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5/19 NWA Anarchy Report


With the biggest show in the history of the promotion, Hostile Environment ’07, set to take place at the 2100 seat Gainesville Mountain Center in five weeks, NWA Anarchy taped two hours of television at the NWA Arena in front of barely 100 people.

It’s historically a tough time of year to draw in North Georgia for variety of reasons –the gorgeous weather, school stuff, Spring festivals – take your pick. The Anarchy TV tapings have been hovering around 100 since March. For comparison, Anarchy was averaging close to 150 during the same period in 2006.

How the seasonal attendance pattern translates to the unknown territory of running the summer big show at the Mountain Center is anybody’s guess. Nobody is expecting full house, nor is one needed for the show to be a financial success. NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer clearly loves a challenge, and he’s twice succeeded in filling a building in Helen with 500, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he could beat than in Gainesville.

But getting back to the matter at hand, this taping was packed with material.. The booking appears to be right on track to peak the key programs for Hostile Environment, several members of the roster are showing noticeable improvement in the ring, and two relative newcomers have earned elevations to higher profile positions.

(1) Jeremy Vain beat Todd Sexton to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 7:45. Early on, Sexton appeared to have an answer for everything in Vain’s playbook. Sexton hit a Thesz press and went right to a cross armbreaker, with fans calling for the tap out. Sexton ate a boot charging in, and Vain took over with a middle rope lariat. Vain was able to cut off Sexton’s comebacks. Vain started taunting. Sexton made him pay with a fiery flurry of forearms and knees, building to a big flying boot for a near fall. Vain hit a wheelbarrow suplex for near fall and said it was over. That was the kiss of death. Moments later, Sexton locked in the Anaconda Vise. Salvatore Rinauro ran out and blatantly raked Sexton’s eyes to break the hold. Why ref Brent Wiley didn’t call for the DQ is one of those pro wrestling lapses of logic you just learn to overlook. Rinauro led Sexton on a merry chase around the ring and back to the inside, where Vain caught Sexton with a DDT to score the pinfall.

Ring announcer Eddie Rich threw it backstage where Greg Hunter was with the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, Chad Parham. Hunter confronted Parham about giving Ace Rockwell three piledrivers including one on the ringsteps. Parham said Rockwell was history as a title contender, and he was focusing on NWA World Heavyweight Title because he was the first guy chosen to be in the tournament to determine the champion. Hayden Young showed up and told Parham to quit looking at the world title because had a contender standing in front of him. “The sign outside says professional wrestling, not welcome to the circus. You’re a sideshow, my friend, and I’m the main attraction,” said Parham.

(2) Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins beat Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) via DQ in 8:52. Somewhat of a babyface pop for Delay and Hawkins. Delay came out carrying a chair. Hmm…Hawkins and Delay controlled Matthews with a headlock. At one point, Alexander slipped off the ropes on a springboard move and fell into the ring. Hawkins is one of the guys showing improvement, and he demonstrated it here with some quick thinking by covering Alexander for a two count. Then, as Hawkins was going for a slingshot maneuver from the apron, Alexander pulled him down to the floor and kicked his ass. The highlight of the heat was a combo sandwich (a Matthews slingshot senton with Hawkins stretched out across Alexander’s knees). Hawkins did his springboard back elbow to get the hot tag. The Brunettes traded eye rakes with Delay. Hawkins spoiled the Brunettes’ finisher. With referee Harold James distracted by the brawl between Matthews and Hawkins, Delay tossed the chair to Alexander and went down like he had been shot. James saw Alexander with the chair and called for the DQ. The Brunettes’ protests fell on deaf ears. Hawkins dragged Delay to the back, but Delay started laughing when the ref wasn’t looking.

Hunter was backstage with Anger Inc. and Brodie Chase and Brandon Phoenix. Adam Roberts said the two teams were getting in each other’s way and going nowhere, so he suggested forming an alliance. Chase agreed that the four of them together could rule. Now what could the four of them be called? Roberts suggested “the Anger Alliance.” Chase said he liked it and noted the “Double A.”

(3) The Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat Derrick Driver & Steven Walters & Jeff Jameson & Billy Buck in 12:18. Standard tag match structure with each babyface getting a brief chance to shine before AA took over. Driver is athletically talented, and deserves a better fate than being slotted as a job guy. Walters did a nice single arm DDT counter out of Matthews’ wheelbarrow. The standout on the heel side was Matthews, who looked much better than he has in any of his previous Anarchy appearances. Chase hooked the ropes and kicked Buck in the face. Then the rest of AA dropped Buck’s body across the rail. AA beat up on the powder blue cowboy. Matthews destroyed Buck with stiff strikes. Buck was showing all the fight of a lump of clay until he mustered up a flying lariat. AA attacked the gibronis. Inside the ring, Matthews gave Buck a modified snake eyes and decapitated him with the Clothesline from Hell.

(4) Chad Parham beat Hayden Young to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 8:45. Gets my vote for best match of the night. Parham was thingyy as hell doing arm drags and nip ups. He slapped Young across the face. Young did the A. J. Styles dropkick sequence and pregnant dog slapped Parham. Young exploded into a jumping huracanrana. But Parham turned Young’s up and over move into a rude bump off the apron. Parham rammed Young’s back into the barricade. Parham went to work on Young’s neck. Nice job of selling by Young. The crowd got behind him. Young responded with a flying headscissors attempt, but Parham planted him on his face. Parham did a 15 second stalling suplex for a near fall. Parham tried to drag Young out of the corner, but Young used the ropes to boost himself to standing position and hit a spinning enzuigiri. Sweet. Both men down. They came up trading blows. Young made the comeback – standing dropkick, back body drop, jumping legdrop for a two count. Young hit the Flying Squirrel, but Parham got a foot over the ropes. Young hit an insane barrel roll dive to north side, where there are only a few feet between the ring and the barricade. Young tried a springboard move back to the inside, but Parham shoved ref Brent Wiley into the ropes to upend him. Parham went right to his devastating jumping piledriver for the 1-2-3. Parham stood with one foot on Young while Wiley strapped the title belt around his waist.

A totally respectable hour overall capped off by with excellent main event.

(5) Truitt Fields defeated Salvatore Rinauro in 11:17. Driving back from our Beach Blanket Bingo Blast vacation, I was pondering who might be the next big star to come out of the Georgia scene. Then, I saw this match. Fields has future babyface heavyweight champion written all over him. The physique was already major league, but he’s got fire to burn now and the crowd is behind him. Rinauro was no match for Fields’ power, so he cause distraction and used a dropkick to the knee. Fields roared back with an impressive display of power and agility. Fields did a gorilla press and dropped Rinauro on his face, and the crowd popped for it. Verging on desperation, Rinauro posted Fields’ shoulder and smothered him with the ring apron. Fields fired back with punches, which need work as they reminded me of Cena. Rinauro put pressure on the neck with a surfboard. Rinauro deposited Fields’ crotch on the top rope, and Fields went cross-eyed. Fields kept Rinauro busy snuffing out his comebacks. Rinauro went for a front guillotine, but was having trouble getting it fully applied. Sexton came to ringside and told Rinauro he needed to cinch it in. Rinauro had words with Sexton. Fields rolled Rinauro up for a near fall. Rinauro dropkicked Fields in the back of the head and resumed his verbal battle with Sexton. Fields capitalized with a top rope shoulder block for the 1-2-3.

Postmatch saw Rinauro put Fields in the guillotine. Sexton then started pummeling Rinauro. Vain jumped Sexton. Fields jumped on Vain, while Sexton beat on Rinauro until the heels bailed out. Good stuff. Sets up some interesting possibilities for the future.

(6) Slim J beat Patrick Bentley in 11:57 to even their best of five series at 1-1. This part of the Bentley story is working tons better than chapter with Delay and Hawkins. I’ve never seen an Anarchy crowd so hot for pure chain wrestling, and that’s all they were doing for the opening minutes. Jo dominated the match. He used a shoulder lock to set up a cross armbreaker. J then shifted his tactics to strikes and high impact moves. At 6 minutes, Bentley came back with a running knee for a near fall. J hit his double stomp/elbow drop for near fall. J applied an innovative cutthroat headscisssors submission. Bentley got another brief comeback, before J started stretching him bigtime. J went high risk, and it didn’t get the reward, as Bentley caught him in midair with roundhouse kick. Bentley used the Putski Polish hammers. This time, it was J catching Bentley on the top and hitting a superplex turned powerslam for a near fall. But Bentley countered J’s aerial maneuver with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. They went back and forth, each blocking the other guy’s finisher until J got the pin with a variation of a folding press.

J asked Bentley if he was sure he wanted to do the best of five. Bentley didn’t say anything, but whatever he did, J said he would take it as a yes and told Bentley to get out of the ring so he could celebrate.

This is only going to get better. I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s going to end up 2-2 with the deciding match to take place at Hostile Environment.

Urban Assault Squad and NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer entered the ring to address the heinous actions of Justice Served. They got the biggest pop of the night as usual. Jackson had a huge patch over his eye and was wearing sunglasses. Palmer described the thing between Justice Served and UAS as a game of one-upmanship that had spun out of control when Al Getz tried to blind Jackson. Nemesis started channeling New Jack here. He said UAS tried to work with Jason Justice and company but they ultimately “butt f-ed us.” Nemesis went off on the ringside camera man because he wanted him up on the ring apron to get a close up of what he was going to say. Nemesis said, “Get your fat ass up here, “and started to haul the poor guy up onto the ring apron. Cooler heads prevailed, as production guy Kevin Marx helped get the camera man positioned. Nemesis said black people have wanted something for 400 years, and he wanted Justice’s ass. Jackson said he saw the mistake they had made by following the rules and not cutting off fingers or breaking backs. Jackson said the difference was (with the people behind them) UAS was a team and a family, and nobody could stop them. Huge pop for that line. Palmer said nobody had heard from Jason Justice, but he, Palmer, had talked with him. Al Getz appeared on the big screen. Getz said Palmer had been outwitted once again. He said Palmer was feeding UAS lies to give them hope. “Master of Mind Games” Getz said he knew Palmer was baiting Justice Served into coming out there, but it wasn’t going to happen, because he called the shots and the confrontation would take place under “our rules.” Nemesis had the last word. “Have you ever played a mind game with two mean ass black persons?”
(7) Jeff Lewis beat Shaun Tempers (with “The Reverend” Dan Wilson) via DQ at 7:39 when Azrael interfered. Bailey was conspicuous by his absence. The blonde hair and goatee sure give Lewis a different look, like Luke Graham minus the twitch and the decadence. I’ve been neglecting to mention how much Tempers has picked up his game for far too long. He’s been having consistently good matches, and this was no exception. Lewis jumped out on top. He started throwing his weight around. Tempers went to the gutter, but Lewis hit an overhead suplex for a big near fall. The momentum shifter was Wilson’s Staff of Righteousness. Tempers got near falls with a powerslam and a hangman neckbreaker. But Lewis came back with a slingshot suplex, which brought Azrael to ringside. Lewis fought off Azrael, and backdropped Tempers over the top. Tempers took a wicked shot to the small of the back from the ring apron. Lewis followed with as vaguely shocking dive onto Azrael and Tempers. Inside the ring, Lewis hit the Final Curtain and Azrael kicked him in the head for the DQ.

The Rejects started to go to town on Lewis, but the NWA Elite’s monster, Abomination gave killer tree slams to the both of them. Wilson brought Dominous out. Wilson called Abomination “a big retard.” The big retard did a Frankenstein walk towards the Rejects, and their was a ruckus backstage like he was running them out of the building.

(8) Phil Shatter pinned Iceberg with a powerbomb in 8:03. Shatter was able to stand toe-to-toe with the “Inconceivable Being of Horror.” Credit to both guys for getting that point across. strong. Shatter told Iceberg “there’s no fear in these eyes.” Wilson made his way back to ringside. Iceberg cheated on the break, but Shatter staggered Berg with a lariat, and a second helping took him clean off his feet. Wilson used the staff, but Shatter shrugged it off and grabbed him. But Iceberg seized the opening to pound Shatter. Wilson used the staff behind the ref’s back. Iceberg offense was, to say the least, devastating. He thwarted Shatter’s comeback and hit a killer of a gordbuster. The next thing you know, Abomination and Dominous are slugging it out at ringside. Dominous accidentally clocked Wilson. Abomination started clubbing the s*** out of Dominous. Iceberg was up on the ropes poised to crush Shatter. At this point, Bailey ran in and threw powder in Iceberg’s face to set up an amazing finisher.

Wilson was still out, so Iceberg had to grab him by the feet and drug his sorry ass to the back, while Bailey stood in the ring, laughing his greasy ass off. Bailey invited Lewis to join them, and hour number two closed with the visual of Bailey’s new and improved NWA Elite, Lewis & Abomination & Shatter.

The second half had more good stuff than they can fit in a one hour television show.

NOTES: NWA Anarchy returns to Cornelia on 6/2 with Bentley vs J match #3, Brunettes vs. Delay & Hawkins and the return of Luke Hawx and Steve Anthony…Tickets for Hostile Environment ’07 go on sale Monday 5/23 at the Gainesville Mountain Center with tickets priced from $15-25. The show will be headlined by the War Games…The 5/18 Georgia Wrestling Promotions show in Ellijay was canceled because there was no ring. They waited until 10pm for the ring truck to show before canceling. Fans were offered a choice between a refund and tickets to the next two shows (5/27 at Waleska Ball Field and 6/1 in Ellijay)…Results from the 5/18 APW show in Royston included Matthews over Jackson in a cage match (that task should have been made easier with Jackson blind in one eye), Rinauro beat Chris King in a Southern States title defense, and Shatter said he was the cause of Fields not being there…Nobody around the state seems to be drawing well at the present time with one notable exception. APW, GWP and AWA World-1 South in Savannah all drew less than 80 this weekend and Anarchy barely cracked 100. However, the All-Star Champion Wrestling show on 5/15 in Carrolton drew a crowd 500 to see legends including Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, Tommy Rich, Doug Somers, Nightmare and Masked Superstar.

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Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

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NWA Anarchy
Episode 63
May 14, 2007

- Congratulations to Damien Wayne & Phil Brown for making the Heat tapings. Preston Quinn (wrestled once in Wildside) & Pharaoh match was changed and didn't receive a match.

- We begin this week’s episode of NWA Anarchy with a replay of the heinous attack on Patrick Bentley by Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins. Also, Bill Behrens sanctioned an Anarchy Rules match for Hardcore Hell between the Devil’s Rejects and the NWA Elite.

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.
ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.
What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- Greg Hunter and John Johnson recap the two matches announced for the 11th Annual Hardcore Hell: Jeremy Vain vs. Slim J vs. NWA Anarchy TV Champion Ace Rockwell vs. NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham in a double jeopardy match, and The Devil’s Rejects vs. NWA Elite in an Anarchy Rules match. Neither team can touch or confront each other until Hardcore Hell. If anyone does, Behrens will say “goodbye” to the Weakest Link™. This week Hayden Young & Austin Creed take on NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions Justice Served with “Mr. Representation” Al Getz, and Slim J vs. Jeremy Vain.

1. Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) vs. Derrick Driver & Steven Walters
THE MATCH: The Brunettes are a fun knockoff of the Hollywood Blondes, Steve Austin & Brian Pillman. The Blondes were a great tag team, but were split up after tagging for about 9 months. Driver catches Alexander running to the corner with an odd looking back elbow. Walters wheelbarrows Matthews and he takes Alexander down with a spinning head scissors. The Brunettes take over when Matthews pulls the top rope down and causes Driver to miss it on a springboard attempt. After commercial, Alexander tosses Driver to the floor so that Matthews can chop him. Back in the ring, the Brunettes use a double team slingshot legdrop on Driver for a two count. They use more double team maneuvers to get heat on Driver. Driver fights back with a clothesline on Matthews. Walters receives the hot tag and goes Buck Wild on the Brunettes. Matthews shoves Walters off the top turnbuckle to the floor. They finish off Driver with a top rope double stomp into a chestblower. Beautiful.
WINNERS: The Hollywood Brunettes.
COMMENTS: This was a match that allowed the Brunettes to showcase their teamwork. There was an odd spot early on when Walters back elbowed Matthews, but everything else was good. Driver & Walters are good talents. Hopefully, Brunettes can live up to their billing.

- The NWA Anarchy Angel Mary interviews NWA Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer. Palmer reflects upon the two matches signed for Hardcore Hell until he is rudely interrupted by Adam Roberts. Roberts is extremely annoyed that Palmer crossed his name out because his partner Jason Blackman is not in the building. Then all of a sudden, a wrestler in a rebel doorag enters and asks about his match. This infuriates Roberts and he begins to argue with the individual (Don Matthews.)

2. “Merciless” Don Matthews vs. “the Windbreaker” Windwalker
THE MATCH: Roberts and Matthews continue to argue until Windwalker rolls up the debuting Matthews for a two count. Matthews catches Windwalker bouncing off the ropes with a wicked clothesline. Matthews wins after a back splash and the VFK (leaping Yakuza kick to the gut.)
POSTMATCH: After commercial, Roberts confronts Matthews about not having a tag partner. Matthews reluctantly accepts Roberts as his partner against Truitt Fields & Phil Shatter. The problem is Brody Ray Chase & Brandon Phoenix has a match with the Marines. Brody promises to show everyone who is boss unless Roberts & Matthews leave. Well, that the cue for both heel teams to launch an unmerciful attack upon our heroes. The Welcoming Committee heads out to stop the carnage. Johnson’s ride is here and must leave. Sigh. What will we do without our color commentator?
WINNER: Don Matthews in a quick squash.
COMMENTS: There’s nothing more fun that watching two heel tag teams arguing and then uniting to destroy a face tag team. This seems interesting enough, so let’s see where there is takes us.

- We’re supposed to have a NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title match, but the Brunettes launch of vicious attack on Austin Creed & Hayden Young. Johnson has fired Fernando because he hasn’t arrived yet. The Brunettes destroy Creed with the top rope double stomp into a lungblower while Young’s arm devours a somersault senton from an electric chair position. They sandwich Young’s arm in a chair and Alexander smashes it with another chair. Johnson rejoices in the fact that Young will not be able to sign any paychecks in the near future. The referees, trainees and security head out to carry young to the back. It looks like we won’t have a NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title match tonight. This was a great segment that set up for a future feud.

- Justice Served and “Mr. Representation” Al Getz heads out to the ring. Before he can bless the NWA Arena with his presence, the fans interrupt him by chanting something. Getz commands the referee to countout the challengers after they were attacked. The referee administers the 10 count, but the Urban Assault Squad has other ideas. UAS connects with a spinebuster on Justice and say they are tag champions. Jerry Palmer calls for Mary to give him the belts, but Al Getz snatches them. Getz argues with the referee as the crowd chants “UAS.” Eddie Rich announces that the Urban Assault Squad is still the tag champion because the referee never called for the bell to signal for the match to start. Getz calls Palmer a loser and himself a winner. What a schmuck Getz is.

3. Jeremy Vain vs. Slim J
THE MATCH: How else would start a match between two mortal enemies than by a slugfest? NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Chad Parham joins us on commentary to add his expert opinions on both competitors. Vain retreats, but Slim wipes him out with a tope con giro, the correct name for the move. In Japan, the announcers accidentally mispronounced giro as hilo. Hence, we call the move in English as tope con hilo when it is actually a tope con giro. Or so that is how the story goes. Ace Rockwell predicts he will hold two championships after Hardcore Hell. Vain shoves Slim, so Slim steals him in the face. Vain retreats and slides back into another punch. Vain slides back to the floor and Slim cuts him off on the apron. Parham claims that Rockwell’s claim to fame is beating Jimmy Rave. Rockwell counters that it took Parham 45 minutes to get the job done while it took him only 15. Parham takes exception and instructs Rockwell to shut up. Parham calls for the referee to ring the bell after Slim lays down multiple punches on Vain. Hunter asks Rockwell about Parham. Rockwell admits Parham is great, but he can be beat on any night. Rockwell tells him that Parham should look at the man on the right. Parham commands Rockwell to shut up so he can observe two of his upcoming opponents. Slim takes Vain over with a nice butterfly suplex for a two count. Parham asks what is Slim doing, but Hunter doesn’t have a real name for it. Rockwell calls Parham crap as Vain gouges Slim’s eyes and follows up with a suplex for a two count. Rockwell brags about being a one time champion because he never lost his title like Parham did. Vain continues to dominate Slim. Parham reminds everyone that he has main evented in four Hardcore Hell events and won all four while the other three challengers haven’t. Boy, does Parham exude thingyiness or what? After commercial, Hunter continues to egg Parham by calling Rockwell the best wrestler on television. Parham makes excuses when he was pinned by Rockwell. Vain slaps on a sleeper, but Slim takes the easy way out by reaching the ropes. Parham admits he’s not smart, but he is the best wrestler today. Vain whips Slim to the ropes, but they clothesline each other. Slim lands on top for a two count. They struggle to their feet and duke it out. Slim begins a comeback. He rallies the crowd, heads to the top turnbuckle and takes Vain down with an inverted DDT for a two count. Parham says he would have dropkicked Slim’s teeth out if he had tried that on him. Vain uses the ropes for leverage, but can’t get the pinfall. Slim trips up and double stomps Vain for a two count. Slim slaps on the Roach Clip. Parham refers to Vain, “Show some ring awareness, you moron.” Vain shows ring awareness by grabbing the ropes. Parham asks what move caused Slim to lose the Anarchy Title. Hunter answers correctly, the cradle piledriver. Parham continues to brag by saying he stays off the top rope as Vain trips up Slim. Vain executes a backwards powerdrop for a two count. Parham and Rockwell argue about hooking legs. Slim surprises Vain with a rollup for the win.
POSTMATCH: Vain launches a vicious attack on Slim. Rockwell leaves the announcer’s table to make the save. Parham leaps off the announcers table and splashes a cup of Starbucks Coffee in Rockwell’s face. Shades of Ric Flair and the Giant. A blinded Rockwell connects with the Ace’s High on Slim.
COMMENTS: Chad Parham should become a manager or a color commentator if he is ever forced to retire from wrestling. I was forced to watch this match twice after listening to his shenanigans and constant demoralization of Rockwell. Parham sounded like an insider on a podcast when he pointed every fallacy in execution by Slim and Vain. Parham is insanely talented despite his size. Somebody, please give this man a big money contract. Rockwell handled his duties and to a good extent, passed himself as a legitimate contender to Parham. The match itself was good and had an acceptable conclusion. The postmatch activity was merely used to set up for the big four way.

- OVERALL: This episode advanced more storylines and perfectly set up the main event for Hardcore Hell, established an undercard match and sowed the seeds for two potential feuds. You have to listen to Chad Parham on commentary to appreciate how much he brings to the table.
- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.
- More TV & DVD Reviews, Mid-Atlantic news: http://www.airplanespin.com/home.html


May 15, 2007 - Los Angeles, CA

The National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest and most respected
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Big Vision CEO Houston Curtis said, "We pride ourselves on bringing
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deal and look forward to taking the NWA brand to new heights."

The deal, which comes on the heels of the NWA stripping the TNA
Wrestling organization of the NWA titles and name, calls for Big
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Robert K. Trobich, Executive Director of the NWA, said of the deal, "I
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The first BVE/NWA project will be the upcoming tournament to crown a
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In addition to acting as the NWA's media partner, Big Vision will be
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Amidst the turmoil surrounding the NWA World
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Both men have made it clear in recent months that
their goal is to become the NWA World heavyweight
champion, and their road to the title will begin in
Vancouver! Creed earned this opportunity by winning a
triple threat match on ECCW's last visit to Vancouver
on May 5th, scoring the controversial victory over
NWA/ECCW Champion "Rocket" Randy Tyler and top
contender Aaron Idol! After Danielson's tag team match
that night, Creed confronted him with the news that
the two would be wrestling on June 16th in Vancouver -
but now the stakes are higher than either could have

Nelson Creed vs. Bryan Danielson - one of these
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Don't miss it!

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
May 11, 2007
Chester, SC
Chester High School Gym
Attendance: 319

1. Brad Thomas d. Donnie Dollars.
2. Former NWA Midwest Women's Champion Josie d.
Rockstar Ronnie Jonah (OVW).
3. Bobby Eaton d. Ricky Morton.
4. (No DQ match) Rick Steiner d. The Barbarian.
5. (Non-title match) MACW Heavyweight Champion Buff
Bagwell d. MACW Jr. Heavyweight Champion Rikki Nelson.

NWA: Main Event Wrestling
Saturday, May, 12, 2007
Freddie's Auction House in Columbia, TN

Main Event
"The Syndicate Crew" Psycho Medic & Karnage def "The
Syndicate Crew" LA Player & Super Fly P. YT was
handcuffed to D' Angelo to try and even the score.
This match saw LA Player & Super Fly P gaining
control, but Medic and Karnage used their old tricks
as usual to comeback. YT was able to distract the ref
long enough for Medic to use a chain on Super Fly P
allowing Karnage to get the pin. After the match LA
Player said they were going to see another side of LA
Player and D’Angelo next week. This feud is continuing
to hit huge heights in the NWA!
Robbie Ruffin, Jamie Dundee w/Sexy Jessie, Randy
Whitehead & Mikey Dunn def Mid American Heavy Weight
Champion "Outlaw" Lee Condry w/Pam Condry, Mid
American X Division Champion Cody Whitehead, Avenger,
and Mr. Impact JT Quest w/Xstacy in a 4 on 4 match.
This match went back and forth when all men hit the
ring. Jamie Dundee rolled up Avenger for the 3 count
and the win.
“The Ice Man” Chris Eckos def Brandon Stone in a high
flying / high action match. Eckos got the win when he
used a chain to knock Stone out in the middle of a
belly to back suplex.
Slade def Johnny DeMento in an impromptu match via
count out. Slade called DeMento to the ring and
demanded a match, DeMento took a beating and rolled
out and headed to the locker room while the ref
counted him out.
The Ice Man Chris Eckos def Brandon Stone with an RKO
type move picking Stone out of the air when Stone went
for a splash off of the top rope.
Mr. Wrestling w/ Miss Opium def Antonio with a Dudley
dog type move off of the top turn buckle.
Cowboy Bud Ellis def Jason X with a huge big boot.
The Painkillers (Johnny DeMento & Slade) def Shadow
Master & Nightmare when DeMento missed a frog splash
and Slade picked up Shadow for an F-5. After the match
Slade and DeMento had words that soon fell to blows.
The Painkillers are NO MORE and DeMento left Slade
laid out in the ring.

Results from Battleground 2007
ACW (NWA Wisconsin) would like to thank all of the
fans who attended Battleground 2007 at Baba Louie's.
The tremendous support from all of you is much more
than appreciated.

With that said, let's get to the action!

Jason Jerry, already dressed in ring attire, opened
things up by thanking all of the fans of ACW / NWA
Wisconsin for their support over the years. He didn't
even know what this company would be called next month
if Johnson won the main event, but even though he was
not a wrestler, he would fight to save the fed.

After this, Ben Johnson, also in his ring attire, came
out to a chorus of boos. He stated that he wasn't even
worried about the main event and decided to spend a
little time torturing the NWA Wisconsin trainees (and
the crowd) with a calisthetics contest. After this
Johnson called out Ring Announcer and His
Partner. He told that that if they could win their
match tonight against the Trans-European Express that
not only was ring announcer allowed to finally say
his name, but Johnson himself would do it personally.
Oh, and that this would be a handicap match and the
Good Reverend would be the third partner of Ring
Annoucer and His Partner!

Ring Announcer, His Partner, and Ben Johnson def. The
Trans-European Express
The very strange duo of the Trans-European Express
walked almost mechanically to the ring to the sounds
of early eighties German techno music. The two
hooded me from the former comunist block took the
fight right to the youngsters with their unorthodox
style, including several uppercuts and suplexes.
Halfway through the match, His Partner was
incapacitated by a thunderous shot of the Good Book to
the left temple. Ring Announcer left with only the
Good Reverend as his partner, tagged in Johnson when
he was not looking. Johnson got in the ring, trying to
figure out what to do with the Express. Ring
Announcer then nailed Johnson who ended up falling on
one of the Express. Due to the girth of the Reverend,
he crushed the "opponent" and stayed on him for
a three count. Horrified at what had just happened
Johnson kept his word and announced that Ring's name
is in fact Brandon Madrox. He then ordered the
Trans-European express to take out Madrox. But the
Dream Police stepped in to save the day and revealed
that the Trans-European Express was actually Jerry
Stylz and Jose Guererro!

Arya Daivari def. Bobby Valentino
The number one conteneders match for the ACW X
Division Title was another great exhibition of pure
athletic and wrestling ability. With the title belt
hanging above their heads both contenders they faced
off. With great X Division action from both
competitors, the match ended with a phenominal DDT and
a magic carpet ride from Arya Daivari.

After the match the Portly Padre waddled his way back
to the ring and offered Arya Daivari a spot in the
main event on his team. When Bobby V. stepped
forward and told Johnson that he wanted the spot,
Daivari beat him down and showed his true colors. On
the way out of the arena, Shane Hills stopped the pair
and told Johnson that he didn't approve of Daivari on
the team and he didn't like ACW legend Shawn Daivari
either. Tensions brewing, they all made their way

The Dream Police def. Jerry Stylz and Jose Guererro
In a no holds barred brawl, these four competitors
tore the place up. The action was almost too much to
call as Gotti took Stylz to one side of the arena
while Gambino took Vato to the other. While Stylz got
a trashcan over his head and took some shots from the
fans, Vato busted an ashtray over the head of
Gambino. After getting back in the ring, the bloodied
Cookie Cutter and Gotti took one hell of a beating
until the unfamiliarity of Stylz and Vato teaming
together lead to an opportunity and the Dream Police
dropped Vato with an elevated DDT onto Stylz. Gotti
had a little captain in him as he scored a very
Jerichoesque pin on Stylz

-------------------------ACW X Division Title Match -
Tables Ladders and Chairs--------------------
"Cadillac" Nick Colucci def. Justin Dredd /w Miss Anne

This was possibly one of the most brutal matches in
ACW, and most definately the most brutal in the NWA
era. With the title suspended 10 feet above the ring
the two took after each other with every implement
available. After many shots with ladders and chairs,
Colucci took the wood to Dredd. Dropping him on the
table not one, not two, but three times and the table
would not break. After a series of exchanges, Dredd
gained the upper hand and knocked Colucci to the
outside. While Dredd ascended the ladder, Miss Anne
steadied the ladder for him, until she tipped it over
sending Dredd though a table on the outside of the
ring. Colucci then quickly grabbed the belt while Anne
held the ladder. While Colucci and Anne celebrated the
victory Ben Johnson once again reared his ugly head
and congratulated the newest member of his
Congrigation, Nick Colucci!

After the crew cleaned up the destruction, Professor
Roderick J. McFahrquahr came out to induct Adrian
Seranno into the ACW Hall of Fame. Upon saying his
name, however, C. Martin McClure popped out of the
lockerroom to inform the crowd that since Seranno had
laid his hands on Ben Johnson two months ago that that
had invalidated Seranno's inactive status and he was
no longer eligible to be in the Hall of fame. At this
Adrian Lynch came out to bring back someone else who
he stated should be a hall of famer. And that some one
was ...

Adrian Lynch and Derrick St. Holmes def. Kevin Krueger
and Matt Longtime
Bringing back a little classic action, the Love
machine and God's Gift to Women brought the fire to
shut the mouths of the pompus St. Holmes and Lynch.
But, as most Lynch action does, things turned south
and a handful of tights later Krueger and Longtime
were on the losing end of the match.

J-Cash, Dysfunction, Esteban Molina, and Jason Jerry
def. Jason Dukes, Shane Hills, Arya Daivari, and Ben
The battle for the company finally got underway. With
this summary becoming too long as it is, the last four
competitors were Johnson, Jason Jerry, J-Cash, and
Arya Daivari. Eliminated earlier by DQ, Shane Hills
came back from the lockerroom to cause havoc. With the
Good Book in hand Hills jumped on the apron and
clocked Daivari. In the confusion Davari takes the
CashFlo and a pinfall. On the otherside of the ring,
Johnson was coming back on Jason after taking a spear
and several shots from the furious fists of Jason
Jerry. A big splash (shirtless, ugh) from Johnson
missed and Cash put the Reverend in half of an STF.
Jason Jerry then crawled over and applied a crossface
choke. Instead of letting him tap out, Jason called
for the microphone and made Johnson say "I Quit" over
the house PA.

After the match Jason said that Johnson was a
kneiving, back-stabbing, two faced son of a lady puppy
dog. And all of those traits would make him a great
wrestling promoter. Jerry then stated that Johnson
would be in charge of the NEW ACW next month at Baba
Louies! And that the Living Legend Larry Zbysko would
be there! Keep checking back on the message boards for
more on what will happen in ACW!!!!

NWA Central States

Well May 12th 2007 was the celebration of 3 years of
unbelievable events for CSW. If you missed the show
then you missed something special as the card was up
there with the best of them and the action was off the

For those unable to make it here is a rundown of the

Shorty Biggs over Jake King in a Trial By Fire match

The Trial By Fire matches continue in CSW and continue
to bring more and more talent taking a shot at a spot
on the roster. Great match by these two guys which I
think we will be seeing more of in the future.

Sonny Myers tribute

Great tribute to one of the legends in the Central
States area. The tribute started out with the whole
CSW roster coming out to ring side, some words by
Kraig Keesman, and then the ringing of the bell for a
10 count salute. Very touching moment.

Dingo(c) over Tony Morales and Jeremy Wyatt

Dingo successfully defended his NWA Kansas title in a
match that was full of action including Wyatt
suplexing on opponent while applying a ddt to the
other. Some incredible action.

Mark Sterling destroyed Corwin Star

Sterling was obviously still very very upset with the
loss of his title last month to Dingo and he took it
out on Star 100% by destroying him! After the match
while standing on top of Corwin, Sterling made the
challenge to Dingo to battle it out in a cage at the
next show.

Domino Rivera defeated Mason Hunter

This match started out with Derek Stone coming to the
ring to announce Domino’s opponent for the night would
be none other the CSW Hall of Famer Mason Hunter! You
could tell Mason wanted to defeat Rivera as his last
match before he left was at the hand of Domino. In the
end though Domino was able to grab the win. Let’s hope
we see Mason back in the near future!

Hype Gotti and Tyler Cook over #1 Brett Young and Wade
Chism by DQ.

This match was going great until Jeremy Wyatt decided
to enter the ring from the back and help Young and
Chism beat Gotti and Cook down. Something tells me
this was not the end of this battle.

Darrien Sanders over Kraig Keesman in the TLC match.

This match was just brutal! There were tables,
ladders, and chairs being destroyed all over ringside.
After the match Darrien tried to shake hands with
Keesman who decided instead to give Sanders and the
fans the double bird.

Michael Strider successfully defended the NWA Central
States title against Tracy Smothers

This match will go down as one of those classic CSW
matches everyone talks about. It had everything! Tracy
Smothers also let it be known that he is not a fan of
Lawrence, KS or Central States Wrestling. Smothers had
Strider bloodied and beaten taking him from one side
of the arena to the other but in Strider fashion he
was able to overcome it all and defeat Smothers while
retaining the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title.

Senshi defeated Steve Fender

This was a match of chops, kicks, and holds. Fender
and Senshi battled out in the main event and really put on
a great match. In the end Senshi was able to take the
upper hand and defeat fender with a ghetto stomp. Even
with the loss Steve Fender really showed why his is
known as Superstar Steve.

May 5th - NWA Bluegrass results from Salyersville, KY

Chance Prophet defeated Kory Williams to become the
new NWA National Heavyweight Champion

Kris King retained the NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight
Championship over Jay Ten Lyons via interference from
Tim Luciarilli. Luciarilli challenged King to a title
match at NWA Bluegrass's 5 Year Anniversary show on
June 2nd.

Tim Luciarilli defeated Devin Davis via submission.

JD Santos and Ricky Taylor defeated the team of Trybo
and Thunder.

Southern Justice (former NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion
- Chris Draven, and Jude Justice) defeated Hillbilly
Deluxe (Hosscat Big Henry and Lil' Robert Paul).

Major names have just been released for NWA Bluegrass'
5th Anniversary Show in Salyersville, Ky At the Lloyd
M. Hall Community Center.

For the first time in NWA BLUEGRASS, these stars are
coming to make an impact. One match already signed is
Japanese superstar Osamu Nishimura taking on Brent
Albright. Nishimura is a 2 time IWGP tag team
Champion. Gary Albright (former WWE Smackdown
Superstar - Gunner Scott), is a seasoned veteran and
son of wrestling legend, Gary Albright. This match
alone will raise the bar for the level of competition
in NWA Bluegrass.

Other top stars signed to appear are ROH/CZW/and NWA
Wildside superstar - Jimmy Rave, and former ROH Tag
Champ/FIP/and NWA Wildside standout - Sal Rinauro
making his return to NWA Bluegrass. Another Japanese
superstar has signed on to appear at the Anniversary
show and will be announced in the coming weeks!

Also signed to appear are: NWA BG Champ Kris King, JD
Santos, Jay-ten Lyons, Billy Maverick, New NWA
National Heavyweight Champion - Chance Prophet, Tim
Lucirialli, Southern Justice(Chris Draven & Jude
Justice) Trybo, & Thunder, Hillbilly Deluxe, Brian
Faith, and many more!

Here the results for NWA CSW on 5/12/07 in Lawrence, Ks.

Trial By Fire Match
Shorty Biggs defeated Jeff King

Dingo(c) defeated Tony Morales and The Rebel Jeremy

Mark Sterling defeated Corwin Star

Domino Rivera defeated Mason Hunter

Hype Gotti and Tyler Cook defeated Brett Young & Wade
Chism by DQ

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Showtime Darrien Sanders defeated Kraig Kessaman

Central States Heavyweight Title
Michael Strider(c) w/ JB defeated Tracy Smothers w/
Tony Morales

Main Event
Senshi/LowKi defeated Superstar Steve Fender

Next events
June 2nd - Thayer, Mo.
July 7th - Lawrence, Ks.


Courtesy of the EPW Adelaide website,


Saturday, May 19th 2007
Cosgrove Hall, York Ave, Clovelly Park, S.A.

REVOLUTION was a overwhelming success with a huge
crowd on hand to see a fantastic show.

Quick Results:

Robby Heart defeated Chris Vice

Cletus Blood defeated Mike Burr

J-Rock and "Dirty" Dick Donovan defeated Greg Graham
and Ryan "Bones" Malone

FN Carnage defeated Devlin Reeves

Spike Steel defeated Jay Andrews

'Jag' Hartley Jackson & Bruce 'Havok' Mills defeated
Jayson Cooper and Damien Slater.

The NWA "Over the Top" show has been changed to JUNE 16TH
at HESPERIA HIGH SCHOOL in the GYM. We apologize for
any inconveniences this may cause. We are still
selling PRE-SALE tickets for $1 off on regular
admission. Hesperia High School students will be able
to get a ticket for $4 with a valid student ID at the
door. Regular admission at the door will be $8 for
Adults (16 & up) and $6 for Children (15 & younger).

The following matches have been offically announced:

Slick Nick
vs. Sexy Sonny Samson

Diablo, Sean Bateman & Antonio Mestre
vs. Lil' Cholo, Infernal & "Iron Man" Mike Maze

"Killer Tsunami" (CK & Ronnie Tsunami)
vs. Mr. Instant Replay & Steven Andrews

Hi-Desert Championship Match
Johnny Paradise vs T.j Perkins


NWA Championship Wrestling from Virignia

Feuds Explode Over the Internet!

(Chesterfield, Va) Feuds of the past were shown via television and were limited by geography or contract. Now, in the 21st Century, feuds are available through-out the world, thanks to the world-wide web. The National Wrestling Alliance is at the forefront of exposing its product via the internet, and one of the members who has been exposing its product and talent via the web is Championship Wrestling from Virginia.

"We were seen bi-weekly on TheSuperstation.net," said member Rick OBrien,"and now we are producing some of our own material. TheSuperstation.net and Craig Cole are a fantastic resource for the NWA, and I would love to get back on there, but for now, we're putting out our own material, including these latest segments."

Those segments showcase NWA Virginia State Heavyweight Champion Pharaoh responding to NWA North American Champion Dru Onyx. Pharaoh and Onyx have shared rather scathing comments to and about each other via YouTube and GoogleVideo.

Chris Dramin adds his two cents in concerning his upcoming 6 man match that features Timmy Danger with his team of Dramin and Mike Vaughn against manager Neil Sharkey and the NWA Virginia State Tag Team Champions Totally Awesome on June 2 in Richmond, Virginia.

"We are going to make the most of the technology that is available to expose our product and expose the fantastic quality of wrestling that can only be found in the NWA in Virginia," said OBrien.

The links are below:

Chris Dramin: YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf-3zmxZybA

Pharaoh Responds to Dru Onyx: YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxbKJWCYe6U

Google: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6176813803791442875

TNA Bookings
President, Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141
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