Saturday, April 7, 2007

Richards Denies Snorting Dad, Metallica: Baby Name? Outlaw Billy Joe, Rap death, Kiss passing, Fall Out Delay, tons more

By Art Shimko

-- A day after telling music magazine NME that he snorted his father's ashes with some blow, Keith Richards denied the story saying it was just a joke. Years ago when asked about his rumored blood transfusion in 1973, Richards "admitted" it happened only later to confess, "I was just fooling around," he admitted, years later. "I was fucking sick of answering that question." Richards enjoys messing with the press but sometimes forgets how he's percieved by the public and press (you know, the partying and such).

-- Michael and Karolina Tomaro are in court with the Swedish National Tax Board who refuse to accept the couple's application to name their six-month-old daughter Metallica (no that's not a typo). "It suits her," Karolina Tomaro, 27, said Tuesday of the name. "She's decisive and she knows what she wants." Besides the name being associated with the rock group and the word metal, Swedish authorites ruled the name as being ugly. The County Administrative Court in Goteborg ruled in favor of the couple stating that there wasn't a reason to block the use of the name and noted that there was a woman living in Sweden with Metallica for a middle name. The tax board took the case to a higher court thus making travel plans for the family difficult as they can't get a passport for the baby without an approved name.

-- Billy B. Coker, who according to authorities was shot and wounded by country singer Billy Joe Shaver, says the attack was unprovoked and at least by one witness account Shaver followed Coker out of Papa Joe's Texas Saloon in Lorena, TX last Saturday night and asked Coker "Where do you want it?" before Shaver shot him in the face. Joseph A. Turner, Shaver's attorney, says it happened otherwise as Coker was being aggressive, had a knife and followed Shaver outside the Saloon although witness statements don't say so. Shaver surrendered last Tuesday and posted $50,000 bail, he was charged with charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawfully carrying a handgun on the premises of a business with a license to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption.

-- A member of the Mexican rap group Cartel de Santa was shot and killed last weekend by accident when lead singer Eduardo Davalos de Luna shot at the group's driver, Juan Miguel Chavez. Davalos de Luna shot at Chavez injuring his leg and another shot ricocheted off the floor killing band member Ulises Nayit Buenrostro.

-- Former Kiss guitarist Mark St. John (Mark Norton) died of a brain hemorrhage earlier this week at age 51. Mark St. John replaced guitarist Vinnie Vincent in 1984, shortly thereafter he developed a form of arthritis called Reiters Syndrome. Bruce Kulick came in to cover for St. John on the Animalize tour and as the condition worsened St. John left Kiss in December 1985. St. John later formed the band White Tiger and also recorded a solo album as well as a demo with former Kiss drummer Peter Criss.

-- Due to "personal issues" Fall Out Boy announced Friday that the first few weeks of the Honda Civic Tour will be delayed with the tour beginning on 5/11 at Denver's Coors Amphitheater. According to bassist Pete Wentz the band "just wanted to give everyone a heads up, we are planning on this being the biggest and best Fall Out Boy show that we could possibly have. Unfortunately, because of some personal issues we had to delay the tour a few weeks. We want to put on the best possible show we can and know that this extra couple of weeks will give us the time to put ourselves in the right place to put on the best show we can. The shows from the earlier part of the tour will be rescheduled to the end but all tickets will be honored for all moved shows. Again we apologize. Our fans really mean the world to us and I promise the wait will be well worth it." Only the Sacramento show was canceled, tickets for that show can either be refunded or exchanged for the 6/30 Concord show.

-- The second annual VH1 Rock Honors premieres on VH1 5/24 at 9PM. Hosted by Bam Margera, honorees include Genesis, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne and ZZ Top with Nickelback, Gretchen Wilson and Keane performing live alongside the honored artists.

-- Clear Channel has sold the following stations (52 total) to Dallas-based Gap Broadcasting: KEAN-FM, KEYJ-FM, KFGL-FM, KLSI-AM, KULL-FM and KYYW-AM/Abilene, Texas; KATP-FM, KIXZ-AM, KMML-FM, KMXJ-FM and KPRF-FM/Amarillo, Texas; KFMX-FM, KFYO-AM, KKAM-AM, KKCL-FM, KQBR-FM and KZII-FM/Lubbock, Texas; KAFX-FM, KSFA-AM, KTBQ-FM and KYKS-FM/Lufkin, Texas; KCHX-FM, KCRS-AM & FM, KFZX-FM and KMRK-FM/Midland, Texas; KKYR-FM, KMJI-FM, KOSY-AM, KPWW-FM and KYGL-FM/Texarkana, Texas; KBGE-AM, KISX-FM, KKTX-FM, KNUE-FM and KTYL-FM/Tyler, Texas; KIXS-FM, KLUB-FM and KQVT-FM/Victoria, Texas; KBZS-FM, KNIN-FM and KWFX-AM & FM/Wichita Falls, Texas; KLAW-FM, KVRW-FM and KZCD-FM/Lawton, Oklahoma; KEEL-AM, KRUF-FM, KTUX-FM, KVKI-FM, KWKH-AM and KXKS-FM/Shreveport, Louisiana.

-- "The Lost Tracks of Danzig" will be released on 5/29 with the following track list:
Disc one:
"Pain Is Like an Animal"
"When Death Had No Name"
"Angel of the Seventh Dawn"
"You Should be Dying"
"Cold, Cold Rain"
"Buick McKane"
"When Death Had No Name"
"Satan's Crucifiction"
"The Mandrake's Cry"
"White Devil Rise"
"Come to Silver (acoustic)"

Disc two:
"Lick the Blood Off My Hands"
"Crawl Across Your Killing Floor"
"I Know Your Lie"
"Caught in My Eye"
"Cat People"
"Bound by Blood"
"Who Claims the Soulless"
"Soul Eater"
"Dying Seraph"
"Lady Lucifera"
"Under Belly of the Beast"
"Unspeakable Shango Mix"

-- Partial line-up for Seattle's Bumbershoot festival on 9/1-9/3: The Shins, Wu-Tang Clan, Panic! At The Disco, Crowded House, Lupe Fiasco, Steve Earle, DeVotchKa, Devendra Banhart, Gogol Bordello, Kill Hannah, Norma Jean, Plain White T's, The Gourds, Lyrics Born, Roky Erickson & The Explosives, The Holmes Brothers, The Avett Brothers, Yungchen Lhamo, Allison Moorer, Magnolia Electric Company, The Aggrolites and many, many more to be announced! For ticket info click here.

-- A documentary titled One Nine Nine Four looks at the punk revival of the '90s and interviews bands like Green Day, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Rancid, NOFX, and Blink-182. The film, made by Australia's Robot Academy Films, is due out in film festivals next year.

-- The Foo Fighters have re-signed a new long-term recording deal with RCA Records.

-- Whitney Houston gets child custody

-- Anti-Gay Slurs Put Radio Hosts In Dog House

-- Jackson May Sue To Stop Memorabilia Sale

-- Lennon piano to be displayed in Memphis
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