Thursday, April 12, 2007

Funk's Corner - Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory and a "Hunk of Burning Love."

Funk's Corner - Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory and a "Hunk of Burning Love."

At the Funking Conservatory we are Equal Opportunity and Coed. We are proud of the accomplishments of our wrestlers, the tough Guys and Ladies.

From our opening training camp in 1999 in which Amy Dumas (Lita in WWE) set the standard for women in the Funking Conservatory with a victory in our Inter-gender 15 person battle royal to Mickie James who won a victory for her team on last weeks Raw to "The Claw" Claudia Reiff who was our Women's Champion for the past two years and is one of the best referees in wrestling, women in the Funking Conservatory have excelled and have earned their way through outstanding performance.

In fact !BANG! TV's whole production team are Ladies who can hang tough.

Now at the Funking Conservatory we have two women wrestlers who are creating excitement, interest and controversy on !BANG! TV in the "Pop Tarts", Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly. The Pop Tarts with their clashes with The Claw have been some of the most popular videos on !BANG! TV.

The "Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory" section of our website at features a slide show review of our most beautiful ladies, The match of the Pop Tarts winning the Tag Team Championship, The "Mother of All Catfights" and a special blast from the past of Lita winning a 15 person Inter-gender Battle Royal in the first !BANG! TV show produced in 1999.

Father James Mitchell comes to !BANG! TV's Support the Troops 15, "Power of Pain Sunday April 29th to second Kory Chavis in his challenge to Johnny Magnum who will be seconded by Dory Funk Jr. for the Funking Conservatory World Championship.

The Pop Tarts will face The Claw in a Three Way Match for the Women's Championship now held by Lady Kimberly.

Blain Rage will face Shane Chung in a Texas Death Match. Flyin' Ryan Matthews with Little Miss Sandii Sunshine will be there and !BANG! TV will be introducing "Hunk of Burning Love," Elvis Sharp.

Dory Funk Jr., Coach of the Funking Conservatory -

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