Monday, April 30, 2007 Courtney Plans to Sell Kurt's Stuff article

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Thirteen years after Kurt Cobain's death, Courtney Love is making a commitment to move on, by selling her late husband's belongings.

"I'm going to have a Christie's auction," she tells Spinner. "[My house] is like a mausoleum. My daughter [14-year-old Frances Bean] doesn't need to inherit a giant hefty bag full of flannel f***ing shirts ... A sweater, a guitar and the lyrics to 'Teen Spirit' -- that's what my daughter gets. And the rest of it we'll just f***ing sell."

Love says her friends are supportive of the idea. "Everyone's been positive and behind me on it," she says. "We'll make a lot of money and give a bunch of it to charity."

On Love's upcoming confessional album, 'Nobody's Daughter,' she opens the Pandora's box that is her past relationships, which include rockers Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan, and actor Edward Norton. While some in the media have speculated that the entire album was inspired by a recent unnamed paramour, Love says that's not the case. "There are two songs that are specifically about this guy; the rest of them have bits of Kurt, bits of Edward, bits of lots of people in them."

'Sunset Marquis' -- a song that rises from an acoustic intro into a pop/rocker with a Zeppelin-esque tinge, then culminates in vintage Love emotion as she screams, "You're the dance of my despair" -- is based on multiple experiences at the hotel of the same name, including some with Cobain. "Me and Kurt stayed at the Sunset Marquis a lot," she says.

Love says Cobain's impact on her is still considerable. "I still wear his pajamas to bed," she says. "How am I ever going to go form another relationship in my lifetime wearing Kurt's pajamas?"

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