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SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Saturday, April 7th for Volumes 9 & 10 of the SHIMMER DVD series. Here's what went down...

ALLISON DANGER opened the show by informing the fans in attendance that JAZZ would unfortunately not be able to appear due to her mother being hospitalized the previous evening in Memphis. Ticket refunds were offered at the door. Jazz was very apologetic over the phone on Saturday morning about the situation, but we at SHIMMER understand that some things in life are more important than wrestling, and Jazz assured us that she will make it up to the fans of SHIMMER in the future.

An intro video was shown on the big screen, put together by Nykk of the SHIMMER Forums. The video can be viewed on the web at...

The first portion of the show featured matches taped for Volume 9 of the DVD series.

1. "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK def. RAIN of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" via submission with the Garden of Eden (triangle choke) in the opening contest.


3. "The Experience" LEXIE FYFE & MALIA HOSAKA def. ALLISON DANGER & CINDY ROGERS when Rogers turned on Danger, hitting her with a facebuster, which set The Experience up to hit their double team Gourdbuster on Allison for the pinfall. Post-match in the locker room, a very emotional Danger demanded a match against Rogers on Volume 10.

4. PORTIA PEREZ def. JOSIE after nailing her in the head with a chain behind the referee's back. Perez carried herself in a much more confident/cocky way than in the past during the match.

REBECCA BAYLESS contucted an in-ring interview with DAFFNEY, requesting that she inform us of her goals in SHIMMER. The Scream Queen revealed that while she may enter competition as a wrestler at some point in the future, for now she is going to focus on what she did from the beginning of her career, and that is manage. She said she would be scouting talent during the matches on Volume 9.

5. NIKKI ROXX def. TIANA RINGER with the Barbie Crusher. Post-match, REBECCA BAYLESS got comments from Roxx, who said her goal is to be in the main event in SHIMMER, and on the heels of a four DVD winning streak, she would like a match against the winner of Volume 9's main event on Volume 10.

6. DAIZEE HAZE def. AMBER O'NEAL with the Heart Punch/Yakuza Kick combo.

7. LACEY of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" def. SERENA DEEB with the Implant DDT after about 15 minutes of action.

8. AMAZING KONG def. MsCHIF with a spinning sitout powerbomb in a very physical match, which earned an enthusiastic standing ovation from the fans in attendance.

9. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. CHEERLEADER MELISSA in the main event of Volume 9 with the Royal Butterfly.

After intermission, matches were taped for Volume 10 of the DVD series.


11. RAIN of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" def. JOSIE & MALIA HOSAKA & ALEXA THATCHER in a Four Corner Survival match. After Thatcher absorbed Josie's second rope blockbuster, Hosaka broke up the pin attempt that followed and brawled to the floor with Josie, allowing Rain to follow up on Alexa with the Rain Drop (inverted DDT) to score the win.

12. "The Definition of Technician" CINDY ROGERS def. ALLISON DANGER with her feet on the ropes for extra leverage. This was an intense bout, coming on the heels of their split on Volume 9. The match included quite a bit of brawling on the floor, with use of the guardrails and the steel ring steps.

13. MsCHIF def. AMBER O'NEAL with the Desecrator. MsChif revealed a green and black clad DAFFNEY as her new manager, as both women took turns screaming in the ears of Amber O'Neal in stereo early in the match!

14. SERENA DEEB def. LEXIE FYFE with a rollup counter to the Attitude Adjuster.

15. TIANA RINGER def. "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK with the South Palm Beach Driver in a match that featured lots of brutal kicks, and a great deal of crowd interaction with Tiana.

16. CHEERLEADER MELISSA def. LACEY of the "Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" with the Air Raid Crash.

17. AMAZING KONG def. DAIZEE HAZE in a thrilling game of cat and mouse, after Kong hit The Haze with the Amazing Press to finish her off. Daizee was able to land the Heart Punch as well as the Yakuza Kick on Kong, but was unable to pull of the victory with it due to the size difference involved. Daizee put up one hell of a fight during the course of the match, trying to use her speed and energy to overcome Kong's power.

18. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. NIKKI ROXX in the main event of Volume 10 with the Royal Butterfly in roughly 20 minutes.

We'd like to thank the fans who attended the event in person for the first ever sellout SHIMMER taping! A standing room only crowd witnessed Volumes 9 & 10, and we unfortunately had to turn some late arrivals away at the door due to space restrictions. We appreciate your support!

Post your thoughts in the Official 4/7 Results Thread at the SHIMMER Forums...

Though Mary-Kate Grosso was unable to attend the taping to shoot ringside photos, veteran Chicago photographer Buddy Lamantia shot ringside the entire night, and we'll have his action photos up on the web shortly. Additionally, both Jill McKee and Gilda Pasquil were busy throughout the taping taking posed photos in the locker room. We should have their work online soon as well.

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club on Friday & Saturday, June 1st & 2nd for the two night, 16 woman, single elimination tournament to crown the SHIMMER Champion. Front row reserved ringside seats went on sale Saturday at the show, but we do still have roughly 30 front row ticket packages remaining. They will be made available to purchase online at at 7am Central time on Monday morning, April 9th. General admission ticket packages will go on sale during the coming weeks.
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