stretch. Masada hit a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster
on Eddie. Rinauro caught Masada with a flying crucifix, and Eddie
dropkicked Masada into the pinning position. Masada powerbombed
Rinauro and Eddie made the save. Rinauro and Eddie gave Masada a slice
`n dice bicycle kick for a near fall. Sexton made a blind tag and it
broke down to a four-way. Rinauro started doing a number on Sexton's
cranium. Meanwhile, Masada took Eddie out with a sick vertical suplex
on the hardwood floor. Sexton came back with a Gamebreaker on Rinauro.
Masada hit a DVD. Rinauro was toast, but Sexton would not allow the
pin. TDC gave Rinauro a pedigree/sitout facebuster, and Masada refused
to allow the pin. TDC did their finisher AGAIN and Sexton applied the
Anaconda vise. Rinauro puked up a disgusting puddle of chunky,
yellowish bile. A brutal match. Seeing Eddie is always a treat. Masada
was as good as ever, except with a lot more scars.

Time out for while some lucky security guys removed the barf from the

Attorney Jeff G. Bailey entered the ring to address "The Reverend" Dan
Wilson. He had Abomination at ringside to watch his back. Bailey
described Hardcore Hell as "a maelstrom of violence and morbidity" and
"a blood splashed psychodrama." Bailey also said Wilson was crawling
and crying like a little girl after what Bailey did to him in the
Anarchy Rulz match. Bailey admitted that Devil's Rejects won the
match, but that was because the NWA Elite were outnumbered. Bailey
called Onyx a selfish coward for not showing up. "He's yellow, and I'm
done with him." Onyx came out wearing an Easter sweater. Bailey said
it was an appropriate choice of color. Bailey said he wasn't afraid of
Onyx, and ordered Abomination to let Onyx into the ring. Bailey
continued to heap on the verbal abuse. Onyx grabbed Bailey.
Abomination got on the apron. Onyx threw Bailey aside and knocked
Abomination off the apron with a running shoulder block. Abomination
was fuming. Bailey said not now. Hell no. It will be Onyx vs.
Abomination on 4/21. Perfect. Working against a much larger man seems
to bring out the best in the Genetic Specimen.

(7) Austin Creed & Hayden Young beat Justice Served (Jason Justice
& Mikki Free with Al Getz) to win the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles in
9:01.This match had great heat across the board. Monster pop for
Creed and Young. Early on, they did a double Japanese armdrag on
Justice. Young was the star, more explosive than ever, if that's
possible. Young went for a springboard double lariat, but JS caught
him in midair and drilled him into the mat. Awesome spot. The fans
broke out the "Let's go Hayden." JS put Young up into the lights with
a double backdrop. Nice teamwork here. JS is a better team than I gave
them credit for being. Young and Justice worked some nice small
man/big man spots. Justice turned Young's spinning headscissors into a
killer sitout facebuster. Justice was on. His work is crisper now than
in any of his many runs in Cornelia. Justice followed with a
devastating powerdrive back suplex. Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer came to
ringside. Free came out to confront Palmer. While this was going on,
Urban Assault Squad ran in from the front door and planted Justice
with a flapjack. Young hit an amazing frogsplash to score the pinfall.
The crowd went nuts for the new champs.

The celebration came to an abrupt halt when Hollywood Brunettes hit
the ring and laid the new champions out with belt shots. Brunettes
acted like the belts were as good as theirs.

NOTES: Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena on 4/21 with Chad Parham vs
Jeremy Vain for the TV Title, J vs. Hawkins and, Abomination w/Bailey
vs. Onyx…MAXW returns to Anderson , SC at the Fusion Warehouse on 4/28
with a 7pm belltime. They have a major show planned for 5/12 at the
same venue…Masada has been spending most of his time in Japan working
primarily for Big Japan and Apache…Fast Eddie has been less active due
to the birth of his son, but hopes to work more regularly going
forward…Don Juan will be coming into Anarchy on a more regular basis
starting in June…Palmer showed up as the new commissioner for Georgia
Wrestling Promotion in Ellijay Friday night. The GWP Heavyweight Title
match between Shaun Tempers (c) and Adam Jacobs ended as draw. Nemesis
won the bodyslam challenge against Iceberg, but Rejects left him in a
pool of blood. For the return date on 4/20, Palmer ordered Tempers vs.
Hawkins with Kayla Kaos and Wilson barred from ringside. Iceberg faces
Nemesis in a grudge match.

NWA Midwest/ Fight Sports Midwest


As many have seen or heard about by now, Josh
Abercrombie had quite the evening during Fight Sports
Midwest's debut event in Portage , Indiana on March
17th. After scoring one of the most high-profile
victories of his career by defeating TNA and ROH star
Austin Aries in a great match, containing both men
going hold-for-hold and move-for-move with one another
before Josh pulled an ace out of his sleeve that Aries
didn't see coming in the closing seconds of the bout,
he took part in a vicious, dastardly attack on Jimmy
Jacobs' knee after coming up on the winning end of an
impromptu tag team encounter between himself and
new-found ally Arik Cannon against Jacobs and Do It
For Her partner Tyler Black, a man who Josh has no
love lost for. Jacobs, though he vowes revenge once
the knee heals, will not be able to wrestle on the May
11th Fight Sports Midwest event due to that knee
injury, as his doctor's restricted even travelling his
knee in the condition it is in. As for Cannon and
Black, Fight Sports Midwest officials are dead-set on
signing the bout you were supposed to see on March
17th between the two in a singles contest, but Cannon
is being very resistant to putting his name on the
line to wrestle Tyler . More on that in the weeks to

As for Josh, we're proud to announce that he has an
opponent for Chapter Two on May 11th. Last week, FSM
matchmakers decided that, since Jimmy Jacobs is in no
condition to extract revenge physically on May 11th,
we'd ask his advice in choosing an opponent for Josh
for Chapter Two. Jacobs was in no mood to suggest any
specific men to grapple with Abercrombie, due to his
anger not being able to let him envision anyone else
but himself in battle with Abercrombie. But, during
the conversation, Jacobs did reveal his belief in the
key to doing what very few men have done in the past
two years: defeat Josh Abercrombie in a wrestling

According to Jacobs, though Abercrombie is a
tremendous technical wrestler with an extensive
amateur wrestling background, the one advantage he
brings into every bout he wrestles is mind games.
Abercrombie seems to defeat every opponent of his
before the bell even rings by getting into their head
and making them think what he wants them to think. He
throws opponents off of their game by taking every
single generic characteristic of a great technical
wrestler in the year 2007 and completely going the
opposite way. For lack of a better term, Josh
Abercrombie wins wrestling matches by being a
sleazeball. With his outlandish attire, goofy antics,
and most famously, his ridiculous mustache,
Abercrombie brings a great deal of charisma and
character into his wrestling matches, catching his
opponents off-guard and taking their heads out of the
game, and as you know, once a wrestler's mind goes,
it's only inevitable that the body follows.

Taking this piece of advice to mind, FSM matchmakers
scoured all throughout the United States independent
wrestling scene, watching many tapes and DVD's to try
and find a man who wouldn't be susceptible to
Abercrombie's head games and therefore would force
Josh to step out of his element to pull out a victory,
therefore creating the best pure match-up possible.
Their scouting efforts turned their viewing attention
to Southern California, a hotbed of independent
wrestling currently, where they found quite possibly
the one man alive who could turn the tables on
Abercrombie and possibly catch Josh off-guard with his
flamboyant character and astounding charisma...

Hailing from Hollywood, Alabama, The Human Tornado
migrated to the Southern California independent
wrestling scene in late-2003, quickly catching fire
for his unique outlook on life and his crazy antics
both in and outside of the ring. In a sport dominated
by crazy characters and tall tales, the Tornado's tale
may stand tallest of almost all. The self-professed "
P.I.M.P." found his way into one of the hottest
independents in professional wrestling, Pro Wrestling
Guerilla, in mid-2004, Tornado soon found a following
amongst the fans of the oft-light-hearted promotion,
where he would find himself forming a
much-talked-about partnership with Tijuana's own El
Generico, forming the ironically-named Two Skinny
Black Guys. Tornado's found championship success in
PWG, both winning the PWG World Tag Team Titles with
El Generico as well as capping off a long-running feud
with then-champion Joey Ryan by defeating him in a
Guerrilla Warfare match in January 2007 to win the PWG
Heavyweight Championship. Tornado's charisma has also
found him leaking over into other forms of popular
culture, as he's been featured both in television and
film. Tornado played the role of "El Snowflake" in the
2006 lucha libre-inspired film "Nacho Libre", as well
as recently coming off of a highly-successful run on
MTV's Wrestling Society X. On May 11th, Fight Sports
Midwest will bring you the Human Tornado's very first
bout in the Midwestern region!

On May 11th in Portage , Indiana at the Camelot
Sportsplex, the Fight Sports Midwest ring might not be
big enough to hold the amount of pizazz and brashness
that these two contain, as Josh Abercrombie will face
the debuting Human Tornado!


(Champion) TIGER MASK IV vs (Challenger) "Lightning"


THE HUMAN TORNADO vs "The Trendsetter" JOSH

Plus many more matches to be announced in the coming
weeks at Also in
the near-future, new video comments from FSM
competitors will be uploaded to, specifically about
their roles on what's shaping up to be a star-studded
sophomore card for Fight Sports Midwest!

FRIDAY, May 11th
Portage, Indiana
Camelot Sportsplex - 5201 U.S. Highway 6


We've been informed by Smart Mark Video, the official
distributors of Fight Sports Midwest DVD's, that our
debut event, Chapter One, featuring the first-ever
meeting between Eddie Kingston and Samoa Joe, a highly
controversial bout between Bryan Alvarez and "Sweet
'n' Sour" Larry Sweeney, Austin Aries vs Josh
Abercrombie, and much more, is nearly ready for sale
and should be released within the next few days!

NWA Hawaii 3-31-07 RESULTS

“The rise of the Apocalypse” began with a title match
and ended with a controversial finish in another title

Match #1: NWA Hawaii Jr. Heavyweight championship
El Guapo [c] vs. The Amazing Spiderdude

The match started off as more of a dance contest than
anything else, but once the action got going, the pace
was fast. In the end, El Guapo made his first title
defense a successful one as he got the 1,2,3.

Winner and still NWA Hawaii Jr. Heavyweight champion:
El Guapo

Match #2
“The Samoan Stallion” Ativalu w/Haggis vs. Super

Ativalu controlled a good portion of the contest,
however Super Typhoon did manage to turn the tide a
little in the latter part of the match. The end came
as Super Typhoon attempted a Shining Wizard. Ativalu
ducked sending Typhoon crashing down to the mat. As
Typhoon got up, Ativalu caught Typhoon with a Big Boot
to the face and covered for the academic 1,2,3.

Winner: Ativalu

After the match, General Manager Rich Miyamoto left
the announce table and entered the ring. He asked the
NWA Hawaii Tag-team champions “Hot Sauce” Jody Lopez
and “Rockstar” Ricky Thunder to come and join him.
Miyamoto mentioned that they have taken on all
challengers since winning the tag titles, even holding
the Mid-Atlantic tag belts for a short while. But, due
to Thunder’s injury, they have not been able to defend
the NWA Hawaii Tag-team belts for the last 2 months.
(Miyamoto extended the 30 day mandatory defense rule
to 60 days because of the injury). Miyamoto said that
he was sorry, but he had no choice but to strip Lopez
and Thunder of the titles.

Not happy about the decision, Lopez grabbed the mic
from Miyamoto, and addressed Thunder saying “because
of your little failed aerial stunt against Sickdog a
couple of months back, we have to give up these belts.
Not only is it taking a championship away from me,
it’s money out of my pocket.” Lopez gave the belt to
Miyamoto then shoved Thunder into the ropes then left
the ring.

Thunder took the mic and apologized to Lopez because
they were forced to give up the titles. He also
apologized to the fans, saying that because of
the injury, he couldn’t wrestle for and entertain the

At that point, Bushido X came out to the ring. BX said
that even though they don’t see eye to eye, he felt
sorry for Thunder. BX offered a handshake and
although Thunder hesitated, he shook BX’s hand. As
Thunder was attempting to leave the ring, BX kicked
him in the back of the head and started to beat
down on Thunder. Lopez came back out with a chair in
hand and chased Bushido out of the ring. Lopez picked
Thunder, looked at BX, then turned around and nailed
Thunder with the chair.Bushido re-entered the ring
with 2 pairs of handcuffs, and together cuffed
Thunder to the ropes outside the ring. Both took turns
hitting “Rockstar” with a chair for a few minutes
until J.T. Wolfen came out to make the
save. Needless to say, the 939 Connection is no more.

Match #3
Bushido X vs. Major Glory

Newcomer Major Glory made his NWA Hawaii debut, but
was no match for the “Culver City Bad Boy” as BX got
the pinfall with a Superkick to the jaw of the Major.

Winner: Bushido X

Match #4
J.T. Wolfen vs. “Hot Sauce” Jody Lopez

Lopez started out the match with stalling tactics,
staying outside the ring. After several 9 counts by
referee Scott Stryker, Lopez finally entered the
contest. Wolfen dominated most of the contest although
Lopez did manage to get the former North American
champion on the mat a couple of times. In
the end, Lopez stole the win by pinfall with his feet
on the ropes to hold Wolfen down.

Winner: “Hot Sauce” Jody Lopez

Match #5 NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship
Kapu [c] vs. Sickdog

Scheduled for 1 fall with a 30 min. time limit. Kapu
showed off his strength early in the contest, pushing
Sickdog down to the mat after a couple of collar and
elbow lock-ups. Sickdog regained his composure and
matched the champion move for move.

Kapu once again used his power to his advantage,
picking up Sickdog and power slamming him to the mat
and attempting the pin. Sickdog kicked out at 2!!!!
Kapu once again hoisted Sickdog up for another power
slam, but Sickdog slipped out the back and nailed the
Sickdog Drop!!!!

1…2…(ding-ding-ding)…3!!! The timekeeper informed
referee Scott Stryker that the time limit had expired.
The match was declared a draw.

It was discovered shortly after the match that the
bell rang at approximately the 20 min. mark, 10
minutes early. Bushido X had been seen around the
timekeepers desk a few minutes before the bell rang to
signify the end of the match. What will General
Manager Rich Miyamoto do to rectify this situation???

Winner: Time limit draw. Kapu retains NWA Hawaii
Heavyweight title.


Assault & Battery results
April 5, 2007
Victorville, CA

match 1 Kid Karnage vs. Ryan Taylor (I think)
winner: Kid Karnage

match 2 Antonio Mestre vs. Ironman Mike
winner: Ironman Mike

match 3 Shawn Bateman and Diablo W/ Lucy Fur vs.
Killer Tsunami
winner: Killer Tsunami

match 4 Ryan Mason vs. Johnny Paradise
winner: Johnny Paradise

match 5 Marcus Riot vs. TJ Perkins
winner: TJ Perkins

match 6 Young Bucks vs. Joey Ryan and Karl "The
Machine Guns" Anderson

winner: Joey Ryan and Karl "The Machine Guns" Anderson

NWA Pro/High Risk Wrestling presents...
"Victory in Victorville" on Cinco De Mayo!
May 5th 2007

Main Event 6 man Tag Team Match
Matt "Instant Replay" Jackson and Slick Nick Jackson
(The Young Bucks) and Steven Andrews vs Joey Ryan,
Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson and Sexy Sonny Samson

Bell time: 7 p.m
Doors open: 6 p.m

Victorville Activities Center
15075 Hesperia Rd, Victorville, 92395 - (760) 245-5551

Admission: $8 dollars adults, $6 dollars kids


NWA Shockwave News...Big TV taping announced for 4/28;
Titles to be defended 5/5

On April 28 NWA Shockwave Wrestling will partner with
NWA Pro East in Clifton, New Jersey to present the
NWA’s first national television taping on the East
coast at the Italian-American Family Association, 282
Parker Avenue.

In addition to the All-Star lineup already announced
by NWA Pro East, appearing at the big television
taping will be Shockwave main stays: Havoc (NWA
Shockwave Heavyweight Champion), the Devil’s Rejects
(Paul E Normus & Sinister X), Damian Dragon and
Crowbar among others.

The TV taping is the first event Shockwave is
participating in as a promoter following its
successful memorial show in January to honor its late
founder Billy Firehawk.

In addition to the April 28 show, NWA Shockwave
Heavyweight Champion Havoc and NWA Shockwave Internet
Champion Pappadon will defend their titles on May 5 at
the NWA Pro East - BWO co-promoted event in Lodi , New
Jersey at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 39 Washington
Street . Pappadon will square off against Josh Daniels,
while Havoc will face either Ryan Wing or Crowbar
(negotiations are still underway).

For more information on these two events call the NWA
Pro East Hotline at 201.370.8642.

Shockwave gets a new home

In a move that sent “shockwaves” across the Garden
State, it was announced that NWA Shockwave has signed
an exclusive contract with the American Legion Hall
Chapter 351, 1400 Bay Boulevard, in Seaside Heights,
to begin presenting shows down on the Jersey shore
this summer.

With the first three shows scheduled for June 30, July
28 and September 15 in an area that typically gets
saturated with tens of thousands of beachgoers
annually, NWA Shockwave is preparing for its inaugural
“Beach Blanket Bodyslam” event. Details of these
events are forthcoming.

"Our participation in the April 28 TV taping in
Clifton and the start of regular shows down on the
Jersey shore this summer marks an exciting time for
us," said Shockwave co-founder Daisy Wei-Hawkins. "We
are so pleased to be able to continue with my late
husband's dream of bringing quality pro wrestling to
the greatest fans in the world."

NWA Upstate Anniversary Anarchy III Run Down

NWA Upstate's Anniversary Anarchy III is upon us and
there have been changes galore to this star-studded
supercard of wrestling action. Despite all these
changes Upstate promises to deliver yet another night
of hard-hitting fun and excitement that fans have come
to expect from the #1 wrestling promotion in Upstate
New York and one of the best independents in the
country today. So barring any further changes, here is
your official preview for NWA Upstate's Anniversary
Anarchy III presented by Kayfabe Dojo Inc in sanction
with the National Wrestling Alliance this Saturday
April 7th, 2007 at the Minett Hall in Henrietta , New
York !

Main Event
WarGames Cage Match (First time EVER in Upstate AND
the Upstate Title is on the line)
"The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee, Cody Deaner, "Sweet 'n'
Sour" Larry Sweeney, & Cloudy vs. NWA Upstate Champion
Jimmy Olsen, NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech,
Colin Olsen, & 1/3 of the Six Man Champions Chip

The war between NWA Upstate World Heavyweight Champion
Jimmy Olsen and former champion and best friend "The
Right Stuff" Brodie Lee has escalated to new heights.
Olsen defeated Lee for the title back in December at
X-Mas Chaos 06'. Then it was Olsen and NWA Upstate No
Limits Champion Cheech who defeated Lee & Cloudy in
the main event at Upstate's last show, February
Fallout 07'. Their celebration was short-lived,
however, as Olsen and Cheech were attacked by Lee,
Cloudy, Sterling James Keenan, and "Sweet 'n' Sour
Larry Sweeney. An attack that was led and orchestrated
by NWA Upstate owner Hellcat until Colin Olsen and
Chip Stetson came out to make the save. Hellcat then
issued the challenge to Stetson for the War Games at
Anniversary Anarchy with Hellcat's hand-picked team
facing Stetson's team. Then a few weeks ago on the
Upstate website, Hellcat & Brodie Lee threw not one,
but TWO curveballs at Stetson's team.The first one
being that due to unforeseen circumstances, Sterling
James Keenan would NOT be in the match but taking his
place will be none other than Cody Deaner! Deaner was
able to pull out a victory over another participant in
the match Colin Olsen at the last show, February
Fallout 07', and it looks like that impressed Brodie
and Hellcat enough to be chosen as SJK’s replacement.
The second announcement being that the NWA Upstate
Title WILL in fact be on the line in this match! With
all of that in mind, here are the rules for the
WarGames match:

- 2 men, one from each team, will start the match.

-Every 3 minutes another member from either team will
be selected at random to enter – meaning it’s possible
for members from the same team to enter in a row.

-After all 8 men have entered the eliminations can

-Eliminations can happen by either pinfall,
submission, or like in the case of the original
WarGames a team can surrender.

-The match can only end when all members from a team
have been eliminated or if a team surrenders.

-The NWA Upstate title is on the line and if anyone is
able to eliminate Jimmy Olsen or get him to surrender
that person will be the new Upstate Champion

So there you have it, the rules for the main event
cage match and that’s not all. We have also received
word from the Brodie Lee camp that he himself will be
starting the match for his team, and he would like to
extend an invitation to Jimmy Olsen to do the same and
start for his team so they can fight an extra 3
minutes alone. So from the looks of it this one is
bound to get ugly quick. And with the gold at stake,
Brodie Lee wants his belt back but who's to say
Brodie's teammates won't go after it for themselves?
And let's not forget the ongoing issue between Cloudy
and Cheech. And what role will Hellcat play? The
Upstate owner has waited two months for this match and
at Upstate's biggest show of the year, there's no
doubt he'll do everything in his power to make sure
things go his way. Anarchy will definitely reign
supreme in what could possibly be the most brutal
match to date in Upstate's history.

TNA's Raven vs. The returning "Dangerous" Danny Doring

Danny Doring won the NWA Upstate Heavyweight Title
from ECW/ROH star HC Loc who was undefeated in NWA
Upstate. Doring defeated Loc in his debut match. Danny
Doring is a former ECW star of the old ECW and new
breed of ECW. He held gold in the old ECW as one half
of the ECW Tag Team Champions with his partner
Roadkill. The Danaconda is a former XPW star, a former
MCW tag and heavyweight champion Doring's signature
moves are the Bareback, G-Spot Sweep, and the Wham,
Bam, Thank You Ma'am. He'll be looking to hit Raven
with everything he's got on April 7th.

Raven is a former ECW Tag champion, ECW World
champion, WCW Tag champion, WCW US Champion, WWE
Hardcore champion, and NWA World champion. This man
has been everywhere and done everything. In today's
wrestling world, Raven has reemerged again under a
cloak of darkness, as he has been seen doling out
stiff punishment to TNA's newest faction Serotonin
(Kaz, Martyr, and Havok). He ends matches with his
version of a DDT called The Raven Effect. He'll be
looking to put out Danny Doring with this very move.

No Limits Title #1 Contender's Match
Delirious vs. Pepper Parks
Delirious, the man from the Edge of Insanity, has
competed for TNA multiple times, won tournaments for
ROH and IWC and has competed all over the world.
Pepper Parks burst on to the Upstate scene at February
Fallout 07 winning the six-way free-for-all match, but
has also made a name for himself in NWA Empire and is
a former HWA Heavyweight Champion. Upstate officials
have upped the ante and have made this a #1 contenders
match for the NWA Upstate No Limits Title currently
held by Cheech. With both of their originally
scheduled unable to compete due to scheduling
differences and conflicts, Ruckus and Sabian, it'll be
interesting to see how these two fare against each
other considering their contrast in styles and the
fact they'll have very little time to prepare for each

NWA Upstate Tag Team Title Match
The Roadies (c) (w/Nikki Jett) vs. The Outcast Killaz
To say that these two teams have a history would be an
understatement. The feud between The Roadies and The
Outcast Killaz goes back several years even before
hitting NWA Upstate. "I Can't Drive 55" Sammy Dunn and
Oman Tortuga had a long, bitter feud back in NMW (New
Millennium Wrestling) and has continued ever since. It
was at the very first Upstate show, A Brand New
Millennium, where the Roadies defeated The Killaz to
win the Upstate tag titles in a triple threat match.
Then, at last year's Contiuning The Tradition 06', The
Roadies won another triple threat match involving the
OCK and Up in Smoke, which qualified them for the 2006
Upstate 8 where they went to win the Upstate 8 Trophy
and win the Upstate tag titles. It's been almost 10
months since and the OCK are still seething over the
defeat and have been waiting for their chance to
avenge their loss and FINALLY gain the upper hand in
their feud with Dunn and Marcos and regain the Upstate
tag titles. Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortuga have held
tag team gold in seemingly every promotion they've
gone to and are former Upstate tag champs. "Diamond"
Dave and "I Can't Drive 55" Sammy have held the belts
for nearly eight months and despite their questionable
actions and arrrogant attitude, have taken on and
beaten all challengers for the titles. Every time
these two teams have faced each other they have torn
down the house, rebuilt it, and torn it down again.
You can expect that to happen once again at
Anniversary Anarchy III.

Triple X vs. Big Cat
The feud between two of Upstate's resident big men has
gotten personal. Before their match at February
Fallout, Triple X came out and berated the fans for
cheering for Big Cat even though he was the one who
put his body on the line and helped Upstate in their
war last to regain the Six Man Trophy from Team ESW.
Triple X then spotted Big Cat's mother in the crowd
and began to verbally insult her. This brought Big Cat
out and the fight was on. Their match ended in a
double-disqualification which didn't sit well with
both men or the fans in attendance, but this is only
the beginning. Upstate officials quickly ordered a
rematch between the two for Anniversary Anarchy III,
but with a special stipulation. What is the
stipulation? Who does it involve? No knows as of yet,
but one thing is certain. These two will stop at
nothing to gain the upper hand in this bitter and
personal war.

The Star Foundation (w/Star Rider) vs. "The Infamous"
Madden Fisher, SeXXXy Eddy, & Beef Wellington
2007 didn't start well for The Star Foundation to say
the least. Not only did Sterling James Keenan come out
on the losing end in his match against Steve Corino &
Ricky Landell, but "The Infamous" Madden Fisher
returned to Upstate and scored an impressive over Star
Foundation member "Fabulous" John McChesney. The
losses didn't sit well with Star Rider as he went to
Upstate officials to demand a match at Annniversary
Anarchy pitting his Star Foundation against Fisher and
two partners of his choosing. Exactly who Star Rider
will be bringing in to battle is unknown, but whoever
he decides will have their hands full against the
"Infamous" one and two of the top stars of CZW, SeXXXy
Eddy and Beef Wellington, who'll be looking to make an
impact in their Upstate debuts.

4 Corners Kayfabe Dojo Title Match
Mastiff (c) vs. Eric Everlast vs. JP Black vs. Van
The new Kayfabe Dojo Champion Mastiff is a marked man.
Mastiff won the title at February Fallout defeating
Eric Everlast with a crucifix after an arrogant pin
attempt by the champion. The former champion responded
by brutally assaulting Mastiff with a steel chair.
Everlast says that Mastiff got lucky and has promised
to finish the job he started at the last show and
regain the Kayfabe Dojo Title. Mastiff and Everlast,
however, should definitely have eyes in the back of
their heads for the other two men in this title match.
JP Black is a former Kayfabe Dojo Champion and he and
Everlast waged war for nearly seven months in Upstate,
which ended in Everlast defeating Black for the
Kayfabe Dojo Title in a lumberjack strap match. Black
is currently having issues The Roadies Head of
Security, Van Atlas. Atlas will be looking to add
singles gold to the tag gold The Roadies currently
hold and has also had issues in the past with
Everlast. The two were members of the Natural Born
Blondes, a team that at one time held the Six Man
Trophy, but constant losses and dissension forced the
team to split up. Ironically, it was Everlast who
defeated Atlas in the final Battle of The Blondes
match. So the past brings these four men together? But
will the future hold for the new champion? And can the
champion keep the strap despite the issues between the
three challengers? Or will he keep it because of their

Plus... The Showcase Showdown card starting at 6 PM
featuring The Dustytaker vs. Johnny Kayfabe, Spazz,
The Czar, Dewey, Evan McCloud, Sweet Lou, Derek
Duncum, Luis Whiteshoes, Maximo Suave, and many, many

ALL of this issues and combustible elements should
make for one EXPLOSIVE night of wrestling action that
should and cannot not be missed. Be there this
Saturday for NWA Upstate's Anniversary Anarchy III.


Saturday, April 21st, 2007
Hyde Creek Rec Centre
Port Coquitlam, BC
8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

Scotty Mac vs. MR2 vs. El Phantasmo

DK Roc vs. Memphis vs. Amazing Halo

Friday, April 27th, 2007
Squamish Recreation Centre
North Vancouver, BC
8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

Chill Town (champions) vs. Models Inc (challengers)
vs. El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo (challengers)

"Rocket" Randy Tyler (champion) vs.
Kurt Sterling (challenger)

Fast Freddy Funk (champion) vs.
Cole Bishop (challenger)

Nikki Matthews (champion) vs.
Veronika Vice (challenger)

Sid Sylum vs. Disco Fury

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Azeem "The Dream" Mohammed

"The Golden Lion" Gurv Sihra vs. "Brilliant" Billy

Saturday, April 28th, 2007
Comox Band Hall
Comox, BC
8 PM Belltime, Doors Open At 7:30 PM

Ice (champion) vs. Azeem "The Dream" Mohammed

Scotty Mac (champion) vs. Cremator (challenger)

Nikki Matthews (champion) vs. Veronika Vice

Sid Sylum vs. Kyle O'Reilly

El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo vs. Marty Sugar & Kid

"2010 Superstar" Seth Knight vs. Kaos

NWA Oregon / CPW website,

Saturday April 14, 2007
Belltime 8pm.

Benton County Fairgrounds
110 SW 53rd Street
Corvallis , OR

Limited Advance Tickets available for meet and greet
with former WWE Superstar, The Tonga Kid.

For First 2 Rows Only
$20 Advance Tickets for Meet & Greet
Includes Autograph 8x10 photo

$12 General Admission.

NWA South Atlantic

Sound Productions, Mullets Seafood Restaurant & NWA
South Atlantic Championship Wrestling


Spring Fling
Saturday April 21st
American Legion Post 19
2101 Lee Rd 7PM
Ocoee , FL

Hottest card of the year!!!! The Heat IS on!!

Grudge Match
Blade Walker VS Rouge

Tag Team Title Finals
Pretty Boy Lloyd/Bonez The Cutthroat
SWAT Patrol

Heavyweight Title Match
Bobby Bonecrusher VS Ricky Vega

X-Title Match
Simon Baine VS Crazyfist

Hair VS Job!! Texas Bullrope Match
Uncle Jed VS DJ Jeff

The Nighthawk VS John Stone

Also appearing
Commissioner Lee Douglas, Steve Michaels


Doors Open at 6:30 PM

Advance tickets available for details contact us @

OR CALL 407-484-9611

Card Subject to Change

Our Next Event: Summer Smash

Adult Admission Only $10. Child 5-11 Only $5 Ages 4
and under FREE

TNA Bookings
President, Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141
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